Lucky Skywalker?

Posted Monday, May 31, 1999 - 9:56:10 PM
Lucky Skywalker

It is rumored that Jonathan Jackson may be in consideration for a role in an upcoming Star Wars film.

Here's one that's strictly from the rumor file. It comes to Soap Central from a source who's asked us to identify him as CR.

This is nothing short of amazing. I have some friends who are hard-core Star Wars fans with an ear on the Lucasfilm rumor mill...the latest word on the street is that George Lucas is casting the role of teenage Anakin Skywalker for the second Star Wars prequel, and that he's taken an interest in (as my friends put it) "some kid named Jonathan Jackson." I heard them say this and I said, "Wait a minute. You mean THREE-TIME EMMY AWARD WINNER Jonathan Jackson?" This got their attention. They asked what show he was on. When I said "General Hospital," they rolled their eyes and said "Oh, great, that's all we need...a soap opera." I just laughed...they'll eat their words.

Given the controversy over rumored meetings between George Lucas and Leonardo DiCaprio (one friend said "I will throw out all the Star Wars stuff I own if he shows up in the next movie") the idea of JJ as a Jedi Knight is an amazing development. Let's hope Mr. Lucas gets Lucky!

Again, Soap Central claims no validity to this rumor, but we thought that it was at least entertaining enough to be included on the site. Only time will tell if this is fact or something truly out of this world.

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