LEGAL WOES: Hillary B. Smith brings One Life to Live attorney Nora Buchanan back to General Hospital

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2019 12:48:34 PM
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General Hospital fans are about to get another dose of One Life to Live, as Hillary B. Smith is bringing her Llanview character, Nora Buchanan, back to Port Charles.

It looks like trouble is about to hit the General Hospital canvas, and Llanview's most famous legal eagle, Nora Buchanan, is returning to clean it up! The ABC soap opera's official Twitter handle teases that Hillary B. Smith is reprising her former One Life to Live role and will be bringing her to Port Charles once more.

"Look who's back in town!" the show tweeted, adding the storyline tease: "And who (aside from Valentin [James Patrick Stuart]) might Nora be doing business with this time?"

This isn't the first occasion where Smith has brought Nora to Port Charles. As fans of both GH and OLTL know, the Emmy-winning actress was hired to appear on ABC's sole remaining soap a couple of times in 2017, shortly after ABC regained the rights to OLTL and All My Children from Prospect Park and was free to resurrect whatever former characters from those shows they chose.

"It was this fun, out-of-the-blue thing that seemed to work out for everyone," the actress said at the time about receiving the summons from GH executive producer Frank Valentini, who used to be her boss on OLTL.

The powers that be at GH are staying mum about Smith's return airdate and what fans can expect from Nora this time around, but the actress reminded viewers last year that her popular alter ego is always on the straight and narrow.

"Nora believes that everyone has a right to a fair trial, a right to representation, where I would be like, 'Are you kidding? Guilty!'" she said with a laugh. "There's an impartiality and a passion for the law that drives Nora to believe that regardless of what happened, whatever the client wants, the client deserves -- and should get."

TV Insider reports that Nora returns to help Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), who's in a bit of a jam due to keeping the secret that his serial killer twin, Ryan (also Lindstrom), was still alive. But she'll still uphold the same legal honor code she always has. "I come here with 'everybody's entitled to a good defense' and a clean slate," Smith shares. "I get to play with people nobody else will touch. It's kind of fun."

What do you think about Hillary B. Smith bringing Nora Buchanan back to General Hospital? What do you think brings the legal eagle back to the canvas? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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