Spencer and Trina grow closer

General Hospital Recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Thursday, January 26, 2023)
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Thursday, January 26, 2023

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly apologized to Drew for having deceived him during his search for Willow's birth mother, and she hoped that Drew would forgive her. Drew and Carly talked for a bit, and Drew agreed to forgive Carly. The two kissed, and Carly asked Drew to go home with her.

Later, in Carly's bedroom, Carly said that she had wanted to be intimate with Drew for months. Drew shared that he'd felt the same way. Drew and Carly began to undress one another, and they made love for the first time.

In Nina's penthouse, Sonny encouraged Nina to take time to eat. Nina was too anxious to learn if she was a bone marrow match for Willow to enjoy food. Sasha appeared at Nina's door, and she encouraged Nina not to give up hope for Willow, both as a donor match and as a mother. Nina said that Willow and Michael had been "hellbent" on destroying her and Sonny.

Sonny said that Willow had asked him and Michael to reconcile. Sasha was hopeful that it would lead to peace between Michael, Willow, and Nina, too. Just then, Nina's phone rang, and she announced that it was the hospital lab calling.

In Willow's room at the hospital, Ned and Brook Lynn checked on Michael and Willow. Alone, Willow asked how Brook Lynn had been. Brook Lynn admitted that she had been struggling after her breakup with Chase. Willow said that Brook Lynn shouldn't give up on a life with Chase, and the two held each other's hands.

By the nurses' station, Ned said that in spite of their ELQ disagreements, Michael would always be family "first, foremost, and forever." Michael appreciated Ned's warm gesture. Just then, Sonny and Sasha joined Ned and Michael.

Nina appeared in Willow's room, and she said through tears that the hospital had determined she was not a match for Willow. Willow closed her eyes, and she started to cry. At the same time, Sonny, Ned, Brook Lynn, and Sasha tried to console Michael.

Later, in Willow's room, Willow told Michael that they were out of options, since Nina wasn't a match. Michael held Willow, and he tried to comfort her.

Outside the hospital, Sonny followed a distraught Nina to her car. Nina screamed in painful aggravation. "I won't survive losing another child. I won't," Nina said through tears, as Sonny put his arms around her tightly.

At the Savoy, Selina complimented Cody for having done his part in the poker game. Nearby, Mac and Felicia entered. Mac said that he had warned Cody about Selina. Mac and Felicia joined Cody at the bar. Cody was flattered that the two had asked about him. Cody said he had been doing everything to keep his mind off Britt.

At a table nearby, Selina joined a nervous Gladys. Selina said that Gladys had been losing more money and that it was time to cover her debt. Gladys pleaded with Selina for more time, but Selina revealed that Gladys owed $175,000. "When can I expect payment?" Selina deadpanned.

Gladys said she didn't have that much money. Gladys offered Brando's garage as payment, and she said that Sasha would agree to the deal. Gladys left, and Cody approached Selina. Cody asked Selina for Gladys' last name, and he added that he thought he and Gladys might have a mutual acquaintance. Selina remarked that Gladys' last name was Corbin and that she was involved with Deception.

At the Metro Court bar, Nikolas handed Ava the signed divorce papers. Nikolas said that Ava had left him with nothing. Ava told Nikolas that he was "weak," and she added that she couldn't believe she had once loved him. Nikolas asked if Ava truly felt their love was gone forever after everything they had meant to each other.

Nikolas said that Ava would one day realize their marriage had been compromised by "outside sources," and he said that there was more to the story. Nikolas added that his and Ava's story wasn't over and that he would be waiting for Ava when the time was right. Ava shot back that she would never believe or trust Nikolas again.

Ava removed her wedding ring, and she slammed it onto the counter of the bar as she left. Nikolas picked up Ava's ring, and he stared at it.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer asked how Trina felt about him raising Nikolas and Esme's baby. Spencer told Trina of his plan to hire Diane to pursue full custody. Trina was skeptical, but Spencer surprised her when he said that Ava supported him. Spencer asked Trina for her thoughts. Trina shared that she didn't think Spencer was ready to be a father.

Trina added that Spencer would be learning at the expense of the baby and that some people wouldn't want to be with someone raising a baby at his age. Spencer asked Trina if she would consider being with someone raising a baby. Trina was flummoxed, and she said she wouldn't know without being in that situation.

"Fine. But what about the situation that you're in with me? Is me going after this child going to impact whatever is going on between us?" Spencer asked.

"What do you mean, 'whatever is going on between'?" Trina asked.

"I just mean that everything with what we've been doing, with trying to, um, 'catch the killer' by pretending to be friends, potentially even more... But what are we doing, though? Are we playing the game, or is the game playing us? Be real, Trina. We're hanging out. There's no cameras around. We text each other constantly. But we don't publicize it. It's a lot of behind-the-scenes effort for pretense, don't you think?" Spencer said softly and somewhat seductively.

"It may not just be play-acting for me," Trina said softly.

Spencer assured Trina that he would never hurt her the way he had before. Trina shared that she believed Spencer and that she had told Portia that Spencer had changed. Trina added that she would make her own choices with who she was friends with and that Portia had no say in the matter.

Trina stated that she was glad that she and Spencer didn't have to pretend they weren't friends, and she added that Spencer had been there for her. Spencer tried to compare himself to a golden retriever by remarking that he was "trusting and steadfast." Trina quipped that dogs were obedient. "Anyway, I just really hope that you feel the same way," Trina said. "You have no idea," Spencer replied.

Spencer said that he was determined to go through with his plans for the baby and that it would mean the world to him to have Trina's support. Trina said that she was proud of Spencer for having stepped up.

"Thanks. You haven't seen anything yet, but you will. I'm not like my father. When I make a commitment to someone, I stick to it. And I'm ready to do just that," Spencer said confidently, and he and Trina began to stare longingly into each other's eyes.


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