General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on GH

Monica learned the truth about what Carly had done to A.J. Brenda moved back in with the Quartermaines. Lois returned home for a visit and met Alexis.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on GH
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Monday, September 29, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Monica does not believe Keesha at first regarding AJ's drinking. Keesha tells Monica she is wrong but really can't say anything more. This infuriates Monica who says she must tell her everything she knows. So Keesha spills the beans that Carly set AJ up but tells Monica she can't say anymore and to not let AJ know she told her. Monica wants the whole story and so Keesha also informs her that Carly drugged him and it was her who made the call. In regards to the bartender, she paid him off to say AJ was drunk.

Once Lorraine sees who Carly is with she tells her the price has gone up. Carly tells her she'll double the money she promised her. When Carly is called in AJ tells her he's going in with her. Carly tries to talk him out of it but he whispers to her that if she doesn't allow him to go in with her he'll tell Tony everything.

Sarah & Nikolas are together at Wyndemere, getting ready to go riding. He tells her he wants to take her to Greece to show her where his family lives but right now she'll settle for a tour of his home. As they are about to kiss one of the staff interrupts them.

Katherine goes back to see Stefan, looking for the truth. He tells her there is not much more he can tell her except that she has to let go of this illusion because he doesn't love her and did all of this only to avoid going to jail for shooting her. But now the evidence is gone and so he has no use for her anymore. She thanks him for giving her the proof she needs that he's lying and she's sure of it.

Jax goes to Brenda and she hugs him. She pulls away and asks what he knows. He tells her that Mike came to him because he was worried about her. Brenda asks him if he told him that she got left at the alter like an idiot and that Sonny finally showed his true colors. He asks her what happened and she tells him everything, how they were planning to leave and not ever come back. Jax asks her if she knew that she wasn't coming back when she came to see him. From the look on her face he gets the answer he knew. Brenda tells him that Sonny made her believe that was the best way for them to stay safe. She goes into detail about what actually took place the day of the wedding and how Jason came to the church to tell her Sonny had left town. He moves to comfort her but she tells him not to, she wants him to leave.

Stefan tells Katherine to believe what she wants but what he just told her is true. She tells him why she thinks he's lying; because this is not the way he does battle. He dismisses her and shows her the door. She lets him know she will not be dismissed and this is not over; he tells her to leave now or he'll have her escorted out. At this moment Nikolas & Sarah show up and he asks the two if everything is OK.

Keesha tells Monica that Carly stole something from Tony's medical bag to drug him and Monica is appalled, she can't understand why Carly hates him so much. Keesha tells her that Carly claims she still considers him a friend. Monica thinks Tony should know what kind of woman he's involved with and says she is going to confront Carly. Tony walks over and asks if they're are dishing the woman in his life.

Nikolas questions what's going on and Katherine tells Stefan to tell Nikolas everything he just told her. He gets out of it by saying they were fighting over a PR matter. Nikolas doesn't really care and so he takes Sarah inside to give her a tour of the house. He makes plans to meet with Katherine on Sunday and then she leaves. Alexis comes to Stefan's side and wants to know what happened.

Jax tells Brenda he's not leaving until she's OK. She tells him she can't do this to him and that they had something wonderful but she didn't know what to do with it and let Sonny get in the middle. She knows she hurt him and never wants to do that again. He tells her he wants to help her. Brenda tells him there's nothing left of her life and he says that if she went off with Sonny she would have been dead in a month.

Tony asks Monica about her trip and asks why they were talking about his fiancée. She congratulates him & says she's like to congratulate Carly as well.

Carly gets excited about seeing her baby on the monitor. AJ asks the dr. to tell them the date of the birth. Lorraine interrupts and tells him he's needed in assisting a birth. She walks in the room and tells the two she'll be taking over.

Stefan tells Alexis he doesn't think Katherine will let things go. He tells her he wants to be alone & goes upstairs. Alexis then asks Nikolas to talk to his Uncle. He tells her that he has plans to go riding but she persists. Sarah tells him it's OK and that they'll go riding another time. He feels bad but she insists it's OK.

Edward shows up at Brenda's hotel suite and tells her he's there to check up on her. He also lets her know him & his family have been worried about her and wants her to move in with them, tonight.

Nikolas asks Stefan if there's something troubling him; he tells his nephew no. Nikolas also asks his Uncle not to get involved in his affairs; he's referring to the incident with Stefan confronting Liz. Stefan later tells Alexis that Katherine will be back and her advice to him is avoid her. Stefan thanks her for all her support.

Brenda tells Edward she's fine but she does accept his offer. He leaves to prepare for her arrival and Jax suggests they go get something to eat.

Lorraine hands AJ the packet of information from the dr. and he reads it. It says the baby will be born in December and he tells her it's amazing that she told the truth. She asks him if he is going to tell Tony and he says no and leaves. Lorraine confronts Carly and asks for her money. Carly thanks god that her nightmare is over.

Keesha asks Monica if she told Tony and she says not yet but she might after she confronts Carly.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Bobbie tells Amy & Audrey that she heard from Luke & Laura who are in Switzerland and doing well. Amy tells them about a date she went on the night before. Stefan interrupts their conversation by asking where Alexis is.

Stefan gives Alexis termination papers to look over.

Katherine goes to the Outback and asks Mac some questions regarding her shooting. She needs to know if the gun is still at the police department. Mac is curious as to why all the questions and asks her if she knows who shot her.

Jax and V. have breakfast at the Outback and he apologizes for leaving so abruptly. Venus asks him how Brenda is doing and he says she's a long way from getting better. He thinks what she needs is a major distraction and he plans on working on it.

Edward, along with Alan, wait on Brenda, trying to keep her mind occupied. Edward tells her he's having a yoga instructor come to the house. Lila berates him for overwhelming Brenda with activities she hasn't even chosen. Brenda leaves the room and Alan comments on going to pick up Emily from the airport. At that moment Emily walks in and they are surprised to see her. She says her trip was great and then asks how Jason and AJ are doing; Alan tells her just fine.

Keesha goes to see AJ qt the gym and tells him that she told Monica everything. AJ gets upset with her because she gave him her word and now she broke it. She asks if he's going to forgive her and he says he's had enough of people he can't trust.

Carly gets a visit from Monica. She tells Carly that she knows what she did to her son & Carly stands there and says he has no idea what she is referring to, does she mean Jason or AJ, yet she didn't do anything to either one of them. Monica spells it all out for her, every detail of what she did and Carly questions her on where this is coming from. She tries to find out if it was AJ or maybe Keesha who told Monica. Carly says if it's Keesha she probably said those things because she hates Carly. She also tells Monica if someone hurt AJ maybe she could help her figure out who. Monica isn't buying Carly's story and tells her if she goes near him again she will kill her. She also says that when Tony finds out Carly will be a blur to him. Carly warns her not to get Tony involved. Monica tells her she'll tell whoever she wants whenever she wants.

Mac asks Katherine if all these questions have something to do with either Luke or Stefan? She doesn't say but just asks him to check for her; he says he'll go and make the call now. As he walks away he bumps into Felicia who drops her books on the Native Americans. She tells him she's reading up on them.

Someone goes digging for the artifact that Maxie found in Texas. When he discovers its gone he becomes angry.

Brenda tells Edward she passes on the yoga and when he tries to get her to play tennis she declines as well. Her and Emily have a brief talk about how the other one is doing.

V. makes some suggestions to Jax regarding Brenda but he gets his own idea and gets up.

Mac tells Katherine the gun is missing from the police station and wants to know if she knows who took it.
Monica shows up at the hospital and is a bit distracted which doesn't go unnoticed by Bobbie. She tells Bobbie she is trying to find AJ.

AJ tells Keesha they're still friends but to respect his wishes next time. Carly interrupts them and tells AJ she needs to have a word with him. She tells him what happened with his mother and how she threatened her. She practically begs him to tell his mother not to tell Tony and he lets her know that he can't control Monica. She tells him this is all Keesha's fault and he lets her know it's not, this is all her doing. AJ does tell her that he'll try to talk to his mother.

Carly then has a confrontation with Keesha. Carly accuses Keesha of doing all of this because she was jealous of their friendship and wanted him back. She says that Monica didn't need to know and Keesha tells her that neither her nor Monica are as forgiving as AJ. She also lets Carly know that her world is about to get ugly and she will sleep a whole lot better knowing she was the one who caused it. She walks away and Carly is pissed.

Lila suggests Brenda move into the Gatehouse until Ned gets home. This way she'll have the privacy she needs. Emily tells Lila she wishes there was something they could do for Brenda and Lila lets her in on a secret.

Katherine shows up at GH and Stefan tells her that she is being terminated due to budget problems. She does not believe his story nor accepts it. She tells Stefan the reason is because he can't be around her and questions why he didn't fire Bobbie. Her reasoning is because he doesn't love Bobbie but he does love her and tells him to let her be a part of what's happening to him. Alexis butts in and Katherine tells her to mind her own business.

Jax comes back to the table and tells V. the plan is all set; she wants to know but he will not tell.

Monica confronts AJ about keeping the truth from his family when they were suffering and he tells her he had a good reason. Carly tries to listen from outside the door and Bobbie asks her what she's doing; she says nothing. Bobbie goes into the gym to see if things are OK & let them know Carly was trying to listen. At this point Carly has slipped into the gym. Monica tells AJ maybe they should get Tony and update him on his fiancée. Carly grabs a patient and pretends to be working on his physical therapy with him. AJ tells the two women that if he wants Bobbie & Tony to know he'll tell them. He turns to Bobbie and says that him and Carly are having some differences.

AJ asks Monica to let him handle this his own way.

Katherine tells Stefan she is not accepting the termination and walks away from him. He calls out loud to her, causing everyone around to stare, and tells her again she is terminated, making her look like a fool in front of everyone.

Brenda is alone at the Gatehouse when the bell rings, its Lila & Emily. Lila says she has a visitor and Lois appears.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Alan, as well as Audrey, Amy & Bobbie, all witness Stefan yelling at Katherine and comment on how embarrassing this must be for her. Stefan asks Katherine to leave the hospital now.

Lois and the baby are in town to visit Brenda who is surprised to see her. She thought Lois was on tour with one of Lois and Brenda's bands but Lois tells her that Carmine (her father) was having some chest pains and was admitted into the hospital. She assures them that everything though is OK.

Jax runs into Jason At the Quartermaines' and asks him where Sonny is. Jason is rude to him and just says that he's gone. Jax tries to get information on his whereabouts but Jason will not divulge anything. He also tells Jason that all he is to Sonny is a whipping boy - Sonny leaves and Jason will now take the fall for Sonny's problems. Jax also informs Jason to stay away form Brenda because people in his vicinity get shot. Edward walks in and wants to know why both of them are there. Jason tells Edward he's visiting and Edward warns them both to leave Brenda alone because she is under his protection.

Lila & Emily take Brooke-Lynn from Lois so the two girls can spend some time alone together. Brenda tells Lois how Sonny left her at the alter with everyone just staring at her. She says she knows they all knew something was wrong with their relationship and even deep down she knew it too, but just didn't want to believe it. Brenda calls him a liar and says that Sonny never really loved her. Lois disagrees with her, saying that she has known Sonny most of her life and knows that he loved her. She tells Brenda it wasn't her that failed it was Sonny. Brenda cries to her best friend and says she wish she knew why he did this and how could he hurt her like this. She wants to know when everything changed. Brenda believes she would have seen it in his eyes because that's how she always knew when he was lying to her. Lois tries to make her remember all the good he did for her and tells her to not let that out of her heart. Lois talks about the good she had with Ned and those things that hurt have become less once she just let them be. She tells Brenda she can hate Sonny forever but it would be easier to just let him go. Lois then goes up to the main house to check on her baby and Brenda welcomes some time to herself.

Edward tells Jax to get out because he won't see Brenda; she is with Lois. He then confronts Jason and asks for an explanation as to where Sonny is and what did he do with the ELQ stock. Jason won't give him in about Sonny's whereabouts and tells him things are taken care of in regards to the stock. Edward also tells Jason he is just as guilty as Sonny is for what happened to Brenda.

Lucky, Sarah and Nikolas all prepare to take Mr. Murdy's English test. Sarah tells Nikolas about this lucky pen she has which her grandfather gave her. She reaches into her bag to show him and the next scene we see is Liz pulling it out of her bag. She sneaks into the teachers desk and steals the answers to the test. Back at the cafeteria, Liz helps Sarah look for her pen and slips the answer sheet into her sister's school bag.

Alan tells Stefan he wants to talk to him privately and he tells Alan to call his secretary and walks away, leaving Katherine standing there. Bobbie walks over & Katherine tells her she doesn't want to hear "I told you so." Bobbie just offers to go have a cup of coffee with her but Katherine says no she'd like to be left alone.

AJ tells Monica how Carly's baby will have a terrific life with Tony as the father and Monica doesn't see why he has to be married to her to be a good father. AJ explains that the baby deserves to be happy and should not have to through what he did. He pleads with Monica not to say anything to Tony that would make him not marry Carly.

Jason tells Edward to finish what he has to say, he wants to leave. Edward asks him if he's in a hurry to go murder someone. He tells Jason now that Sonny is gone he would like him to come back to the family and Jason tells him he's not a Quartermaine, even Edward said it before. Edward tells him to leave, he never wants to see him again. Lila comes in and the two speak briefly.

Jason goes out through the back and Jax is out there waiting. Jax recalls all the bad that's happened to Brenda because of Sonny and says how that will never happen again. Jason lets him know that she means nothing to the organization since Sonny dumped her and Jax questions him why he's still guarding her. Jason's curious as to if Jax is trying to find out if Sonny is coming back.

Monica agrees she won't say anything. She walks over to Carly and tells her that she disgusts her. She promises to find out why she undermined her son's sobriety, even if it takes years. She lets her know she messed with the wrong family.

Sarah's teacher finds her pen as well as the answer sheet hidden in her bag. Liz seems all smiles when Sarah is embarrassed in front of her whole class.

Carly asks AJ if his mother knows they slept together and he says no. He tells her that they are no longer friends and if she's not with Tony to don't even bother saying hello because he won't answer.

Katherine is looking for Alexis; she has some unfinished business before she leaves GH.

Alexis shows up At the Quartermaines' and is a bit surprised to see Ned's daughter. Emily asks her to hold Brooke for a minute and as Alexis holds the baby and tells her she knows her daddy, Lois walks in.

Emily goes outside and sees Jason. He asks about her trip and tells her to call if she ever needs him.

Jax knocks at Brenda's door and she has a smile on her face when she sees him.

Thursday, October 2, 1997

Nikolas and Sarah are head for their English class and they are discussing the test today. Sarah is surprised that Nikolas hadn't studied at all. Not to far from the class room Liz looks in to see the teacher putting the answers to the test away. They all enter the class room and sit down. The teacher makes an announcement. He holds up a pen, then asks the class if this belongs to anyone. Sarah, yells, that's mine. I must of lost it last night, my grandfather gave it to me.

Well, someone stole the answers to today's test. I didn't take them. Let me see your bag Miss Webber. Inside of her notebook, hidden is the answers to the test. Sarah denies taking them. When Nikolas sees that the teacher is not going to believe her, he jumps up and says he did it. He goes through the whole story of how he didn't study and he was worried so he took the answers and then he got scared and put it in Sarah's bag. Well, the teacher sent him to the principles office. Sarah tried to leave with him but the teacher wouldn't let her.

Over at Brenda's house she answers the door and it's Jax. He has arrived with a whole movie set up for her. Popcorn machine, candy, and some funny movies. He stays for a while, but then has to leave, for he has a meeting to attend. Brenda hugs him and says thank you.

At the Q mansion Lois and Alexis are getting to know each other better. Alexis is feeling quite uncomfortable being there with Lois so she graciously leaves. Lois goes out to the rose garden to have Lois starts to remember walk with Emily, After the walk she heads over to the boat house to spend a little time with Brenda before she heads back for Brooklyn. They watch some movies together and Lois starts crying and Brenda is laughing in the corner. Finally its time for Lois to leave, they hug and kiss each other on the cheek, tears rolling down their cheeks.

At the Outback, Venus is preparing for a celebration for the publishing of the book with Jax. He arrives, they eat, drink and then toast Brenda.

Friday, October 3, 1997

Audrey is drilling Liz on exactly what happened at school. She doesn't believe that Nikolas cheated. I know Nikolas, she says, and he wouldn't do that. He took the blame for who ever did this. He was worried that Sarah would get in trouble. Liz can't believe that her grandmother is taking his side. Then the door opens and it's Sarah. Nikolas called for you, he sounded upset. Where is he grams? I don't know but he sounded like you would know, do you?

There is this special place we go to. Nothing bad, there was this place that gramps use to take me to, I don't know how Nikolas found it but we meet there. All right Sarah you can go, take the car just be careful. Liz asks Sarah how long they have been meeting like this and where it is. Audrey tell Liz, just because you share the same room doesn't mean you have to know everything. Sarah runs over and gives Audrey a kill good-bye and says I won't be late. Liz looks at Audrey and says I can't believe what just happened. Sarah has never given me any reason to doubt her. I know that Nikolas did it for her honor. For a girl who makes it appoint to not want people to treat her the same as Sarah, but yet you get upset when I treat you different. I've got to go to work now. Audrey looks at her and says, I thought you didn't have to work today. Well I do, want to call Ruby?

Katherine is at Wyndemere looking for Stefan. She walks in the room and Alexis is there. Oh, I'm glad you're home Nikolas. She turns around and sees that it's Katherine. Where is Stefan? He's not here! I don't believe you. I need to talk to him it's about Nikolas. Nikolas is no concern of yours. I will not be dragged into this again. Obviously Nikolas thinks so, he had me down at the school to call in case of an emergency. Is there something wrong with Nikolas? He was suspended from school today for cheating. Don't be ridiculous, Nikolas doesn't, then she stops and looks at Katherine and says I'm not going to do this with you. Katherine starts to go up stairs and Alexis tries to stop her. Katherine grabs her arm and says don't touch me and she pushes her back.

Katherine accuses Alexis of being in love with Stefan. If Stefan isn't here, then why are you trying to stop me from looking for him? You could look all you want, he isn't here, and I am drawing the line here! She tries to go upstairs again and Alexis grabs at her, she loses her footing and falls down the stairs.

Bobbie and Lucky are still arguing. He is furious that Nikolas has come out of this whole mess smelling like a rose. Bobbie says, Nikolas wouldn't cheat, he doesn't have to. "It's really not your concern about Sarah and Nikolas anyway." Lucky starts yelling at her and accusing her of justifying everything that happened with her and Stefan with the friendship she has with Nikolas. Bobbie says you want to talk turkey Lucky? You need to call your father. You are putting it off, you have to tell him you don't want to go, but you have to talk to him. They start arguing more, when the door opens up and it's Luke!

Nikolas is still waiting in the special place for Sarah to arrive. He hears a rustling, turns and there stands Sarah. I wasn't sure you would come, he says! Please let me explain. You don't have to explain anything. I know why you did it, but could have fought it myself. He tells her he doesn't like anyone messing with her and obviously someone is already. They look at each other and embrace in a kiss!

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