Victor learns Peter has been lying to him

General Hospital Recap for Friday, October 15, 2021
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GH Daily Recaps (Friday, October 15, 2021)
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Friday, October 15, 2021

Sonny returned home and found Carly holding his cowboy hat. Carly told Sonny that the man who'd worn the cowboy hat was still a mystery to her. "I'm still me. I'm your husband," Sonny replied. He then asked Carly if she was the same woman she had been nine months prior. Carly found the question odd. Sonny explained that he'd learned what he had walked in on the night of his return from Jason. A somber Carly confirmed that if Sonny had not returned, she and Jason would have "slept together as husband and wife."

Sonny told Carly that Jason had said the same thing, and he was not sure that he could be okay with that. Carly reminded Sonny that for nine months, neither she nor Jason had known that Sonny was alive. "The nights were the worst," Carly said, fighting back tears. She added that she and Jason had gotten married to present a "united front" to their enemies. Sonny questioned if that was all that it had been.

Carly said her and Jason's decision to get married was a "last resort." She continued, claiming that both she and Jason had decided that they could have a real marriage and that "it would be safe [for them] to fall in love." Since Sonny was back, she concluded, she and Jason could go back to being "best friends." Sonny understood that Carly and Jason had not been going behind his back, but he said that he still wrestled with the situation.

Carly laid blame for the situation squarely on Nina. Sonny replied that Nina would no longer be a problem. Carly stated that she did not believe that Nina agreeing to leave them alone was enough. Carly said that it was not fair that Nina could pick up her life where it had left off. "This hat is not some souvenir you picked up while you were away," Carly railed, declaring, "This is a symbol of... all the time we lost that we're never gonna get back." Carly reached out her hand and told Sonny that she loved him and would always choose him first. Sonny hesitated for a moment before taking her hand. "And I choose you," he replied.

Britt was surprised by how fast Jason showed up to her office. "Where are my manners? Let me take your cape," she mused. A stoic Jason asked Britt if she needed something. Britt told Jason that she had "hit a brick wall" in her attempt to locate Liesl. Jason repeated his earlier offer that he would help. Britt admitted that there had been a bit of pride involved in her initial refusal to allow Jason to help. She didn't want to need his help.

Britt briefly explained how Liesl had been abducted while on her way to a supposed conference on hereditary diseases. Britt didn't believe the conference was linked to her mother's disappearance because it would have meant that someone else knew about Britt's Huntingdon's disease diagnosis.

Both Jason and Britt agreed that Peter was involved and that he probably had an accomplice. Britt wondered if she should travel to St. Lucia and do some research. Jason told Britt that she was getting ahead of herself. He told her that they would be wasting time if they went to St. Lucia. Britt was surprised by Jason's use of the pronoun "we," but he assured her that he was committed to working with her.

Kevin arrived at Wyndemere, where a concerned Nikolas told him that he had been unable to reach Laura. Kevin worried that something urgent had arisen. Nikolas informed Kevin that he had learned who had been stalking Ava. Kevin feared that Ryan had been involved. He was shocked when Nikolas revealed that the stalker was Spencer.

Kevin sat down on the sofa and commented that Laura would be devastated to learn that Spencer was the stalker. Nikolas shared that he wanted to talk to Laura to make sure that throwing Spencer and Esme out of the castle and cutting Spencer off financially was the right thing to have done. "Punishment and enforced guidance don't need to be mutually exclusive," Kevin remarked. Nikolas asked Kevin if that approach had worked with Ryan. Kevin countered that Spencer was not Ryan because Spencer knew right from wrong and felt remorse.

As Nikolas explained that Spencer had had help staging the stalking, the doorbell rang. Nikolas opened the door and found a panicked Esme begging him to help Spencer because Ava had had him arrested. Esme was stunned when Nikolas told her that he knew about Spencer's arrest. Esme lashed out at Nikolas' lack of action to help his son and Ava's use of the police as "an instrument of revenge."

Kevin, who Esme had completely ignored, broke his silence and told Esme that she failed to realize that what Spencer had done was "criminal behavior." Nikolas chimed in that Esme knew very well what Spencer had done and urged her to be thankful that she wasn't also behind bars. Esme's demeanor quickly changed. She claimed that when she'd first met "Spence" at boarding school, he had been saddened by how he and Nikolas had grown apart. Esme claimed that when Spencer had asked her to help him, she had done so only as a way to reunite Nikolas and Spencer.

Nikolas asked how setting Ava's car ablaze and leaving a memento from Ava's dead daughter was supposed to have been helpful. Esme again asserted that she'd known the end would justify the means. She promised that there would be more good times ahead for Nikolas and Spencer if Nikolas gave his son the help that he needed. Esme turned to Kevin and asked if he agreed with her assessment that Spencer needed "protection, not punishment." Kevin responded that it did not matter what he or anyone else believed -- it was up to Nikolas to make that determination.

Nikolas lauded Esme as a "loyal girlfriend," and said Spencer would need her support. Esme scoffed and stormed out of the house.

Ava visited Spencer at the police station and assured him that she "derived no pleasure" from his situation. Spencer looked around for Nikolas and surmised that his father was arranging bail. Ava smiled slightly and told Spencer that if it were left up to Nikolas, the police would lock Spencer up and throw away the key. "I'm all you got," she said coldly.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Spencer told Ava that he wanted nothing to do with her. Spencer blasted Ava for being hypocritical, saying that she should be locked up for "all the misery" she had inflicted upon people. Ava told Spencer that she knew that Nikolas still wanted Spencer in his life -- even if Nikolas did not realize it at that moment. She suggested that she could remind Nikolas that he had "considerable sway" to help make Spencer's legal woes disappear.

Spencer countered that his grandmother was mayor of Port Charles and could do everything that Ava could do. Ava replied that she did not see Laura around. "You are far too attached to your resentments," Ava snarled. She offered Spencer a transactional agreement: she and Spencer need not be friends; they only needed to coexist. Spencer snapped that he had trusted Ava before, only to have had her stab him in the back. Ava nodded understandingly and headed for the door.

Before leaving, Ava advised Spencer to lobby for the holding cell with the torn mesh screen because, even though it had bed bugs, the tear allowed the slightest bit of sunlight into the cell, as well as ventilation. Ava wished Spencer "good luck," and left.

Esme arrived at the station and was greeted by an angry Spencer, who relayed that Ava had visited him to offer a "lose-lose proposition." Esme ordered Spencer to take Ava's deal to avoid going to jail. She reminded him of what they had learned about Napoleon: faire son thème en deux façons, or "proceed with two options." Spencer snarled as he stated that he would not allow Ava to control him. An officer entered the interrogation room to take Spencer to a holding cell for the night. Esme pleaded with Spencer to allow her to talk to Ava. "No chance in hell," he snapped.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas repeated that he did not know what to do and wished he could speak to Laura because Kevin's "shrink thing" was not helping. Kevin told Nikolas that there were two options: bailing Spencer out, literally, and giving Spencer the support he needed to take responsibility for his actions. "It's your call, darling," Ava said as she returned home. She shared that Spencer was "unrepentant" and had turned down the offer that she and Nikolas had come up with.

Nikolas said that a night in jail might be just what Spencer needed, but he also worried that the "Cassadine arrogance" would be too hard for Spencer to overcome.

Sam and Dante arrived in Panopolia and found the local pub cordoned off with police tape. Anna and Robert briefed them on their encounter with the masked gunman. Sam instantly believed that Peter was the culprit. Sam and Dante shared what they had learned from Dallas Kirby: Drew's plane crash had been staged. The recently arrived pair wondered where Valentin was.

Anna recounted the events that had preceded the gun battle. As she did, Robert received a phone call informing him that it was his turn to interrogate the musician that had been taken into custody. Sam wondered if Chloe had told Anna anything about Drew's condition. Anna shared that she didn't know much, but she was able to surmise that Peter needed Drew alive for some reason.

Robert returned sometime later and revealed that he had gotten the mandolinist to talk. The man had revealed the location of the secret compound and that the compound was owned by Victor Cassadine. Dante insisted that there was no way that Victor Cassadine was still alive. Robert shared that both Drew and Valentin were still alive. He then dropped the bombshell that Victor and Peter were working together.

Drew awoke in his cell, confused by why his left arm was bandaged. Peter tossed Liesl into Drew's cell and ordered her to take care of Drew's wound. As Liesl tended to Drew, she asked him who had shot him. Drew told her that he had "absolutely no idea."

Liesl said that Drew appeared to be fine but warned that he would need another shot to prevent possible infection. Drew struggled to recall the conversation he had had with Peter prior to his waking up with the mysterious gunshot graze. Drew recalled an offhand remark that "there were problems with Jason" that would not be problems with him.

Drew became concerned when he realized that he had no recollection of an entire day. Liesl asked Drew if he had ever experienced anything like that before. He said that he had when he had been back in Port Charles and Helena Cassadine had been controlling him. Drew shared that he'd believed that had ended. Liesl, however, feared that it had not.

Liesl proffered that since Faison had done the original conditioning of Drew, it was possible that Cesar could have installed a "second level" that could only be activated by Faison... or Faison's son.

In the corridors of the facility, Peter ran into Victor. Referring to Peter as "Henrik," Victor said that Peter had a lot to answer for. Victor casually mentioned that one of his men had been taken into custody after someone had shot at Anna and Robert. Victor was furious that the man could be compelled to reveal the location of the facility. Peter claimed that he'd had no other option.

Victor remarked that he had been able to live inconspicuously for years, but suddenly, a swarm of WSB agents -- and Sam and Dante -- had shown up and started asking questions. Peter offered to take care of Sam and Dante, but Victor quickly quashed that idea. Victor stated that the gunman who had fired on Robert and Anna had been struck by a bullet. He added that Liesl was not in her cell. He asked Peter if he would find her in Drew's cell.

Victor accused Peter of having known how to activate Drew all along. Two men quietly approached Peter from behind.

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• Drew asks Liesl how to stop Peter from controlling him

• Jason says that Scott will be the one to find Obrecht


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