General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on GH

Kevin asked Lucy to move in with him. Mac proposed marriage to Katherine, but she didn't think that she was the right woman for Mac. Pierce ruined Emily's party. A mysterious stranger watched Sonny and those close to him.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on GH
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Monday, January 13, 1997

Kevin tells Lucy he wants her to move in with him...she makes things bearable in his life. Lucy is a bit hesitant and tells him she wants to make sure this is what he wants, since she wants his love not his gratitude. Lucy warns Kevin that she has a lot of clothes and suggests that they build more closets if she moves in. He assures her that he wants nothing more than to share his home with her permantently. The two are happy with their decision and Kevin heads to the kitchen to make coffee. Lucy surveys the closet space in the meantime and comes across a few boxes which alarm her...they contain something that shakes her up over Kevin.

Jax and Miranda share a casual dinner of pizza at Mac's while they discuss their divorce. Miranda tells him it should be very cut and dry since she's not asking for anything and they have no possessions to fight over. Jax tells her he is there to dicuss a monetary settlement so she can get on with her life. Miranda is disturbed by the idea and tells him the only thing he owes her is a quick divorce and a firm handshake. Jax tells her she will need money in order to start over and he wants to provide it for her. In leaving, he asks her to please think over the settlement. She agrees to think about it.

Outside of Luke's, Sonny tells Brenda he remembers her being there for him when he thought he was going to die and that he knows she is afraid he will hurt her again. Brenda tells him things are over between them. Sonny says things are not over just because she says so, and that they are only over when the caring stops. He tells her that she can say whatever she wants, but that he can see in her eyes that she still cares. Brenda says she needs Sonny to leave her alone, that she came there to end it, and that she is in love with Jax. Sonny tells her the only way she can be with Jax is if she pretends he (Sonny) doesn't exist. Whether she likes it or not, Sonny tells her that what they have is "real", messy and inconvenient maybe, but real. He says that Jax may make her feel safe and he may not lie all the time, but that that's not raw they have together. He bottom lines it for her by saying the one problem they have is...they still love each other. He approaches and kisses her. Brenda stops him shortly after and tells him to stop since it won't fix anything and she is with Jax now. Sonny spills his guts to Brenda telling her that she was the only thing that registered with him when Lily died and as time passed he realized how great they were together....though he was initially happy that she was happy with Jax, when he found out about his past, he admits he went after him to take him down. Brenda is outraged at him for this. She tells Sonny that she is sick of the pain and that they would be only temporarily happy together and that it really is time for him to let her go. Sonny tells her that if the only way she can be with Jax, is to be away from him, then she is lying to herself. He warns her that sooner or later she will look for the truth and when she does, he will be there waiting. Brenda tells him half heart- edly that she is not coming back this time and takes off for home.

At home, Brenda finds Jax not there. She thinks of her kiss with Sonny. Jax finally comes in and she asks him how it went. He tells her he and Miranda have a few more things to settle. He asks her what she did tonight and she replies.."nothing."

Katherine asks Mac if he would have proposed if she wasn't in the hospital. He tells her he probably wouldn't of, but that he loves her very much and that thought of spending his life without her is awful. She tells him they just don't fit together and that he needs to wait until he finds the right someone to spend the rest of his life with instead of settling. Mac ultimately thanks her for turning him down so nicely..but is hurt. He leaves at Katherine's request. Stefan is not lurking far behind, and heads into Katherine's room. She tells him she is very glad to see him and feels he is the only person she can talk to right now. She says she is sick of acting so brave for everyone else and that she can really be herself around him. He is flattered and says he enjoys their visits very much. He asks if she is in pain and she tells him she is just so tired. He asks her to close her eyes and focus on rest and what he is saying. He describes a peaceful place...a forest on a summer's day, the wind through the trees, a stream running over rocks, etc. Before long, she has nodded off to sleep, her hand clutched inside of Stefan's.

Sonny pays Lily's grave a visit with some roses. He talks of their past and what he has learned from loving her. He goes on to say that he thinks of her often and prays for her soul, even though he knows it is already with God. He goes on to tell her that he told Brenda he loved her tonight. He takes off his wedding ring and digs a hole in the snow for it, saying it is too precious to simply put in a drawer. He buries it in the snow and tells Lily that he cannot fight for Brenda wearing her ring. He ends by telling her not to worry about him, and walks away. A strange person follows behind and digs up the ring Sonny has buried.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Lucy goes to Kevin's closet to further investigate a box of letters she found there yesterday. When Kevin comes into the room, she asks him what's going on. He asks what needs an explanation. Lucy mumbles something about not having enough space for all her wardrobe essentials in his closet. She then asks him if it would bother him if she brought some pictures of her family with her when she moved in. Kevin tells her it is as much her place as it is his and wonders why she would think it wouldn't be ok. She points out that she understands why there are no pictures of his family, but mentions his father. Kevin quickly changes the subject to breakfast. Kevin leaves for his session with Gail and Lucy also heads for the hospital. Kevin tells Gail that he and Lucy are moving in together and that it was a mistake for him to ask to cut back on his sessions. He tells her he is worried about not being good at whatever it is he chooses to do...and ultimately not living up to his expectations. Gail suggests it may have to do with his father's expectations. Kevin suggests that she is incorrect and tells her that if anything has to do with his father, he will let he know. He leaves and heads for home where he ends up in the closet looking at the box of letters having to do with his father. Lucy pays a visit to Gail and tells her she is concerned that Kevin may be keeping something to himself that may hurt him...she suspects that his father is still alive.

Katherine wakes up refreshed and with a new attitude. She remembers Stefan being there the night before and sending her off to sleep with some lovely images. Bobbie comes in to check on her. Katherine tells her she has a lot of positive energy and that a wonderful man who works the night shift has taken good care of her. Bobbie asks what his name is and Katherine tells her she really doesn't know. Bobbie suggests therapy to her and she says she will think about it. Mac comes in with flowers for her. Katherine tells him she is surprised to see him after last nights' turned down proposal, and the fact that he is there says a lot about who he is. He tells her that no matter what, he will not stop loving her. Katherine tells him she cares too much about him to see him marry the wrong woman, even if that woman is her. She asks if he will get her some butterscotch pudding and he heads to the cafeteria. Tony visits her and tells her how lucky she is to have someone like Mac to rely on and she tells him that she is aware of this and eternally grateful to him.

Felicia meets Bobbie in the cafeteria with a gift for such a great dinner party. It is a leather passport holder for all the trips she will be going on with her new husband. Bobbie tells her it was so nice to get together again. Felicia tells her that Stefan seems like a wonderful man who loves her very much. She asks Bobbie if it is difficult being married again so soon after a divorce. Bobbie admits that it is since Stefan is so different than Tony and that there are always surprises and many sides of Stefan she learns more about each day...but this is very exciting. Felicia then catches up with Mac in the cafeteria and they remember being there together during hard times with Maxi. She asks Mac if he regrets bringing Frisco back to Port Charles when Maxi was ill since it ultimately led to the demise of their engagement. Mac tells her absolutely not, and that he would do it all again. He tells Felicia that the proposed to Katherine last night and that she said no. Felicia asks if she is insane...Mac tells her that they talked a lot and now not marrying her seems more right than marrying her. Felicia agrees with him and tells him she suspected they would have never worked as husband and wife. She tells Mac that he thrives on saving women in distress and that he was trying to save Katherine. He tells her that he and Katherine are friends now, just like them. Felicia tells him that no friendship is just like theirs, that he is more than a friend, a lover, or family, he is the best man she has ever given her love to. Mac thanks her for the praise.

Tony runs into Audrey at the nurses desk, who tells him she hasn't seen sign of Carly, who seems to be falling into her old bad habits of being late for work. Tony calls the apartment but Carly, who is sitting on the couch crying and thinking about Bobbie, prostitution, and the fact that her father was just some unknown client, deliberately does not answer the phone. Tony leaves GH for home to see what is wrong. When he arrives, he finds Carly and encourages her to tell him what is wrong. She assures him that he cannot help her. She tells him that no matter what she does, everything in his life seems more important than her. Tony tells her that they caused a chain reaction of things when they fell in love and now they need to get through it together. He mentions them getting to GH and she tells him how much of an outcast she feels there. Tony mentions Bobbie and she yells for him to not speak of her and runs in to take a shower. When she comes out, he suggests that she get herself back into the nurses programs and become the best nurse she can just to spite everyone. Carly reminds him that Bobbie would never let that happen and that she makes her feel like she doesn't even have the right to exist. Tony tells her she needs to get past these feelings and she tells him she will do her best. They head for GH together.

At GH, Carly runs into Bobbie immediately at one of the nurse's station and Bobbie immediately cuts into her about being late. Carly reminds her that she has no right to comment since she no longer works in her department. Bobbie tells her it is just professional to be on time and if she plans on going anywhere at GH, she should be more conscious of such things. Carly snaps back and Bobbie suggests that they try not to cause an ugly scene everytime they run into each other. Carly tells her she is just jealous since she and Tony are in love. Bobbie tells her she has everything she wants. Carly suggests that she is speaking of her knew rich husband, Stefan and tells Bobbie there are some things she just won't do for money. Bobbie tells her she will not stand there and be harrassed by such filth as her...Carly asks if her new husband really knows all there is to know about her past. Stefan lurks around the corner and tells Carly he knows everything there is to know and that she should mind her own business if she wants to keep her job at GH. Carly asks if he is threatening her.. he tells her he wouldn't waste his time in doing that. Tony butts in to see what is going on and Bobbie chastises Carly and him, saying they should both be ashamed of themselves. Tony asks Carly what she meant by that and Carly describes her horrible experience. Tony tells her to stay away from Stefan. Bobbie tells Stefan that she wants to come clean to him about everything from her past since she wants to end all secrets between them.

Katherine receives a visit from a specialist from Geneva to help her with her attitude and her therapy.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Alexis visits Kevin to tell him a decision has been made in his class action suit at GH. The good news is they want to settle without a trial and the bad news is, they want a formal and public annoucement made regarding his termination. Kevin is depressed, but agrees to sign the agreement. He tells Alexis that this was probably bound to happen and that he is surprised that they are letting him off that easy. In the meantime, Lucy pays Gail a visit to chat about the letters she found from his father. Gail mentions that Kevin is not very forthcoming with info regarding his dad, but that he has never mentioned that he is dead. Lucy tells Gail she could look at the letter and then report back to her what she has found so she can help Kevin. Gail tells her they will run into too many privacy violation issues and that Kevin is making progress..but his condition is very complex. Lucy tells Gail she cares too much to see Kevin suffer and she worries too much about him falling over the edge again. Gail suggests that Kevin needs to deal with his father in his own time and that she needs to be calm and take one step at a time. Lucy says it will be hard, but for Kevin, she can do anything. Lucy comes home and Kevin tells her the bad news that he can no longer practice psychology. Alexis leaves them alone. Kevin tells Lucy he will be okay soon and instead of being depressed, he needs to celebrate their new life together. Lucy agrees and goes out to fetch dinner. When she returns, Kevin tells her he has something to show her since he can face anything as long as they are together. He takes her to the closet where his dad's letters are and his surprise to Lucy is that it is totally cleaned out so she can put all her essentials in there....Lucy's surprise is that the letters are gone.

Monica and Alan discuss plans and presents for Emily's birthday. Monica tells him that she had the unfortunate experience of scrubbing with Pierce for surgery again. Alan makes a phone call and completely rearranges Pierce's surgical schedule to avoid further contact. Alan tells Monica that he will be performing surgery himself soon, now that his hand is healing. Pierce barges into the office and complains to Alan about his new schedule which gives him the worst hours and the worst operating rooms. Alan tells him it is just his bad luck, he needs to deal with it, and get over himself. Alexis comes in next and serves Pierce with a restraining order. Pierce leaves with his tail between his legs.

Tony confronts Carly as to what she said to Bobbie, fearing she may have mentioned the custody battle. Carly tells him she didn't mention that but he can ask Ms. Perfect for the details. Tony tells her he expects her to rise above her pettiness in lieu of the custody battle and what may be used against him. Tony is paged and Carly walks away. Tony goes to see Katherine and finds Dr. Seabond, a specialist from Geneva courtesy of Stefan, by her side. He is professional around her but is obviously disturbed by her presence. Katherine tells Tony she just wanted him to know what was going on. Tony thanks her for the info, and leaves. Dr. Seabond tells Katherine they will need another MRI and some tests to determine her prognosis. She agrees willingly and asks if there is hope...the Dr. tells her there is always hope. Outside her room, Tony runs into Stefan and tells him he already knows about Dr. Seabond and that he would appreciate it if he wouldn't pull anything like that again. Half overhearing, Bobbie asks what they are talking about. Tony walks away and tells her to ask her husband. Stefan tells her what is going on. Bobbie is a bit angry and confused and asks what is really going on with the Katherine issue. Stefan tells her he has an obligation to help her since she was shot on his property and that he just can't dismiss the issue. Bobbie tells him again that what happened to Katherine is simply not his fault and he should really try to get over it. He tells her he will appologize to Tony if she wants, but she tells him she will do it for him.

At home, Tony finds Carly on the couch. He tells her he loves her very much because she is so smart and tough, but she needs to develop a thicker skin and a heightened sense of responsibility. He tells her to simply ignore Bobbie since she won't come looking for her. The doorbell rings, and there stands Bobbie.

At Luke's, Jason and Sonny have a heart to heart talk about business and personal matters. Sonny tells him what he did last night by going to Lily's grave, talking to her and burying his wedding ring. He explains to Jason that when someone dies you can either find your way out or die yourself. He says that through time, he has learned to go on and that now he knows that that is what Lily would want. He mentions to Jason how deep he is into the "business" and how it will be difficult for him to ever get out. He appologizes for being so selfish and dragging him in this deep. Jason tells him he made his own choices and he is happy about where he is and everything he has done. He thanks Sonny for believing in and accepting him when no one else would. Sonny tells him that in the past he was used to not worrying about others, but that he won't do that again. He tells Jason about Brenda and her need to be away from him...he goes on to say he wants to make it safe for her to be around him again and so they need to work together to find out who tried to kill him.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

Maxi has a bad dream about Felicia dying, like Laura did, and she seeks comfort from Tom and Felicia who calm her down. Finally, Felicia gets her to go back to bed and then tells Tom how sad it is for a child to have to grow up worrying about their mom dying. Tom, feeling a bit guilty, remembers saving Laura from the explosion and the fact that she's not really dead. His cell phone rings and he quickly gets rid of who's on the other end, since Felicia is listening. She asks Tom if something is going on and he tells her that he just has piles of work to contend with. When Felicia goes to check on Maxi, Tom's phone rings is Luke who is requesting a meeting with him since he is concerned over Leslie's health. Tom tells him not to call his phone anymore since Felicia is becoming suspicious but that he will meet him as soon as possible. He hangs up before Felicia comes back in the room and then tells her he would like to have the weekend free to spend with her, but that he needs to leave now and get some work done for that to happen. She agrees to let him go.

Alan raves on about Dorman to Monica and Alexis. They agree that they have been through worse together and survived, so they leave for Emily's birthday celebration at the Grill. When they arrive the whole Quartermaine clan is there, including Emily's friend, Matt and Alexis and Nikolas who happened to be there for dinner and were invited to the party by Edward. Alan toasts to Emily by saying they are lucky to have her as part of the family and see her as a source of pride and joy. Dorman shows up at the Grill with a date, and catches Alan's eye. Alan approaches him with hostility and Alexis tries to calm him down. Monica asks him nicely to leave since he is upsetting Emily...Dorman appologizes for that but says he has no intention of leaving and heads to his table. When Alan and Monica return to their table, Alan suggests they all leave. Monica tells Emily how sorry she is and Emily snaps at her saying she should have thought of that before she slept with the creep. Matt slips Emily some pot and the two storm out of the restaurant...Alan is not far behind.

Bobbie visits Tony and Carly's apartment and appologizes to Tony for Stefan's action of bringing in a specialist for Katherine without consulting him first...she excuses his behavior and tells Tony that Stefan is simply not familiar with hospital protocol yet. Tony says he is upset but will not dwell on things. Bobbie tells Carly that it was unfair of her to say that Lucas couldn't know about her relationship with Tony and that she is sorry. She also invites Carly openly back into the nurse's program if that is what she chooses and vows to not stand in her way. She ends by suggesting they should all move on and try to get along for Lucas' sake. When she leaves Tony tells Carly that that is the Bobbie he used to know and that he is now questioning the custody battle. Calry is shocked and outraged at how easily Bobbie is able to suck Tony in and manipulate him. He tells her he doesn't want to fight Bobbie, only Stefan, to make sure Lucas is raised properly. Calry yells about how easy it is for Tony to give Bobbie the benefit of the doubt and how he waited for her permission to tell Lucas about their relationship. She tells Tony he must have been too embarrassed of her and refers to herself as his "dirty little secret." She tells Tony that it's time for him to give her the respect he offers to Bobbie... especially since she was nothing but a hooker when she was her age. Tony is very angry at her for bringing this up and tells her she has no right to attack Bobbie like that. Carly appologizes to him and says she is just so insecure and hopes that he doesn't hate her. Later he paces the floor and Calry tries unsucessfully to lure him to bed.

At the hospital, Alexis yells again at Stefan about getting too close to Katherine. Finally he admits that he shouldn't be as involved. Miranda ducks them both in the hall as she comes to visit Katherine. Miranda finds her in better spirits. Katherine chats with her a bit, and with Mac who comes to visit, but does not let on about the specialist and her possible prognosis. When Dr. Seabond returns with her MRI, she asks Mac and Miranda to leave the room. The doctor tells Katherine she does not reccommend surgery for her since it would serve no benefit...she says the only progress now is up to her and a rigorous course of physical therapy. Katherine is annoyed and distraught, saying that she was her last hope. The doctor tells her she is lucky the nerves in her spine were not severed and are only compressed, which gives her a chance of walking again. She suggests she uses her anger to make her fight and walk again. Katherine thanks her and wishes her a nice trip back. She looks forward to Stefan's nightly visit.

Back at the hospital, Bobbie convinces Stefan to come home with her. He reluctantly goes. When at home, the two crawl into bed. It isn't long before Stefan wakes up over a nightmare he has had about shooting Katherine. He attempts to get up to leave, but Bobbie persuades him to let her comfort him instead. Katherine sits in her room, more depressed than ever.

Friday, January 17, 1997

Jax gives Brenda a new diamond and proposes again, saying they need to start from square one again. Brenda doesn't accept the diamond just yet and instead proposes an idea to go to New Orleans as they did before and then agrees to put on the ring. Brenda tells him she has arranged the next month off and is ready to spend all of her time with him since she told Sonny she would no longer be able to do anymore detective work with him. Jax is pleased with this announcement and tells Brenda he has to go meet with Miranda to work out a monetary settlement. Brenda is a bit taken back, but tells him to go ahead and do what he needs to do. After he leaves, she decides to take a shower and get ready for a late dinner. In the meantime, we see a mysterious person who has dug up Sonny's wedding ring from Lily's grave, sitting at a desk with a magazine picture of Brenda in front of him and writing out a letter and evelope to her. While coming out of the shower there is a knock at the door. When Brenda answers, she finds a box of roses and a note with her name on it.

Miranda decides to move into Lucy's old place over the Outback. When Jax arrives, he helps her move in what little stuff she has, including a broken down bookcase which falls apart on them both. Jax tells her he wants to give her an advancement on her settlement so she can afford some real furniture. Miranda points out how he always strives to do the right thing and says if it makes him happy, he can write her out a check. Miranda goes to the other room while Jax builds a fire in the fireplace with the broken wood from the bookcase. He calls Brenda and tells her he might be longer than expected. She tells him that is quite alright since she has his roses to keep her company. He tells her he did not send her flowers and tells her to check the card...she says she has and that it says "I'll never forget you." Jax says he bets he knows who they're from and Brenda, also suspecting Sonny at this point, says she will take care of it. Jax attempts to move aside some of Miranda's suitcases, when one opens, spilling out a pile of his old letters. He takes a few out and reads them by the fire...remembering times of long ago. Miranda comes in and catches him reading them.

Alan and Monica enjoy a late lunch at the house. Monica mentions how not even a restraining order prevented Pierce from ruining Emily's birthday celebration. Emily peers in the doorway in time to hear Alan say he doesn't know why he lets Pierce bother him, but if he comes near Emily again, he will kill him. When Emily comes in, Monica appologizes about her party and tells her they will have a more proper one for her at the house. Emily is resistant and asks them if AJ is home since last she knew he went to see Jason because it is the anniversary of him waking up from his accident. When Matt comes in, she and he leave. Monica and Alan remember a year ago when Jason recovered from the accident. Monica says the only gift she can seem to give him now that he appreciates is staying away from him...she says she feels dead to him and her loss is overwhelming.

Mac pays Sonny a visit at the club and warns him that Taggert is after his butt bad. Sonny insists that he is a legitimate businessman and has nothing to hide. Mac tells him that they may have found the body of Marilyn Cooper in Rochester and tells him he will let him know what turns up. After receiving a call, it is determined it is not Marilyn, but that traces of pure heorin were found in the body. After Mac leaves, Sonny and Jason try to figure out who is involved in trying to take down Sonny and take over his territory. Sonny says he is worried about Brenda's safety and them coming after him and her again. AJ shows up and he and Jason share a lunch prepared for them by the prep cook. AJ wishes him a happy birthday and gives him two tickets for a hockey game. AJ leaves shortly after and thanks Jason for the time he spent. When he gets home, AJ reaches for comfort in the bottle as he remembers he is the one who caused Jason Quartermaine to become Jason Morgan. Back at the club, Mike butts into Sonny's business and asks what his plans are for the future and for Brenda, since she is in a very vulnerable position right now and has been around a lot lately. Sonny tells him when he makes his plans public, Mike will be the first to know.

The mysterious stranger comes into play again, as we see him holding Sonny's wedding ring, wrap it around a rose and seal another letter for Brenda. At the same time, Brenda bursts into the club to confront Sonny about sending her the last bunch of roses...Sonny has no idea what she is ranting about and pulls her into the back room saying she needs to be very quiet. In the main part of the bar, Jason walks in and is surprised by a visitor...Robin.

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