Sonny sets some ground rules for Nina

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, October 13, 2021
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GH Daily Recaps (Wednesday, October 13, 2021)
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

At Volonino's, Austin was working out on a punching bag when Jason walked in. Austin greeted his cousin, but Jason wasn't interested in talking. Austin remained determined, and he offered to spot while Jason worked out on the punching bag. Jason preferred to wait. Austin explained the concept of sharing, which he knew the Quartermaines weren't fond of, but Austin pointed out that Jason was not really a Quartermaine. Austin was aware that his cousin wasn't interested in ELQ because Jason had given his voting shares to Michael, and Jason never attended any board meetings.

Jason remained mute, prompting Austin to suggested that Jason take advantage of the opportunity to get to take Austin's measure. Jason relented, and Austin spotted, while Jason pummeled the punching bag. Austin was impressed with Jason's skill, but Jason quickly grew weary of Austin's constant chattering. Austin wasn't surprised that Jason couldn't concentrate because Austin had heard about Sonny's return on Jason and Carly's wedding night. "That must have been a crowded honeymoon," Austin said.

Jason was not amused, but Austin admitted that he thought he and Jason could both use a friendly ear. Jason was surprised because he knew that Austin had quite a few friendly ears, like Austin's mother Charity, Austin's brother Jonah, and even Austin's medical school mentor. Austin observed that Jason had taken quite a deep dive into Austin's life for someone who went through great pains to steer clear of his family. Jason clarified that he avoided ELQ, not his family.

Austin switched tactics by inviting Jason out for a beer. Jason made it clear that he had no desire to help Austin, but Austin insisted that they didn't have to be adversaries. Jason agreed, as long as Austin dropped the lawsuit. Austin claimed that he would love nothing more than to resolve things amicably, but no one in the family would talk to Austin. Austin was adamant that all he wanted was the recognition that his father had been denied.

Austin realized that it might not mean anything to Jason, but Jason hadn't been at his father's deathbed while his father had struggled to breathe. According to Austin, Jimmy Lee's last words had been, "Why did Edward shut me out?" Austin knew that even if he won the lawsuit, the Quartermaines would not welcome him with open arms -- or, by extension his father. "Then why bother?" Jason asked.

Jason was aware that Austin had had a nice life in Pautuck, which Austin had given up to force his way into the Quartermaine family. Austin admitted that he would not have been able to enjoy that life unless he tried to have "this life." Austin wondered if Jason had ever been in a position where Jason had needed to weigh two things that he cared about and choose one or the other.

Later, Austin prepared to leave, but his phone rang. It was Britt requesting that he meet her at the hospital right away. After Austin ended the call, he suggested that he and Jason get a beer next time.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Scott greeted Ava at the bar and ordered a drink. Ava breathed a sigh of relief when he assured her that he had pulled her divorce papers, so Ava and Nikolas were free to live in wedded bliss. However, Scott urged her to reconsider. Surprised, Ava wondered what had changed Scott's mind. He admitted that he had heard that Spencer had been stalking her. Ava assured Scott that she intended to remain married to Nikolas, and she and Nikolas had burned their copies of the divorce papers.

Scott confessed that it wouldn't matter because he would be too busy searching for Liesl, and he had picked up Nina as a new client. Ava had no idea that Nina had been in need of an attorney. "And a bulletproof pantsuit," Scott added. Ava was shocked when he told her that Nina had known the truth about Sonny for months. Ava wondered why Sonny hadn't mentioned it when she had stopped by to say goodbye to Avery, so Scott suggested that perhaps Sonny hadn't wanted to add to Ava's burdens. Ava doubted it because Sonny had never tried to spare her feelings.

The conversation shifted to Carly, and Ava assured Scott that Carly could drive otherwise reasonable people to do things that they would ordinarily never do. Scott admitted that the world would have been better off with Sonny dead and a good guy like "Mike" living in his place. "Did you say 'Mike'?" Ava asked. Scott revealed that Sonny had been living as "Mike" in Nixon Falls. Ava recalled Nina telling her all about "Mike." Scott was startled when Ava quickly excused herself and left.

In Carly's office, Leo was busy organizing Carly's coffee bar while Olivia reviewed the leasing renewal agreement that Carly had handed to her. Olivia was surprised that Carly hadn't even raised the rent on Nina, but Carly pointed out that she had no issue with Crimson because they had always paid their bills on time. Olivia argued that the magazine's editor-in-chief had kept Sonny from Carly and their family for nine months. Olivia was aware that Nina had claimed that Sonny had been happy bartending and sweeping floors, but Olivia didn't believe it because Sonny had always been a city boy at heart. Olivia was stunned that Carly hadn't taken advantage of an opportunity to take a swing at Nina.

Just then, Leo walked up and handed Carly several expired coffee pods. Carly thanked Leo and promised to dispose of them. After Leo wandered over to a table littered with papers, Olivia admitted that Nina had committed a "serious Old Testament violation," and Carly would be well within her rights to exact a pound of flesh. Carly explained that she didn't want to go to war with Nina and make Nina the victim, but Olivia questioned if Carly was truly prepared to do that.

Carly confessed that she couldn't even begin to tell Olivia what she wanted to do to Nina. "That's what I'm talking about," Olivia said as a smile spread across her face. Olivia was eager to hear Carly's plan, but Leo grumbled about the mess on the table. Carly chuckled good naturedly and apologized, while Olivia went over to her son and explained that not everyone kept things color coded and organized. Olivia announced that she and Leo had to head out because they had an appointment with Dr. Diamond, the pediatrician. Carly expressed her concern, but Olivia assured Carly that it was just "kids' stuff."

Leo noticed a glass egg with bright yellow swirls sitting on Carly's desk. "Can I have that?" Leo asked. Olivia objected, but Carly gave the glass egg to Leo to thank him for organizing her office. "Thank you, Aunt Carly," Leo said. Olivia smiled and asked what Carly intended to do about Nina. Carly admitted that she planned to keep Nina close.

A short time later, Ava stopped by to talk to Carly. Ava assumed that Sonny had told Carly about Spencer. Carly confirmed that she knew Spencer had been stalking Ava, and she had tossed Spencer and his girlfriend out of the hotel. Ava was surprised. "Because you were the target?" Carly asked. Carly believed that Spencer had a right to have a chip on his shoulder, but Carly insisted that Spencer had no right to go after Avery. Ava agreed that it had been unacceptable.

Ava explained that in light of Spencer's confession, she no longer had to leave town and wanted to revisit the issue of Avery's custody. Carly made it clear that they could not have that discussion without Sonny. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped that she and Carly could work together to lay the groundwork and have a civilized conversation. Carly appreciated that Ava had hoped to build on the truce they had forged while Sonny had been gone, but Carly insisted that Sonny needed to be a part of the discussion.

Ava realized that Carly and Sonny remained as committed as ever, despite what Nina had done. Carly refused to discuss it with Ava, but Ava assured Carly that she was sorry for what Nina had done to Carly. Ava admitted that it had been a deeply disturbing act and a mark of a very troubled mind to keep Sonny hidden from his family. Carly recalled that Ava and Nina were friends, but Ava was adamant that Nina had not confided to her. Ava explained that she would never have covered for Nina because Sonny was Avery's father. Ava promised that she had not meant to start anything.

Satisfied, Carly agreed to let Sonny know that Ava wished to revisit the custody agreement. Ava planned to visit Avery the next day, so she suggested that they talk at that time. However, Ava was nervous because she had never dealt with "Mike." Carly made it clear that "Mike" did not exist, but Ava was skeptical because it wasn't as if Sonny had forgotten his life as "Mike." Ava suspected all of those experiences remained with Sonny just as the nine months of experiences without Sonny remained with Carly.

At the hospital, Britt was on the phone, leaving a voicemail message for Anna. Brook Lynn lurked nearby. As Britt implored Anna to act like a professional and return her calls or reply to her text messages, Brook Lynn practiced what she intended to say to Britt about Austin. "You got this, girl," Brook Lynn told herself. After Britt ended the call, Brook Lynn pretended to run into Britt.

After Brook Lynn apologized, she deftly manipulated Britt by mentioning a troubling matter concerning Leo. Britt pulled Brook Lynn to a quiet corner to talk. Brook Lynn insisted that she loved Leo, but someone at the hospital had expressed a concern that Leo had behavioral issues. Brook Lynn explained that it had caused a lot of tension in their home just when Olivia and Ned had gotten their marriage back on track. Britt was curious what kind of behavioral issues Leo had been having.

"Autism," Brook Lynn answered. She clarified that Austin had suggested that Leo might be on the autism spectrum and that he had shared his concerns with Brook Lynn. "Is that a problem?" Brook Lynn asked. Britt chuckled and warned Brook Lynn never to play a player. Britt was aware that Austin had been locked in a legal battle with the Quartermaines and that Brook Lynn had intended to accuse Austin of a HIPAA violation from the moment she had bumped into Britt.

However, Britt had to concede that Austin had crossed a line. Britt knew that Brook Lynn was prepared to give her account of what had happened at a disciplinary hearing, but Britt advised Brook Lynn to focus on Leo because if Austin was concerned, then Britt was inclined to believe him. After Britt walked away, Brook Lynn turned to leave, but she stopped short when she saw Olivia and Leo. Olivia's stunned expression confirmed that Olivia had overheard the exchange. Moments later, a nurse arrived to take Olivia and Leo to their appointment, but Olivia decided to send Leo ahead with the nurse.

Once they were alone, Olivia confronted Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn admitted that Austin suspected that Leo might be on the autism spectrum, but she urged Olivia not to worry because Austin's only purpose was to divide and conquer. Brook Lynn added that she had persuaded Britt to take disciplinary action, and Austin might soon be so busy trying to save his medical license that he wouldn't have time to worry about ELQ.

Olivia was livid. Olivia demanded to know if Brook Lynn saw Leo as a brother -- or just a means to an end. Olivia knew that Brook Lynn loved Leo, but Olivia also suspected that Brook Lynn wouldn't hesitate to exploit Leo for her own gain. Brook Lynn insisted that she had told the truth, but she would offer Austin a way out in exchange for dropping the lawsuit against ELQ. Olivia was sick of the Quartermaines always putting the company ahead of the family.

Meanwhile, Scott approached Britt at the nurse's station because he was ready to brainstorm how to get Liesl home, but Britt explained that she couldn't leave. Scott argued that time was running out, so Britt wondered what he expected her to do. "Hire a mercenary?" Britt asked. Scott realized that it might be pricey, but the idea had merit. He wondered if Britt had contact with any of Faison's old cronies, but Britt sarcastically told him that she hadn't thought to download her father's address book.

Scott decided it would be best to look closer to home. Britt balked when Scott suggested that Britt talk to Jason. She thought it was a terrible idea, but Scott said he loved Liesl and insisted that they needed to pull out the big guns. Britt admitted that she wouldn't even know what to say to Jason. Scott continued to push until Britt walked away. Scott followed her, but he conceded that perhaps they could enlist Mac Scorpio's help. Britt argued that Maxie needed Mac, so she agreed to talk to Jason.

A short time later, Britt greeted Austin. Nearby, Brook Lynn watched as Austin and Britt headed to Britt's office.

At Crimson, Nina asked if Sonny was there on Carly's behalf because it was time for Nina to renew the lease for her magazine's offices. Sonny informed Nina that Carly's business was none of his. Nina realized that she really didn't know him. "You're about to," Sonny said. Nina asked if that had been a threat, as her eyes glanced at the broken wristwatch on her desk. Sonny pointed out that if she had to ask, then it wasn't.

Sonny closed the door as he explained that he and Nina had a few things to discuss. Nina thought that he had said everything at the cemetery, but Sonny admitted that had been before Nina had shown up at the Quartermaines' to visit Wiley, which had made Carly unhappy. Nina was not afraid of Carly, but Sonny warned Nina that she would not be happy in Port Charles for long. Nina was curious if he was ordering her to leave town, but he assured Nina that it was entirely up to her.

Nina wasn't afraid of everyone lining up against her, but Sonny reminded Nina of all the ways she had hurt his family with her lies. Nina conceded that she deserved to be a pariah, but she didn't enjoy hearing a litany of all her wrongs whenever she left the house. However, she wasn't interested in starting over in another town because she had tried that, and it had ended badly. Nina intended to remain in Port Charles for Maxie, James, and her grandson. "Then you gotta understand the ground rules," Sonny said. He pointed out that she had to have known that there would be consequences.

Sonny wanted Nina to leave Carly -- and his family -- alone. Nina asked if that included Wiley, but Sonny made it clear that it would be up to Michael if Nina had contact with Wiley. Sonny added that he didn't want to cross paths with Nina, so she asked him to give her a list of all the places he would be, and she would stay away from them. Sonny forged ahead by insisting that he reserved the right to change the rules as he saw fit. He explained that the rules were intended to make it easier for Nina. Nina wondered if she should thank him, but Sonny didn't want her gratitude -- he wanted peace.

Sonny started to leave, but Nina decided to give him the broken wristwatch. Sonny was stunned because he hadn't thought he would see his father's beloved watch again. Nina told Sonny that Phyllis had found the watch on a walk near Lenny's favorite fishing spot, but Phyllis had been reluctant to give it to him for fear that it would dredge up too many painful memories. Sonny was curious why Nina hadn't held onto the wristwatch as a keepsake, but Nina confessed that she hadn't had any claim to any part of him, "not even as 'Mike.'"

Sonny admitted that he hadn't stopped by to set ground rules. Someone had urged him to forgive Nina. "Not forget, forgive," Sonny said. Nina asked if he had forgiven her. "Not now," Sonny answered. However, he couldn't rule it out. Sonny remarked that the watch was beat up, but Nina was confident that it could be repaired. Nina realized that timing was everything.

Phyllis had found the watch on a walk, and Sonny had returned home on Jason and Carly's wedding night. Sonny recalled walking into the bedroom and seeing Jason and Carly. Sonny agreed with Nina; timing was everything. After Sonny left, Nina exhaled and dropped into her chair. A short time later, she was on a business call when Ava appeared in the doorway.

At Pozzulo's, Jason oversaw the final touches as Sonny's office was restored to the way that Sonny had left it. Sonny entered and greeted his friend. Jason sensed that something was on Sonny's mind. "Yeah, you and Carly," Sonny said.

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