Port Charles residents celebrate Thanksgiving

General Hospital Recap for Monday, November 27, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Monday, November 27, 2023)
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Monday, November 27, 2023

Outside the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Nina dropped off a gift basket for Wiley and Amelia after making sure that no one was home. "Okay, my little ones. We couldn't share dinner together, but at least I can leave you a bit of my love," Nina whispered as she placed the basket at the doorstep of the home.

Nina closed her eyes, pressed her fingers to her lips, and touched a handwritten card that she had included inside the basket. With tears in her eyes, Nina stood up to leave. "I love you," Nina whispered before she walked away.

After Michael, Willow, and Wiley returned home, Wiley was thrilled when he opened the gift basket. Michael groused when he learned that the gift basket had been a present from Nina. Off to a corner, Willow asked Michael to pretend to be nice to Nina for Wiley's sake. Michael accused Nina of being "manipulative." Willow reasoned that Nina was only trying to make inroads.

At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone recoiled as fire alarms blared throughout the home. A soaking-wet Yuri appeared, and he announced that the kitchen sprinklers had gone off and that the Thanksgiving turkey had been ruined.

Lois vowed to get turkey for the Quartermaines, and she phoned Nina to order turkey from Metro Court. After the call ended, Lois announced that Nina had agreed to deliver turkey to the mansion. Gloria tried to compliment Lois for her fast thinking, but Lois surmised that Gloria was hiding something.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley entered the mansion a short while later. Michael continued to make snide remarks about Nina, who appeared shortly afterwards with plates of food for the whole family.

Ned promised not to cause a scene with Nina after having greeted her at the front door. Once inside the mansion, Nina announced that Metro Court had run out of turkey and that she had brought pizza. "Did you hear that, Grandfather? The curse continues!" Ned exclaimed as he looked upward.

Wiley ran to Nina, and he thanked her for a toy that had been included in the basket she had dropped off. Olivia thanked Nina for having delivered food, and she and Wiley asked Nina to stay for dinner. Nina, observing Michael's scowl, said that she had plans to meet Sonny at Metro Court.

Nearby, Gloria told Lois that, weeks earlier, she had been in an argument with an angry Russian lady at a church bingo event. Lois learned that the Russian woman was connected to a man named Pete Petrov. Lois hinted that Petrov was heavily involved with a Russian-based organized crime syndicate.

Yuri had been eavesdropping, and he said that he could help Gloria and Lois. Lois warned that Petrov and his associates were dangerous, but Yuri was undeterred. Yuri firmly stated that he could handle the people that were giving Gloria trouble.

Moments later, as everyone in the mansion gathered together, Ned sang and played the hymn, We Gather Together on his guitar. Everyone smiled and sang along.

At Metro Court, Diane was surprised that Robert had invited Anna and Emma to Thanksgiving dinner. Anna and Emma were equally surprised. As the four sat down to dinner, Anna stared icily at Nina after spotting her behind the bar.

Anna cornered Nina, and she accused Nina of having enabled Charlotte by keeping quiet about Charlotte's behavior. Nina said that she had only been doing a favor for a friend -- Valentin. "A friend? Do you think Sonny will see it that way?" Anna asked.

At Carly's mansion, Carly opened the door to Sonny and Avery. Carly was thrilled when Avery hugged her. Dex appeared shortly afterwards. Sonny surmised that Dex had gone to see Josslyn. Dex smiled sheepishly, and he wished Carly a happy Thanksgiving. "Don't say I never do anything for you," Sonny called out to Dex.

In the living quarters of the mansion, Josslyn was thrilled to see Dex. They kissed. Carly heard a knock, and she opened the door to Ava. Ava presented Carly with a bottle inside a gift bag, and she wished Carly a happy Thanksgiving.

Ava lifted Avery into a hug. Nearby, Sonny asked if Carly was okay with Ava being at the mansion. Carly surprised Sonny when she said that it had been Josslyn's idea to invite Ava to Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny announced that he had to leave, and he asked Dex for his keys. Sonny and Dex wished one another a happy Thanksgiving.

Ava thanked Josslyn and Dex for their help in finding her on the night that Mason had tried to kill her. Ava spotted Carly and Drew, and she thanked Carly for having made room for her. Drew mentioned Ava's plans to sell Wyndemere, and he said he hoped the buyer would be someone who didn't bring "bad karma" to Wyndemere. Ava quipped that Wyndemere had nothing except bad karma.

Carly announced that dinner was ready. As others left for the kitchen, Drew pulled Carly aside. Drew said everyone should savor moments like Thanksgiving dinner because the future held no guarantees. Nearby, Ava accidentally stumbled onto Drew and Carly's conversation. Ava seemed saddened by something.

Back at Metro Court, Sonny joined Anna, Robert, Diane, and Emma for a toast. Sonny then spoke to Anna in private at the bar. Anna told Sonny that Forsyth had been found dead in Port Charles. "What are the odds?" Anna asked. "Looks like someone stacked the deck," Sonny said mysteriously.

Nina returned in time to see Sonny and Anna chatting. Anna and Nina exchanged terse greetings before Anna rejoined Robert and Emma. Sonny noted that things had seemed tense between Anna and Nina. Nina downplayed it, and she asked Sonny to focus on their first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. Sonny told Nina that they had a lot to be thankful for, including that Nina and Willow were getting along.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Portia phoned Trina to offer an insincere apology that things weren't working out between Trina and Spencer. "Hopefully, that'll be the last of Spencer Cassadine," Portia said after hanging up the phone.

At the same time, in the dorm room, Spencer and Trina lay in bed after having made love. Spencer caressed Trina, and he kissed her on the lips before pulling her close to his chest. Spencer told Trina that he was thankful for her.

Trina teased Spencer by reeling off family members that she was thankful for. "Not even an honorable mention?" Spencer asked. "Oh, yeah. I'm thankful for you, too... when you're not being a jerk," Trina quipped before she and Spencer kissed.

As Spencer and Trina dressed, Spencer told Trina that he was glad that she had forgiven him and that she had made him see reason regarding Ace and Esme. Spencer said that things still wouldn't be easy to figure out as they pertained to Ace and Esme. "Good things never come easy, Spencer. You have to work for them," Trina said earnestly.

A short while later, at Curtis and Portia's home, Spencer and Trina joined Curtis and Marshall for Thanksgiving dinner. Spencer and Trina brought wine and dessert. When Spencer and Marshall left for the kitchen, Curtis said that Trina's visit was a nice surprise. Trina said that she didn't want to miss her first Thanksgiving with Curtis since learning that he was her biological father. Curtis smiled at Trina.

Portia entered after leaving her hospital shift early. Portia's face froze when she spotted Spencer, who politely wished Portia a happy Thanksgiving. Portia extended the same greeting to Spencer. Everyone began to smile after Marshall grew giddy with excitement that his family was together at Thanksgiving.

Spencer, Trina, Curtis, Portia, and Marshall sat down to enjoy dinner. Curtis said that he wanted to lead the family in prayer. As everyone held hands, Curtis thanked God for his family's blessings. As Curtis prayed, the rest of the residents of Port Charles were seen celebrating Thanksgiving with their respective families across town.

A short while later, Curtis sat outside on the patio as Portia wrapped her arms around him. Inside the house, Spencer and Trina shared a kiss before the rest of the family joined together for dessert.

As the episode closed, a photo of former General Hospital star Tyler Christopher appeared on-screen, accompanied by a message. "IN LOVING MEMORY OF TYLER CHRISTOPHER," the message read.


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