Kirsten Storms recovering from brain surgery

Posted Saturday, June 5, 2021 12:01:05 AM
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While her alter ego is currently resting in a fictional hospital, Kirsten Storms is recovering from a very real medical situation. The actress revealed on Instagram that she underwent brain surgery.

Get ready to send positive energy, healing vibes, prayers, or any other well wishes, General Hospital fans. Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) revealed on social media that she is recuperating from brain surgery.

In an Instagram Story, Storms revealed, "I've not really spoken about this much, or at all, actually. Less than 48 hours ago, I had brain surgery, hence the neck brace. It was on the lower portion of my brain. Emme [Rylan, ex-Lulu Spencer] is taking care of me until I get to my at-home nurse. It has been an interesting last couple of days."

The fan-favorite actress was quick to dispel any rumors before the Internet conjured them up.

"What they had to drain and remove was not cancer; I want to clarify that right now before the Internet, like, goes crazy wild with rumors about this," Storms explained. "I had a very large cyst that had split into two and the doctor said it was… so full [of fluid and] the pressure was very noticeable when they opened up my skull."

Brain cysts are not considered brain tumors because the cysts do not arise from the brain tissue itself. Of the four main types of cysts, three tend to affect adults: colloid, epidermoid, and arachnoid, which is considered the most common form of brain cyst. It is unclear what type of cyst Storms had.

Storms expects to take the next couple of weeks to recuperate before eventually heading back to another hospital -- General Hospital.

"I will be on the mend for the next several weeks. I will be back at work when this is over with," Storms added.

In the midst of the seriousness of the situation, Storms and Rylan found time to crack a few jokes. Rylan mused that if the post-op Storms no longer had an interest in yarn -- a reference to the pair's viral knitting videos -- she would ask the doctors to put the cyst back into Storms's skull. For her part, Storms seemed disappointed that she hadn't awoken from surgery, miraculously speaking a foreign language.

Kirsten Storms joined the cast of General Hospital in May 2005. Prior to landing in Port Charles, Storms called Salem home; she appeared as Belle Black from 1999 to July 2004.

Here's wishing Storms the very best of recoveries!

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