General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on GH

Brenda and Jax shared a poignant and final goodbye. Monica kidnapped Dorman. Karen decided to accept Alan's offer and was invited to a hospital intern reception.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on GH
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Monday, May 26, 1997

Holding a letter from Miranda in her hand, Brenda confronted Jax about the fact that he had known that she and Sonny had slept together in the catacombs. Brenda explained her actions to an understanding Jax, who told her that he knew she loved Sonny. Jax also understood how hard Brenda tried to love him the same way she had loved Sonny. Jax and Brenda then shared a poignant and final goodbye. Sonny tried to keep tabs on Dorman with Jason. Later, Brenda went into Sonny's arms as Jax's speeding motorcycle was stopped by a lady trooper. After having injected Dorman with sodium pentothal and tying him up, Monica detailed the pain he had caused her family. Meanwhile, Alan approached Sonny about strengthening Jason's relationship with the Quartermaines. Tony "fathered" AJ and convinced him to accept a job as manager of the General Hospital gym. Alan learned that AJ was living in Tony's building. Felicia and Mac shared a temporary goodbye as she prepared to join her daughters in Texas. Kevin and Lucy learned that Victor's stay in Port Charles was permanent and Kevin opted to admit him into General Hospital. Sad not to see Serena, Lucy left Scotty a defiant phone message.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

by Connie Reditt

Jax was arrested and taken in by a woman officer (we later find out she's a rookie). She explains she suspected Jax , of trying to jump bail. He was a few miles from the Canadian border. Jax was furious. Mac said thanks for being on top of things to the officer, but Jax didn't break any laws, so he was letting him go. The officer said she wanted to stay on the case and was going to ask for a transfer tomorrow. She followed Jax when he left. That was after Mac advised he it wasn't necessary for her to stay on the case-they could handle it on their end.
It appears it's a go this time for Sonny & Brenda!!!!!!!! They kissed and told each other "I love you" and Brenda convinced Sonny she'd stay out of his "Business." Sonny was all smiles and said he was so happy! They talked briefly about their past: the lies, anger and the day she wore the wire. They decided to put the past behind them and quit wasting time, because "wasting time is like laughing in God's face." Brenda told Sonny that Jax knows she still loved Sonny & about the cave (their making love.) Sonny said the only thing that was important now was them. More kisses were exchanged. :-)

Monica injected Pierce with more Sodium Penithol. Meanwhile, Mac came to the Q mansion looking for Monica on some police questions. Monica walks in a little later and Alan expressed his concern on her 2 hour absence, especially when the police came over. She said she had some business to attend to. Later she left, making excuses about a post op patient who may not make it. Of course, Back to visit with the drugged Dorman. He's still tied up in the hotel room and she wakes him. After giving him some water, she tells him he goes on trial tomorrow at 9am for for crimes in general and against me-Judge Monica Quartermaine presiding. Dorman is livid.

The first Family Therapy for the Q's didn't go well-Emily stormed out of the room and up the stairs. Alice the therapist said it's okay. Emily's expectations are high for the sessions, just leave her alone for now. The Q's need to learn team work in order to get through this-it involves all of them.

Alan and AJ bond. They talk about his new job and apartment. Alan wants him to move back home. AJ wants to be on his own. AJ and Alan decide to try to be friends, not just father and son. AJ says Alan should not let Edward run all over him, even though Alan says he just ignores him half the time. (Edward came in the room and interuppted their conversation and insisted on seeing him that minute about some business).

Kevin took his father to GH to stay for awhile. Gale was going to look in on him. Lucy tries to locate Scott Baldwin while Kevin is gone. Kevin came home and asked Lucy if they should seperate for awhile so Scott won't use him to keep Serena away from her. No, Lucy says. She tells him Scott will come around, she knows him. Kevin also expressed his appreciation to Lucy on how well she handled his fathers surprise visit. Lucy says," Oh well, Life can be full of surprises! "

Lee Baldwin spots Karen Cates( his granddaughter ) at GH. He hugs her and asks why she was there? She has just graduated from Medical School and Alan Q. wants her to intern there at GH. Lee is excited. Karen says she doesn't think she can now, due to Jagger working at the San Francisco Police Department. Lee invited Karen and her mother for dinner with Gale & him. She gets on the phone to call Jagger-he's not home -she leaves a message. She tells him, she feels she's losing him and doesn't know what to do. To please call her and give her a reason to come home.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

Stefan confronted Nikolas about being in Switzerland and Nikolas revealed that he was the one who Stefan had almost knocked over the cliff. Stefan was near tears when Nikolas told Stefan that he saw him for what he really was. Nikolas felt disgusted by the Cassadines and Stefan attempted to make amends. A skeptical Nikolas, however, was not convinced that Stefan was sincere and intimated that he knew what had happened to Katherine. Meanwhile, AJ scared Carly by recalling more of their night together. Tony and Luke alienated Bobbie at the custody meeting. Justus and Tony deduced that AJ might know the identity of the person who had sent the custody papers. Tony came back home to Carly and feared that she had sent Bobbie the papers. Jason told Sonny and Brenda that Dorman was missing. Jason was infuriated after he figured out that Dorman had used a copy of Emily's diary to get dirt on the Quartermaines, but Sonny told him calm down. Monica staged a mock trial and found and unrepentant Dorman guilty on all counts.

Thursday, May 29, 1997

Bobbie overheard Nikolas and Stefan's argument and learned that Stefan had inadvertently pushed Nikolas off the mountain in Switzerland and that it was Luke who had saved Nikolas's life. Nikolas told Stefan that he finally saw him for who he really was and left. Bobbie confronted Luke and he learned that it was Stefan who had put Nikolas in danger. Luke speculated with Bobbie about Stefan's agenda and made it clear that he loved her, but was unsuccessful in convincing her to some back to the Spencer side. In search of Nikolas, Stefan visited Katherine and explained his escapades in Switzerland. Katherine told Stefan that Nikolas knew that he was the one who had shot her. Nikolas called Laura and they talked about their problems. Both were in tears when they wished that they could have started their relationship over and Laura told Nikolas that she and Stefan loved him. Meanwhile, Tony confronted Carly and asked her if she was the one who had mailed Bobbie Lucas's custody papers. Carly's vehement denials only seemed to further Tony's suspicions and he insisted they ask AJ to confirm if she was in Justus's office that day. Carly finally cracked and came clean with the truth. Carly tried to justify her actions, but her excuses fell on deaf ears. Tony became too disgusted for words and packed his things and left a shattered Carly behind. Fearing that Monica knew too much about Dorman, Jason went to the Quartermaine mansion in search of her. Meanwhile, Monica got ready to lobotomize Dorman, but was interrupted when Alan paged her. Monica tried to assure a dubious Jason that everything was fine, but he managed to learn her location and rushed out of the house with Mac on his heels. Dorman pleaded with Monica that he would rather die than be left a vegetable. Monica acquiesced and got ready to shoot Dorman. Kevin and Lucy were content in their love for each other. Kevin left to go see his father and Lucy made an inquiry about a possible pregnancy.

Friday, May 30, 1997

Ned reluctantly agreed to Emily's demands that he at least be civil to AJ because she and AJ had the same problems. Alexis and Ned bonded over talk of their similar family roles. Sexual tension ignited again for Ned and Alexis, but they did not act upon their feelings. Jason stopped Monica from shooting Dorman and told her that he would handle everything. Mac bursted in and arrested Dorman for trafficking drugs. Mac told Jason to put Emily's dairy back into Dorman's apartment so that he could build a case against him. Monica, Jason and Dorman were shocked, but Mac made it clear that he was going to do whatever it took to put Dorman away, even if it included lying. Monica and Jason bonded over their concern for each other's welfare. Kevin and Lucy made love and he was happy over receiving new information on Victor. Kevin told Gail that he had everything he ever wanted as Lucy waited for her pregnancy test results. Motivated by Jagger's inattention and her mother's concern, Karen decided to accept Alan's offer and was invited to a hospital intern reception.

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