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General Hospital Recap for Thursday, October 14, 2021
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GH Daily Recaps (Thursday, October 14, 2021)
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Thursday, October 14, 2021

In Britt's office, she asked Austin if the oath about doing no harm that they'd taken to become doctors meant anything to him. A puzzled Austin insisted that he'd never knowingly put a patient at risk. Britt mentioned how he'd talked about a child's possible autism diagnosis, without being qualified, to someone other than the child's parents. Austin immediately knew that Brook Lynn was behind the accusation, and he informed Britt that Brook Lynn was using Britt to her own ends. Britt informed him that he was suspended pending the disciplinary board's investigation, and he stormed out.

Britt's phone rang, and she answered it to Scott. She informed him that something had popped up at work, and she promised to swallow her pride and ask Jason for help. She hung up and tried to work out what she would text to Jason.

In Sonny's office, he expressed his appreciation to Jason for looking out for his family. Sonny talked about how he'd dreamed about Carly without knowing who she was, but he'd known that she was important. He wondered what would have happened if he hadn't walked into the bedroom. Jason admitted that he and Carly would have slept together. A crushed Sonny remembered that Jason and Carly had been together at one point, but Jason insisted that that door had closed once Sonny and Carly had gotten together. However, Sonny observed that the door had been "reopened."

Jason confessed that he had started to fall in love with Carly, and Sonny wondered why Jason hadn't said anything. Jason replied that he and Carly had only gotten married to protect the business, since they'd thought that Sonny had been dead, and he figured that the three of them could go back to the way things had been. Sonny was surprised that Jason could just shut off his feelings. Jason explained that it hadn't been until right before the wedding that he and Carly had decided to have a real marriage. He continued that he was just a friend since Sonny's return.

Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Britt asking if he had time to meet her at the hospital. Sonny thanked Jason for his honesty, and Jason replied that he was always honest. When Jason was gone, Sonny slammed his fist on his desk.

A short while later, Britt was entering notes about her meeting with Austin into her computer when she heard a knock on her office door. She looked up and saw Jason standing in her doorway.

Maxie and Brook Lynn arrived at Volonino's for a kickboxing class, and Brook Lynn muttered that she couldn't wait to hit something. Maxie chimed in that she was excited to learn how to defend herself and her kids against Peter. "I have a different target in mind," Brook Lynn replied. Maxie wanted to know who, but Brook Lynn reminded her that they were only "partners in crime," not friends. Maxie admitted that she'd told Chase that they were friends, and she talked about how Austin had reminded her that Brook Lynn had called her brave. Brook Lynn couldn't remember when she'd said that, and Maxie replied that it had been in the woods. Brook Lynn freaked out that Austin remembered something from the woods, but Maxie assured her that he didn't remember any other details.

Brook Lynn apologized for pressuring Maxie to spend time with Austin, and she added that she was "working him from a different angle." As Brook Lynn walked away to get some water, Maxie's phone rang, and she answered it to Austin. He asked if she was free, as he needed a friendly face. She told him that she was at the gym, and he said he would be right there. A short while later, Austin arrived at the gym. When he caught sight of Brook Lynn, he commended her, "Congratulations. Mission accomplished." Austin updated a horrified Maxie on Brook Lynn's accusation.

Austin and Brook Lynn argued until Maxie finally yelled, "Enough! Both of you!" She was sure that they could find a peaceful solution, and Brook Lynn commented that that would depend on Austin. She offered to tell Britt that she'd misunderstood what Austin had said in exchange for Austin renouncing all claims to ELQ. Maxie asked what he was going to do. "Nothing. Take your best shot," he aimed at Brook Lynn. Austin thanked Maxie for listening and advised her to "seriously reconsider your choice of friends." He glared at Brook Lynn and left.

Carly left Sonny a message, wondering where he was, as she'd been trying to get ahold of him. She advised him of Ava's request to revisit their custody arrangement, and she was sure that Ava was "working an angle."

At Josslyn's, she and Cameron were looking through the fridge while Trina stared off in the distance. She couldn't believe that Nikolas had kicked Spencer out, and she thought that Spencer needed his friends more than ever. Josslyn asked Cameron to go get her jacket, so he left the room. Trina hated that she still had feelings for Spencer. Josslyn added that she couldn't stand Esme's fake innocent act, and she related that Nina did the same thing. Carly entered the kitchen as Josslyn told Trina about her run-in with Nina at Kelly's. "What about Nina?" Carly asked, and Josslyn briefly updated her.

Carly wondered if Josslyn or Trina had been on social media lately, and she informed them that Spencer had been arrested. The girls were shocked, and they regretted that their actions had led to it. Cameron returned with Josslyn's jacket, and he wore "Mike's" black cowboy hat. Carly quickly took it from him, and Josslyn told him about Spencer. Cameron wanted to go to the police station to support their friend, and Trina wanted to go, as well. Josslyn promised to meet them there, and Cameron and Trina left.

Josslyn had stayed behind to talk to Carly about Nina and how she hated that Nina was walking around like nothing had happened. Carly wanted Josslyn to focus on friends, school, and volleyball, and to let it go. Josslyn had observed how fast Carly had gotten the cowboy hat from Cameron, and Carly told Josslyn about Phyllis, who'd given them the hat. Carly couldn't believe he'd worn it and reasoned that Sonny had been a different person. Carly urged Josslyn to be with her friends, so Josslyn left. Carly pushed the hat across the table in annoyance. Just then, Sonny arrived. "Howdy, stranger," Carly greeted him.

Ava arrived at Nina's office, offended that Nina hadn't shared who "Mike" really was. She wondered if Carly knew that Sonny and Nina had fallen in love, and she interpreted Nina's silence to mean that Carly had no idea. Ava believed that Sonny and Nina still had a chance, but Nina updated Ava on Sonny's "ground rules." Ava told Nina about her stalker, and related that she'd been ready to give up on Nikolas, but they were back together. She thought it could be the same with Nina and Sonny.

Nina was grateful that she and Ava were close friends, but she knew that Ava wasn't above using a situation to her own advantage. Ava reasoned that she just wanted Nina to be as happy as Ava was, and she urged Nina not to give up. "Where there's love, there's hope," Ava said, and she hugged Nina. Ava left to visit Spencer. Nina sat down at her desk and looked at the picture of her and "Mike." She went to throw it away, but she stopped and put it in the middle of a pile of papers on her desk.

Esme flew into the PCPD and demanded that Spencer be taken out of the handcuffs. Chase responded that Spencer was in custody, and Esme asked who dared to have Spencer arrested. "One guess," Spencer replied. Chase sat Spencer down and cuffed him to the desk while he went to do some paperwork. Esme informed Spencer that she'd tried to get a lawyer, but she couldn't access her trust fund. Spencer added that Laura was still unreachable, so she couldn't help.

Esme continued that she'd called a lawyer named Baldwin, whose ad she'd seen, but he'd laughed and hung up. She wondered how much Spencer had told the cops, and he accused her of only caring about whether or not he'd thrown her under the bus. She claimed that she couldn't help him if she was locked up, too. Spencer assured her that he would never say anything about her to the cops.

Chase returned and asked if Esme could answer some questions for him. "Are you gonna arrest me, too?" she asked with snark. "Should I?" Chase shot back, and he led her to the interrogation room. He found out through his questioning that she and Spencer hadn't told anyone when they'd arrived in town because he'd wanted to figure out things with Nikolas, and she'd wanted to help him. He asked about Ava's car fire, and Esme replied that she'd only heard about it.

"Happy now?" Spencer wondered as Cameron and Trina arrived at the PCPD. Cameron refused to let Spencer blame them for his mistakes, but Cameron assured Spencer that they were there to help. Esme and Chase emerged from the interrogation room, and Cameron told them that his grandfather Scott was a lawyer and could help. Esme coldly replied that Scott was enjoying Spencer's predicament like his friends were. Chase asked to speak to Cameron, and they went to the interrogation room. Trina insisted that they'd never thought Spencer would get arrested, and she asked how they could help. Esme had an idea.

Chase asked Cameron about the car fire, but Cameron remained silent. Chase informed him that talking could help Spencer. Cameron confessed that Spencer had said that Esme had started the fire, but he'd taken the confession back. Cameron admitted that he could never really tell when Spencer was being honest. Chase handed his card to Cameron and asked him to call if he learned anything new.

Chase and Cameron returned, and Chase uncuffed Spencer in order to move him to a different location. Esme promised to return to visit Spencer soon. As Chase escorted Spencer to the interrogation room, he advised Esme not to leave town. Esme asked for a minute with Trina, so Cameron went outside. Esme knew that Ava was responsible for having Spencer arrested, so if Trina really wanted to help Spencer, Esme suggested that Trina convince Ava not to cooperate.

A short while later, Chase returned to the interrogation room and informed Spencer that he had a visitor. Ava entered the room, and Chase left. "I told you I wasn't going anywhere. Neither are you," Ava said.

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