Tracy is set free, and Carly moves out

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Tracy is set free, and Carly moves out | GH Daily Recaps (Wednesday, January 12, 2022)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Sam greeted her mother, and she explained that Molly had been swamped at work and had sent her regrets. Alexis smiled because she fondly recalled the excitement of working in a district attorney's office. Sam revealed that she and Molly had wanted Alexis to know how proud they were that Alexis was the new editorial voice of the Invader. Alexis credited her daughters with inspiring her, but Sam insisted that Alexis deserved full credit for all her hard work. The conversation shifted to Tracy when Sam admitted that she hoped that Tracy paid for trying to frame Alexis for driving under the influence.

Alexis reminded Sam that Tracy had been trying to protect Tracy's family by hiding what had happened between Ned and Alexis. Sam accused Alexis of sounding "merciful." Alexis hadn't forgiven Tracy, but Alexis thought that losing Luke had been enough punishment for Tracy. Sam disagreed because Luke's death had been an accident, while Tracy's actions had been deliberate. Sam insisted that it wasn't right to set out to hurt someone and expect a free pass.

Just then, Sam spotted Harmony. Alexis followed her daughter's gaze. Despite the tension between Harmony and Sam, Alexis invited Harmony to join them. Harmony politely declined because she didn't want to intrude on Alexis' time with Sam. Sam was certain that Harmony had something else to do, but Alexis asked if there might be a way for Sam and Harmony to reach a truce. Alexis explained to Sam that Harmony had been Alexis' only friend in prison, and Harmony had kept Alexis from taking a drink on New Year's Eve.

Sam relented, and Harmony sat down. Alexis told Harmony about Sam's role in Tracy's arrest. Harmony was glad that Tracy would be paying for framing Alexis, but Alexis explained that Tracy had been trying to protect Ned and Olivia's marriage. Sam argued that it hadn't been an excuse. Alexis agreed, but she wondered what Harmony's thoughts were on the matter. Harmony pointed out that even though Tracy had taken away Alexis' agency, Alexis was in control of what happened next.

After Alexis excused herself to make a phone call, Sam seized the opportunity to have a chat with Harmony. Sam conceded that she had seen a change in Harmony, but Sam couldn't get past the things that Harmony had done. Harmony admitted that it made Harmony sick to think of how she had drugged women -- including Harmony's own daughter -- under the mistaken belief that Harmony had been helping them. Harmony had to live with it every second of every day, but she was determined to do everything possible to atone for her past actions. Sam explained that Alexis was trying to turn her life around, and her mother was in a fragile state. As Alexis' friend, Sam expected Harmony to be straight with Alexis and for Harmony to be true to her word.

Harmony admitted that she truly believed that she and Alexis could help each other. Sam reminded Harmony that Alexis was not alone and that Sam continued to have her doubts about Harmony. Harmony didn't expect Sam to forget, but she asked for an opportunity to prove herself. Sam agreed to let Harmony try, but Sam intended to keep a close eye on Harmony.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Olivia warmly greeted Robert with a hug. Olivia was eager for news about her "erstwhile" mother-in-law, but Robert reminded Olivia that he couldn't discuss the details of Tracy's case. Olivia understood, and she assured him that the last thing she wanted to do was put him in a compromising position. She suddenly realized how that had sounded, but Robert assured Olivia that he had understood what she had meant. Smiling, Olivia led Robert to a table.

After Robert and Olivia sat down, he thanked her for calling him with the news about Luke's passing. Olivia admitted that Robert had been her first thought when she had heard about Luke. It had also given her an excuse to call Robert, but he insisted that she hadn't needed one. Olivia was skeptical because she had noticed that Robert had pulled back in recent weeks. Robert explained that he had thought that he'd been doing her a favor by not getting in the way of Ned and Olivia working things out. Olivia assured Robert that he hadn't been the reason for her marital troubles; Ned sleeping with Alexis had jeopardized the marriage.

Robert jokingly referred to himself as Olivia's plaything, but she didn't find it amusing because Robert was important to her. Robert smiled, but he also knew that Olivia loved "that bugger." Olivia confirmed that she was guilty as charged. Moments later, Robert's cell phone buzzed. Olivia excused herself while Robert took the call. It was Alexis.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Tracy stood behind bars and complained about the injustice of her arrest and the burden of being a Quartermaine. Dante advised Tracy to drop the rich-girl pity routine because it would not gain any traction with a jury. Ned approached his mother's jail cell as he informed her that he had posted her bail. Tracy refused to thank Ned because he'd taken too long. As Martin stepped forward, Ned introduced Tracy to her attorney, but Tracy already knew Martin.

Tracy was well aware of Laura's long-lost brothers, "the Kentucky friend lawyer and ponytailed gangster." "That's us," Martin replied. Martin asked Dante to let Tracy out because Martin was eager to sit down and work out a plea deal. Tracy balked. She expected the charges to be dropped, but Martin explained that there was enough damaging evidence to get Tracy an extended stay at Pentonville. Martin warned Tracy that being a member of a prominent family hadn't made her immune from prosecution.

"Really? I thought we were in Port Charles," Tracy said. Tracy fired Martin, and when Ned objected, she fired Ned, too. Ned reminded his mother that she couldn't fire her children, and he informed Tracy that Martin worked for Ned, not for Tracy. Tracy refused to take responsibility for her crimes, so Ned asked his mother what Luke would want Tracy to do. Tracy was certain that Luke would want her to fight. Tracy refused to accept a plea deal that involved jail time, probation, community service, or even a hint of an admission of guilt.

Frustrated, Martin asked for a private word with Dante. After Martin and Dante stepped into the hallway, Ned tried to get through to his mother. Tracy explained that she needed to return to Amsterdam to settle Luke's affairs, which she couldn't do if she was locked up behind bars. To Ned's surprise, Tracy shifted gears because she wanted to discuss Brook Lynn -- and "Bailey." Ned's frustration mounted when Tracy had a sudden change of heart. Alarmed, Ned told his mother that she couldn't imply that Brook Lynn was involved in something and then just drop it, but Tracy wanted more information before she discussed the matter with Ned.

Moments later, Martin, Dante, and Robert approached Tracy's jail cell. Robert announced that he had decided to drop the charges. Ned pointed out that his mother had gotten exactly what she had wanted, but Tracy feared that it was too good to be true. Dante unlocked her jail cell and opened the door, but Tracy didn't budge as she asked what had changed. "I suppose, I did," Alexis answered. Tracy assumed that Alexis was there to gloat, but Alexis revealed that she had decided not to cooperate.

Robert explained that he had no case without Alexis' testimony. Dante reminded Tracy that they still had Sam and Olivia's testimony, but Ned quickly ushered his mother out the door. Robert had Alexis sign a few forms as he thanked her for saving the city both time and money. When Ned and Alexis were alone, Ned thanked Alexis, but she admitted that she had done it for Luke -- and herself.

At Crimson, Valentin stood in the doorway to Nina's office. "You summoned me?" he asked. Nina smiled, but she sensed that he seemed surprised that she had reached out to him. Valentin entered her office as he reminded her that she hadn't asked for his help often -- and not since Nina had had trouble with Peter. However, Valentin could never refuse Nina. Nina was pleased to hear it. Nina poured herself a cup of coffee as they talked about Brook Lynn's lie about "Bailey."

Valentin admitted that Charlotte had taken the news surprisingly well because she still loved "Bailey," even if they weren't sisters. Nina chuckled because it sounded very much like Charlotte. Valentin reminded Nina that Charlotte was almost a teenager. Nina wished Valentin luck dealing with a teenager, and she suggested that Anna might have some words of wisdom to offer. Valentin smiled politely, but he changed the subject because he doubted that Nina had asked to see him to catch up. Nina admitted that she had been hoping that she and Valentin might join forces against a new enemy she had made.

Nina filled Valentin in on her troubles with Michael and her determination not to lose her only rights to Wiley. Valentin warned Nina that taking on Michael meant that she would also be taking on the Corinthos family, but she assured Valentin that Sonny had made peace with the decisions that Nina had made in Nixon Falls. Valentin didn't think the peace would continue if she went after Sonny's grandson, but she reminded Valentin that Wiley was her grandson, too. "'Mike' understands that," Nina said.

Confused, Valentin asked who "Mike" was, so Nina explained that it was the name that Sonny had used in Nixon Falls. Valentin conceded that "Mike" might understand, but he was certain that Sonny wouldn't. Valentin revealed that when he had first heard about Nina keeping Sonny's identity a secret, Valentin had assumed that Nina had acted out of retribution for Carly keeping the truth about Nelle from Nina. Nina conceded that Valentin wasn't wrong, but things had changed. Valentin promised that he had not been judging.

To Nina's disappointment, Valentin urged Nina to reconsider going toe to toe with Sonny. Nina asked if Valentin would help her in a war against Michael, but Valentin warned her that it would be a war on two fronts with a child in the middle. Valentin wanted no part of it, and he implored Nina not to do it because it wouldn't make things easier between Nina and Sonny. After Valentin left, Nina called Martin to ask if he had plans for lunch, because she needed some legal advice.

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn exited the elevator and bumped into Austin. "I hope you're not terminally ill," Austin said in a sarcastic tone. Brook Lynn explained that she was meeting Chase and "Bailey" for a checkup with the pediatrician. Brook Lynn sang Chase's praises as a father, and Austin suggested that Chase had been making up for lost time because Brook Lynn had lied. Austin turned to leave, but Brook Lynn stopped him because she hoped for an opportunity to "hit rewind and start over."

Austin marched to the conference room, but Brook Lynn was hot on his heels. He warned her that she was crazy if she thought that he would forget how she had tried to get him fired and had nearly destroyed his career. Starting over was not an option for him. Brook Lynn reminded Austin that everything had ended well because Leo had gotten the help that Leo had needed, Ned and Olivia had reunited, and Austin had ended up dear friends with Maxie. Brook Lynn couldn't understand why Austin wouldn't let bygones be bygones, but Austin insisted that he was not wired that way.

Brook Lynn claimed that all the other Quartermaines were. Brook Lynn pointed out that Austin had escaped relatively unscathed, and he conceded that Valentin had gotten the worst of it by losing "Bailey." Austin didn't understand how Brook Lynn had been able to lie about the baby's paternity, knowing that people would get hurt, but Brook Lynn suggested that Austin had done the same thing when he had demanded his father's share of the family inheritance. Brook Lynn offered to make amends by talking to the family about recognizing Austin as a Quartermaine.

Austin accused Brook Lynn of trying to buy him off, but it was an empty gesture, since he had already relinquished his claim to Jimmy Lee's shares of ELQ. Austin explained that for him, it had been about getting his father recognition as a Quartermaine. It had never been about the money. Austin accused Brook Lynn of being greedy and self-serving, and he was disgusted that she had used Leo as a pawn in her game. Austin stormed out, but Brook Lynn followed him as the two continued to bicker and trade barbs.

The argument was cut short when Valentin asked if there was a problem. Brook Lynn explained that she and Austin had been setting things straight, but she had to meet Chase and "our baby." After Brook Lynn left, Austin pointed out that she had intentionally twisted the knife in Valentin's back. Valentin realized that some people believed that he had lost his edge. Austin was curious if Valentin intended to make Brook Lynn pay for the lies she had told Valentin.

At the elevator, Brook Lynn was startled when she ran into Tracy. Tracy pulled Brook Lynn into the elevator for privacy. After the door closed, Tracy revealed that she knew that "Bailey" was Maxie's baby.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Sonny read a text message from his pharmacy informing him that his prescription for lithium was out of refills and advising him to visit his health care provider for a renewal. Sonny tucked his phone away as Avery and Donna ran into the kitchen and happily hugged their father. Avery was delighted when Sonny told his daughters that he had packed their lunches. Moments later, Carly entered the kitchen.

Avery told "Mama Carly" about the lunches. Carly smiled and hugged the girls. After the girls left for school with their bodyguard, Frank, Carly confronted Sonny about spending the night after they had agreed that he would not stay. Sonny informed Carly that she had thought wrong. Sonny hadn't wanted to leave their marriage hanging. Sonny assured Carly that he had never slept with Nina because he had remembered who he was and how much he loved Carly.

Sonny was adamant that he still loved his wife. "Isn't that enough?" he asked. Carly didn't doubt Sonny's love, and she hoped that he didn't doubt her love for him. Sonny couldn't understand the problem, especially since they had a marriage that others would die for. "A marriage that stood the test of time," Sonny said. Carly explained that she needed more than words and memories; she needed time to deal with everything she had recently learned, and the fact that he didn't think that Nina's actions were criminal. Carly also needed time to deal with Sonny's admission that he had feelings for Nina.

Carly resented that Sonny acted like they could go back to how things had been, but Sonny assured Carly that Nina was the past. Carly didn't believe him because he had been with Nina on New Year's Eve. Sonny explained that he'd been shaken when he had left the hearing, and he'd gone to Charlie's Pub and gotten drunk. Sonny assured Carly that Nina had taken him to the penthouse and left, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She didn't enjoy not being able to trust him or wondering about the next time Nina "just so happened" to pop up.

"I hate it!" Carly shouted. Carly felt like her marriage was on quicksand. Sonny promised Carly that he was trying to be honest. He asked if she wanted to call it quits, but she turned the question around. "I'm here, aren't I?" Sonny replied. Carly explained that they couldn't force things if they wanted their marriage to survive. She insisted that they needed time to figure out what had gone wrong and what needed to be done to make things right.

Sonny suggested that Carly was complicating things, and that Nina couldn't get between them if they didn't let her. Carly disagreed because Nina was everywhere until Sonny could forget Nina. Sonny wondered if Nina was just an excuse to not work things out because a part of Carly was already gone. "And it went with Jason," Sonny said. Carly acknowledged that her friendship with Jason had turned into something more during the time that Nina had kept Sonny from his family.

Carly refused to apologize for mourning Jason, but she reminded Sonny that, in time, Jason would just be a memory. However, as long as Nina was alive, she would remain a presence, and there would be no chance for Sonny and Carly's marriage to survive. Sonny wondered if that had been a threat. Stunned, Carly asked if he really thought that she would risk losing her kids to put an end to Nina. Carly explained that Sonny needed to kill Nina off -- not physically, but rather in his heart.

Carly insisted that she could not live with Sonny until Nina was gone. Carly decided that she would be the one to move out, since their daughters were happy to have Sonny home, and Carly didn't want to further traumatize Avery and Donna. Carly informed Sonny that she would be there every morning to start the day, and every night to tuck the girls into bed. After Carly left, Sonny grabbed a decanter of alcohol and a glass. He returned to the kitchen, picked up his empty prescription bottle, and threw it across the room. Sonny poured himself a drink and guzzled it down.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Olivia was surprised when she saw Carly because she had thought that Carly had been working from home. Carly revealed that Metro Court was her new temporary home. Olivia's expression filled with compassion as she reached for her friend's hand and squeezed it.

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