Nina decides that it's time to take the gloves off

General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, May 24, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Wednesday, May 24, 2023)
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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

At Alexis' house, Alexis sent Gregory a text message letting him know that she was there if he needed to talk. Moments later, Sam arrived. Sam explained that she had stopped by a little early to talk to her mother before Kristina arrived. Alexis took the opportunity to let Sam know that she had reached out to Gregory. Sam was pleased, but she admitted that she wanted to talk about her sister. Alexis confessed that she was worried about Molly, too.

"Wait. Not that sister. What's going on with Molly?" Sam asked. Alexis explained that it wasn't her place to tell Sam, but she was confident that Molly would talk to Sam soon. However, Alexis promised that it was not a life-threatening matter. Relieved, Sam revealed that she had wanted to talk about Kristina's new foundation. Sam applauded the plans for a shelter to help LGBTQ+ kids in need, but Sam believed that Kristina needed some guidance. "Who doesn't?" Alexis asked.

Just then, Kristina arrived, and she was eager to share her plans for the Corinthos-Davis House. After all three women sat down in the dining room, Kristina unfolded the building's blueprints and talked about her plans for the contractor to knock out walls. Concerned, Sam asked if Kristina had consulted an architect, but Kristina was dismissive because she didn't think it was necessary. "This is my chance to really make a difference," Kristina said. Kristina admitted that it meant a lot to her to have her family's support -- especially Alexis'.

Sam remained silent as Kristina talked about her hopes that the shelter would be a safe space. When Kristina resumed discussing her construction plans, Sam pointed out that it sounded like major renovations. Kristina disagreed because most of the changes were cosmetic. Sam shifted gears because she was curious if Kristina had started to fundraise, but Kristina argued that she needed something to show investors before she could ask for money. Frustrated, Sam looked to her mother for help.

"I trust her," Alexis said. Satisfied, Kristina pulled out a photograph of the shelter's new logo. Alexis loved it, but Sam said nothing. "What now?" Kristina asked. Sam suggested that it had been premature to hire a graphic designer, but Kristina argued that she needed the logo for the website. Sam countered that Kristina should have hired an accountant and registered as a nonprofit. Annoyed, Kristina asked what Sam's problem was.

"Do you not believe in this project -- or is it me you don't believe in?" Kristina asked. Sam promised that she wanted Kristina to succeed, but Sam worried that Kristina was not prepared for all the hoops that Kristina would need to jump through. Sam pointed out that many of the kids who would turn to the shelter would be traumatized and exploited, so Kristina needed to focus on hiring a professional to help them instead of worrying about paint colors. Kristina assured Sam that she would get there, but Sam questioned Kristina's priorities. Sam turned to her mother for backup, but Alexis insisted that she had faith in Kristina.

Sam was skeptical because Kristina had a habit of walking away when one of Kristina's ideas didn't work out as Kristina had planned. Sam blamed Kristina's inability to follow through with things. Hurt, Kristina accused Sam of not wanting her to succeed. Sam and Kristina traded words until Kristina's phone rang. It was the contractor.

After Kristina left the room to take the call, Alexis conceded that Sam had been right, but Alexis feared that Sam had been too hard on Kristina. Sam was unapologetic because Kristina was an adult, and she needed to know what she was getting into. Sam was curious why Alexis hadn't spoken up, so Alexis reminded Sam that Kristina had stopped talking to Alexis the last time that Alexis had raised concerns about Kristina's career choices. Alexis decided that she might as well have faith, since she had no idea what the future held. Later, Sam admitted that Alexis' support had been important to Kristina, and Sam was hopeful that the extra boost of confidence would help Kristina pull things off. "Stanger things have happened," Alexis said.

At T.J. and Molly's apartment, T.J. entered the living room and saw Molly preparing to leave for work. She apologized for being loud because she hadn't meant to wake him. Concerned because she had gotten in late the previous evening, he suggested that she take the day off. Molly snapped at him that she wasn't sick. "God knows, I'm not pregnant, and I never will be," Molly added. T.J. pointed out that he and Molly had never been conventional people, but Molly made it clear that she wasn't ready to discuss their options because she felt overwhelmed by everything.

T.J. respected Molly's wishes, and he steered the conversation to what had been troubling him about Molly's diagnosis. He asked about the pain that she had been experiencing, and he wanted to know if sexual intercourse had hurt. "Sometimes -- not all the time," Molly said. Surprised, T.J. asked why she hadn't told him, but Molly turned defensive. "I was dealing with it," Molly said. She assured him that she had enjoyed their emotional intimacy and being held in his arms, but T.J. wanted to know why she hadn't said anything to him.

Molly explained that she hadn't realized that something had been wrong. T.J. couldn't understand why Molly hadn't talked to a doctor about her symptoms because she was not the type to be casual about her health. Frustrated, Molly admitted that she felt guilty enough without having him pile on. Molly tearfully admitted that she regretted not getting examined because she had let T.J. down, but T.J. insisted that his only concern had been the pain that Molly had endured in silence. He reminded Molly that they were in it together, but she argued that it was different for a woman.

"I so wanted to be able to give you this gift," Molly said. She explained that she needed time to accept that she wouldn't be able to give him children. T.J. was desperate to help Molly, but she insisted that she needed to get to work and rushed out the door. Later, T.J. left a voicemail message for Molly. He told her that he was sorry for everything, especially that she had felt alone in her struggle. T.J. assured Molly that he loved her, and he would always be there for her.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny and Nina enjoyed their morning coffee and talked about their engagement. Nina assured Sonny that she loved her engagement ring, and everything had been perfect. "But, even better, you're all mine," Nina said. Sonny smiled as Nina leaned in to kiss him.

Later, Nina realized that she and Sonny would soon have to share their engagement news. She worried that it might not have been wise to celebrate their engagement publicly the previous evening, but Sonny insisted that they had nothing to hide. Nina agreed, but she warned him that they would have to face the fact that not everyone would be happy about their news. Sonny told her that he didn't care what people thought.

Moments later, Sonny and Nina heard a knock at the door. Sonny realized that it was Ava and Avery, so he told Nina that he didn't want Avery to know about the engagement until he'd had a chance to tell Ava. Nina agreed to respect his wishes, and she turned the engagement ring to make certain the large diamond was not visible. After Sonny greeted Ava and Avery, Avery ran over to hug Nina. However, Avery quickly spotted the ring, and she questioned Nina about it. Ava's eyes rounded with surprise when she saw the large diamond.

Sonny sat Avery down to share the news of his engagement to Nina. Delighted, Avery asked if she could be a flower girl at the wedding. Nina was touched. "Avery, I can hardly wait to be a part of your family," Nina said. After Avery went to her bedroom to play on an electronic tablet, Sonny assured Ava that he had intended to tell Ava before talking to Avery. Ava congratulated Nina and Sonny, but she was curious if Carly knew about the engagement. Ava reminded Sonny that Avery would share the news with everyone.

Sonny realized that Ava had a point, so he decided to head over to Carly's place. After Sonny left, Nina invited Ava to speak her mind. Ava assured Nina that she was happy for Nina, but Nina wanted the truth. "Do you?" Ava asked. Ava admitted that Nina's relationship with Sonny had been a ticking time bomb ever since Nina had tipped off the SEC. "Why shouldn't Carly pay?" Nina asked.

Ava reminded Nina that Sonny and Carly had spent decades together, while Nina and Sonny had only been together for two years. Nina insisted that it shouldn't matter. "But it does," Ava said. Ava admitted that there was no easy way out for Nina because Nina would lose Sonny for good if Nina were honest, so it was best for Nina to remain silent. Nina realized that Ava was right because Nina's "stupid, impulsive decision" had laid the seeds for Nina to lose both Sonny and Willow. "It's time for the gloves to come off," Nina said.

At Carly's house, Carly invited Diane into the kitchen. As they chatted about Diane's evening, Carly handed Diane a cup of coffee. Grateful, Diane took a sip and asked what had been going on with Carly. When Carly revealed that Sonny and Nina were engaged, Diane briefly choked on her coffee. Carly acknowledged that she wasn't thrilled about the news, but she assured Diane that her heart wasn't shattered. "I'm even happy that he's happy," Carly said.

Diane suspected that Carly wished that Sonny had found happiness with anyone except Nina. "It's Nina," Carly said in a tone filled with disdain. Carly explained that Nina had devastated Carly's family, but the engagement meant that Nina would be positioned close to Carly's loved ones. "It's appalling to me," Carly said. However, Carly knew that she had to find a way to live with it. Diane admitted that she didn't think Nina was prepared for life with Sonny.

Carly confessed that she didn't have the energy to unpack Nina. "Fair enough," Diane said. Diane decided to get down to business by discussing Carly's legal troubles. She warned Carly that Carly's options were limited, and Carly wouldn't like any of them. Carly explained that she had bought stock in Aurora Media to help Michael, and it had never been her intention to commit insider trading. Carly admitted that it was ironic that both Drew and Michael had urged her not to invest.

Diane assured Carly that Michael was not part of the investigation because he didn't own stock in Aurora Media. Carly felt awful for dragging Drew into her mess. Diane believed Carly, but Diane explained that the SEC wouldn't care because Carly had acted on information that the public hadn't been privy to. Diane warned Carly that both Carly and Drew were guilty of the charges.

Diane explained that Drew could claim that Carly had acted without his knowledge, and he hadn't been the one to share the information about the merger with Carly. "So, in other words, lie," Carly said. Diane pointed out that Carly could say that Drew had approached her with a request to buy stock, but he hadn't told her about the merger. Carly was adamant that she and Drew would not turn against each other. Diane admitted that the SEC was more interested in Drew than in Carly, but there was someone more high profile than Drew. "Sonny Corinthos," Diane said.

Diane pointed out that Carly knew where all the bodies were buried, so handing Sonny over to the Justice Department might be Carly's ticket to freedom, but Carly refused to consider it. "Even though he's marrying a woman you can't sand?" Diane asked. Carly made it clear that she would never turn on Sonny under any circumstances. Satisfied, Diane explained that she had to make certain that Carly understood the parameters. Carly suggested that Diane focus on Carly's other options instead.

"You have none," Diane said. Diane feared that Carly would end up holding the bag. Carly assured Diane that she intended to fight the charges, but at the end of the day it was Carly's mess, and Carly was prepared to pay for it if she had to. Shortly after Diane left, Sonny knocked on the kitchen door.

At Volonino's gym, Curtis was working out, but his mind was on his encounter with Jordan at the Savoy when she had asked him where he stood with Portia. "Are you on the rebound or are you and Portia really over, and if so, do we get a second chance?" Jordan asked. Curtis pushed the memory away when Drew called out to him. After the two men exchanged a greeting, Drew asked if Curtis was okay. Curtis assured Drew that he was fine, but Curtis was curious if things were okay between him and Drew.

Curtis admitted that he had heard about Drew's relationship with Carly, and Curtis recalled saying some "not so nice things" about Carly's lies to Nina. Drew assured Curtis that he appreciated Curtis' honesty, and Drew was glad that he could count on his friend to always speak his mind. Satisfied, Curtis asked about Drew's trouble with the SEC. Drew explained that he was certain that Ned had tipped off the SEC. Curtis was surprised, but Drew wondered who else it could have been. Drew revealed that the SEC had a strong case, and they weren't interested in cutting any deals.

Drew confided to Curtis that Ned had the power to stop the investigation, but Curtis thought it was unlikely, since Ned had been the one to tip off the SEC. Drew agreed, so he revealed that he needed to force Ned's hand by digging up dirt on someone close to Ned. Drew filled Curtis in about the plan to go after Tracy. Curtis offered to help, but Drew refused to involve Curtis. Drew asked about Trina, so Curtis revealed that Trina had taken the DNA test, and they would have an answer soon.

The conversation turned to Curtis and Portia. Curtis admitted that nothing had changed, but his time in Greenland had made him reevaluate things. "Such as?" Drew asked. "If I should have ended my marriage -- to Jordan," Curtis said. Curtis confessed that Jordan had recently told him that she still had feelings for him, which had made him question if he might have given up on his marriage too soon. Drew advised Curtis to talk to Portia, but Curtis insisted that he owed Portia nothing, since she had lied to him.

Drew pointed out that Curtis feared that he might have ended his marriage to his ex-wife too quickly. "Isn't it possible you're about to make the same mistake with Portia?" Drew asked. Curtis explained that he couldn't get past Portia's dishonestly, but Drew was curious if Curtis had ever given Portia a chance. Curtis conceded that he had spent very little time with Portia. Drew promised to stand by Curtis regardless, but he wondered if Curtis still loved Portia.

Curtis explained that it didn't matter because love couldn't change what Portia had done. "But it does affect your capacity to forgive," Drew said. To Drew's surprise, Curtis admitted that Drew had helped him.

At the hospital, Jordan waited for the elevator as her thoughts drifted to the passionate kiss that she and Curtis had shared. Moments later, Portia walked up and asked to have a private word with Jordan. Portia wanted to thank Jordan for helping Trina and for Jordan always going above and beyond for Portia's family. Portia apologized for how she had treated Jordan, but Jordan insisted that Portia had nothing to be sorry for.

Portia disagreed because Jordan had urged Portia to be honest with Curtis, but Portia had accused Jordan of trying to break up Portia and Curtis. Jordan admitted that she shouldn't have interfered, but Portia was glad that Jordan had. Portia acknowledged that her life was in shambles, but the truth was out. Portia was tempted to ask Jordan what to do next, but Jordan had no idea what Portia was talking about. "If you were me, how would you save my marriage?" Portia asked. Portia immediately realized that it was unfair to ask Jordan, and she apologized.

Portia started to walk away, but Jordan asked Portia to wait. Jordan refused to offer advice about Curtis, but Trina was another matter because Jordan had been in the same situation with T.J. "Focus on forgiving yourself," Jordan said. Jordan reminded Portia that mothers were human, and they made mistakes. Jordan was certain that Trina would see that in time. Portia thanked Jordan, but Jordan was uncomfortable with the praise. "I'm not the person you think I am," Jordan said.


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