Willow kissed Drew! Is "Drillow" the soapy mess General Hospital fans have been waiting for?

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024 4:15:27 PM
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Willow threw caution to the wind and did something very unexpected on General Hospital -- causing the fandom to come alive.

General Hospital's Willow Tait Corinthos has had quite a year. She spent the first half of 2023 in a hospital bed, waiting for bone marrow and then recovering from a bone marrow transplant. She also gave birth during that time, but by summer, she could finally go home to be a mother to Wiley and Amelia and a dutiful wife to Michael. How boring, right?

Perhaps Willow thought so, because she decided to throw a wrench into her own happy life on the Port Charles version of Independence Day when she kissed the newly anointed Drew Quartermaine. In fact, she did more than kiss him, as Willow and Drew engaged in a full-fledged makeout session that Sasha quietly witnessed.

As soon as Willow made that impulsive move, the GH fandom came alive. Some fans are shocked and appalled, while others are cheering because the soapiness of this mess is off the charts. After all, Drew is having a torrid office affair with Willow's mother, something Willow is blissfully unaware of. Never mind the fact that Willow is a married woman, and her mother-in-law is Drew's most recent ex. It doesn't get much more soapy than that.

X user @alansarapa is thrilled about this turn of events and is happy to see Willow break out of her picture-perfect mold.

"Willow has been so sanctimonious that it is going to be delicious when everyone finds out she cheated with her husband's uncle," he tweeted. "I'm going to applaud Korte and Mulcahey for this one thing. Yay for cheating!"

@LadyWrestlingX also loves the soapiness of it all. "Willow being messy by kissing Drew who has broken Nina's back as of late," they wrote. "Michael is going to swing on his uncle. And Nina can tell this whole family to kick rocks. Dare I say, #GH did something SOAPY today!?? A bless indeed."

@EmilinaB feels the matchup is a bit cringe-worthy, but she is here for the fallout. "For me, I cringe seeing Drillow making googly eyes & kissing but I also am excited for the drama, the fallout, the Nina yelling 'You were messing around with MY DAUGHTER' all of it. Bring on the messy," she said.

Some fans didn't forget that Willow is already a cheater. She had an affair with Michael while married to Chase, so a tryst with Drew is not as out of character for her as some may think.

"Drew and Willow kissing is one thing this show is getting right -- and it had an actual build-up to today," wrote @GHGeneralTruth. "Cheating is very much in Willow's character. Drew is...Drew. People may not like it, but it absolutely did not come out of nowhere. The mess is delicious."

"So, Willow cheated on Chase with Michael, and now she's cheating on Michael with Drew," @lovatics820 pointed out. "These are the same people who judge Nina???"

Fans can even see where this story is headed now that convicted felon Drew is running for Congress. "The fact that GH is really about to set this up as Drew possibly having an affair with Willow as the reason his campaign gets derailed, rather than the being a convicted felon for insider trading as the reason is hilarious," tweeted @KermitKlein94.

Are you excited or disgusted at the idea of Willow and Drew having an affair? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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