WATCH: Catch General Hospital's Josh Swickard in A California Christmas, now streaming on Netflix

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2020 9:10:41 AM
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General Hospital star Josh Swickard (Harrison Chase) hopes fans are just as thrilled as he is about the release of his new film, A California Christmas, available to view now on Netflix.

Palm trees and beaches aren't the usual images that come to mind when people think of Christmas, but General Hospital's Josh Swickard (Harrison Chase) hopes to change that with his brand-new holiday movie, A California Christmas. The holly and jolly film is a dream come true for the actor and his co-starring wife, Lorynn York, who also wrote and produced it.

"We're on cloud nine," he shares with Soap Opera Digest. "It's such a fairy tale to us. We met on a film and we were filming this during our first anniversary, which was super-special." (To read more about how Josh and Lorynn met, click here.)

A California Christmas follows Swickard as a wealthy businessman who treks to a California farm to convince a hardworking farmer to give up her land. He's yearning for a promotion, and this massive piece of land should impress his boss enough to get the prize. But when he arrives, he's mistaken for the new ranch hand -- which ends up being a perfect disguise. In order to convince the owner to sell her land, he pretends to assist her on the farm and slowly begins convincing her to sell the whole plot. However, the suave businessman might just be charmed by the farmer more than by his promotion dreams.

Says Swickard, "[My character] gets himself in some situations he didn't really mean to and a story unfolds. It's pretty cute and hopefully funny and lighthearted at a time when we could all really use that."

A California Christmas is currently streaming on Netflix, and that's a reality that Swickard and his wife are still trying to wrap their heads around.

"To get the great news that it went to Netflix was just pie in the sky," he says, adding that they couldn't have asked for anything better. "We're just super-ecstatic about the whole situation. It's a movie that's coming at a time where you just need a feel-good movie. My wife just crushed it behind the screen and on the screen and I'm so proud of her."

Check out a teaser trailer for the holiday film below and let us know what you think in the Comments section at the end of the article.

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