General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on GH

Robin returned to Yale. Mac and Taggert discovered that Laura and Lesley were alive. Friends and loved ones felt betrayed by Laura's deception. Sonny struggled with his claustrophobia while he languished in jail.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on GH
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Monday, February 3, 1997

The Spencers are with Tom in the house that they're hiding in getting ready to leave for Switzerland. Tom argues a bit with Luke about Sonny and Luke telling him what to do all the time, but Luke yells and says that he won't let this be screwed up by Tom's inexperience. Laura begs Tom to just hang in there for the next couple of days and he agrees. Laura goes over and tells Leslie that Tom is going to give her some medication for the trip and Tom talks to her some too. Then Laura gets up and tells Luke and Lucky that she's worried about giving Leslie more drugs, but Lucky reassures her that everything will be ok once they get to Switzerland. They joke about an alias that Lucky hated, Howard, and how he hopes that Sonny gets them better ID's for Switzerland. Suddenly there is loud knocking at the door. It's Mac and he's looking for Tom, who he saw in the window hugging a blond woman. The Spencers and Leslie hide in the back room and Mac comes in yelling at Tom for cheating on Felicia. Then he smells the cigar smoke and yells for Luke to come out and he does. The others stay in hiding. Luke and Mac have a shouting match about the Cassadines and Katherine's shooting. Leslie starts getting very restless and Laura gets worried. Just as Luke is shouting that the Cassadines killed Laura, Laura walks out and asks Tom to come and look at her mother. Mac is shocked. Laura has LeslieLu in her arms and Mac is very quiet and smiles and says that one of the hardest things about her funeral was knowing that the baby would grow up without her mom. Laura starts to explain, but Mac tells her to take the baby upstairs, because things could get ugly. Laura exits. Mac asks Luke to tell him about how the Cassadines were behind the explosion and the grief and the look on that boy's face when Lucky told him that his mother was killed. Mac says that Luke should be proud, he raised a son that could cut his brother's heart out without a problem. Mac accuses Luke of doing this all because Laura had a son that wasn't his. Luke tells him that he just doesn't get it, but Mac says he doesn't care to and then tells Luke he's under arrest. Laura pleads with Mac to let them go and get Leslie the help she needs. Mac says ok, as long as Luke stays with him. Luke asks Mac if he wants Lucky and Lulu to end up like Leslie and says the only way to protect his family is to run. He asks Mac to let him go.

Robin and Jason are sitting on the bridge. Robin is making him guess what she is going to give him for being so wonderful. When he can't she tells him that she's going to live--for him. Jason jumps up and Robin follows suit and then hugs him and says she'll start the new HIV protocol. Jason tells her not to do it for him because it doesn't matter what he thinks, only what she wants. Robin says that she wants to make him happy and Jason says that she does that for everyone else, Mac, Stone, all the people she does HIV speeches for, but she doesn't have to do that for him. All she has to do is love him. Robin gets quiet and asks Jason outright if he wants her to start the new medication and Jason says yes. Robin says that she wants to too. She remembers the night they were on the bridge and Robin asked him if he wanted to jump. She never would have, but she thought he might and he was holding her hand. She tells him that because he didn't jump he chose life for the both of them and that's what she's doing now. Robin tells Jason that before she just considered him to be the one good thing she got before she died. She could love him and then get to die and be with Stone. Now that she know she could have a lifetime with Jason that's what she wants. She pleads with Jason to let her give him this gift--her life. He's reluctant to take it, but finally simply thanks her for it. They kiss and then hug. Sonny comes over a short time later and tells Robin that he's come to help. Robin tells him that she's made her decision, that she's going to start the protocol. Sonny is thrilled and hugs her and tells her that everything will work out, that she's going to live. Robin says she knows that and then goes over and hugs Jason again. Sonny starts remembering when they scattered Stone's ashes off the side of the bridge and how alive Robin looked then and how he couldn't help but think that Robin could be next to die. He tells her he wanted her to take the medicine because he can't imagine living without her around. He tells her that she's the last person that he should love, but he does. They hug and Robin laughs and says remembers when she used to think that Sonny was a "bad guy." Sonny says he is a bad guy and laughs. Then his cell phone rings. It's Lucky. He tells Sonny to get over there right away because Mac found them. He tells Jason there's a problem in Rochester, but insists that Jason take Robin back to school and that he can handle the problem himself. Sonny argues with Jason a little about who gets to pay for Robin's treatment and then she mentions they'll have to fight with Mac about. Sonny says he'll pay and he'll take care of Mac and exits. Robin and Jason hug a little more before they leave for Yale. Robin says that she's not afraid and that she loves him. They kiss.

Mikolas is at Laura's grave. He's brought her some daisies. He's says he's not surprised they were her favorite. They're simple and hardly have any scent at all. He "tells" Laura about his favorite flower, the rose, and the rose bushes "back home." He asks if Stavros ever held him or if Laura and Stavros ever smiled at each other once. He asks if she was happy that he was alive. He says that she said that she was, but he was too angry to listen. He says he's sorry...

At the courthouse, there's a recap of Alan hitting Dorman and hurting his hand a lot. Dorman's lawyer asks that Alan be taken into custody for hitting Dr. Drone-on and the judge agrees. Alexis tries to get Alan out of it, but the judge isn't being convinced. Then Dorman announces that he's not going to press charges because his dispute is with Alan's wife and in a way the tow of them (dorman and alan) are both victims (gag!). The court fines Alan $1000 for contempt and court is ajourned until the day after tomorrow. There's a scene in the courtroom where Edward yells at Alan for costing them so much money by ruining Monica's case and even suggests that they settle the case out of court. Justus tells Edward to put a sock in it. The Quartermaines and others decide to go to the hospital to get Alan's hand checked out. Outside Dorman is milking his decision to not press charges against Alan with the media. Monica comes out is swarmed with the press that follows her out of the courthouse. Nikolas comes in looking for Stefan. He finds Bobbie instead and they decide to go over the GH together. Ned and Alexis go off to the side and decide to go get a drink together. Dorman sees them and calls someone on the phone to set up a meeting.

At the hospital in Alan's room, Edward is still fighting over what a mess Alan made and predicts that Dorman will change his mind about the law suit and cost them a fortune. AJ sticks up for Alan and says who cares, so they won't buy that software company. It was worth it for Alan to have the chance to hit Dorman. Monica spies Bobbie outside the door and goes out to talk to her while the Q's continue to argue. Monica and Bobbie look at Alan's x-rays and talk about possible nerve damage. Then Monica admits to Bobbie that it kind of felt good to see Alan stick up for her. Later, when Alan and Monica are alone, she admits it to Alan too and gives him a BIG kiss.

Still at GH Stefan is talking to Katherine. He offers her a present that he says is a memento of their night together. Katherine refuses to take it at first, but Stefan makes her open it. It's a necklace with a crystal tree on it--like the tree outside of her hospital room window. She loves it and asks him to help her put it on. He does so and then he sits down in front of her really close and takes her face in his hands. He almost kisses her, but stops and pulls away from her. Katherine asks for a mirror to see what it looks like on her and Stefan gets her one. Katherine tells him that she told a friend about him, but that since she didn't know his name that the friend might not have believed that he was real, but now she had proof. Stefan starts to tell her his name, but she stops him. She tells him to tell her his name when they're both standing at the window together. Stefan agrees and goes to exit. She thanks him and he looks at her and says, "I've given you very little." Stefan exits. Later, Nikolas comes in and Katherine teases him about not visiting her for a while. Nikolas admits to having heard her say to Dr. Jones that she didn't want any visitors so he stayed away. Katherine tells Nikolas about her change of heart and he's pleased. He goes to leave, but Katherine knows that something is bothering him. She guesses that it's his mother. Nikolas asks Katherine if she knew Laura. Katherine says not very well and Nikolas says that he didn't either. He says that Laura was the only person in his life that told him the truth (that's what he thinks) and that he didn't believe her when she said that she loved him. He starts crying and says that he wish he could tell her he's sorry and that he loves her. He wonders why he couldn't tell her when he had the chance.

Stefan is at Laura's grave. He tells her that he misses her and mourns the dream that he had of she and Nikolas and himself being a family together. He apologizes for all the pain he caused her and thanks her for Nikolas. He says that for her sake he let her husband live and that he won't kill him unless Luke provokes him. Stefan then kneels down and touches the daisies that Nikolas left there. "It's over, finaly." he states. It wasn't the end that he wanted, but it's finished. "I'm still here. Does that mean that I won?" he asks.

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

by Jessica Greig

The show opens in Jax and Brenda's apartment. Brenda is reading a book on the steps when Jax enters. They greet each other and then Jax suggests having a late supper. Brenda wants to talk and Jax tries to get out of it saying he's too tired, but Brenda plunges in anyway. She brings up Miranda and Jax tries to reassure her by saying that he's divored and Miranda is history, but Brenda questions why he gave her the poem book then. Jax asks Brenda why she brought the book of poems to Miranda if it bothered her so much. Brenda tells him that she was concerned about him and about "us." Jax doesn't believe her. Then Brenda says that she wanted to tell Miranda to let him go. Jax yells that it's not up to Miranda, it's up to him and he decided it was over. End of story. Brenda says it can't be over if he still has feeling for Miranda. Jax admits that he still cares about Miranda and that they'd probably still be married if there was no explosion, but there was one. He mourned her and then fell in love with Brenda. He tells Brenda he loves her and asks her to believe him because he is there with her. Brenda says that a part of him is with her, but another is still with Miranda. Jax gets frustrated and Brenda says that this whole thing comes down to the fact that he should have told her about Miranda before they got married. Jax tries to cut in by saying that he explained that already, but Brenda won't let him give her excuses again. She says she knows her told her he was too hurt and all that other stuff, but the real reason he didn't tell her was because he knew what it would do to their relationship. Jax says that he knows she's hurting, but not to every tell him how he felt after Miranda died. Brenda gets so angry and tells Jax that he doesn't have an exclusive on pain and that she hurts everyday knowing that he didn't trust her enough to tell her about Miranda beforehand and knowing that he's still hung up on his ex-wife. She asks him to stop pretending everything is fine when it's not just because he ahs some stupid piece of paper. Jax tries to reassure her AGAIN, but Brenda mentions overhearing Jax say that Miranda was the love of his life to his mom in the hospital and reading his love letters to Miranda that say things that he's never said to her. Jax promises not to keep anything from her again and reaffirms his love for her. It looks like everything is working out when Brenda asks Jax if he slept with Miranda in Australia. Jax gets angry and tells her he didn't. They argue some more and Jax again tries to stop the conversation, but Brenda won't have it. She tells him she's showing him the woman he married, the real her and that all she wants in return is to see who the hell he is. They fight some more about Miranda and then Jax brings up Sonny. Brenda says this has nothing to do with Sonny, but Jax disagrees because Sonny brought her back to break them up. He begs her not to let Sonny win. Brenda starts criticizing Miranda and how she always ends up looking shallow in comparison to Miranda. Jax says he's trying to be fair, but Brenda screams that she doesn't feel like being fair right now and goes on about Miranda manipulating him. Jax can't listen anymore and exits. Brenda calls after him that nobody's perfect. She throws a pillow from the couch around and then says that she'll prove to him that nobody's perfect. She picks up the phone and starts calling someone.

At the Spencers' hiding place. Laura is pleading with Mac not to take Luke in. They argue some more and Sonny walks in to try to help convince Mac to let them go. He yells at Tom for not following instructions and Tom says he doesn't take orders from Sonny. Luke tries to convince Mac again that Stefan is trying to frame him for Katherine's shooting. Mac comes up with the scenario that while Luke was threatening Stefan, he shot at him and accidentally hit Katherine instead. Luke says Bobbie was there and will vouch for him. Sonny says they're wasting time, that Mac is outnumbered and tells the Spencers to get their stuff and get ready to go. Mac says that no one is going anywhere. Luke promises to come back after he gets Leslie and the family to Switzerland, but Mac says he can't trust him after their stunt of faking Laura's death. Luke promises that after his name is cleared he won't hear of them again in Port Charles if Mac will just let him get his family to Switzerland. They make the case for Leslie's recovery and need to get to the swiss clinic and Tom backs up their story. Suddenly we hear a loud voice being amplified from outside. It's Taggert saying that he's got the place surrounded, so put down your weapons and put your hands where they can be seen. Mac says you heard the man and pulls out his gun. Luke goes to the door and opens it to face Taggert. He says he's unarmed and Taggert orders Luke AND Laura's arrest (Laura's an accessory). Then he waltzes in and yells at Mac for not calling for backup. Mac yells back and asks how Taggert got there in the first place. He was following Tom, like Mac told him to and when Mac went and then Sonny entered and Mac didn't come out Taggert got worried and called for backup. Sonny mouths off and Taggert orders his arrest which Mac agrees with. They cuff Sonny and Tom. Laura asks Mac to take the kids to Ruby's and Mac agrees. Leslie starts getting upset. Mac tells the other police officers not to cuff the women and when Taggert protests Mac tells him that he better listen to him or he'll have Taggert collecting tolls on the interstate for the rest of his career. Taggert backs down and Mac calls for an ambulance for Leslie. Taggert takes Sonny and Tom outside to van waiting to take them to the police station. Sonny asks Taggert what his beef with him is. Sonny says it seems personal, but Taggert brushes off the comment and pushes him towards the van. Mac apologizes to the Spencers and promises to help and to post a 24-hour guard at the house until this mess is cleared up. Laura is sitting on the couch looking awfully distressed and says that she has to find Nikolas before he finds out the truth from someone else. She promises to come and see Luke after she meets with Nikolas and Luke is cuffed and taken out to the police van. Laura watches him being taken away through the window. Lucky comes over and asks her if she's ok, but Laura is upset and sends him upstairs to check on LuLu. Laura approaches Leslie and starts crying. "It's all falling apart. Everything is falling apart." Leslie looks up at her and touches her arm. "Don't cry Laura," she says. Laura is overjoyed at this development in her mother's condition and cries even more and gives her a hug. Leslie smiles. Outside in the van Tom apologizes for letting himself be followed and Sonny scolds him for doing it. Luke says that this whole scenario was an accident waiting to happen because he tried to hide too close to Port Charles with a dog and two kids, a wife and Leslie. Tom mentions that Stefan really stacked 'em up today--he's got Sonny and Luke and a reason to get rid of him, too. Luke says not to worry about Stefan, that he's got a lot of explaining to do.

In Katherine's hospital room. Nikolas is upset about Laura and how he never told her that he loved her. Katherine reassures him that she knew that he did. Nikolas apologizes for getting so emotional, but Katherine tells him it's ok to be open because they're friends. Nikolas mentions that he could never act like that in front of his uncle and Katherine criticizes Stefan for being rude and not coming to visit her after he went to all the trouble to get a specialist to come in and operate on her earlier. She tells Nikolas to tell him her opinion and that the only thing that "uncle" has going for him is Nikolas. Nikolas smiles and then gives her a book on Tai Chi Kwan, the martial art he was practicing when they met that is alos know to have restorative powers of the mind and body. Katherine thanks him and Nikolas gives her short kiss on the lips just as Miranda walks in. She apologizes for intruding and goes to leave, but Katherine stops her. Nik and Miranda are introduced and then Nik exits. Katherine says that she has a mad crush on Nikolas and if he were a little older she'd have to marry him. Then she asks Miranda to fill her in on what happened with the divorce and Miranda does so. In the end Miranda says that they're better off now because she and Jax are different people. Katherine asks Miranda about her past, but Miranda avoids talking about it. Later Katherine is fingering her tree necklace from Stefan. She falls asleep and later wakes up to see Stefan standing by the window telling Katherine to come and join him. She starts to go to him and falls off her bed and looks up to see that Stefan wasn't really there. She lies on the floor and looks at the necklace in her hand and asks, "Where are you?"

At the Cassadine mansion Stefan comes into the living room and sees Katherine dressed up in a gown with a drink in her hand sitting on the couch. She stands up and asks him if he'd like a drink. Suddenly Kat turns into Bobbie and she notes Stefan's surprised look on his face. Bobbie is concerned and Stefan says that he just got back from visiting Laura's grave. They talk for a while about his feelings about her death and how they're affecting Nikolas. He mentions that he thinks Nikolas was there earlier, too. Bobbie fills him in on what happened at Monica's trial and remarks on how something so horrible has brought Monica and Alan closer together. Bobbie hopes there's still a chance for she and Luke to patch up their differences. She says that maybe Luke will even realize he was wrong about Stefan. Stefan gives her a look and they both laugh. Bobbie says, "yeah, right" and then asks Stefan if he has a San Francisco bridge to sell her. They hug. Bobbie exits and later Nikolas enters while Stefan is going over some paperwork. He tries to have a conversation with Nikolas, but they end up fighting. Nikolas tells him he's got a message from Katherine Bell for him. He tells him about how she feels about him not having visited her and Stefan promises to visit her tomorrow. Nikolas goes to leave and Stefan asks him if he went to Laura's grave. Nikolas says he did and they fight about Laura's, um, honesty and all of Stefan's lies about Laura and Leslie's "first" death. Nikolas says that Laura would stil be alive if he hadn't come to Port Charles. Stefan points out that LeslieLu would've died, though. They fight some more and Stefan says that no matter what he still loves Nikolas, even though his other family members are gone. He offers to send Nik back to Greece because he's so unhappy, but Nikolas says that he's staying because Bobbie convinced him to, so that he could do something good to honor his mother. Stefan tells him not to forget that he's a Cassadine, but Nikolas says that that's for him to decide now and goes to exit. Stefan COMMANDS him to come back, but Nikolas looks at him and says that he's sorry, those days are over and exits. Later Stefan is getting ready to go to the hospital to make last preparations for the tribute to Laura and Leslie when Nikolas enters to say good night. Bobbie is there and asks him to keep her company for a while and to be her escort at the big event tomorrow because Stefan will be so busy. Nikolas says he's going because he wants to give his mother the respect that he could not give her when she was alive.

Wednesday, February 5, 1997

by Jessica Greig

At the Cassadine's mansion Bobbie tells Nikolas that she thinks Laura would be very pleased if he would represent the family at the ceremony honoring her and Leslie at GH. Bobbie says that she sees lots of Laura in Nikolas--they both have a big heart. She asks him to be her escort there (again) and he agrees and exits. Bobbie and Stefan talk about the change in Nikolas that happened after Laura's "death" and Stefan vents his frustration over the fact that Nikolas seemingly misinterpreting everything that he says. Bobbie explains that Nikolas has been hurt by all the changes in his life this past year and by the fact that Stefan never told him that Leslie was alive all those years. Bobbie says that Nikolas is just learning that his idol is only human, but that Nik loves Stefan and that love will win out. Stefan thanks Bobbie and exits to head over to GH.

Katherine is being tucked into her hospital bed by Audrey and another hospital worker. She fell on the floor during a dream in which she saw Stefan and was able to stand by herself. Audrey says that she got on the floor by herself, so maybe she can do more than she thinks she can. Audrey says she's going to send a doctor in to look at her and Katherine tells her about the guy on the night shift that comes to visit her. Audrey exits and Katherine looks at her "tree necklace" from Stefan. Later, Stefan enters the room and Katherine tells him that she knew he would come because she dreamt it. She tells Stefan about her dream and he tells her he thinks it symbolizes that she's ready to walk again. Katherine talks about how happy and optimistic she is because of Stefan and she tells him that it must be wonderful to have such a positive affect on people. Stefan has visions of the explosion that supposedly killed Laura and tells her that he usually has the opposite affect on people. In fact, he's not who she thinks he is at all. Stefan describes how life was a game to him and he enjoyed the pursuit of his goals much more than he enjoyed actually arriving at the goals. He liked his life that way up until recently when he began to wonder about his destination in life. He thinks that maybe arriving is most important, not the pursuit, and belonging somewhere and to someone is also important. Stefan says that the person that Katherine sees in him he doesn't recognize. Then he describes how much being with her helps him to get through everything and she feels the same about him. He touches her face and looks like he's going to kiss her, but stops. He kisses her on the forehead instead and goes to exit. He looks back at her longingly from the doorway and exits leaving Katherine with a confused and worried look on her face.

In Rochester, where the Spencers have been hiding, we see Laura holding her mother who has just told her not to cry. Laura is overjoyed that her mother has recognized her. She pulls away crying and looks at her mother and Leslie says, "My baby!" Laura hugs her again and says that she knew this day would come. She calls to Lucky to come and meet his grandmother, but by then Leslie has gone back into her trance-like state again. Mac and Lucky come in to find the same Leslie they saw when they left. Laura is crushed and says that she wishes they could have made it to the clinic and Lucky suggests still sending her there, but Laura won't let Leslie go by herself. She can't take her because she's got to stay and fight with Luke to clear his name. She just has something to do first. "Nikolas," Lucky says with a tear in his eye. Laura confirms his suspicion. Lucky gives her a hard time about going to see him, but eventually agrees it's the right thing to do, though he makes it clear that his opinion of Nikolas hasn't changed. Mac promises them safe passage back into Port Charles and suggests calling Kevin in to consult, even though he doesn't have his medical license anymore. Laura agrees as long as he's not told what the case is about or WHO it involves until he gets to the house. She doesn't want Nik to find out about her being alive before she can tell him herself. Mac says that it's too late to catch the early edition anyway and calls Kevin. Then Laura calls Bobbie and Bobbie is shocked when she recognizes the voice on the phone.

Kevin arrives at the house after Laura leaves and examines Leslie. He talks to her and shines a light in her right eye. He looks up at Mac with an awful look on his face and asks him what happened to her. Mac says that the Cassadines did it to her and Kevin is shaken (maybe he's going to reconsider thinking about taking that job offer from Stefan, hmm?). Lucky complains about messing up and throwing the gun into the rocks the night Luke threatened Stefan. Mac says not to blame himself and that faking someone's death is a really serious offense. Lucky asks how bad things will be for Laura if Luke is found guilty and Mac sighs and looks away...

At the police station Luke is being interrogated by a very, very, more-than- he-usually-is arrogant Taggert. Luke claims that Stefan set the bomb to kill Laura and Leslie and that he found out about the set up in the nick of time through a computer game that Stefan had created for Lucky. He got there just in time to save them and thought faking her death was the only way to keep Laura safe from the Cassadines. He also claims that this plan was a spur of the moment kind of deal and that Sonny and Tom were brought in after they were in Rochester and that they both tried to talk Luke out of trying to leave the country and continue with the whole charade (In other words, he lied a lot). Taggert asks him how 2 dead bodies, one with a wedding ring with the inscription "Luke and Laura" on it, were found so conveniently at the scene of the crime if hadn't planned the whole thing before the explosion. Luke blames it all on Cassadine. Tom suggests pulling Taggert in for questionning, but Sonny says that Taggert won't do that because he wants to get Sonny no matter what and Taggert pretty much agrees with him. Taggert says that he has to follow the evidence, which leads him right to the three of them. Taggert exits for a few minutes and Luke asks Sonny if he's ever spent a night in a holding cell before and Sonny says it'll be no problem only he says that a too many times and seems very nervous. When Taggert returns Sonny asks him to see his lawyer and Tom asks for his. They all ask for their one phone call. Taggert wants to do it all in the morning, but Luke wins his phone call. Taggert refuses to let anyone see their lawyer, even though it is revealed that Sonny's lawyer is already there at the police station. Tom and Sonny are put in a holding cell and Sonny has flashbacks of being beaten with a belt and being put in a closet (claustrophobia!). Luke calls Rochester and gets an update about the situation there from Lucky. Luke wants to talk to Laura, but Lucky says she's already off to go and see Nikolas.

A short time later in thick fog at night Bobbie and Laura meet on the beach on Spoon Island. Bobbie asks Laura if it's really her and Laura says it is. Then Bobbie slaps Laura (!) and says, "You selfish bitch!" They argue about her deceiving everyone, but Laura asks her to hold off her anger until after she tells Nikolas that she's alive. She asks for Bobbie's help in telling him, but Bobbie is livid and goes off on Laura. Laura tries to explain her actions by describing what Stefan did to Leslie, but Bobbie can only see that Stefan saved Leslie's life and Lulu's and the hospital. She says that Luke has brainwashed her against Stefan and tells her how hurt Nikolas was by this whole fiasco. She tells Laura to do everyone a favor and stay dead! Laura says she can't because their cover has been blown and she wants to tell her son that she's alive before he finds out from someone else. Bobbie says Nikolas is HER son now and goes on about Stefan feeling responsible for her death and how guilty he feels. Laura says that she's afraid for Bobbie because she knows sooner or later Stefan will do something to Bobbie and still end up looking like a victim himself. Bobbie screams that she won't let Laura say anything else bad about Stefan and then asks Laura if Luke filled her in on the details of her funeral--which she was banned from! Bobbie tells Laura that Amy was so upset she had to take a leave of absence from the hospital and Ruby aged 10 yrs after her death and Luke and the kids leaving Port Charles. She also says that Nikolas has been walking around like a ghost. Laura begs bobbie to help her make it easier to tell Nikolas and Bobbie screams that she's not going to make it easier for Laura to torture Nikolas some more. They fight about Laura choosing Luke and Lucky and Lulu over Nikolas and Laura says that she couldn't just stand there and watch her two sons kill each other. Then we hear a voice say "Who's there?" It's Nikolas. He starts walking down the steps and almost falls due to the shock of seeing Laura alive before him.

Thursday, February 6, 1997

by Jessica Greig

Stefan is at Laura's grave. Alexis comes up behind him and asks him why he wanted to meet in the graveyard. Stefan says he wants to say goodbye. Stefan talks about how fed up he is with his life and how he feels like he's suffocating. Alexis says that it's understandable because of what happened to Laura... Stefan shouts that it's not all about Laura. He feels like his whole life is dragging him down and he's sick of being needed. Alexis suggests a vacation and Stefan gets mad at her for trivializing the situation. Alexis says that she's not doing that and tells him that he can't leave because then there'd be no one to head the family. Stefan offers Alexis the job. Alexis suggests that Stefan is afraid that Katherine Bell will identify him as the shooter and so he wants to run away before he gets caught. Alexis tells him that he has a life in Port Charles and he can't just give it up. Stefan says he doesn't feel like his life is his own. Alexis tells him he has all of the power that he can make his life his own, he controls everything. Stefan says that's not true-- Laura's still dead and Katherine may never walk again. Alexis tells him that those aren't reasons to run away. She reminds him of Nikolas and how he's too young to take on the responsibilities of running the family and Stefan says that he hadn't considered Nikolas when he was thinking of leaving. Alexis asks Stefan what this all really is about and Stefan admits it's about Katherine and how much he wants to be with her. Alexis tries to rationalize away the feelings that he has for Katherine and convinces Stefan to wait a few days before making any decisions about going away and Stefan agrees. Alexis says she has to be in court and exits. Stefan kneels down on Laura's grave and remembers a time long ago when Nikolas was a baby and he missed his chance to tell Laura that he loved her. He asks "Laura's spirit" if he had told her he loved her that day would she have gone back to Luke. He says that he lost Laura because he waited and he won't make that same mistake again. He kisses his hand and touches the headstone and exits.

Katherine is in her hospital room lying in bed (as usual) figuring the "tree necklace" that Stefan gave her. She remembers the last time she saw Stefan and how he almost kissed her. Miranda enters looking for Mac. She wants to find out if he has any old pictures of her from before the accident. Katherine is surprised that Miranda is showing an interest in her past because she seemed reluctant to think about it before, when Katherine had asked her about it. Katherine asks her why she's so interested all of a sudden, but Miranda is too preoccupied with Kat's tree necklace to answer. She takes it from Katherine and gets all nervous and asks her where she got the necklace from (Miranda=Cassadine, I think) and Katherine tells her it's from her secret friend. Miranda says it's beautiful and unique and that it's extraordinary craftsmanship. Miranda asks Kat if she knows her friend's name yet and Katherine says no. Miranda is all of a sudden in a hurry to exit and rushes out of the room not even hearing Katherine's last words to her (something like, I'll ask Mac about those photos for you). In the hallway, Miranda leans up against the door and lets out a huge sigh. She's really worried about something. Later, Stefan enters. He says that he needed to see her. Katherine is pleased and tells him that he looks troubled. Stefan tells her he has something to tell her. Katherine waits. Stefan says he's not who she thinks he is. Katherine asks, "Who is?" He then just says it. "I'm Stefan Cassadine."

At the main desk in the renovated GH (the new set looks cool) Lucy and Audrey are talking about all the hard work that the renovations took and about how hard it is to believe that Laura and Steve are gone. Lucy also defends Luke and says that he could never have shot Katherine and that even though the kids are on the run, Luke is probably doing a good job of taking care of them. Audrey exits after confirming the time when the memorial service for Laura and Leslie will start. Lucy walks over to the plaque on the wall that says that the renovations are dedicated to the memory of Laura and Leslie. Then her cell phone rings. It's Luke. Lucy is ecstatic. He tells her he's in jail and asks her to help him. Later, in the police station in a visitation room, I guess, Lucy enters and gives Luke a huge hug. The policeman there says they can't hug-- Tagger's orders (ugh!). Lucy is all excited and ready to help Luke get out in anyway possible and suggests getting a saw or some other outrageous ideas. Luke says he needs her understanding and then tells Lucy that Laura is alive. Lucy doesn't believe him at first and then it sinks it. At first she's elated, but then it sinks in that Luke lied to her. They argue about it and she gets so angry that she says their friendship is over and she leaves. Luke looks upset about it and then Lucy reenters and asks him what he needs. Luke tells her he's crazy about her, but Lucy tells him that she came back because she doesn't treat her friends the way Luke treats his. She says she's going to help him because the Cassadines are swooping down on her Kevin and Luke may be the only one that can stop it from happening. Lucy posts his bail and Luke and Lucy go to exit to check on Laura and the kids, when Alexis enters. She sees Luke and is surprised. Luke says they have to go to the "Cassadine mouthpiece" and they exit. Alexis tries calling Stefan, but of course he's otherwise occupied.

Nikolas is coming down the stairs to the beach on Spoon Island. He sees Laura and says, "You're alive." He falls into her arms and they hold onto each other so tightly. Laura and Bobbie exchange concerned looks. Nikolas pulls away for and says that he can't believe this is happening. Laura tries to explain to him right away what happened, but Nikolas has things that he wants to tell her first. They argue for a while and Nikolas finally says, "Mother, let me finish." Laura is shocked that he called her mother, because it's the first time that he's ever said it to her before. Nikolas says he can't wait one more minute to tell her that he's sorry for treating her so badly and that he didn't understand until it was too late how much she realy loved him. He says that he understands that the only reason she left him was because she had no other choice. Laura tries to get him to stop because she knows how hurt he will be when he hears what really happened and she tells him that what happened to him was truly unfair. Nikolas says it doesn't matter now and he has tears in his eyes when he says they can start over. Laura is overjoyed. Nikolas tells her that he loves her and Laura grabs him and hugs him so hard and tells him she loves him too and that she's always loved him, butnever more than this moment. Nikolas pulls away and asks her what happened. He guesses that Luke forced her away against her will. Bobbie speaks up now and challenges Laura to tell him the truth. Laura explains that Leslie is still alive and that she went freely with Luke and that Stefan had nothing to do with the explosion. Nikolas finally sees clearly what Laura is saying and Laura makes no excuses about leaving. She apolgizes and Nikolas says that sorry is her middle name. He asks her if she's sorry for abandoning him, sorry for choosing Lucky and Luke over him. Nik asks if Lucky knew this whole time that she was alive and Laura says that he did. Nikolas reminds her that she said she loved her sons equally and points out what a hypocrite she is. Laura says she had no choice and Nikolas says that of course she didn't because the Cassadines are to blame for everything (sarcastically). He says that she came to him with tears and protestationsof love, but what she put him through was just all a game. He tells her that Helena pales in comparison to her because Helena doesn't stab someone that she loves in the heart and then twist it around for good measure. Laura says that Luke was afraid he'd tell Stefan and that's why they couldn't tell him that she was alive. Nikolas says that he's just a Cassadine and so his tears don't count. He asks Laura if Luke enjoyed this, getting Laura to leave her son for the third time. Laura says she made a huge mistake and Nikolas DISagrees. He says now she can be honest for once and just admit that she doesn't give a damn about him. He says that he made her into some kind of saint in his head and now he won't make the mistake of missing her again. He tells her to go back to her "real family." Laura tells him she thought of sneaking away to tell him that she was alive and that Luke promised that when they got Leslie to a clinic that they would come back for him. Nikolas asks why would they come back--to get him in case LeslieLu got sick again and they needed him. Nik tells her not to worry about that, he'll be there for his sister. He'll gladly shoulder the responsibility of LuLu's life. He shouts at Laura that nothing about her is real and tells her that he should have heeded his uncle's warnings about her. He says that he's a Cassadine and so they have nothing else to say to each other. Laura pleads with him not to do this, but Nikolas just looks at her and says that she's dead to him and exits. Laura tries to go after him, but Bobbie stops her and they fight. Bobbie threatens to call the cops and get her removed from her property. Laura's cell phone rings and she rushes off to take care of some emergency, leaving Bobbie to look for Nikolas.

At Laura's grave. Nikolas picks up the daisies he left her there the day before and tears them to pieces and says, "Goodbye, Mother."

The Quartermaines and Co. and Ruby and Amy and lots of others are at the ceremony to honor Laura and Leslie and the hospital. Monica talks about how great Laura was and then Audrey starts to dedicate the renovations to Laura and Leslie when the elevator doors open and out walks Laura. Everyone gasps...

Friday, February 7, 1997

by Jessica Greig

Ned and Brenda are at the Gatehouse. Brenda asks Ned for all of the information he has about Miranda, but Ned has none to give. Brenda gets a weird feeling, like the feeling she got the day Sonny almost died of a heroin overdose. Ned compares the feeling to one he gets at night when he knows that Lois is up with the baby in Brooklyn. Brenda resolves to get info on Miranda. The phone rings. It's someone calling to tell Ned that Sonny is in jail. Brenda rushes out. Ned smiles and says that Sonny's days are numbered as an ELQ board member. He says, "Look out Brooklyn, here I come!" There's a knock at the door. It's Lois and the baby...

At the police station. Tom is freaking out about the fact that Luke was released and that he might get charged with something. Sonny says that won't happen. Luke will get off and so will they. Tom complains about the media coverage the situation might bring. He then notices that Sonny is pale and sweating and asks him if he's having a panic attack. Taggert enters and starts banging a club (I thought they only did that in movies--old movies) agains the bars. Taggert assumes that Sonny is suffering from drug withdrawal. Tom and Sonny complain about their civil rights being violated because they can't see their lawyers or make any phone calls. Taggert says the paperwork isn't done yet. Taggert goes off about Sonny's "heroin addiction" again and says no one will believe Sonny's claims of his rights being violated. Tom says he can substatiate Sonny's claims. Taggert says that Tom is free to go. Tom starts to leave, but then decides to stay until Sonny gets out. Taggert is surprised, but can do nothing. He tells Tom he's crazy to want to sit for another five hours in the cell with Sonny while he goes through withdrawal. He makes some more remarks to Sonny and exits. Sonny ask Tom why he stayed. Tom guesses that Sonny is claustrophobic. Sonny says the cops can't find out or they'll call him in and keep him in a cell for anything including jaywalking, just to see him sweat and see if they can get him to talk. Tom guesses that the cause of his claustrophobia is childhood trauma. Sonny has flashbacks of being beaten and stuck in a closet as a kid. Tom provokes Sonny with too many questions and Sonny pins Tom to the wall. Brenda enters and screams and Sonny to stop.

At the hospital. Laura enters during the dedication of the renovations to her and to Leslie. Everyone is shocked and wants answers. Instead of giving them, Laura begs Alan to come with her to see her mother. Everyone is stunned to hear that Leslie is still alive. Luke and Lucy enter. Laura begs Alan and he finally agrees to go with her. Amy, Ruby, Tony and just about everyone else yell at Luke for what he put them through. Edward criticizes Luke for what he did. Luke goes on about Stefan shooting Katherine, but Edward won't believe it. Luke is left alon with Lucy, who stuck up for him. Mac comes over and tell Luke that Laura and Alan are with Kevin and Leslie. Some men with the mayors office come for Mac because the mayor wants to talk to him. Mac goes to the side to talk to them and comes back later. Mac asks Luke to tell Katherine that Stefan is probably the persone that shot her. He agrees to do it. Luke tells him that Sonny and Tom are stil in jail. Mac leaves.

AJ, Justus, Keesha, Alan, and Monica talk about how horrible Luke and Laura were to do that. Audrey finds out that Tom knew Laura was alive and didn't tell her.

In Katherine's hospital room. Stefan tells Katherine that he's the one that shot her. He tells her that it was an accident. He meant to just shoot at a tree to with Luke's gun, so that he could frame Luke for attempted murder (of Stefan). Stefan says that he couldn't stop himself from shooting when he saw Katherine there--it was too late. Katherine gets angry and asks him why he's telling her now. Stefan says he no longer has a choice. He expresses his deep emotions for Katherine and tells her he can't stay away from her. Katherine just gets angry and basically tells him that she doesn't want to see him anymore and throws the necklace he gave her at him. Stefan doesn't leave and picks up the unharmed necklace and gives it back to her. He tells her he'll leave if she wants him to...Luke enters.

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