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General Hospital Recap for Monday, October 11, 2021
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GH Daily Recaps (Monday, October 11, 2021)
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Monday, October 11, 2021

Nikolas paid Alexis a visit at Spring Ridge and told her that he and Ava were back together, although he'd lost his son. He revealed that Spencer had admitted to being the stalker, and he thought that Spencer had changed. Alexis blamed Nikolas after his own actions of pretending to be dead. Nikolas informed her that he wasn't sure if Spencer was sorry about his actions or merely sorry that those actions hadn't worked.

Nikolas added that he had no intentions of working things out with Spencer and had thrown him out of the house. Alexis was appalled. Nikolas called Spencer a "true Cassadine" who was relentless, but Alexis thought that Spencer had been acting like his father. She thought that Spencer needed guidance, and she believed that Nikolas should do better at fighting for his son. She wanted him to teach Spencer to be a good man just like she knew Nikolas could be.

Outside at Kelly's, Esme told Josslyn that Spencer had lost his father and his best friends. Esme thought it was awful that Nikolas had cut Spencer out, but Josslyn thought that he and Esme would be resourceful enough to figure things out. She demanded to know why Esme was there. Esme claimed to be sorry for everything that had happened, and she thought it was torture to see her boyfriend in so much pain.

Esme proceeded to praise Cameron for helping her and forgiving her and Spencer. Josslyn explained that she, Cameron, and Spencer had been friends all of their lives, and Josslyn would forgive Spencer if he was really sorry. Esme turned and went inside, thanking Cameron as she went. Josslyn declared that Esme's speech had been an act, and she wasn't buying it.

Cameron felt that Esme had been telling the truth, but Josslyn thought that Esme had been using Spencer and had been after his money. Josslyn added that they knew nothing about Esme, but Cameron asked why Esme was still around if Spencer had been cut off. Josslyn insisted that Esme had been setting off alarm bells, and perhaps Spencer had actually been covering for her. Josslyn also revealed that she had spoken to Nina, and Cameron was proud of her.

Inside, Esme spoke to someone on the phone and learned that she had been accepted into an internship at Spring Ridge.

Spencer was surprised to find Ava and Trina at Wyndemere and announced that he had been looking for Nikolas. He admitted that he had made mistakes where his father was concerned, but not with Ava, although it was complicated. Trina was disgusted with Spencer's remarks, but he asked to speak to her alone. Ava agreed to leave them after Trina consented.

Trina was angry and told Spencer that his apologies hadn't been real, although Spencer continued to insist that he was sorry for his actions. Trina told him off and declared that he had only cared about himself and not her. He had scared her immensely at the art gallery. She thought he could have played things differently, but she was a nobody. Spencer disagreed and told her she had been cool and had gotten in his face.

Spencer proclaimed that he cared about Trina and what she thought. She had been the only one who hadn't known the real him, and he wanted to be her friend. Trina found it hard to believe anything that Spencer said, and she said that she had to leave. She refused Spencer's offer to accompany her.

Ava was happy to find Spencer alone. She poured herself a drink and stated that she thought it was important to look an enemy in the eye. Spencer insisted that he had never called Ava an enemy, but Ava believed that his actions had spoken volumes. He had failed, and she was still there. She told him it was over. Spencer replied that he had been trying to teach Ava a lesson. He added that no one had been hurt.

Ava went off on Spencer at the remark, and voices grew louder and angrier. Spencer shouted that Ava had chosen her face over defending Nikolas, while Ava yelled about Avery. Spencer wasn't sorry and deemed Ava to be bad for Nikolas. Ava declared that she wasn't going anywhere and warned him that there would be "hell to pay" if he went after her or her daughter again. She concluded that it would be like a hell worse than any he'd ever witnessed.

Spencer exclaimed that he wasn't intimidated, but just then, the local police showed up. Ava admitted to having called them, and Spencer was outraged that Ava had called the police to have him removed from the property. Ava replied, "Don't be silly. I called the police to have you arrested." Spencer was placed under arrest as Ava cited the various criminal offenses Spencer had committed.

Brando showed up at Sonny's house to welcome him home and announced that he had been happy to help the family while Sonny had been gone. Brando revealed that he was going to be a father, and Sonny poured drinks and made a toast. He offered Brando a job, but Brando declined. He made it clear that he was out of the business and only wanted a quiet and simple life with Sasha.

Sonny asked if it was due to pressure from Sasha, but Brando replied that they were a team and had agreed to it together. Sonny admired Brando, who said it was really all thanks to Sonny. He asked for pointers on being a father, and Sonny's advice was to "do it" without reading books. He pointed out that family was the most important thing in life.

Sasha stopped at Crimson to see Nina and shared some good news about the readership. Sasha admitted to being shocked that Nina had known that Sonny was alive, but she knew that Nina was in pain and had made mistakes that she would regret forever. Nina appreciated it, and Sasha admitted to knowing how awful it had been to have pretended to be Nina's daughter.

Sasha credited Nina for showing her how to be a "kind and loving" mother, and she owed thanks to both Nina and Carly for helping her. She suggested that maybe Carly and Nina weren't so far apart, after all. Nina replied that that was no longer true. Nina explained that her actions hadn't only been about revenge but more about Sonny's happiness. Nina had gotten swept up in life in Nixon Falls. Sasha knew that Nina had been happy there. Nina flashed back to a kiss with "Mike," and she declared that Sonny had been joyful and at peace.

Nina fawned over Sasha's pregnancy, and Sasha told her how great everything had been with Brando. Just then, Brando showed up with a special drink for Sasha and announced that he had spoken to Sonny. Brando and Sasha left, and Brando hoped it hadn't been weird to mention Sonny around Nina. Sasha hoped her friendship with Nina didn't cause problems for Brando. Nina sat in her office and thought about "Mike."

At Metro Court, Shawn met with Jax at the bar and revealed that Naomi's death had led him to Jax. He didn't consider Jax to be a suspect, but he had suspicions that Nikolas had been lying about what he knew. Shawn said that he had been reminded of what the Cassadines were capable of. Jax told what he knew about Nikolas and Hayden's relationship. He noted that it had been "contentious," and Nikolas had scared Hayden out of town.

Jax explained that Hayden had believed that Valentin had been after her, but it had been Nikolas. Hayden had disappeared years after having been shot. Shawn wondered if Alexis would be okay if he investigated Nikolas, and Jax believed that Alexis would want to know the truth.

Britt and Carly sat at a table to talk about Jason, and Carly admitted to having lied to Britt earlier. She explained that their marriage had been a business arrangement even though they really loved each other. They had then decided to make their marriage work in a real sense, and they had been happy. Britt guessed it had gotten difficult when Sonny had returned, and Carly replied that she and Jason wanted to go back to the way things had been previously.

Britt maintained that she and Jason wouldn't happen, even though she agreed that he was amazing. She didn't want her time back, and it had been a blessing for the way things had turned out. She knew that Carly would still always be first with Jason, based on hospital gossip. She firmly believed that Carly thought of herself as still being in control by trying to get Jason and Britt back together.

Carly insisted that she was not in control but would always be a part of Jason's life. Britt assured her that she was not okay with being number two, and Carly understood. She noted that Jason was a hard habit to break. "Not for me," Britt replied as she headed to the elevator. Sonny stepped off as Britt stepped on, and they acknowledged each other briefly. Sonny and Carly kissed hello, and he made mention of his luck in having Phyllis for a friend. He had offered her a room at the hotel.

Sonny revealed that Brando had asked him for advice, and Carly wasn't surprised. She noted that she had a meeting and asked Sonny to wait for her. He spotted Jax and headed to the bar. Jax welcomed him home and stated that Josslyn had missed Sonny. Sonny declared that they had lots to talk about.

At Kelly's, Cameron had to get back to work. Esme said that Josslyn was lucky to have Cameron, and again Josslyn asked what Esme wanted. Esme replied that she wanted Spencer to be happy and to have his friends. She declared that she and Spencer were a package deal, and she thought that Josslyn would be wise to accept it like Cameron. She wouldn't want Josslyn to be left behind. Trina arrived, and Esme left. Josslyn expressed her confusion.

Nikolas had to leave Spring Ridge. Shawn arrived and glared at him. Nikolas was uneasy.

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