Jason persuades Carly not to go to war with Nina

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, October 12, 2021
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GH Daily Recaps (Tuesday, October 12, 2021)
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

At the hospital, Brando paced in the hallway until Dr. Navarro invited him into an examination room. A smiling Sasha assured him that both she and their unborn baby were well. Brando relaxed as she placed his hand on her belly. A nervous Brando admitted that he wasn't certain that the birthing classes had properly prepared him for the birth of their child, but Dr. Navarro promised that he would feel better once he had a tour of the birthing room and nursery. After Dr. Navarro left to make the arrangements, Gladys appeared in the doorway.

Surprised, Brando asked what his mother was doing there. Gladys was disappointed by the unenthusiastic greeting, but she explained that she had had a follow-up with the doctor about the injury that she had sustained from when she'd taken a bullet for Brando. Brando reminded his mother that Gladys hadn't exactly thrown herself between him and a hail of bullets. He asked how his mother had found him, prompting Gladys to reveal that he'd left his unlocked phone on the kitchen table. "You should be more careful about that," Gladys advised.

Sasha asked about Gladys' trip to the spa that Brando had sent his mother on. Gladys admitted that it had been a momentary distraction from the horrors of Jason and Carly's wedding and the thought of what might have happened if Gladys had been in the limousine with Vincent Novak. Gladys wondered if the rumor about Sonny had been true. Gladys was delighted when Brando confirmed that Sonny was alive because she was eager for Brando to leave the garage behind. Brando quickly informed his mother that he wasn't interested in working for Sonny.

Glady urged Brando to think about his new family, but Brando insisted that Sonny's world was not for him. Gladys reminded Brando that Sonny had several legitimate businesses between the coffee empire and the casino resort on Sonny's private island. Brando was adamant that he enjoyed working at the garage, but Gladys wanted Brando to strive for better. Frustrated, Brando escorted his mother into the hallway to explain that he had talked to Sonny and turned down a job offer because Brando wanted to build a life for his family on his own.

When Brando mentioned that he had the garage because of Dev, Gladys bristled because he had been "like a grandson" to her. Brando loved his mother, but he also knew how she operated. He warned her that she would not be a part of the baby's life if she continued to pick at and provoke Sonny. Just then, Dr. Navarro returned to fetch Brando and Sasha for their tour. A short time later, Brando and Sasha smiled as they gazed at the newborns in the nursery. Brando admitted that the tour had helped to prepare him.

Brando assured Sasha that he honored and respected her for doing all the hard work, but he promised to be right by her side moving forward. Sasha beamed with joy because they had a baby to look forward to. Their smiles faded when Gladys joined them. Gladys chuckled when she noticed a bald baby.

In Spring Ridge's common room, Alexis admitted that she was distracted because she was worried about Nikolas. Shawn was shocked when she revealed that Spencer had confessed to stalking Ava. Alexis realized that Nikolas hadn't been the best role model for Spencer growing up, but she assured Shawn that Nikolas had a good heart, which had been a feat for someone who had grown up in a "reptile cage" like the Cassadine family. Shawn admitted that the situation between Nikolas and Spencer made him think of his own relationship with T.J. because Shawn had lost a lot of years with his son.

The conversation shifted to Shawn's investigation into Hayden's shooting, and Shawn's suspicion that Nikolas might have been involved. Shawn acknowledged that Nikolas and Hayden had worked together after the shooting, which meant that Hayden hadn't been aware of Nikolas' role in the attempt on her life, or she had found a way to forgive Nikolas. Alexis played devil's advocate because she wondered how all the "insanity" at Crichton-Clark was connected to Nikolas. Shawn suggested that perhaps Nikolas had only been responsible for Hayden's shooting, and the other incidents had been completely unrelated to Nikolas. Alexis wondered who else Shawn intended to share his theory with, but Shawn admitted that it depended on Alexis.

Shawn explained that he cared about Alexis because she had been an incredible friend to him, and she and her family were the reason that he was a free man. Shawn offered to drop the investigation, but Alexis wondered how likely it was that Nikolas had been responsible for Hayden's shooting. Shawn's expression told her everything. Alexis had spent her whole life seeking justice, and a terrible injustice had been done to Shawn when he'd gone to jail for a crime he hadn't committed. Alexis believed it would be hypocritical of her not to let him right the wrong, regardless of where the truth took him.

In Wyndemere's turret room, Nikolas called out to his wife because he didn't want to startle Ava after she'd been stalked for months. Ava appreciated Nikolas' consideration, but the mood shifted when Nikolas revealed that he had failed to find Spencer. Ava carefully told Nikolas that he had just missed his son and that Spencer had been looking for Nikolas. Nikolas assumed that Spencer had wanted to atone for the harm that Spencer had caused, but Ava admitted that Spencer didn't think that he had hurt anyone.

According to Ava, Spencer had viewed the months of stalking as little more than harmless pranks. Ava had assured Spencer that the plan to drive Ava and Nikolas apart had failed miserably. Nikolas asked how Spencer had taken it. "Not well," Ava replied in a careful tone. Nikolas decided to have a talk with Spencer and perhaps invite Spencer to return home. Nikolas was hopeful that if he could be the father that Spencer needed, then Spencer might become the man that Spencer was meant to be. Ava reminded Nikolas not to forget the "little pyromaniac" who had torched her car.

Ava feared that Spencer was under Esme's spell. Even if Spencer had asked Esme to set fire to the car, Esme had gone through with it and had planted Kiki's ID badge near the scene of the crime, which had been a sadistic move. Nikolas agreed, but he was confident that his son would soon outgrow the relationship with Esme once Spencer saw what real love was like, such as the one that Nikolas and Ava shared. Nikolas was ready to find Spencer, but Ava suggested that Nikolas call a lawyer first because Spencer had been arrested.

Ava explained that she hadn't had a choice in the matter because Spencer had made it clear that he wouldn't stop his campaign against her. Ava had done what had been necessary to protect Avery. Nikolas assured Ava that Spencer would never hurt Avery, but Ava refused to risk it. She insisted that it was time for Spencer to learn that there were consequences for his actions -- and to not mess with her. Nikolas wasn't thrilled with what Ava had done, but he understood why she had taken action.

Nikolas revealed that Alexis had convinced him that it was time to be a better father to Spencer, but Nikolas had no idea how to do that while Spencer was behind bars. Ava suggested that Nikolas start by visiting Spencer, but she urged him not to bail Spencer out of jail -- or to let Esme do it -- because Spencer needed to hit rock bottom. "Tough love," Nikolas said. Ava agreed. She was certain that Spencer would walk out of jail a better man for it. Nikolas thought about his visit with Alexis when he had seen Shawn.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny and Jax sat at the bar. Sonny admitted that a lot had happened since Nixon Falls, but Jax wasn't surprised. Jax was glad that Carly and Sonny were back together because he sincerely wanted Carly to be happy. Jax also wanted Nina to be happy. "Good luck with that," Sonny replied. Jax pointed out that Sonny was the only obstacle in the way, but Sonny disagreed. Nina had made her own choices, and if she was unhappy with how they had turned out, then she only had herself to blame.

Jax promised that he was not defending Nina, but Sonny had lived an entirely different life for nearly a year. "How can you not be changed by all of that?" Jax asked. Sonny didn't deny it. Jax urged Sonny to be generous and to find it in his heart to give Nina a chance to be in a better place than she had been when she had first turned up in Nixon Falls. Sonny wondered why he should help Nina.

Jax reminded Sonny that Sonny had his memories, his wife, and his life back, but Sonny argued that Nina had taken those things from him for nine long months. Jax was unmoved because he knew that Nina had given her heart to Sonny. Sonny insisted that he couldn't help Nina because he needed to focus on his family. Jax shifted gears by sharing with Sonny how a jar of marinara sauce had led Jax to return to Nixon Falls, searching for Sonny. Sonny promised to send Jax a case of the sauce as a thank you. Sonny was grateful, and he always paid his debts.

Sonny recalled standing on the overlook in Nixon Falls when Jax had warned "Mike" that running from the past never worked because it would eventually catch up. Sonny regretted that he hadn't listened to Jax, but he also realized that Jax had been looking out for Nina. Jax admitted that he still was, and he hoped that Sonny would find a way to let go of the anger despite what Nina had done. Sonny explained that it was Nina who was unable to let go, and that she should have stayed in Nixon Falls to start a new life. Jax didn't expect Sonny to forget what Nina had done, but Jax thought it would be best for everyone if Sonny found a way to let go of what had happened in Nixon Falls.

Meanwhile, Jason stood in the doorway of Carly's office as she left a message with Jax's assistant that she wished to talk to Jax about Crimson and Aurora Media. After Carly ended the call, Jason closed the door. Carly knew that Jason intended to warn her that targeting Nina would only make Nina the victim. "I don't care. Nina is going to pay," Carly said. Jason urged Carly to let it go, but Carly insisted that Nina was a "crazy bitch" who had lied to everyone, including Wiley.

Jason was curious why Carly wanted to involve Jax, so Carly explained that she wanted Nina to know what it felt like to lose something that Nina loved. Jason warned Carly that punishing Nina would not give Carly back the time that she had lost with Sonny nor would it make Nina lose someone Nina cared about. Carly disagreed because Nina cared about Wiley. Jason wondered if Michael and Willow intended to let Nina continue seeing Wiley, but Carly couldn't imagine that Michael and Willow would be that forgiving.

Carly reluctantly admitted that Sonny was against Carly starting a war with Nina. Jason agreed that Carly had more important things to do. Carly conceded that Jason was right; they needed to sit Sonny down and tell him the truth about their wedding night. Carly admitted that she was afraid because she didn't want anything to change between the three of them. She wondered if Sonny would be able to understand the truth about her and Jason's feelings when they had exchanged wedding vows. Jason was confident that Sonny would understand because Jason and Carly had believed that Sonny had been dead.

Carly feared that Sonny's time as "Mike" had somehow changed Sonny. Jason was skeptical. Carly explained that Sonny had nine months of experiences that she knew nothing about. It was just one more thing that Nina had taken from Carly. "The certainty of who my husband is," Carly said. Jason acknowledged that nine months had been a long time, and there might be a period of awkwardness between Sonny and Carly, but Jason believed the only way past it was to work through it. He advised Carly to face it and to make new memories with Sonny.

Carly revealed that she and Sonny had talked quite a bit the previous evening, and she had asked Sonny why he hadn't told her about Nina. Carly confessed that Sonny had told her that he had kept quiet because Sonny feared that Carly would go after Nina. Carly insisted that she loved her husband. Jason was happy for Carly and Sonny because they belonged together, which was all the more reason for Carly to put Nina behind them. Carly didn't know how to do that because she kept watching Sonny and wondering if he was the same man that she had always known.

Jason promised Carly that Sonny was the same man, and whatever had happened in Nixon Falls no longer mattered. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Jax. Carly told Jax that she'd had a change of heart and quickly ended the call. "Nina is off-limits -- for now," Carly said to Jason. Carly hoped that Nina was wise enough to keep her distance because it was the only way to avoid a war.

At Crimson, Phyllis offered to return another time when Nina wasn't busy, but Nina picked up the phone to instruct her assistant to hold all calls. Afterwards, Nina poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Phyllis as they sat at the table in Nina's office. Nina and Phyllis admitted that they had missed each other. The topic turned to Nelle when Phyllis correctly assumed that Nina had initially acted out of vengeance by keeping Sonny away from Carly. Nina admitted that revenge had not been all it was cracked up to be, and she had ended up hurting herself more than anyone.

Phyllis was pleased because it meant that Nina's time in Nixon Falls had not been wasted. Nina confessed that despite everything, she wouldn't have traded a minute because she had gotten to know Phyllis and Lenny. Phyllis retrieved an envelope from her bag. Phyllis explained that photographs had never stayed on Lenny's camera for long because her husband had loved putting photo albums together the old-fashioned way. Nina saw photographs of herself and "Mike," but she returned the envelope to Phyllis because Nina needed to find a way to forget that "Mike" had ever existed.

"Except we both know he did," Phyllis replied. Phyllis assured Nina that it had all been real, no matter what anyone said -- even Sonny. Nina admitted that she had lied in the beginning because of Carly, but then Nina had fallen for "Mike." Phyllis was curious why Nina hadn't confessed the truth to "Mike" when Nina had fallen in love with him. Nina claimed that she had kept quiet because "Mike" had been happy with his life.

Nina regretted that her lie had cost Phyllis the Tan-O, but Phyllis insisted that the bar had just been "stuff." It was people that mattered. Nina wished that she could see the world the way Phyllis did, but Phyllis assured Nina that it was never too late, and Sonny was proof of that. Nina confided that she'd always known her lie would blow up in her face, and the fallout from the lie would be her penance. Phyllis argued that Nina's time with "Mike" had meant something, and it had helped heal Nina's wounds from losing Nelle, so Nina owed it to "Mike" to honor that.

Phyllis retrieved another item from her bag as she revealed that she hadn't given Sonny everything when she'd dropped off his things. Nina gasped when she saw the shattered face of "Mike's" treasured wristwatch. Phyllis had found it during a walk near Lenny's favorite fishing spot. Phyllis told Nina that "Mike" had tossed the watch into the river because he had been saying goodbye to his past. Phyllis insisted that all that had mattered to "Mike" had been a future with Nina.

"At least, in that moment, he chose me," Nina said as her tone filled with sadness. Phyllis had decided to hold onto the watch because she had been reluctant to remind Sonny of too many painful memories. Nina was awed by Phyllis' wisdom, and she promised to make certain that the watch was returned to Sonny. Both ladies looked up when Sonny entered the office. Phyllis quickly departed to give Nina and Sonny privacy to talk.

"Remember the 'Mike' in you. Be kind," Phyllis whispered to Sonny on her way out.

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