The Curse of Cesar Faison?

Posted Monday, October 25, 1999 - 12:45:31 PM
The Curse of Cesar Faison?

There have been many rumors circling that Mac will meet his demise as his brother Robert did---at the hands of Cesar Faison. Certainly, Faison has a fascination with killing Scorpio men and obsessing over their women, but GH Head Writer, Robert Guza, Jr., warns us that things may not be as they appear. When asked about the character of Mac having to be killed off to free up a relationship between Felicia and Luke, Guza replies, "Not necessarily. I know there are rumors floating around that there's this idea that Mac has to be gone for Luke and Felicia to [get together]. But that's not true. It does not have to work out that way. You need to have Felicia and Mac fall out of the relationship they're currently in, sure. But you can do this in a variety of ways: Mac being killed, Mac being taken away to prison [?!], Mac turning [into a different type of person]. One of the arcs we're building for a while now is that we are seeing a different Mac after he goes after Faison. This is closer to the Mac of yore: the mercenary, the tough guy. This is no longer the Mac who cares about the niceties of police procedure. He is going after the man who killed his brother and has been tormenting his wife. So the gloves are off."

For those who have not been with the show for ages, Mac was brought on as an antagonist to straight edge brother Robert Scorpio, who was then the police commissioner of Port Charles, much like the Jax/Jerry brother relationship. In fact, when Robert first pulled Mac out of the wreckage of a ship in the Port Charles harbor, the first thing he did was to punch him out. After a great deal of water under the bridge (no pun intended), the brothers eventually reconciled, with Mac being left to care for niece Robin when Robert and Anna died. Having Robin depend on Mac as an authoritative figure mellowed him even more and soon the ex-mercenary was working as police commissioner himself. Now that Faison in on the scene, it does seem that some of Mac's old demons are resurfacing. As Guza puts it, "What we're really looking at is just how far will Mac go to go after the man he despises? And if Mac crosses the line, what will that mean for Mac and Felicia? You try to find 'What's the one thing what would make Felicia break?' because Felicia would not cheat on Mac. She is too loyal a character. But there are all sorts of ways to handle this." This was from the Soap Opera Digest dated 10/26/99. I suppose it's a matter of opinion, because to me, cheating is not a matter of semantics of tab A and slot B, but more a matter of the heart. As far as I'm concerned, Felicia has stepped over that line and betrayed our Bubba.

Will a more daring, cut throat Mac continue to keep Port Charles on its toes? Only time will tell, because ABC won't. The network is notorious about not releasing contract negotiation information until the last signature is inked and the film is in the camera, so until then, all speculation and rumor is just that and should not be taken as fact. As the true info presents itself, we will be diligent about bringing it to you.

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