General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on GH

Lois returned to Port Charles with her baby daughter. Ned and Monica's affair was revealed during the sexual harassment trial. Stefan vowed revenge on the Spencers. Felicia feared that her relationship with Tom was beyond repair.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on GH
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Monday, February 10, 1997

Lois is in the doorway of the Gatehouse with the baby. Ned is surprised to see her there. He invites her and the baby inside. Lois introduces little Brook to her father. Ned takes Brook in his arms. Lois says that she can go and get her car seat, so that he can put her down, but Ned wants to keep holding her. They talk about whether or not she looks like Lois, Ned, or Lois' father. Lois apologizes, not for leaving, but for keeping Ned from his daughter for so long. Ned asks if he can give Brook a present and Lois agrees. Ned walks over to the closet and opens it up to reveal that it's completely stuffed with presents. He gives the baby a brown teddy bear to play with. Lois is shocked. Ned says overkill is his middle name. He asks her when Brook's nap time is and Lois says is was a half an hour ago. Ned pulls out a basonnette from the closet and lays his daughter down inside it. Lois tells him to count to ten and little Brook is asleep by the time he gets to 7. Ned is surprised and asks if she does that every time. Lois says she does, she's just like her mom. Ned whispers sweet things to his child adn Lois tells him that he doesn't have to whisper. She plays Eddie Maine records for Brook all the time, even though he's sort of retired right now. Ned guesses that Brenda has been writing to her about Ned. Lois says Brenda calls her or leaves her long messages on her ansering maching. Lois also admits to getting updates from Robin. Brenda told Lois about Ned's plan to get her back. Ned is a little upset because Brenda hasn't told him anything about Lois. Lois says she asked Brenda not to say anything. Lois asks Ned about how he got Jax off the ELQ board. Ned admits that he muscled Jax off the board by blackmailing him with information about his first wife that he got from Sonny and Brenda, even though Brenda told him the info as a friend--not a source. Lois is upset, but Ned defends his actions by pointing out some bad things that Jax has done in the past. He announces that he'll be leaving ELQ soon and coming to be with her if she'll still have him. Lois doesn't respond and Ned wonders if she still loves him. She says she's sure that she does. Ned then asks if she still wants to be married to him, but stops her before she can answer. Lois asks him if he's angry with her and they argue for a few minutes, but Ned stops and says that he's so happy she and their daughter are there that he shouldn't ask for anything more.

Nikolas is at Laura's grave. Bobbie comes and Nik tries to get her to go away, but she won't. Bobbie tells him that Laura wanted to follow him after their confrontation, but she wouldn't let her do it. Nikolas asks Bobbie why Laura lied to him and left him again. He says that Laura must really hate him, but Bobbie disagrees. She says Laura's just used to being excused. Bobbie then tells Nikolas about her own troubles with her mother and father when she was younger. She tells the story of how her mother died of appendicitis because her father was passed out drunk and couldn't take her mother to the hospital. Nikolas asks her how she dealt with it and Bobbie says she just hung onto Luke and he got them to Florida and their Aunt Ruby's. She tells Nikolas that the idea that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger is a crock. She says that whatever doesn't kill you is your life. She encourages Nikolas to get through his pain. She knows he can do it because he's done it before. Bobbie tells him if life gets too hard his family will always be there for him--the Cassadine side of the family. She tells him that one day he'll wake up and feel like God remembered him at last. Nikolas says that he wants Laura to cry at his grave and he wants to be able to watch. Bobbie asks him to trust her when she says that Laura wasn't trying to hurt him. She was just going along with one of Luke's schemes that he probably gave her like 5 minutes to think about and she figured she would just worry about the consequences later. Nik doesn't understand how she can live that way. Then he expresses all the guilt he feels for having blamed Stefan for Laura's death. Bobbie tells him that Stefan loves him no matter what. They talk about the differences between Bobbie and Luke and Bobbie tells Nikolas that he's a good person. She offers to drive him to the hospital so that he can talk to Stefan. They exit.

In the holding cell Sonny is trying to deal with his claustrophobia. He's got Tom pinned up against the wall. Brenda enters and tells Sonny that his lawyer is there and tells the guard to let him out. The guard tells her he can't let Sonny out because of Taggert's orders. Brenda charms him with the promise of a box of Jax perfume for his wife and just as she's getting somewhere Taggert enters with a club (!) in his hand. Tom asks where Sonny's attorney is and Taggert makes excuses about the paperwork not being done. She tells Taggert to let him out now unless he wants to take Sonny's place in the holding cell there tonight. Tom points out how angry Mac is going to be when he finds out what Taggert is doing, but Taggert is unmoved and mentions that Mac might not be police commisioner after his talk with the mayor that he's having right now. Brenda says that if Taggert doesn't let them out she's going to call the press. She explains that she is the model for Jax cosmetics and she can get the press there in a second, ready to hear anything she has to say. She says they'll love to hear about the poor state of the civil liberties in New York. Taggert asks Brenda if she can spell that. Then he asks Sonny if he always lets girls fight his battles for him and Sonny says only if their good at it. Brenda orders him to let Sonny go and Mac enters and tells Taggert to let Tom and Sonny go.

At Jax and Brenda's. There's a knock at the door. Jax answers it. It's Miranda. She apologizes for not calling ahead of time. Miranda thanks him again for the book of poems and for the old picture of the two of them together. She says it made her grateful to all of her surgeons and hairdressers. She asks him if he still has the photo album of all of their time togther that he had before. Jax says that he does. Miranda asks him for it, so that she can have a ceremonial burning of them. Jax is suspicious (and rightfully so) and asks her if she wants to the burn the pictures to protect herself. She confirms that and Jax asks her if she's being stalked. Miranda says that she just wants to protect herself from being ambushed by someone from her past. Miranda asks him to send her the pictures and not bring them in person because she's going to be keeping clear of him, now that they're divorced. Jax refuses to give her the pictures if he's not going to get to see her at all. The phone rings. It's Virgil, his chauffeur. He tells Jax he's at central lock-up and that Brenda has been in there for a long time and he's worried about her. Jax is confused about why Brenda is there when she said she'd be at Ned's. He says he's coming down there and hangs up the phone...

In the park, Sonny apologizes to Tom for jumping him in the cell and Tom accepts his apology. Tom exits. Sonny is worried about Brenda being out in the open unprotected, but Brenda reminds him that her driver is right across the street and the she _is_ there with him. They sit down on a bench and Sonny compliments her on how well she was with Taggert earlier. He tells her that he's glad she was smart enough not to mention his claustrophobia because if the cops knew about it it would prompt them to bring him in and hold him over night any time they had an excuse. Brenda tells him that he doesn't have to feel like he can't trust her ever again. Cut to Harry in the bushes watching their conversation and taking pictures of it. Brenda and Sonny get up and Sonny thanks her for her help. They're about to leave when Jax walks up. Meanwhile, Harry has called someone offering them front page material--Mob boss and the model pictures.

In Katherine's hospital room. Luke enters and Stefan tries to get him to leave by threatening to call the police, but Luke says that he's already been to the police station and now he's out on bail. He tries to get Katherine to realize that Stefan is the one who really shot her (of course she already knows that because he told her the truth minutes before Luke got there). He tells her that Stefan preys on vulnerable women, like his sister, Bobbie and asks her to help him put a stake in this vampire's (Stefan's) heart. Luke recreates the mood of the night and describes the fog and dampness. He brings her into a sort of trance and she relives what happened in her mind. She sees Stefan shoot her. She remembers and Luke can tell. He urges her to admit that she remembers, but for some reason Katherine protects Stefan. She says she can remember her feelings up to the shooting, but can't remember the shooting itself. Then she looks up at Stefan. Luke says that he'll come back another time to talk about it and Katherine asks him not to. Stefan mentions that Luke seems ok after only a few short weeks of mourning his wife. Luke asks him if he's seen Nikolas lately and Stefan asks him why. Luke tells him he should talk to him and exits. Stefan asks Katherine why she covered up for him and Katherine can't explain why. She tells him to go look for Nikolas. Stefan exits and Luke reenters. He says he was stupid to ask her about it while Stefan was in the room, but Katherine sticks to her story. Luke warns her that Stefan won't let her turn him in and he'll turn into something like Leslie--someone with the faculities of a shoebox--if he think she's going to cross him. Luke gives her his phone number and goes to leave. Katherine tells him that if he doesn't want her as an enemy he'll leave Nikolas alone. Luke tells her to call him and exits.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Stefan runs into Nikolas. Stefan tells Nikolas that Luke is back in town and asks him if he's seen him. Nikolas says he's only seen Laura. Stefan is stunned. Nikolas is surprised that Stefan hasn't heard the news that Laura is still alive and tells him that the whole thing was a hoax. Stefan grabs Nik's face and asks him to repeat what he just said and Nik tells him that Laura is alive. Stefan is so shocked!!!

Luke is in the main area of the hospital heading towards the elevator. The doors open and there is Bobbie. They look at each other...

Tuesday, February 11, 1997

by Jessica Greig

Edward and Lila are in the living room talking. Edward is complaining about Alan punching Dorman during the trial and the news making all of the papers when Ned enters with Brook Lynn. He introduces her to her great-grandparents.

In the park by the police station. Brenda and Sonny try to explain why they're together, but Jax knows that Sonny was arrested and that Brenda came to help him because Virgil (her driver) told him. Jax and Sonny fight about the weird gifts Brenda has been receiving. Jax still thinks that Sonny is sending them (Harry is listening to the whole conversation in the bushes). Brenda tries to get Jax to go home, but the phone rings. It's Lois for Brenda. She's thrilled and rushes off to visit Lois after she makes Sonny and Jax promise not to fight. The two men fight over Brenda some more. Jax points out that no matter what Sonny cooks up to get Brenda to come to him she always returns home to him. Sonny tells Jax it's a good thing that Miranda is around to keep Jax warm, because Brenda always comes back to him (Sonny). Jax gets angry and lunges at Sonny, but Jason comes from behind and pulls Jax down. Jax threatens to kill the two of them if anything happens to Brenda and then tells Sonny to stay away from her and exits. Sonny asks Jason why he's back so early and Jason tells him that Mac called Robin with the news that Laura was still alive and Sonny was in jail. Jason says Mac wasn't too happy to find out that Robin already knew that Laura was alive (Jason told her after the funeral), but was glad that she didn't have to grieve. Sonny admit he's grateful to Brenda and Mac for getting him out of the holding cell before he killed Tom. Taggert comes by at that moment and harrasses them for a while. They learn that Taggert has been taken off the case (what a shame). He exits. Sonny and Jason talk about what happened in Rochester and about Robin's new HIV treatment (she has to take over 30 pills a day!). They exit the park with Sonny telling Jason to call Robin more and to talk more. Jason says he's just being a good listener. Sonny says there's a fine line between being a good listener and being a mute.

Stefan is with Nikolas outside Katherine's hospital room reeling from the realization that Laura is alive. Katherine comes out with an orderly wheeling her and finds out that Laura is alive from Nikolas. She tells them they can use her room to talk because she's off to physical therapy and exits. The two men go into her room and talk about all of Laura's lies. Nikolas apologizes to Stefan for doubting him and proclaims that he was a fool to believe Laura because she hates all of the Cassadines. Stefan has a flashback of Laura kissing him and then agrees with Nikolas. He promises that the Spencers will pay for what they did. Stefan says that they should be going because Katherine will be back soon. Nikolas comes realizes that Laura indirectly caused Katherine's shooting because Kat wouldn't have been on the island if she hadn't wanted to comfort Nikolas. Nik wouldn't have been grieving over Laura's "death" if she'd just told the truth. Nik asks Stefan about how many more lies Laura is going to ruin and Stefan promises that there will be no more. There's a knock at the door. It's Katherine back from physical therapy. Stefan leaves and Nikolas stays to help her get into bed. Katherine assures Nikolas that she's his friend and tells him she's sorry for what Laura did to him. Nikolas again blames Laura for the shooting and says whoever pulled the trigger is going to pay. Katherine looks away.

At the Gatehouse. Lois is listening to Eddie Maine when there's a knock at the door. She turns off the music and answers the door. It's Brenda. They sit down on the couch and gossip about Brenda's reignited feelings for Sonny and her choice to stay with Jax because of the safety he can offer her. Lois admits to Brenda that Ned still makes her knees weak, but she's not sure if she's going to stay or not. She says she doesn't really know Ned, just the parts he lets her see. Brenda tells Lois that he loves her and Brook so much. She describes the night when Brook was born and how Ned held her (Brenda) pretending to be holding Brook in his arms. Lois is touched, but still undecided about staying with Ned. Oh, during their talk, Brenda took another pill for her hip (addiction!). Brenda comments on Lois not having any fingernails. Lois says she's going to grow them back once the baby is out of diapers, but Brenda tells her she looks better without the long fingernails. Ned enters with the baby and Brenda jumps up to say hello to her goddaughter. She takes little Brook in her arms. Ned and Brenda exit to feed the baby and Lois hears a knock at the door and answers it. It's Jax. He apologizes for his part in making Lois leave, but she forgives him and tells him that in the end it was about Ned, not him. Brenda and Ned re-enter and Brenda intros Jax to Brook Lynn. Later, after Jax and Brenda have left, Sonny and Jason come over. Lois scolds Sonny, telling him that he's too thin and that he should call more often. Sonny and Jason meet the baby and Sonny gets to hold her. Sonny tells Lois that she and Ned did a good (referring to Brook). Lois says that they think so.

Still at the hospital. Luke runs into Bobbie. She comments on his hair cut and says that she could have lived without seeing it. She says she could have lived the rest of her life without seeing him at all. She thanks him for banning her from Laura's funeral and sparing her his performance. Bobbie asks him if he feels foolish being "the man who cried Cassadine." Luke says that Stefan shot Katherine Bell and framed him for the shooting, but Bobbie isn't buying it. She says she believes that Luke went back to the island that night and saw a movement in the bushes and thought it was Stefan, so he shot, not knowing it was Katherine. She says that he could have shot her or Nikolas instead, but that would have been no problem because then he would have been shooting a Cassadine. Luke asks her if that's how she sees herself and she says yes, it's better than being a Spencer. She goes to exit, but he stops her. He tells her if she'd rather be a Cassadine then she is one. Luke asks her if Stefan is bribing her with money or drugging her like he did Leslie. Bobbie just tells him to go home to Laura because they deserve each other. Stefan comes at that moment and tells Bobbie they should go home. The elevator doors open at precisely that moment and they go into the elevator and the doors close.

Wednesday, February 12, 1997

by Jessica Greig

Tom and Felicia are in her apartment at the Brownstone. Tom talks about being in Lock-up with Sonny and Leslie Webber's condition. He says that he's not sure about her condition and Felicia says she's unsure about their relationship. They fight about Tom lying to her and not trusting her enough to tell her that Laura was really alive. Tom explains that Luke thought it was the only way to keep everyone safe--including Felicia. He didn't want the Cassadines to hurt Felicia if they found out she had any information about Laura. He tells her that he'd do it again if given the chance. He compares the situation to when Felicia thought that he was her stalker and pulled a gun on her. Felicia says she wouldn't do that again...that's the difference. Tom asks her if she'll ever forgive him for lying to her. Felicia doesn't know because he's let her and the kids LIVE a lie for so long. She exits to check on kids and explain to them about Laura. Later she returns and says the girls have a cold and she'll tell them later about Laura. Tom asks her if she wants him to help her talk to them. Felicia says no. She can't count on him anymore because he violated so much trust. Tom asks for another chance and says that he won't ever do this again, but Felicia reminds him that he said that he would do it again if he had to and asks him not to make promises he can't keep.

Lucy and Kevin are in Luke's. They're sitting at a table talking and then Kevin says he has to go to court. They fight about the idea of Kevin working for the Cassadines (Alexis). Kevin says it feels good to be useful again and they decide to stop arguing about it for now. Kevin exits to go to the courthouse. Meanwhile Jason, Luke and Sonny are talking at the bar about getting the charges dropped and about Taggert being out for Sonny. Justus enters and Sonny and Jason go off to talk in private. Justus offers to be Luke's lawyer, but Luke declines because he needs a full time lawyer. Justus says he's quitting his job at ELQ. Luke agrees to have Justus represent him and then rejoins Sonny and Jason who are now talking to Lucy. Lucy wants some information about the Cassadines and what went on in Rochester because of the fact that Kevin might go and work for Stefan. The guys promise to keep their eyes on the Cassadines and out for Kevin. Luke walks Lucy out as Taggert enters. He's just there to let Sonny know that he's still around. Sonny tells him he's tresspassing if he's not there to arrest him. Taggert smirks and exits. Sonny asks Jason about the background check he ordered on Taggert. Jason says he hasn't found anything that isn't a matter of public record. Sonny expresses that he's worried about people getting the idea that he's a drug dealer because if someone planted drugs on his territory everyone would easily believe the drugs were his. Jason asks him if he thinks that Taggert would frame him and Sonny says that Taggert would do it any way he could. Outside we see Keesha walking and Taggert call out to her. She's there to meet him to talk to him about the information that she got from AJ earlier at the Q's house about Karen Wexler, her drug addiction and her involvment with Sonny and his strip club.

Alexis is At the Quartermaines'. Monica, Alan, Lila, and Edward are there eating breakfast and talking about the case. Ned and Lois walk in and Lila is thrilled to see them back together. Lois says she's just there to introduce Brook Lynn to her daddy, not about a reconciliation. Lois gives everyone a hug, encourages Monica and gets introduced to Alexis. Monica orders Ned to stay away from the courthouse and stay with Lois and the baby. She and the rest of the Q's exit to the courthouse. Lois insists that Ned go and support Monica, but suggests dinner later. She asks him to stay for a little while, though, and help feed the baby. As they exit they run into Keesha and AJ who greet Lois warmly. They talk about Karen, as mentioned before. AJ goes to the courthouse and Keesha goes off to do paperwork for the Charles St. Foundation (she goes to meet Taggert).

Emily is in her room watching the news coverage of the trial when her friend Matt enters. She's cutting to avoid the gossip about Monica at school and he thought he'd keep her company. They talk about the trial and about different CD's. Matt asks if he can put one in, or will someone hear them? Emily says that she could blast Alanis all day and no one would notice because they're so preoccupied with the trial. Matt tells her not to worry, that after it's over they can go back to being one big happy family. Ha, ha. There's a knock at the door. It's Lois. She heard the music and came up to see her. They hug and then Lois notices Matt. She asks if she can come in and Emily says of course. Lois promises not to tell that Emily cut class if she stops watching the news. She intros Matt to Lois and Lois and Emily exit to go raid the refrigerator. Matt stays in the room and reads Emily's diary. Lois and Emily go down to the living room and talk about the baby and the possibility of Lois staying in town. Lois questions her relationship with Matt and Emily assures her that they're not boyfriend and girlfriend and they're not having sex. Lois talks to Emily about how she shouldn't get involved with the wrong crowd, even though it's easy to do at her age and just encourages her to stay true to herself. Emily then exits to get some food. Later, she goes back up to the room and starts watching the news coverage of the trial with Matt. So much for promises.

Meanwhile, Justus enters the living room and he and Lois hug. They talk about a big donation that Ned just arranged for the Ward House. Lois is shocked that there's no strings attached to this donation. She and Justus talk about how Ned has changed since she left. Justus says that he thought Ned was pure Quartermaine, but now he's not so sure because he thinks Ned is just helping him because it's the right thing to do. He encourages Lois to give Ned a second chance and Lois wants to badly.

At the courthouse. Almost all of the Quartermaine clan (minus AJ and Ned) enters and they talk about the trial. Then Dorman and his lawyer enter. Dorman's lawyer calls Alexis over and he announces a surprise witness. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Ned is served with a subpoena to testify. When the judge enters Alexis and Dorman's lawyer argue whether or not Ned should testify because the defense didn't have time to prepare for Ned's testimony. However, the judge allows Ned to be a witness and he is called to the stand.

Thursday, February 13, 1997

by Jessica Greig

The show opens with Audrey and Felicia's door looking for Tom. Felicia says that Tom is with her and invites her inside. She then goes to check on the kids. Audrey and Tom fight about all of his lies about Laura's "death" and about Stefan. Audrey refuses to believe that Stefan is the evil person that Luke has made him out to be. They agree to disagree, more or less. Tom then asks Audrey if she'd be willing to help him with Leslie Webber by talking to Leslie about the past. Audrey agrees and they yell goodbye to Felicia and go to exit to visit the Spencers. They run into Bobbie, say hello, and exit. Bobbie comes in and she and Felicia discuss their frustration with Luke and Laura. Felicia talks about the uncertainty of her relationship with Tom, which is reinforced when she sees Maxi playing "The Laura Spencer game" with Georgie (she pretends to die and then comes back to life over and over again).

Meanwhile, the Spencers and Leslie move back into their house and discuss their failed plan to get out of the country. They talk about trying to make things right again with all of their friends. Lucky is inspired by this talk and calls Emily who is in her room watching the trial with Matt. She basically blows Lucky off and then hangs up on him. Audrey and Tom come over a little while later and Audrey sits with Leslie and talks about old time and old friends, like Jessie Brewer, Steve, and Leslie's husband Rick. She also remembers the time that Laura ran away with what she called every mother's worst nightmare (Luke). Leslie has a flashback of a conversation she had with Audrey about Laura running off with Luke. She says, "I was so worried about her!" Everyone is shocked and thrilled by this breakthrough, even though Leslie reverts back into her drug-induced trance. Audrey promises to come back every morning before work and talk with Leslie. Luke is encouraged and says that maybe there is a chance that they'll be able to find out about what the Cassadines did to Leslie after all. Audrey and Luke argue about his bad attitude toward the Cassadines and Audrey and Tom exit. Laura says that she thinks they should stay in Port Charles because maybe the memories there will help her mother get better.

On the porch outside, Tom and Audrey argue about Stefan. Tom says that Stefan is to blame for Steve's death because stefan duped Steve into bankrupting GH. Audrey disagrees and defends Stefan, but Tom vows to pay Stefa back for killing his father and exits.

In the courtroom. Just as Ned is being sworn in, Lois (who's at the gatehouse) is getting little Brook ready to go to the courthouse and visit her "good daddy." Alexis tries to call a recess when Monica tells her Ned's testimony could be damaging and the Quartermaines are scared. Alan tries to talk to Monica, but Monica doesn't turn around. The recess is denied and throughout his testimony Ned reveals that he worked as a tennis instructor at Green Meadows Spa a long time ago. There he gave lessons to Monica Quartermaine. He is then forced to admit one of the best kept secrets on daytime tv--that he had an affair with Monica. He admits this just as Lois enters the courtroom. She exits shortly after. Alexis cross-examines and enforces the fact that he and Monica were old enough and that the affair was consentual. She also gets him to point out that Monica never used the affair to influence him or hurt him later. Alexis then asks for Ned's testimony to be stricken from the record. The judge says he'll take it under advisement. He says they'll meet again the day after tomorrow and exits. Ned apologizes to Monica and after learning that Lois was there from AJ, runs out to find his wife (he finds her at the gatehouse getting ready to leave). Monica goes to find Alan, Emily gets stoned in her room with Matt and AJ takes a drink from the flask in his coat pocket.

High point of trial coverage: Dorman's lawyer is upset with Dorman for getting him to call Ned to the stand and asks him what happened to him to make him so twisted .

Friday, February 14, 1997

by Jessica Greig

At the courthouse. Monica finds Alan in the hallway and apologizes because her affair with Ned was revealed in court. Alan can't believe that she told Dorman about her affair with Ned because they had spent so many years trying to put it behind them. Monica denies telling Dorman about it. Dorman comes up to them and wishes Monica a happy Valentine's Day. He says that he bets lots of boys watching court TV are wishing they had an Aunt Monica. Alan explodes and threatens to ruin Dorman's career and life. Monica asks Dorman what she ever did to him except leave. They fight some more and Dorman exits. Monica calls Emily and asks her if she saw the coverage of the trial. Emily denies it even though she and Matt have been watching all day in her room. Emily acts weird on the phone because she is STONED! Monica makes her promise to stay there so that they can have a family talk when they get home.

At the Quartermaine Mansion. Emily tells Matt that Alan and Monica are on their way home. Matt remarks on how stoned Emily is and tells her she should eat something before they get home. They find the chocolates Alan bought for Monica for Valentine's Day and eat them--all of them. Alan and Monica enter and Emily apologizes for eating the chocolates, but Alan is not angry. Matt exits and Monica tells Emily that she had an affair with Ned years ago. Emily does a very bad job of acting surprised (she's known for weeks after overhearing a conversation between Ned and Monica). Alan and Monica fight in front of Emily and Alan ends up going to the hospital to do some work and escape his problems with Monica. Matt calls to see how things are going and Emily pretends he's her lab partner for school. Monica goes to exit and asks Emily to come and see her in her room when she's off the phone and Emily agrees to do it. Monica leaves. Emily tells Matt that they didn't even notice she was stoned because of the pressures of the trial, so she can do whatever she wants.

Ned is at the Gatehouse. He arrives just in time to see Lois ready to leave with Brook Lynn. Ned begs her to stay, but she refuses. Ned explains to Lois that he didn't know that he and Monica were related when they had an affair. Lois says she understands that and she knows he didn't cheat on her with Monica. She's just angry because it's one more secret that Ned kept from her. Ned promises that there will be no more secrets between them, but Lois doesn't buy it. Ned says he wants to fight for her love, but Lois just says she's gotta go and exits. Later Justus arrives and Ned informs him that he's going to Brooklyn to be with his wife and daughter, so Justus will have to take over ELQ. When Justus refuses and then tries to quit his job at ELQ, Ned blackmails Justus. He promises he'll tell the whole world that Justus killed Damian Smith if he doesn't take over the job for Ned. Lois, of course, walks in as Ned is blackmailing him and hears everything.

At the Cassadine mansion. Bobbie and Stefan are having a romantic evening in front of the fire. Bobbie complains about Luke and Stefan expresses concern for Leslie. He doubts Luke's ability to care for her properly. They talk about Luke insisting that Stefan is the shooter and the confrontation that Stefan had with Luke in Katherine's hospital room. Bobbie tells Stefan that they should have befriended Katherine sooner because Luke might convince her to lie for him (umm...) and say that Stefan shot her. She urges Stefan to go and talk to her. Stefan protests because it's Valentine's Day, but Bobbie insists. He leaves to go to the hospital.

In Katherine's hospital room. Sonny is there to visit with flowers and a newspaper. Katherine knows that Sonny is there to convince her to finger Stefan as her shooter. Sonny tells her about all the terrible things Stefan could do to her, but Katherine doesn't fall for any of them. Miranda enters later and she and Sonny exchange sarcastic remarks. Sonny leaves the newspaper for Katherine and starts to leave. The headline is about Brenda and Sonny, saying that they've reunited. There is a picture of the two of them on together in the park. Sonny suggests that Miranda should like it, but she says she doesn't like seeing Jax embarrassed. Sonny smirks and exits. Katherine and Miranda talk for a while about Sonny. Katherine reveals that her secret visitor is Stefan Cassadine. Miranda says that Katherine shouldn't count on Stefan to help her get well--she should count on herself. Katherine promises to do so, if Miranda will promise to try to get Jax back. After some protest from Miranda the two agree to the deal and shake hands. Later, Stefan shows up at her door.

In Brenda and Jax's apartment. Brenda comes in with a bag full of packages just as someone is delivering a huge box. Jax signs for the box and the delivery guy exits. Brenda wants to know what's in the box and says she won't give Jax any of his Valentine's Day presents if he doesn't tell her. Jax is about to say something to her when he sees the Sonny/Brenda headline on the newspaper. Brenda apologizes, but amazingly, Jax doesn't get angry. Jax asks for his presents and Brenda gives them to him. 6 pairs of boxer shorts covered in hearts or some other designs for each day of the week. Jax says there are 7 days in the week. Brenda then pulls out some aftershave, which is all she wants him to wear on the 7th day. Brenda asks for her present and Jax pretends that he didn't get her anything. Then tells her the big box is for her, but she's going to have to wait to open it while he goes to try on his boxer shorts. Brenda promises not to peek, but when he's gone she peeks. A loud noise is heard and whatever is in the box starts to inflate. Brenda screams and Jax comes running. It's a lifeboat so that they can take a romantic trip together. They start kissing in the lifeboat when the doorbell rings. It's a man with a registered lette for Jax. he signs for it and the man leaves. It's a note telling Jax his divorce will be final in a week. Brenda is overjoyed and they kiss and kiss and kiss...

At Miranda's apartment. Sonny and Miranda are talking about breaking Jax and Brenda up. Sonny tells her that she's too much of a lady. She doesn't know how to fight for what she wants on her own. Miranda asks for suggestions and Sonny asks her what she nees. Miranda has a vision of Jax saying he's going to leave Brenda and then proclaiming his love for her. Sonny tells Miranda a story about how easy it is to make a house of cards fall down (I'm assuming it's a symbol for Jax and Brenda's relationship). The doorbell rings. It's a man with the registered letter telling Miranda that her divorce to Jax will be final in a week. Sonny says the pressure is on and asks Miranda if she can get the job done...

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There's ANOTHER twist in the works for B&B's Steffy
Kevin Spirtas concludes DAYS run
Steve Burton rejoins former soap -- sort of
Date set for 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards!
Y&R, OLTL alum Chris McKenna reveals he's married
Steve Burton rejoins former soap -- sort of
Y&R's Hunter King heads to Hallmark
Y&R's Kelly Kruger opens up about parenting struggles
Y&R writer teases "slow simmer" for Nikki and Diane rivalry
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