Briana Lane on the "delicate dance" of taking over Amanda Setton's General Hospital character, Brook Lynn

Posted Monday, August 17, 2020 7:54:22 AM
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Actress Briana Lane opens up about playing the role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine on General Hospital while Amanda Setton is out on maternity leave: "I'm having a blast!"

General Hospital viewers were introduced to a new actress in the role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine earlier this month when Briana Lane took over for Amanda Setton, who is currently out on maternity leave. The replacement is temporary, and Lane reports that she is soaking up every minute of enjoyment that she can from playing the fictional Port Charles singer.

"I'm having a blast. The cast has been blowing me away, the level of talent on the show is immeasurable," she tells Digital Journal, adding that though the job has been fun, it has also been challenging. "Stepping into Brook Lynn involved a delicate dance between making the character my own and shying away from an exact impersonation of the insanely talented and beautiful Amanda Setton."

Lane explains that she has a barometer for the level of success she feels about her recast job. "As long as I'm honoring the essence of BLQ, it feels right!" she enthuses, adding, "I love Brook Lynn. She can be reckless at times but her heart is always in the right place. At the end of the day, no matter what drama she's involved in, she's always protective of the ones she loves."

Another thing that Lane loves about Brook Lynn is the fact that she's a singer -- because the actress is a singer, as well! Luckily for fans, she reports that she has new music on the way.

"My friend Darian Zahedi and I have a new music project called Cadeaux and our first single comes out on September 17, so stay tuned," she says. "My other band, Winslow, will be releasing our new EP in January of next year."

As for Setton, she is currently expecting her third child and unfortunately had to pass on returning to work when GH resumed production in July.

"Despite being really excited and eager to jump back into GH, due to the many unknowns with Covid and expectant mothers, it was advised for us to wait it out," she told Soap Opera Digest. "I love being a part of the GH family. It's not only a privilege to be a part of such a special legacy but it's downright fun! From the crew to the writers and executives and of course my fellow castmates, I have missed and will continue to miss my interactions and collaboration with all of them during this time."

She continued, "Brook Lynn is a fierce, feisty, flawed, and lovable character -- with a heart of gold... She has a knack for always stirring up and getting into trouble but at her core she truly cares about her family and what's best for them. I will miss her, but only temporarily! Looking forward to stepping back into her shoes soon enough!"

Setton also shared that she is excited to see what Lane will bring to the table in her absence. "I can't wait to see what Briana brings to the character! It's a real testament to the writers and the creativity at GH to bring this all together in order to keep the spirit of Brook Lynn alive for our amazing GH fans. I'm sure she will do an incredible job and will bring her own interpretations to this fun and complex character. I'll be watching and rooting for her all the way!"

Lane first addressed her gig as a temporary replacement for Setton via Twitter on August 6 -- the same day she appeared on-screen. "Honored to fill some big, wildly talented shoes and step in as the fierce and loving Brook Lynn Quartermaine," she tweeted. "Working alongside such gifted actors and a kind hearted crew on such a legendary show has been a career milestone... So happy to be on board!!"

At this time, it's unclear how long Lane will be appearing as Brook Lynn and when Setton will return to the role. Keep checking back to Soap Central for updates as they come.

What do you think about Briana Lane's work as Brook Lynn so far? Do you think GH's casting department did a good job temporarily refilling the role? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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