Nina says yes to Sonny's proposal

General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Tuesday, May 23, 2023)
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

At Volonino's Gym, Dex tried to make nice with Spencer by welcoming him home from Greenland. Spencer called Dex a "backstabbing traitor." Trina entered, and she scolded Spencer for not being nice to Dex. Spencer said that Dex and Josslyn wouldn't last. Trina said that opposites attracted, and she and Spencer kissed.

Josslyn entered, and she rushed to hug Spencer to welcome him home. Spencer left for the sauna. Trina asked why Josslyn had argued with Michael earlier. Josslyn said that Michael had disapproved of her relationship with Dex. Trina said she thought that nothing could break up Josslyn and Dex.

In the sauna at the gym, Dex was daydreaming of Josslyn when Spencer entered. Spencer and Dex argued about Josslyn. Dex said that Spencer had only known Josslyn as a kid. Spencer said that Josslyn would get tired of Dex, and he demeaned Dex's work in Sonny's organization. Dex shot back that Spencer was an "entitled punk."

Spencer tried to punch Dex. Moments later, Dex returned to the main room of the gym. Dex told Trina that Spencer was in the sauna. Dex and Josslyn left together. Spencer returned, and he revealed that Dex had blocked his punch before hitting Spencer. Trina was irate, and she chided Spencer for not getting along with Dex. Spencer said that he had tried to be nice to Dex but that it was impossible.

At Metro Court, Finn asked if Chase could truly forgive Brook Lynn and accept her for who she was. Chase said that his gut feeling was to fix things, and he said he needed Finn's help.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn struggled to find the words to write a new song. Ned entered, and he asked to take a look at the song. Ned surmised that things were bleak between Brook Lynn and Chase.

Tracy entered, and she noted that both Ned and Brook Lynn looked gloomy. Tracy called Chase an "ingrate," and she admitted to having told Chase that he wasn't good enough for Brook Lynn. Tracy asked why Brook Lynn would want to be with someone who was always judgmental, and she said that Brook Lynn was better off without Chase.

Just then, Tracy, Ned, and Brook Lynn heard the sound of one of Brook Lynn's songs from outside the mansion. Brook Lynn stepped outside, and she saw Chase lip-syncing one of her songs as Finn held a speaker nearby. Brook Lynn grew emotional.

Afterwards, as Tracy, Ned, and Finn looked on from the kitchen, Chase told Brook Lynn that he wanted the two of them to get back together. Chase said that he had a lot to make up for, but Brook Lynn interrupted when she kissed Chase.

Chase and Brook Lynn both gave impassioned speeches vowing their love for one another while apologizing for their respective mistakes. "Chase... shut up and kiss me," Brook Lynn said. Chase and Brook Lynn kissed.

Inside the mansion, Tracy took credit for Chase and Brook Lynn's reconciliation. Tracy said that her talk with Chase had been intended to provoke Chase to declare his feelings for Brook Lynn. Ned told Finn to never second-guess Tracy.

At Metro Court, Carly told Olivia that she hated Ned for turning her in to the SEC for having committed insider trading. Olivia said that she was "furious" at her husband for having turned Carly in. Carly grew upset when she realized that Olivia hadn't kicked Ned out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly complained that she could go to prison. Olivia reminded Carly that Carly wasn't "entirely innocent."

Olivia referred to Ned's behavior as "disgusting," but she claimed she had worked too hard on her marriage to jeopardize it. Carly continued to blame Ned for her legal troubles, and she accused Olivia of turning a blind eye to what Ned had done. Olivia said she wouldn't ruin her marriage over Ned's business decisions. Olivia and Carly shared an awkward moment of silence before Olivia left to return to work.

At the Crimson office, Sonny stunned Nina when he asked her to marry him. Nina replied that she could not marry him. Sonny admitted that it was not the way that he wanted to propose to her. Nina said that Sonny was only trying to make her feel better, and she said she didn't want a "pity proposal." Nina questioned the timing, noting that Sonny's proposal came immediately after she'd expressed her fear that his family would come between them. Nina called the proposal "very kind."

Sonny objected to Nina's choice of words, stating, "Kindness is me making your favorite pasta dish for dinner." He swore that his proposal was genuine. Nina asked if Sonny had ever thought of proposing to her before. Sonny said he had, and he produced a large diamond ring.

"From the second I met you, I didn't know who I was. Didn't matter. Because I know what I felt, and I still do. You see things in me that other people don't see. I can be Sonny. I don't have to be the boss or the person who has to have his guards up. And when I was at the worst of my times..." Sonny said as his voice started to break.

"You were there. You stood up for me. No matter how much I pushed you away. So, when you started talking about your family, and they were slipping away, I didn't feel pity. I felt recognition, because I feel the same way. We are similar. We make mistakes, but we ask for forgiveness. And I know how hard that was for you, but I know why you did it. Because you are brave, and you're a fighter. And I want you to allow me to fight alongside with you.

"Will you be my partner for life? Because I can't imagine my life without you," Sonny continued as he dropped to one knee. "Nina Reeves, will you marry me?" Sonny asked. A tear ran down Nina's cheek, and she called Sonny her "rock" as she recalled the events of the past few months.

Nina said that she loved Sonny more than she could say. Sonny asked if Nina could say yes to his proposal. "Yes! Yes! Yes, I'll marry you! I can't wait to marry you!" Nina exclaimed as she rushed into Sonny's arms. The two held one another, and they kissed.

Sonny placed the ring on Nina's finger. Nina called Sonny "the man of my dreams," and she repeatedly exclaimed that the two of them were going to be married.

Later, Sonny and Nina were kissing in the elevator at Metro Court when the door opened. Olivia groused at Sonny and Nina. Nina said that she and Sonny were "the only two people in the entire world," and they kissed again.

Sonny and Nina sat down at a table. A waitress opened a bottle of Champagne for the couple. Just then, Carly walked by. Nina told the waitress that she and Sonny were engaged. Carly's eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she overheard the news.


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