Nina considered her options -- and a future with Sonny

General Hospital Recap for Friday, January 14, 2022
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Nina considered her options -- and a future with Sonny | GH Daily Recaps (Friday, January 14, 2022)
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Friday, January 14, 2022

In Britt's office, Britt was stunned by Brad's confession that he had poisoned Peter. Brad explained that he had been an unwitting accomplice because his aunt had told him to deliver a specific food tray to a certain jail cell. It wasn't until Brad had seen Peter that Brad had realized his error. Britt was skeptical that Brad hadn't known what Selina had planned, but Brad explained that Selina had promised to help with his parole hearing. Britt warned Brad that Selina would use the leverage to get Brad to do Selina's bidding. Brad agreed, but he had been too afraid to refuse Selina's request.

A knock on the door made Brad jump. It was Dante, who had news about Peter. Brad tensed, but Dante was there to discuss transferring Peter to Pentonville's infirmary. When Brad breathed a sigh of relief, Dante questioned it. Britt steered the conversation back to Peter by assuring Dante that she would facilitate the transfer, and she would contact Dante when everything was ready.

Satisfied, Dante turned back to Brad. Dante questioned why Brad would move in with the head of the Wu crime family when Brad was on parole. Brad explained that Selina was family, but Dante remained suspicious. "Watch your step," Dante said. Britt asked why Dante was harassing Brad when Dante's own brother had threatened Brad at Metro Court in front of witnesses. Dante offered Brad an opportunity to file a complaint, but Brad declined.

After Dante left, Brad popped an antiacid to help settle down his ulcer. He thanked Britt for having his back. She vowed to always support Brad, but she believed it was time for Brad to straighten his spine and leave his prison mentality behind. Brad argued that living with his aunt had put a huge spotlight on him. Britt asked if Selina had threatened him, but he admitted that his aunt had been kind -- even though Selina controlled his very existence. Brad had no idea how to distance himself from his aunt without offending Selina and incurring her wrath.

Britt was confident that she and Brad would figure something out because both Britt and Brad were well versed in wiggling out of trouble. "Except when we get caught," Brad said. Britt wasn't afraid because she had faced worse than Selina and lived to tell the tale. Brad felt lucky to have Britt -- even if she had betrayed him by getting another wingman. Britt was glad to see the old Brad. Her expression turned serious when she realized that she might know someone who could help him.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Carly greeted Drew while he was seated at the bar, looking at a drawing. Drew proudly showed off Scout's drawing of him, and he sang his daughter's praises as an artist. The conversation quickly turned to Carly when Drew asked if Carly was okay. After the night on the bridge, Drew wanted Carly to know that she could always talk to him. Carly was touched by the offer, but she had to excuse herself when her cell phone rang. It was Michael.

Carly ducked into the lounge area as she explained to her son that she had moved into Metro Court until she could figure things out. In an effort to shield Avery and Donna, Carly had told the girls that she was swamped with work, but she had promised to see the girls every morning and to tuck them into bed every night. Carly was curious if Michael had heard from Sonny. Michael told her that he hadn't, but he quickly wrapped up the call. A few minutes later, Drew found Carly seated in a chair and lost in thought.

Carly apologized to Drew, and she explained that it had been a rough day. Drew assured her that he respected her privacy, but he wanted her to know that he was available if she needed to talk. Carly took him up on it. Drew sat down, and they briefly chatted about Scout. Drew had a lot to learn about his daughter because he had missed half of Scout's life. Carly agreed that reunions were difficult sometimes because a lot could change during the time apart.

Carly confided that she and Sonny had been having problems, and she had moved out. Drew advised Carly to trust her instincts. Carly teared up because it was something that Jason had always told her. She opened up to Drew about her plans to give Avery and Donna as much consistency as possible. Drew assured Carly that she was an incredible mother, and he encouraged Carly to do what was best for herself because it would allow her to be the best mother to her daughters. Carly admitted that she didn't want to break up her family.

Drew believed that Sonny and Carly were the real thing, and he was confident that they would find their way back to each other. If not, Drew advised Carly to refer to his original advice to trust her instincts. Carly was grateful for Drew's support. She also regretted not being a good friend to Drew when Jason had first returned to town. Drew assured Carly that she had nothing to apologize for and that Drew had been the one to pull away from Sonny and Carly when he had first learned about his twin. Carly realized that she barely knew the real Drew Cain, but she was glad that she had a chance to remedy that.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael quickly ended a call with Carly when Sonny entered the kitchen. Michael admitted that he hadn't expected to see his father, but Sonny knew that Michael had been checking in with Frank on Sonny's whereabouts instead of talking to Sonny directly. Michael explained that he was still trying to process everything that had been said on the witness stand during Nina's preliminary hearing. Sonny assured Michael that it had not been Sonny's intention for Carly to learn about his relationship with Nina like that, but Sonny was adamant that Nina was in the past. Michael acknowledged that Sonny and Carly's relationship was none of Michael's business, but Michael couldn't forget the look on his mother's face. It was the hurt that he'd seen that Michael couldn't forgive.

Sonny insisted that he had done what he'd believed had been best for his family, but Michael didn't understand how protecting Nina had been best for everyone. Sonny realized that Michael had wanted Sonny to hold Nina accountable, but Sonny had not been able to lie on the witness stand. Michael wasn't satisfied because Sonny should have told Carly before the hearing. Sonny claimed that he had tried to tell Carly on several occasions, but the time had never been right. Michael argued that Sonny should have made the time.

Frustrated, Sonny pointed out that he couldn't change what had happened. All Sonny could do was be there for his family and reassure everyone that they could count on him. Michael scoffed because Sonny had blindsided the family instead of helping Michael to put Nina behind bars. The argument grew heated as Sonny defended his choices and Michael continued to push back. Neither man noticed when Dante entered the kitchen.

"Enough!" Dante shouted over the yelling. Michael explained that Carly had moved out because Sonny had ignored her request for him to leave. Sonny countered that he refused to give up on his marriage. Dante appreciated that Michael was protective of Carly -- just as Dante was protective of Sonny -- but both Dante and Michael stood on the outside, looking in, and it wasn't their place to judge. Dante reminded Sonny that decisions had been made, and it was time to deal with the consequences. Sonny promised that it was what he was trying to do because he loved Carly.

Michael loved both Sonny and Carly, but Michael hated seeing his mother in so much pain. Michael wanted Sonny to respect Carly's wishes by giving her space. Sonny's temper exploded because he resented being told what to do. Dante and Michael frowned. Dante asked if Sonny was okay, but Sonny brushed it off as frustration over the situation and not being able to talk to Carly. Michael warned Sonny not to push Carly. Sonny didn't like it, but he agreed to do it for Carly.

At Crimson, Ava hovered outside Nina's office as Martin advised Nina to let sleeping dogs lie. When Nina saw Ava, she invited Ava to enter. Nina explained that she had hired Martin because it had been necessary to fire Scott when he had forced Willow to reveal the details of Nina's relationship with Sonny during the hearing. Ava reminded Nina that Scott was the reason that Nina's legal troubles were over, but Nina was unmoved. Nina revealed that she had consulted Martin about Wiley. Surprised, Ava wondered if Nina intended to take Michael and Willow to court.

Ava strongly urged Nina to try to work things out privately, but Nina explained that it wasn't possible as long as Carly whispered in Michael's ear. Nina told Ava about Willow's suggestion that Nina relinquish all legal rights to Wiley as a show of good faith to Michael, and Willow's promise that Nina would be a part of Wiley's life. Ava thought it was an extreme solution. Martin revealed that he had warned Nina that relinquishing her legal rights was not reversable. Nina decided it was too risky, which was why she had considered going back to court to guarantee that she had a place in Wiley's life.

Ava wondered if Nina was ready to go on the offensive, but Nina didn't think that she had a choice if she wanted to be a part of her grandson's life. Martin was confident that Nina would prevail in court. However, he warned Nina that it might be a Pyrrhic victory. Martin asked if Nina was ready to burn down the last bridge. Nina wanted more time to ponder, so Martin agreed to start the paperwork in the event she decided to proceed with legal action.

After Martin left, Ava asked about Nina's talk with Willow. Nina revealed that Willow had been her second visitor; the first had been Carly. Nina filled Ava in on the heated argument with Carly and how Nina had taken the "scorched earth" route by holding nothing back. Ava was stunned that Nina had told Carly that Sonny would have made love to Nina if Nina hadn't stopped him. Ava thought it sounded as if Carly had been running scared because Carly had realized that Sonny was still in love with Nina. Nina hadn't allowed herself to think that way, even though Sonny had admitted on the witness stand that he had fallen in love with Nina in Nixon Falls.

Ava believed that Carly saw Nina as a threat to Carly's marriage. Nina asked if Ava thought there was a chance that Sonny and Nina could be together if Sonny and Carly separated. "Not if you sue Michael for visitation with Wiley," Ava answered. Nina feared that Carly would poison Wiley against her, but Ava was certain that Sonny and Carly's marriage would implode on its own. Ava said if Nina played her cards right, Nina could end up with both Sonny and Wiley.

At the Collins residence, Laura worried about her plan, but Kevin assured her that it was worth trying. Laura was determined not to let her family fall apart, so she called out to Spencer and asked him to join her. Moments later, Spencer jogged down the stairs and entered the living room. Laura announced that she had decided to call a family meeting. Just then, Nikolas arrived. Spencer was pleased that Nikolas was alone because it meant that Laura hadn't recognized Ava as family, either.

Nikolas assured Spencer that Ava was a part of the family. Laura agreed, and she explained that Ava had been invited, but Ava had politely declined. Spencer groused that Ava was probably out spending Spencer's money. Nikolas and Laura were surprised by the accusation, but Spencer explained that Ava had made a point of putting lunch on Spencer's tab when Ava had summoned Spencer to discuss the work that Spencer would be doing as restitution once Spencer had served his time in jail. Kevin suggested that things had gotten off track, but Spencer was furious that Nikolas had given Ava control of Spencer's trust fund.

Nikolas blamed the decision on Spencer's refusal to recognize Ava as part of the family. "Not my family," Spencer said in a sullen tone. Kevin urged everyone to take it down a notch. Laura attributed the tension to Nikolas and Spencer being too much alike. Nikolas admitted that he shouldn't have lashed out because he was an adult. Spencer pointed out that he was an adult, too; Spencer had a job, and he paid his own way instead of relying on an inheritance. Laura assured Spencer that she was proud of him.

Spencer revealed that he intended to get an apartment after he had served his time in Spring Ridge. Laura knew that Spencer would only serve 30 days, but she warned him that it might take a toll on him mentally. Laura was confident that Spencer could handle it, especially if his entire family was behind him. Laura asked if it was possible for Nikolas and Spencer to make peace before Spencer went to Spring Ridge. Nikolas was hopeful because he hated the wall between him and his son. Spencer admitted that he missed being close to his father.

All heads turned when Esme arrived home. Esme realized that she had walked in on something, so she quickly assured Spencer that she would not let his family gang up on him. Kevin intervened by offering to buy Esme a cup of coffee. Esme balked, but Spencer told her to go with Kevin. After Kevin and Esme left, Spencer admitted that Esme was the only person who was really there for him. Nikolas said he wanted to be there for his son, but Esme's "us against them" attitude had not been helping.

Spencer argued that Ava's idea of family unity hadn't helped, either. Laura suggested that they focus on what Nikolas and Spencer wanted because they loved each other. Spencer's tone filled with bitterness because he hadn't felt loved when Nikolas had faked his death. Nikolas knew that he couldn't change his past mistakes, but he would always regret hurting Spencer. Laura suggested that part of growing up was learning to forgive. She asked if Spencer wanted to keep carrying his pain around or if he wanted a relationship with his father.

Spencer thought that Laura sounded a lot like Victor. Laura grew alarmed. She warned Spencer not to fall prey to Victor's manipulations. Spencer pointed out that Laura's speech about forgiveness hadn't extended to Victor, but Laura explained that forgiveness was only possible when someone was truly sorry. Spencer defended Victor because Victor had always been good to Spencer. Nikolas made another appeal to Spencer. "I love you. I want my son back," Nikolas said.

Spencer wanted the same, but he refused to reconcile with Nikolas as long as Ava remained in the picture. "Those are my terms," Spencer said. Spencer started to leave, but Laura warned him that they would continue the discussion the same time the following week because she was not ready to give up on Nikolas and Spencer.

At the coffee shop, Kevin assured Esme that Spencer was fine. He was curious why she was so upset, but she denied that she was. Esme explained that she resented being dragged away when her boyfriend needed her, but Kevin pointed out that Spencer had asked her to leave. Esme claimed that it was because Spencer had not wanted to look weak in front of his family, but Kevin was surprised that Esme thought Spencer was weak. Esme warned Kevin not to try to "shrink" her because she knew a thing or two about psychology.

Kevin took the opportunity to talk about Esme's internship at Spring Ridge. Esme admitted that she enjoyed it because she found the criminal mind fascinating. She was certain that Kevin could relate because she had read his books on the subject. It was the reason that Esme couldn't understand why Kevin thought that families were great -- and Spencer was safe -- even though Kevin's brother was Ryan Chamberlain. Kevin reminded Esme that Ryan was a dangerous man, and he hoped that Esme hadn't been comparing Nikolas and Laura to Ryan. Esme hadn't been, but she pointed out that psychopaths had families, too.

Kevin conceded that sometimes people were hurt by the ones they loved and trusted. He imagined that Esme had been hurt when her parents had died. "Of course, I was devastated," Esme said without a hint of emotion in her tone. Kevin attempted to learn more about Esme's adoptive parents, but she steered the conversation back to Ryan. Esme was curious if Kevin ever visited Ryan. Kevin explained that he monitored his brother's condition, but he did not spend time with Ryan.

Esme asked if people with locked-in syndrome ever recovered, but Kevin wanted to know how much time Esme had spent with Ryan. "Barely any," Esme replied. However, she thought that Ryan's case stood out. Kevin made it clear that Ryan's case was not a simple case study, and Ryan wouldn't hesitate to kill again if given the opportunity. Kevin assured Esme that if she ever saw who Ryan really was, she wouldn't be intrigued; she would be terrified. "Got it," Esme said.

Kevin returned to the topic of Spencer because Kevin recalled that Esme had initially been supportive of Nikolas and Spencer reconciling. Esme said she had changed her mind because they had let Spencer be sentenced to jail time, but Kevin reminded her that Spencer had broken the law. Esme argued that Ava didn't have to press charges, but Kevin explained that Spencer had to take responsibility for his actions. He promised Esme that the family was on Spencer's side, but she excused herself because she had to go to the ladies' room.

After Esme walked away, Kevin called Spring Ridge to speak to Warden Brewster. Kevin explained that it was urgent; he wanted to restrict access to Ryan.

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