General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on GH

Jax planned to marry Brenda despite Miranda's decision to remain in town. Emily explained away Monica and Alan's concerns about her. Carly's frustration mounted over Bobbie and Tony's custody battle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on GH
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Sonny and Brenda remained in the closet at Marilyn's house, where those responsible for her disappearance and presumed death returned to the scene. While stuck in the closet, Sonny had flashbacks of his childhood and the physical and verbal abuse he had withstood from his drunken stepfather. When the men left the apartment, Sonny burst out of the closet with Brenda and broke into a sweat. Brenda asked him what was wrong, and he told her he couldn't help remembering how his stepfather would lock him in a closet and whip him with a belt when he was younger. He told her how helpless he had felt, not being able to fight back, since his stepfather was a cop.

Brenda asked Sonny what would happen if he had to go to prison and be locked up. He told her he wouldn't do time and that the cells were just too small. Joseph showed up to tell Sonny and Brenda that he had spotted Taggert on his way up. Joseph left with Brenda while Sonny stayed to greet Taggert. When he arrived, Taggert told Sonny that he planned on arresting Sonny for breaking and entering.

Sonny told Taggert that he and Joseph had gone to the apartment to meet Taggert, and when they had arrived, the door had been open, so they had gone in. He went on to say that Taggert should dust for prints, since the real offenders had probably been there, because when Sonny and Joseph had arrived, the phone had been off the hook, suggesting that the offenders might have pushed redial to discover the last number called. Taggert exchanged insults with Sonny and told him to mind his own business and stop hiding behind his buddy, Mac, while using his niece to get to him. Sonny, very angered by the comment, told Taggert to start doing his job and find the scum who had tried to kill him and probably already had killed Marilyn.

On her way to see Katherine, Miranda ran into Stefan and brushed by him nervously. When inside, she found Mac and Jax already by Katherine's side. Katherine, who had felt sensations in her legs earlier, didn't let on to anyone about her news. Miranda announced that she had decided to stay in Port Charles permanently. All were thrilled, and despite Mac's insistent offerings for her to stay with him, Miranda told them she would be finding her own place and making it on her own. When Miranda and Jax left the room, he let her know that he was available to help with anything she might need and that he was glad she had decided to stay. Katherine asked Mac to leave, also, by telling him she needed a nap.

Felicia arrived at General Hospital to tell Tom that despite her digging, she had discovered no wrongdoing on the part of Stefan Cassadine regarding the Timoria grant for the hospital. She and Tom agreed that somewhere out there existed evidence that Stefan was not the GH savior everyone made him out to be. She felt that Stefan was the one behind the initial fall of GH and, ultimately, Steve. Stefan walked in unexpectedly and told Tom that it was time to find a qualified head of the psychiatric department at GH due to Kevin's departure.

Felicia butted in and suggested that the man for the job should be Tom. Stefan said he had no problem with Tom throwing his name into the pool, but he would also like Tom to conduct a nationwide search of qualified applicants. Tom agreed to the task. Stefan quickly changed the subject to Bobbie. Stefan told Felicia that he was worried about Bobbie and would love it if Felicia and Tom would join them some evening for dinner at Wyndemere. Felicia was not keen on the idea, but Tom graciously accepted for them both.

When Stefan left, Felicia asked Tom if he was crazy. He simply told her the closer they got to Stefan, the better their chances of finding more clues about Timoria. She agreed. The two planned a romantic evening together with Audrey as the babysitter. Later, Felicia waited for Tom at the nurse's station, where Audrey told her he was held up with a patient and wouldn't be able to do dinner. Felicia suggested that Audrey head over to her place, anyways, and they could have dinner and watch "that hunky doctor on Melrose Place."

Nikolas and Gina ran into each other, literally, at GH. She told him she was busy stuffing envelopes for the AIDS outreach program there. He was doing his usual volunteer work. The two struck up a serious conversation, and Gina asked a lot of questions about Stefan and the hospital. Nikolas told her that the money Stefan had used to save GH was really Nikolas' inheritance and that Stefan just managed it for him until he was 25 years old, at which time Nikolas would be in control. Nikolas told her that when he turned 25, he would use his money to find his sister, Lesley Lu.

Gina told Nikolas she thought it was a great idea for him to follow his heart and find his sister. She went on to tell him of Stone and her feelings of regret. He told her he regretted not kissing Laura after the night they'd had dinner together, since he would never get the chance. Gina talked to him about Lucky. Nikolas simplified it for her by saying that he was a Cassadine, and Lucky was a Spencer, which was enough of a reason for Lucky to hate him. Gina said Lucky was wrong about Nikolas, and Nikolas was wrong about Lucky. The two agreed to meet up some time soon at Luke's for a rematch of pool.

Jax walked Miranda to the elevator at GH, where Brenda was arriving. Brenda got off, Miranda got on, and the two exchanged hellos. Brenda told Jax that she was looking forward to seeing the last of Miranda. Jax broke the news to her that Miranda was staying on in Port Charles permanently.

Katherine rubbed her legs in hopes of feeling them again. Stefan looked in on her and entered to say hello. She told him she was glad he was there and that she wanted to share something with him in confidence. He agreed he would keep her secret, whatever it was. She told him she thought she had felt sensations in her legs earlier but that she was not sure and didn't want anyone else to know until it was proven real.

Katherine explained how weird it was that she felt a certain connection with him and could share so easily. Stefan told her it was fate and asked if she believed. She told him anything was indeed possible.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Tony left Carly at their apartment with a box of doughnuts, and he headed off to his meeting with Justus about custody of Lucas. Very angry, Carly threw the box across the room. She got dressed and headed over to Jake's bar, above which Jason lived. When she showed up, he was nowhere to be found, so she decided to wait for him. Two men approached her and began hitting on her, so she flirted back, enjoying the attention. As they began to get a little too pushy, Jason showed up, and he and Carly grabbed a table to talk and eat.

Jason boldly suggested that Carly wear a bra the next time she went to the bar and asked if she and Tony had gotten in a fight. She told Jason she had every right to be furious, but she knew she needed to be calm and patient, or she would blow everything with Tony. She went on to say that all that was wrong was Bobbie's fault because Bobbie kept Tony away from Lucas, and even though Bobbie didn't want Tony back, she wanted Carly out in the cold. Carly asked Jason if he ever just wanted people to notice him. He told her he couldn't relate, but he knew that she didn't want just anyone to notice her; she wanted Tony to.

Carly told Jason he was very smart and thanked him for making her feel better. Jason left the bar on business, and Carly followed shortly after, out the back door. When she was outside, the two men who had been hitting on her before approached her for a ride. When she told them she would rather walk, they suggested she would rather "walk the streets." They threatened her further, and she told them that if the guy she had been with earlier found out they touched her, he would kill them. They reminded her that Jason was nowhere to be found at that moment.

At the Quartermaines', things were brewing for a family meeting over the suit against Monica. Before the meeting, Justus sat down with Tony and said that Tony needed a chronological list of his breakup with Bobbie, including when things had developed with Carly, information about Stefan, and details about the marriage. Justus told Tony that they would not necessarily be attacking Bobbie in the case, but rather the environment she was surrounding Lucas in.

Emily sneaked her "friend" Matt, into the Quartermaines' home, and she and Matt retreated upstairs to her bedroom, avoiding the family meeting. Emily had told A.J. that she would rather drink poison than go to the meeting.

When upstairs, Matt and Emily shared stories of their family problems. Matt offered Emily some pot. She refused, but he smoked it anyway. He told her to open the window and light some candles to get rid of the smell. He talked more of the similarities of their families being able to give them all the material things they might want but not really making them happy. He pulled out a container of vodka, which he told Emily he had taken from downstairs. He convinced her to share it with him.

At the big, all-inclusive family meeting, Alan announced how much he wanted Pierce to pay for what he had done. Alexis reminded Alan that Pierce had him in a very delicate position and that Alan needed to remain calm. She said she had asked for a restraining order against Pierce. Monica asked if she could add to it, making sure Pierce did not bother Emily anymore. The suggestion of a countersuit for defamation of character against Pierce arose, and A.J. exploded, saying he didn't want the whole story to be dragged out in the courts and asking Alan how he could stand even thinking about further embarrassment.

Alan yelled back at A.J., suggesting his explosion might have arisen from the fact that a container of vodka was missing. A.J. was very insulted and stormed out. In the hallway, Alan apologized for his accusation. Ned walked out and went after A.J. with insults. Keesha, not liking what she was hearing, told Ned he was the cause of all the problems with the Quartermaines because of what he had done to Jason the year before in the accident.

Keesha defended A.J.'s behavior further, saying it was simply a reaction to missing his brother so much. She told Ned that everyone else might forgive Ned, but she never would. Biting his tongue, Ned told Keesha that A.J. was lucky to have her by his side and that they all carried the responsibility and burden of what had happened to Jason. When Ned headed back into the meeting, A.J. thanked Keesha for standing up for him and said he hoped she never found out that he was not worthy of such praise. Alexis announced that she had gotten the restraining order signed.

In the other room, searching for the missing vodka, Alan found Tony, who said he was there because Justus was helping him with some legal matters. Alan told Tony he wished Tony had approached Alan prior to his breakup with Bobbie so they could have talked. Tony said there was nothing he could have done. They had broken up, and Bobbie had married Cassadine.

Alan poked at Carly and how young she was. Tony told Alan that he cared about her more than anything else, and if he were forced to choose between her and all his friends, he would pick her. The two talked of getting together, and Alan told Tony jokingly to "bring the little home wrecker over for dinner sometime."

After being out on the terrace, thinking, A.J. walked in and contemplated really having a drink.

Monica walked in and told Alan they had a restraining order against Pierce. Alan told her how much he wished he could have prevented all her pain over Pierce. Monica reminded him that he was the innocent one and was incredibly wonderful not to have ever blamed her for anything. She told him he was her strength and that she loved him. He told her the same.

The two decided to go upstairs and explain to Emily about the restraining order. They knocked hard on the door, but with the music playing and Emily sick in the bathroom over the vodka, only her friend Matt heard. He quickly sneaked out of sight.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Outside Jake's bar, the two men Carly had been flirting with earlier confronted her. This time they were not so friendly and offered her $50 for her services. After telling them to get lost, she tried to walk away, but both of them grabbed her and tried to drag her away. After she yelled for a bit and put up a struggle, Jason arrived to rescue her. He grabbed the guys and began beating them. Finally, the two scampered away.

Jason comforted Carly and offered to take her home. When they arrived at the apartment, Jason told Carly he would wait if she wanted to take a bath. She took him up on the offer but not before she told him how she felt about Tony. She talked of how she wanted to marry him so badly but couldn't because of the custody thing. Carly went on to describe the strong commitment she and Tony had for each other. She concluded that people wouldn't think of her as a whore if she and Tony were married.

Jason told Carly that was not what people thought and that those guys had just been scum who wanted to make her feel that something was wrong with her. Jason said she didn't have to get married for people to like her. She went in for her bath.

Tony finished his timeline of events with Justus. Justus asked Tony if Bobbie had ever been unfaithful to him, and he said Tony needed to be more on the offensive and show that he was the better parent for Lucas. Tony broke down and told Justus that Bobbie hadn't always been the perfect mom. She and Luke had had no childhood, no parents, and no home, so Bobbie had turned to prostitution. He told Justus she'd had a child when she was 16 and had tried to do the best she could, but she had eventually given the child up for adoption.

Tony went on to tell Justus that Luke had tried to find Bobbie's daughter but had learned she had died a couple years before. Tony told Justus he felt guilty for sharing all the very private information and that he would have to think about whether or not he would allow Justus to use it in court. Justus said that guilt could lead to bad decisions and that Tony was not responsible for what had happened to Bobbie in her childhood. Tony got a page from Bobbie, who was at General Hospital and wanted to go over a visiting schedule for Lucas for the next week. Tony told her he would be right there.

When Tony arrived at GH, he met Bobbie in the cafeteria and asked her if she had noticed any changes in Lucas since their breakup. She told him Lucas seemed to be handling things just fine. Tony began to think the two could work out their differences outside of court until Bobbie mentioned Stefan and spoke of how they were going to take Lucas with them on their honeymoon to the Greek Islands.

Tony asked if Bobbie and Stefan's trip was still planned and whether or not she had ever planned to inform him of it. Bobbie was taken aback by his response and told him she would have taken Lucas to say goodbye and let Tony know where they would be staying. Tony was angered by her response and told her he would like to have some options regarding where Lucas went. He told her they should just work out a plan for the next week at that moment.

In Emily's room, Monica and Alan tried to explain the restraining order, while a recovering Emily tried to focus on the conversation. Her friend Matt hid under the bed along with the canister of vodka she had kicked under there. Alan noticed a funny smell and opened the window. Noticing she was not all there, Monica and Alan asked what the problem was. Emily told them she was just not feeling well.

Alan and Monica decided to leave Emily alone for a bit and return when she felt better. After they left, Matt emerged from hiding and congratulated Emily for getting away with everything so well. He told her she was a great liar, but she was less than complimented, feeling bad that she had lied to Alan and Monica. She told Matt that after she sneaked him out, she was going to tell them everything but would keep his name out of it.

A.J. and Ned went at it, hurling insults at one another. A.J. was harsh to Ned by talking about Lois and the baby and the huge power trip Ned was on being the CEO of ELQ. Ned reminded A.J. that he was lucky Keesha was a sucker for a cause, since A.J. was the biggest lost cause around. Ned went on to say how spineless A.J. was for not telling Keesha the truth about the accident with Jason -- because A.J. was to blame. Ned talked about the possibility of A.J. marrying Keesha and the truth being revealed then Ned offered A.J. a drink.

Alan and Monica walked in and overheard the last part of the argument. They were horrified. Monica chewed out Ned for his actions and told him to stop taking out his problems with Lois on the rest of the family. Later, and calmer, Monica returned to the room and found Ned sitting in the dark. He told her he was very angry inside and asked if she knew what it was like to be too angry to sleep and to not be able to turn off one's brain. Monica said she could relate and admitted how it hurt her deeply that the whole family had to pay for her affair with Dorman.

Monica told Ned to go to Lois and get her back. Ned told her he couldn't. He was afraid he would say the wrong thing and push her and his little girl further away, perhaps for good. He told Monica he had to leave on business and would end the separation between him and Lois only when he was sure he could get her back. Outside the room, Alan and A.J. had a heart-to-heart talk, and Alan said he was sorry for accusing A.J. of drinking and that he was very proud of how far A.J. had taken himself. Alan kissed his son on the cheek, and A.J. headed off to see Jason at the bar.

Carly emerged from her bath in the robe Tony had given her for Christmas. She thanked Jason for saving her and told him she didn't want Tony or anyone else to know what had happened. Tony walked in, and Jason left. Carly asked how everything had gone with Justus, and he told her things were frustrating, but no matter what, he didn't want Lucas growing up a Cassadine.

Carly suggested that Bobbie might be spoiling Lucas to compensate for the daughter she had once given up. She asked Tony if Bobbie had ever known who the father was. When Carly realized from his lack of response that Bobbie had never known, she was very hurt. Not noticing, Tony called Justus and told him to go ahead with the suit right away and to use all the information Tony had provided him.

After sneaking Matt out, Emily told Monica and Alan that she knew she had been very difficult lately and that she would try to be better. Alan and Monica told her that under the circumstances, she had every right to be however she wanted. They told her they loved her, and the three hugged.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Katherine talked with Tony about the sensations she had felt in her legs. She noticed he was not shocked. He told her it was because random movements or sensations were to be expected, and they couldn't tell what it might mean, if anything. He encouraged her to take control and to think about physical therapy. Katherine asked him not to tell Mac or anyone about what she might or might not have felt. He agreed.

In the lobby, Mac ran into Lucy, who had drawn up her statement to Katherine, agreeing not to take over Deception while Katherine was off her feet. Mac told Lucy things were very serious and that it would take more than that to lift Katherine's spirits. Lucy compared his situation with Katherine to hers with Kevin and told Mac the most important thing he could do for Katherine was to be persistent and stubborn, and keep doing whatever he could to be in her face. Mac listened but told Lucy all Katherine really seemed to want was space.

Later Mac met with Felicia in the hall outside Katherine's room. Felicia insisted that they go for a walk and that he start taking care of himself for Katherine's sake. Mac told her he was afraid Katherine had lost her fight. Felicia urged him to show Katherine his support but to look after himself too.

In a session with Gail, Kevin told her he had made a remarkable breakthrough and was feeling very strong. He said he had realized everything at Laura's funeral and that he had seen how he felt about his mother, how much he wanted her dead. He went on to say he had seen the light and had recognized all the animosity he had toward his mother. He described a feeling of freedom and an image of him and Ryan dancing on their mother's grave. Gail questioned Kevin about his father's role in his childhood.

Kevin told Gail that his father had had nothing to do with the abuse that had gone on, and his father had taken Kevin away with him to Europe. She asked if he felt some sort of survivor's guilt over the fact that his father had taken him away from the abuse but had left Ryan to deal with it. Kevin turned angry and exploded at Gail. He told her he was sorry and that there was no need to yell anymore and let himself be dragged into the past. He asked if they could cut back on his sessions, but Gail refused, reminding him that they were court-ordered. She urged him to think more about his father and what his role had been before their next meeting.

Kevin asked if the session was over then left. He went to his house and found Lucy there "cooking" up a gourmet Chinese meal for him. He was grateful but went and worked on his computer while she was preparing. When she asked how his session with Gail had gone, he told her he would rather not talk about it. She served him his meal and turned down the lights, but he just told her he couldn't see his computer anymore.

Lucy told Kevin dinner was ready. He told her he appreciated everything, but he was really not hungry and would rather be alone. Lucy said she understood and turned to leave. Suddenly, she changed her mind and turned around. She told Kevin she could no longer pretend that everything was okay. She reminded him that she had proposed to him not so long before and that he had not answered her.

At Wyndemere, Alexis urged Stefan to stay away from Katherine at all costs and that the closer he got to her, the more likely she was to remember that he was the one who had shot her. Bobbie walked in and confronted Stefan about a call she had gotten from the florist, concerning some flowers he had sent to Katherine. She asked if he felt it was really necessary. She then told him she was sorry and that she just didn't want him to feel any responsibility for what had happened to her. He told Bobbie that he had invited Felicia and Tom over for dinner. She was very excited but said she couldn't possibly prepare a dinner in time.

Stefan reminded Bobbie that she was a Cassadine and that she had a cook at her disposal to prepare anything her heart desired for dinner. Bobbie was elated and grabbed Nikolas to go with her to the kitchen and plan the menu. Alexis told Stefan that Bobbie looked like a happy bride. Stefan said that was part of the plan and that with Bobbie by his side, everything was falling into place. He said he wouldn't forget what they were there for.

Bobbie told Nikolas she was not accustomed to having a staff at her disposal, but she sure liked it. He assured her that dinner would be great and told her it was nice to see her happy. He told her he thought it might be best if he left Port Charles and headed back to Greece. Bobbie convinced him to at least think strongly about staying and to give her a chance to show him how a happy family could become everything. Bobbie told Stefan she'd had great fun planning her dinner and went upstairs to change. Stefan called the hospital to check on Katherine's condition, but Alexis hung the phone up for him before he found out anything.

Tom and Felicia arrived outside Wyndemere, and Felicia mentioned how she was glad he had been able to make it on time, since he hadn't been around all day. When she asked where he had been, he flashed back to a meeting he'd had earlier with Luke to discuss Leslie's health and the issue of the APB out for Luke, due to Katherine's shooting. Luke said he would not return to Port Charles until he was ready and things had cooled down. Tom returned to the moment then lied to Felicia and told her he had been with a patient.

Stefan opened the door and welcomed Tom and Felicia inside. Bobbie walked downstairs, all dressed up, and Stefan toasted to her, his happiness, and to Tom and Felicia. Lucas walked down to say hello, and Felicia commented on how well he seemed to have adjusted. Felicia complimented Bobbie on all the beautiful flower arrangements. Bobbie looked for a business card of the florist, and Felicia helped her, until she found something on a table and screamed.

Jax called Miranda at Mac's and told her he wanted to meet with her that night to discuss the finalities of their divorce as well as a few other things. The doorbell rang, and she found Sonny and Brenda at her door, looking for Mac. She told them he was not there and that she didn't know when he would be back, but they were welcome to wait. Sonny said they would do just that. When she picked the phone back up, Jax told her he would be there in an hour to pick her up. She agreed.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Sonny and Brenda waited for Mac at his house. When Mac arrived, Sonny told him that Sonny and Brenda had seen two men at Marilyn's apartment clear the redial function on her phone and, along with it, the number that could lead to the killer. Mac said he would do what he could and called the phone company to fax him over the phone records. Brenda said she needed to get home to Jax and asked Sonny to call her with any additional information. Mac ran upstairs to take a shower.

Miranda told Sonny she was moving out of Mac's and finding a place of her own, since Jax and Mac had convinced her to stay in Port Charles. They chatted about Brenda, and Sonny said he would do whatever he could to protect her. When Mac returned downstairs, he had the faxed phone records, but someone had beaten him to them and erased the information. Sonny left, as did Mac, all dressed up and on his way to the hospital to see Katherine. Miranda said goodbye to Mac at the door, clutching one of Jax's old letters and thinking about seeing him soon.

Brenda went home to Jax and told him where she had been. Jax told her he didn't have much time because he was going to meet Miranda to discuss final divorce plans. They bragged about how mature they were in handling everything. Brenda said being an adult meant she had control over her life, but she was noticing things were not as fun as they had once been. Jax asked her what she was really afraid of.

Brenda told Jax she suspected that he might have done a lot of wonderful things for her in the past simply because he had wanted her to forget Sonny and had seen her as a challenge. Jax assured her that was not the case and told her that when he was officially divorced and a free man -- and when she was done playing detective with Sonny -- he wanted to marry her all over again. He left to meet Miranda. Sonny called Brenda and told her the news that the phone records were useless.

At Kevin's, Lucy told him that he didn't owe her anything for fighting for him for so long, but she was getting a little confused with all the changes in him lately. She told him she loved him dearly, but there was too much distance between them, and she couldn't keep giving without getting in return. Kevin told Lucy he loved her very much and wouldn't trade her trust and faith in him for anything, but he needed to know that he could be an individual and stand on his own two feet. Until he had proven it to himself, he couldn't commit to a marriage.

When Lucy was about to leave, Kevin told her how much he hated waking up without her and asked if she would move in with him. Lucy was a bit taken back and said he might be rushing things. "As opposed to marriage?" Kevin replied. Lucy accused him of asking her to move in only in place of marriage.

Alexis followed Nikolas outside Wyndemere. She told him she had seen him watching Bobbie with her son and that she was sure it had reminded him of Laura and his regret in not letting her love him. Bobbie called them both inside for dinner. The Cassadines got to know their guests better over dinner. Felicia told them she was a private investigator as well as half owner of the Outback. Nikolas suggested they hire her to find out who had shot Katherine.

Tom mentioned that he might have a way to medically allow Katherine to remember but that he needed to run tests first before attempting the procedure. Alexis was visibly alarmed by the thought. After dinner, Bobbie told Felicia it had been hard for her to get adjusted to having someone as generous, loving, and kind as Stefan. She said living with him at Wyndemere was like a reality and fantasy all rolled up in one, and she hoped Felicia was happy for her.

Before Tom and Felicia left, Bobbie made Felicia promise to return and also to keep an eye on Lucas during his visits with Tony at the Brownstone. Felicia agreed to both. When Tom and Felicia left, Stefan asked Bobbie how she felt. She told him she was very happy and went upstairs to take a bath. Stefan told her he would be up shortly, but instead, he took a rose from one of the many arrangements around the house and headed out the door for General Hospital.

Felicia and Tom headed back to his place. In bed, Felicia told him she thought Bobbie was in for a real letdown with Stefan. Tom suggested that either Alexis or Stefan had had something to do with Katherine's shooting. Tom and Felicia agreed they were not going to solve anything that night, and Tom headed to the shower. The phone rang, and Felicia answered it. Whoever it was hung up. When Tom emerged from the shower, she told him someone had called and hung up but that they had seemed to recognize her voice.

Mac showed up at the hospital and told Katherine that she was everything he could ever want and that he didn't want to blow things this time -- so he proposed to her. Katherine told him she didn't know what to say. Even though she said it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her, she turned Mac down. Stefan listened in at the door.

Jax showed up to see Miranda, and they remembered promises they had made over stars long before. Miranda suggested they get down to business, not go out to dinner. She thought they should order pizza in and iron out the ending of their marriage.

Brenda showed up at Luke's to see Sonny. She asked to speak with him alone, and he followed her outside. She told him she couldn't do it anymore and that the game was over. She said she was safer away from him and that she loved Jax very much and needed to start standing by him. She continued that she had been using Sonny to make Jax jealous and that she couldn't fall into the same old traps anymore. She ended by telling Sonny she needed to go away before too much damage was done.

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