General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on GH

Miranda and Sonny had dinner to discuss Jax and Brenda. Dorman persuaded Rebecca to testify against Monica. Someone grabbed Brenda when she went to the garage to get some pills.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on GH
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Monday, February 17, 1997

Luke visited Bobbie at Wyndemere and tried to draw her in with "family concern," but had actually hoped to have planted a seed of doubt in her about Katherine and Stefan. Meanwhile, Katherine told Stefan that she would have to tell the police the truth if Luke was not cleared. Stefan respected her wishes and hoped that her therapy would not suffer. Sonny tried to push Miranda into fighting for Jax. Brenda received another mysterious Valentine and Jax went to confront Sonny. Jax saw that Miranda was having dinner with Sonny and learned that Sonny did not send the Valentine. Miranda was angry over the danger that Jax could be in and later destroyed her divorce papers. Harry tapped into Brenda's phone and heard her wedding plans. Lois told Ned that she had overheard him blackmailing Justus. Lois told Ned that he had killed their love with Quartemaine lies, but Ned blasted her self righteous attitude and they then realized that there was nothing that tied them together anymore. Justus told Keesha that he would not give into threats and would admit to killing Damian.

Tuesday, February 18, 1997

by Jessica Greig

Stefan assured a skeptical Alexis that Katherine would not turn him in to the police. Laura was shocked when Justus told her that he was the one who had killed Damian Smith. Laura did not take the news well and blasted Justus for not coming forward and did not buy his excuses. Laura learned that Luke had also known about what Justus had done, but Luke explained why he did not tell her the truth. Fearing for Lesley's mental health if they stayed in Port Charles, Laura went to try to reason with Stefan. Ned told Monica, Justus and Alexis that Lois was gone for good. Monica told Ned that she felt responsible for Ned's marital problems and also feared that Alan would leave her. Justus told Ned that he would not give into his threats and Ned assured Justus that he was not going to blackmail him. Alan and Monica argued about Ned, Dorman and their numerous affairs, but later found mutual forgiveness and romance in each other's arms. Lucy told Luke and Laura of her bad vibes about Stefan's job offer to Kevin. Kevin accepted Stefan's offer, but Stefan had bigger plans in mind for him. Nikolas visited the Spencer house and came face to face with Lucky.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

Bobbie visited Katherine, who told her a censored account of Stefan's visits. Nikolas told off Luke and Lucky, but Lucky defended Laura's actions and told Nikolas how much it had hurt Laura to lie to him. Lucky used Lesley's situation to justify what his family had done. Lesley, however, was able to respond and connect with Nikolas. When Luke pressed Lesley for information about the Cassadines, she became frightened and fell silent. Laura tried to be apologetic to Stefan, but his calculated tirade enraged Laura just as Bobbie returned. Meanwhile, Tony's casual comparison of Carly and Bobbie made Carly upset and further increased her insecurities. Lucy had another scary vision about Kevin. Kevin discredited Lucy's vision, and Luke's opinions about the Cassadines, and was determined to accept Stefan's job offer. Alexis arrived to legally "protect" Stefan by ensuring the confidentiality of Kevin's work.

Thursday, February 20, 1997

Laura almost lost control and was ready to lash out at Stefan, but Bobbie returned and blasted Laura. Laura tried, but failed to get through to Bobbie. Stefan caught up with Laura at the Spoon Island docks and threatened to ruin her happiness with the truth. Lesley told Lucky that Lesley Lu resembled Nikolas and asked how Nikolas had saved her. Lucky had no choice but to explain how Nikolas's bone marrow was used to save Lesley Lu. Laura returned and spent time with her daughter but was worried that she had unleashed Stefan to make the ultimate threat. Tony confided in Luke about Lucas's custody suit, but wanted to be sure that it was Stefan who had shot Katherine. Carly lied to Tony about her appointment with Katherine. An irritated Felicia found Tom trying to pursue Stefan by trying to get Katherine to remember her shooter. Meanwhile, Sonny locked horns with Taggert and took the round. Mac told Sonny that Taggert was honest. Sonny told Mac about the danger that Brenda was in and made an informal deal with him. Katherine pushed Miranda to get to Jax and Miranda vowed to make a move.

Friday, February 21, 1997

by Jessica Greig

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