General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on GH

Brenda's stalker was revealed to be Harry. Alan was not pleased when he discovered that A.J. was drinking again. Lesley recognized Monica.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on GH
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Monday, February 24, 1997

Sonny confronted Brenda while Jax met with Miranda. Sonny told Brenda to stop fighting what they both felt about each other and to admit that she loved him. Brenda lied and denied Sonny's claims, despite receiving a passionate kiss from him. Meanwhile, Miranda told Jax how much she had loved him and that she wanted him back. Jax was upset by her actions and tried to make it clear that it was too late to change things. Miranda made Jax angry by telling him that Brenda was no good for him and she later kissed him. Brenda received another scary note which was a copy of her Jax cosmetics ad with a picture of Lily's face pasted over her own. Meanwhile, Sonny had another run in with Taggert. Despite Monica's disruption of the trial, Dorman's "witness" stuck to her story. Alexis saw Moncia's testimony as the key to winning the case. Monica told the truth on the stand, but then faced cross examination by Dorman's attorney.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

Brenda was shocked and frightened when she saw the picture of Lily, but felt a false sense of security when Harry arrived. Brenda learned from Harry that he no longer worked for Sonny and then realized that he was the stalker. Harry detailed his plan to kill Brenda in front of Sonny. Harry slapped Brenda and forced her to write a "Dear Jax" letter. Sonny was brought into the police interrogation room by Taggert who made things difficult and uncomfortable for him. Harry took Brenda to the catacombs and then called Sonny. Meanwhile, Monica was cross examined by Dorman's attorney with disastrous results. Alexis tried to redirect Monica, but she had been so incensed over Dorman that she openly wished him dead. In need of a drink, AJ told Jason how badly the trial had been going. Jason decided to go to court with Gina, leaving AJ alone to drink. Jason arrived at the courtroom in time to hear Monica wishing Dorman dead. Miranda told Felicia that she wished that she had not revealed all of her true feelings to Jax.

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

Luke and Laura bonded during some quiet time at home. Laura, however, feared that a reprisal from a vengeful Stefan could tear her family apart. With Mac's help, Sonny managed to get way from Taggert and rushed to the catacombs. Sonny told Jason that he was leaving to see Brenda. When Sonny arrived at the catacombs, Harry taunted him with the wedding ring he had dug up from Lily's grave. Sonny refused to listen to Harry's diatribe and blamed him for Lily's death. Meanwhile, Jax did not believe Brenda's letter and asked Miranda for clues. Jax and Miranda went to police headquarters and asked for Mac's help. Taggert mentioned that Sonny had received a cryptic call. Monica and Jason shared a warm moment together in the court house. Dorman interfered and Jason attacked him. Monica was shaken over how professionally Jason had subdued Dorman, and later cried to AJ and Alan about how she would never have her son back. Later, Alan told AJ how proud he was of him for standing by Monica and turning his life around. Alan told AJ that he loved him, but Alan felt AJ's liquor flask when he hugged him. An angry Alan told AJ that he did not care what he did with his life, but that he better not let Monica know about his drinking. Monica then told Alan and AJ how good it was to have both of her sons at court today. Monica's words caused AJ to drown his sorrows with more alcohol.

Thursday, February 27, 1997

by Flute

Sonny and Brenda spent the night in the catacombs with Harry. Harry slipped and told Sonny that he was the one pushing drugs through Port Charles. Sonny told Harry that if he didn't stop calling Brenda names he'd kill him. Then Harry got mad and pulled out a detonater, and told Sonny and Brenda he was going to kill them in an explosion. Harry cell phone started to ring, and when he finally answered it, Dorman was the one calling.

Jax and Miranda went to the hospital after hearing Jason was there. When they arrived and saw Alan and Jason talking, he grabbed Jason and threatened him. Jason wouldn't reveal anything at first, but after Alan told him to, he told Jax that Sonny had run off with Brenda. Jax then stormed out the hospital with Miranda in tow. WHen they got back to Miranda's apartment, Jax kissed Miranda.

Luke had his preliminary hearing and he was told the charges against him for Katherine's shooting were dropped. Stefan also dropped the charges against him for trespassing on two conditions: 1) that no one in the Spencer family ever set foot on Cassadine property again; and 2) that he never smear the Cassadine name publicly again. Katherine surprised everyone by showing up at the hearing and asking questions about wether the charges would still stick 5 years from then.

Jason showed up at General Hospital and told Rebecca Chase (the nurse) that he would find evidence that she was lying at Monica's trial. Dorman showed up and made a comment about the Quartermaines having a habit of harassing people. Jason told Dorman he should have broken both his arms. Alan showed up and told Jason to try to leave Dorman alone or he would just make it worse for Monica.

Meanwhile Monica was over at the Spencers visiteing with Leslie. The moment Leslie heard her voice she said, "I know that voice. It's Monica." Monica and Leslie chatted. Leslie told Monica she didn't want Laura to worry so much about her and that she wished she could remember the last ten years. Laura came down and told her mother that she wished that too.

Friday, February 28, 1997

Nikolas asked Tom to get the Spencers to allow him to see Lesley. Nikolas told Tom how he had managed to connect with Lesley, but Tom asked Nikolas to find out from Stefan what drugs had been administered to her. Nikolas returned to Wyndemere and asked Bobbie about Lesley. Stefan interrupted their conversation and learned that Nikolas had visited the Spencers and had met Lesley. An angry Stefan told Nikolas to keep away from the Spencers and felt that Luke and Laura were using Lesley as wedge between him and Nikolas. Meanwhile, Tom told Luke and Laura that it may be a good idea to give Nikolas access to Lesley. Later, Stefan confronted Laura. Miranda pulled back from Jax's kiss determined not to have Jax on the rebound. Jax was slightly confused, but Miranda realized that he still loved Brenda. Jax did not believe that Brenda ran off with Sonny and realized that Sonny may have been right about the connection between her stalker and the attempt on his life. Miranda found a clue in Brenda's note which made Jax realize that Brenda was in grave danger. Meanwhile, Dorman and Harry argued on the phone about the future of their partnership, and Sonny tried to get Harry to reveal his partner's identity. Harry then taunted Sonny about his claustrophobia, but Sonny turned the tables and held Harry responsible for Lily's death. Sonny continued to make Harry feel guilty and then attacked him. Harry and Sonny struggled for Harry's gun and Sonny told Brenda to run. A terrified Brenda screamed in horror when she saw Harry's gun go off twice. Meanwhile, Monica waited for the judge's verdict and braved the halls of the hospital. Alan and Monica continued to bond despite each having an encounter with an eerily professional Dorman. Monica then learned from Alan that the judge had made a decision. Jason visited Carly and she vented her insecurities about life.

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