General Hospital's James Patrick Stuart releases Clean Slate, his "more evolved" second album

Posted Friday, July 16, 2021 1:48:48 PM
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James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital) is celebrating the release of his second album, Clean Slate, which features songs inspired by tunes that "really meant something" to the actor.

When James Patrick Stuart isn't busy dishing out the good stuff as General Hospital's Valentin Cassadine, he's busy dishing out music. And this time, his musical talents have led to a fantastic album called Clean Slate.

The actor's second release following 2019's The Apple Tree, Clean Slate features tracks that, according to his chat with Soap Opera Digest, focus on "songs that through my life I've just been thinking about, songs that really meant something to me."

Stuart is proud to say that he is "definitely more evolved as a producer and a performer at this point," but that doesn't stop him from making self-deprecating jokes. For instance, when asked about collaborating with his musical idols, such as drummer Omar Hakim, who had an enormous influence on him as a percussionist, he jokes, "During COVID, it occurred to me that there were guys out there twiddling their thumbs who would normally be touring. When you're stuck at home during quarantine, you get this sense that people are looking to do stuff. I'm sitting there growing fat as a lamb eating pretzels and watching Ozark for the third time and I'm thinking, 'Maybe they are, too!'"

Clean Slate is available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other digital music platforms. CDs (including a limited number of autographed CDs) can be purchased at

As GH fans have seen at events like the Nurses Ball, Stuart has a lot of musical talent, and it's magic that runs in his family. The actor's father, Chad, was one-half of the 1960s British Invasion duo Chad & Jeremy, which gave Stuart a lot of opportunities to hang out in recording studios as a child. His first album, The Apple Tree, is said to be a tribute to his father, with whom he started recording at the age of 14.

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