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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Wednesday, July 10, 2024)
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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Sasha was in the Quartermaine kitchen when Drew entered. Sasha got him some coffee, and she thought back to the kiss she'd witnessed the night before. She shook it off and told Drew how inspiring his speech had been. He replied that he was surprised at how well it had gone, and she commented that the night before had been "full of surprises." Willow entered and stopped short when she saw Drew. Sasha got Willow some coffee and excused herself to go see Cody at the stables.

When Sasha was gone, Willow wanted to be clear with Drew. She informed him that she loved Michael, and it had been wrong to kiss. He agreed that it had been impulsive and stupid and that nothing needed to change for anyone. He believed that they shouldn't dwell on it, and soon, it wouldn't feel like a big deal.

Michael entered and started talking shop with Drew, so Willow excused herself. A few minutes later, Michael wondered if Willow had seemed off to Drew. Michael remarked how she'd tossed and turned all night, and he was afraid that she was sick again. Drew answered that she'd probably just had trouble winding down after the party, and she'd seemed fine to him. Michael felt better and decided to stop worrying.

Sasha entered the stables and called out for Cody, who emerged shirtless from the back. She wanted to tell him about what she'd witnessed the night before, but he blurted out that he'd told Mac that he was Mac's son. He told Sasha the story, including how furious Mac had been. She was proud of him and asked what he was going to do. He replied that he wanted to leave town, but Maxie had made him promise not to. Sasha pleaded with him to stop bolting every time he was close to making a connection that he so badly wanted. She kissed him and told him that he couldn't go while the two of them were building something together, and he agreed to at least talk to her beforehand if he decided to leave.

Later, Sasha was gone when Willow entered the stables. She and Cody talked about the fireworks show from the night before, and neither had been thrilled with it. They moved on to the subject of Drew's campaign, and he thought it would be helpful if all the Quartermaines supported Drew. He related that that was the dream -- to be surrounded by a family that loved, cared for, and wanted the best for a person. Willow related that that was what the Quartermaines, especially Michael, had done for her.

At Maxie's, Maxie and Felicia talked about the Mac and Cody situation. Felicia wondered why they should believe Cody, and she wondered if he was working some kind of angle. There was a knock on the door, and Maxie answered it to Sasha. Sasha informed the two that Cody had told her months before that he was Mac's son, but it hadn't been her secret to tell. Felicia talked about the DNA test she'd run that had returned with a negative result. Sasha informed Felicia that she'd switched out Cody's hair for her own to buy Cody time to figure out how to talk to Mac.

Maxie didn't understand why Cody had been wrestling with telling Mac, and Sasha explained that Cody thought that he wasn't good enough. Sasha believed that she owed them an explanation and an apology. Felicia and Maxie accepted the apology and appreciated the honesty. Felicia figured that it would take time for Mac to trust Cody again. She figured that neither would approach the other for a while. "Like father, like son," Maxie commented, and Felicia joked that they had the same "stubborn gene." "So, what are we gonna do about it?" Maxie asked her mother.

At Carly's, Sonny expressed his appreciation to Carly for having Avery over to play with Donna. Since Ava had moved out, he wondered if Carly would let Donna sleep over again. However, they were interrupted by a knock on the door, and Jason entered. With a glare at Jason, Sonny told Carly about the looming custody battle with Ava, and he needed to know what Carly would tell the judge should she be called to testify. Carly replied that if she trashed anyone in court, it would be Ava. On his way out of the house, Sonny asked if Jason and John had found anything on him. Jason insisted that he wasn't working against Sonny. "I hope it stays that way," Sonny replied, and he left.

Carly implored Jason to tell Sonny that Jason was only working with John to protect Carly. Jason refused, as they couldn't be sure what a recently extra-volatile Sonny would do to John. They agreed that something was off with Sonny, so they wouldn't risk him doing something to land him in jail. Carly related that she could also be in prison soon, but Jason vowed not to let that happen. "It may not be up to you," she replied.

Ava answered the door of her room at the Metro Court to Scott. He was there with Diane's countersuit for custody of Avery, and he revealed that Sonny wanted sole custody. Scott admitted that he didn't like the facts of the case, especially because judges liked stability for children, and Avery had a routine at Sonny's. Ava remembered Scott saying that a public meltdown would hurt Sonny's case, but Scott thought that Sonny was too smart to let that happen during a custody battle.

A short while later, Ava arrived at the hospital pharmacy and entered Clement the pharmacist's office. He warned that she wasn't supposed to be back there, and he had a meeting soon. She suggested that his staff would find his tampering with Sonny's medication fascinating. He shot back that he knew that she wasn't Sonny's wife like she'd told him, but she responded that it didn't matter, since she knew that he wasn't filling the prescription right. He promised to change it back to the right dosage, but Ava clarified that she wanted it changed to "zero."

Ava continued that she didn't care who was threatening Clement or paying him off, as he would do what she wanted him to unless he wanted Sonny to know about the tampering. She ordered "full placebo until I tell you to stop." He shakily agreed. She hoped he wouldn't do anything that would make her have to return to see him, and she left the office.

Later, Ava was back in her room when there was a knock on the door, and she answered it to Sonny, who began to threateningly back her into the room. He took out his phone and hit record, cracking that he was taking a page out of her book. He knew that she was alleging that he was unstable. He warned her not to do it, as "I will bury you." They took shots at each other's lawyers until Ava wondered what judge would award custody of an innocent child to a notorious mobster who had once run a strip club.

Ava had thought she'd seen the worst of Sonny, but he replied, "Not even close," so she was glad he was recording. She urged him to go home and listen to himself and ask what judge would find him as a suitable parent. "I'm not going anywhere," Sonny growled. Just then, a man asked from Ava's doorway if there was a problem, and they looked up and saw John.

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