General Hospital comings and goings: Bryan Craig's return as Morgan confirmed

Posted Monday, June 24, 2024 5:31:11 PM
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Bryan Craig is bringing Morgan Corinthos back to General Hospital, but for how long?

The General Hospital returning player mystery has been solved. Bryan Craig is indeed the actor who will be back on GH soon.

At the Daytime Emmys, Executive Producer Frank Valentini sent tongues wagging when he revealed in an interview that a former male cast member would be back this summer. A few days later, Craig took to social media to comment about the return, asking, "Who could it be?"

TV Line now confirms that Craig wasn't just kidding around. He was indeed dropping hints that he would be back in the role that made him a two-time Daytime Emmy winner for Outstanding Younger Actor. However, Craig's latest GH stint looks like it will be as short as his last one.

Craig is only returning for one episode in early August, so it may be safe to assume this will be Morgan's spirit rather than a back-from-the-dead Morgan. After leaving the show in 2016, Craig made a one-episode appearance in 2018 to haunt Ava as she went under the knife for plastic surgery that would remove burn scars on her face.

As fans recall, Ava had switched Morgan's bipolar medications with placebos, leading him to steal Julian's car, not knowing there was a bomb inside. After the car exploded, it went over a cliff, and Morgan's body was never found. Fans have been waiting for the character to turn up alive, but it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon.

While there is no word on exactly why Morgan will appear, TV Line reports it happens when his father, Sonny (who also has bipolar and whose medication has been tampered with so he's getting a much lower dose, something Ava knows but Sonny does not) is at his lowest.

This one-off appearance does not mean that Morgan won't return from the dead down the line, but for now, Morgan and Craig fans will have to be satisfied with this one episode.

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