Anna, Valentin, Robert, and Felicia ponder their next move

General Hospital Recap for Friday, January 27, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Friday, January 27, 2023)
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Friday, January 27, 2023

In Carly's mansion, Carly and Drew woke up in bed together. Carly asked if Drew had any regrets. Drew said his only regret was that he and Carly couldn't go public with their relationship because of their fears about insider-trading charges after the failed ELQ/Aurora merger the previous year.

Drew and Carly turned the conversation to something else, and they made love again. Afterwards, Carly's phone rang, and she answered a call from Sonny, who shared that Nina hadn't been a match for Willow. Carly worried that Willow wouldn't find a donor.

In Nina's penthouse, Nina told Ava some of the reasons that she was angry with Carly, especially because Carly had withheld information on Nina's two daughters. Ava sympathized with Nina but noted that Carly had not known that Nelle was Carly's daughter until after Nelle had died. Nina said that "Saint Carly" would always be forgiven and protected. "But I'm gonna tell you this. I don't care if the whole world forgives Carly. I'm not, ever. And I am not going to rest until that woman pays for what she did to me," an angry Nina said.

Ava said she understood Nina's anger, but she felt it was easier for Nina to be angry at Carly than to accept the possibility of losing another child. Nina grew sad, and she remarked that she couldn't save Willow. Nina started to talk in the past tense, but Ava reminded Nina that Willow was still alive.

Nina said she wouldn't survive losing another daughter, and Ava put her arms around Nina to comfort her. Ava said that Nina had to hold on to hope. Nina said that Ava had become a good friend to her. "No giving up?" Ava said. "No giving up," Nina replied, and the two made a pinky swear.

After Nina left, Ava told Demetrius over the phone that she wanted Nikolas out of Wyndemere by the following day.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Terry said that Willow could use stem cells from her baby's umbilical cord to help fight the bone marrow cancer Willow had. Willow said she wouldn't do anything that might jeopardize the baby. Terry consulted with Dr. Navarro, and she assured Willow that there was minimal risk to the baby being born so close to its due date. Terry added that agreeing to have the baby was Willow's best shot to fight the cancer, and she asked if Willow would consent.

Just then, Carly and Wiley entered. Wiley hugged Willow, and he asked when Willow would be home. Willow said she hoped it would be soon. Carly produced a card that Wiley had drawn for Willow, who gushed over Wiley's work.

Outside Willow's room, Michael assured Carly that their mother-son relationship was fine. Later, in Willow's room, Willow told a relieved Michael that she had decided to accept Terry's suggestion and that it was time to have the baby. A nurse agreed to page Terry right away. Michael and Willow held hands, and Michael said the two would one day tell their daughter that she had saved Willow's life.

Later, Carly walked toward the elevator, and she started to cry. Drew spotted Carly, who shared that she thought Willow would be okay. Drew and Carly hugged. Unbeknownst to Carly, Nina turned the corner, and she saw Drew and Carly hugging.

At Metro Court, an angry Victor yelled at one of his henchmen to find Valentin. Afterwards, Alexis greeted Victor, and she asked how things were going with Nikolas. Victor called Nikolas "an utter and total disappointment." Victor then shared that Nikolas had handed Wyndemere to Ava as part of the divorce settlement.

Not long afterwards, Laura stormed up to Victor, and she said that Victor had gone too far. "I was just contacted by the Paris authorities. Valentin is dead," Laura said in front of Alexis and Victor.

Laura said that after a portion of the catacombs had collapsed, the French authorities had recovered three bodies. Laura added that one of the bodies had been identified as Valentin. Alexis asked about Anna, and Laura said that Martin had seen Anna leave Ireland with Valentin. Laura said that the authorities didn't have confirmation as to whether Anna had died with Valentin.

Victor showed concern for Valentin, but Laura sniped that Victor didn't care about anyone but Victor. Victor said he needed to make some calls, and he stormed off. In a private corner, Victor told someone that he wanted answers immediately and that Valentin wasn't supposed to have been harmed.

Back at Alexis' table, Alexis remarked that Victor had seemed truly shaken up when Laura had said that Valentin had died. Laura breathed a sigh of relief, Alexis smiled, and both complimented each other for having lied to Victor.

Later, Alexis spotted Victor alone in a chair. Alexis played her part, and she said that it was "unfathomable" that Valentin was gone. Alexis offered "condolences" to Victor. "Screw these reports. I refuse to accept that my son is dead," a steadfast Victor said.

Earlier, at Metro Court, Martin had stepped onto an elevator, and he flashed back to fond memories of his time together with Lucy. When the elevator door opened, someone grabbed Martin.

Later, Robert and Felicia escorted a blindfolded Martin to a remote cabin in the snow. Inside the cabin, Martin was overjoyed when he saw that Lucy was alive. Lucy ran into Martin's arms, and the two shared a warm and overdue kiss. Martin said he was glad that things were finally over. "Not quite. There's still the small matter of my death," a man's voice said. The man was revealed to be Valentin.

Lucy and Martin continued to kiss and show public displays of affection. A curmudgeonly Robert quipped that Lucy and Martin should get a room, and the two proceeded to go upstairs. Alone upstairs, Lucy assured Martin that she was okay after her ordeal and that she couldn't wait to make up for lost time with Martin.

Lucy shared that her last thought before she'd gone into the water on the night she'd been shot had been that she hadn't wanted things to be over -- including her life with Martin. Martin kissed Lucy, and he said he didn't know what he would have done without her. The two kissed and fell onto bed together.

Anna, Valentin, Robert, and Felicia remained downstairs. Felicia said that she was glad Lucy was alive and that Anna couldn't be accused of murder. Anna said that she wasn't sure if she was ready to reveal the truth because of all the trouble they had gone through to convince Victor that Anna and Valentin were dead.

Felicia shared that other people besides Victor were upset that Valentin was "dead," and she asked if Valentin was willing to have that on his conscience. Anna and Valentin said that Laura would know what to say to Charlotte.

Robert chuckled when he recalled that Laura was mayor, given Laura's past. "Sometimes, I just can't believe it. Little Laura on the run from Frank Smith, holding the Cassadines at bay with a machine gun. And here we are, the epitome of law and order!" Robert said. "Look who's talking, Mr. District Attorney," Felicia joked.

Robert joked that the mighty had fallen. Anna asked Robert about the necklace that contained diamonds from the Ice Princess. Robert shared that Victor believed that the necklace had been destroyed. Anna was relieved, and she said that they were getting closer to making Victor pay for what Victor had done to Luke.

Felicia told Valentin that she trusted him as long as Anna did, and she "welcomed" Valentin into their group. Valentin received a call from Laura, and he confirmed to everyone that Victor had believed the lie that Valentin had died. Robert wondered what their next move should be. Anna suggested they ramp up the pressure, and she asked for ideas. "Don't worry. I have plenty," Felicia said assuredly.


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