General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on GH

Jax and Brenda went house hunting. Lorraine suggested that Carly induce labor early. The mayor decided to test hospital employees for possible drug misuse.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on GH
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Monday October 27

Stefan pondered Katherine's claim that Alexis was in love with him. Alexis was glad that Ned knew nothing about the Cassadine takeover of ELQ's Ja.k.arta holding, but became upset over Stefan's vindictive attitude towards his business with the Quartermaines. After their argument, Stefan apologized to Alexis and told her that they were going back to home to Greece. Determined to learn the truth before Stefan left Port Charles, Katherine told Luke that she would press charges against Stefan if Luke could find the gun used to shoot her. Brenda and Julia thanked Jax for arranging Julia's visit. Brenda asked Julia to stay in Port Charles, but she told Brenda that her life was in London. Julia asked Brenda to live with her in London, but Bredna wanted to re-invent herself in Port Charles. Later, Brenda told Jax that her time with Julia helped her see things differently, but that she was uncertain about the future. Jax then assured Brenda that she knew what to do next. Felicia received a call from a woman named Tess, whose missing husband looked just like Mac.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Alan's drug problem continues. He anxiously waits for a package from a wholesale pharmaceutical company and continuously badgers Amy on its whereabouts. When he receives word that its not yet there, he takes his frustration out on his family by taking shots at Ned for loosing ELQ Ja.k.arta.

Brenda and Jax talk about her situation over breakfast. She is angry and upset with herself and goes on about how she doesn't know what to do with her life. Jax suggests she get a place of her own so that she can have her freedom and regain her trust and self-confidence. She's a bit hesitant about the idea, she's never had her own place but he convinces her to just go and look. The two plan to spend their day this way.

AJ is having a cup of coffee at Kelly's, thinking about seeing Carly with Lorraine, when Julia walks in and surprises him. The two talk about what's been going on with their lives and Julia can sense he was a million miles away before.

Carly meets Lorraine at Mercy to find out what her next move should be. Lorraine suggests that a doctor friend of hers can induce labor so she will give birth at the time AJ suspects. Carly tells her thanks but no thanks, she will not do anything to put her baby's life in danger.

Keesha walks down from her room at Kelly's to see AJ and Julia hugging. She walks over and the introductions are made. Julia leaves and Keesha asks AJ how come he never told her she was drop dead gorgeous.

Alan apologizes to Ned and then leaves for the hospital. Monica follows him, questioning him on his behavior. Alan just tells her he was giving Ned a taste of his own medicine.

Carly tells Lorraine she has to think of something else. Lorraine tries to get her to see the light on just how bad her situation really is. Carly is upset with her for pointing it out to her; she already knows the trouble she is going to be in. Lorraine tells her to think about what she's said and let her know if she changes her mind.

Alan is about to confront Don, a fellow doctor about the prescription he wrote him when Dara interrupts to tell them that the mayors office is forming a committee to investigate any drug problems within the staff at GH. This does not make Alan to happy but he tells her to let him know if he can be of any help.

AJ talks to Keesha about Julia and how wonderful he thought she was. She admits she's jealous that Julia was able to make him laugh and she wasn't. He tells her it wasn't her fault, he just was carrying around a lot on his shoulders at the time. She tells him she hopes one day he'll be able to tell her why he's doing all this to protect Carly and he says that might change.

Monica and Emily prepare to meet with the school psychiatrist in regards to Emily's recent drug problem.

Bobbie drops by the package to Alan at his office. She asks him why he's getting pain medication delivered directly to him and he makes up some excuse as to he is helping patients who can't afford Medicare. She tells him he is taking on too much work and will have someone do this for him. Alan insists it's no trouble, he wants to do this himself.

Brenda and Jax come home from house hunting and she tells him it was a waste of a day. Jax tells her she's just been looking at the wrong places and he gets a smile on his face, as if he's going to be up to something soon.

Monica tries to rationalize her and Emily's situations, hers with cancer and Emily with loosing her mother to cancer. The two admit there is still pain and share their feelings.

Carly shows up at GH and asks Amy to give Tony a note from her. As she is about to get into the elevator, AJ walks out and tells her she has some explaining to do. He saw her in the park with the nurse from Mercy and wants to know what she was doing.

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Jax makes another appointment for Brenda to go house hunting. The thought makes her a bit sad because she always thought she'd buy a house when she had a family.

Sarah & Nikolas stop by Kelly's after shopping for their Halloween party for the hospital. Sarah asks him if he likes the sweater she bought him and he tells her he also bought her a gift but it's a surprise. They talk about Liz and Sarah wonders how her first counseling session went. Meanwhile back at the house Liz is on the phone canceling the session and promising to be at the next one. Emily stops by to return Sarah's class notes and goes on about how great she is to Liz. As you know this doesn't sit too well with Liz.

Carly talks her way out of knowing Lorraine to AJ. First she tells him the meeting was accidental but when she sees he is not fooled she tells him that the day of the sonogram Lorraine came over to talk to her when he left. Carly made herself look as pathetic as possible---after having her husband leave her there just after they had seen their baby. She asks him if he was following her and he admits he was; he wanted to see what she was up to and he was also worried. She had a big fight with Bobbie and he wanted to make sure she was going to be OK. His reasons? The baby and Tony.

Sarah talks to Nikolas about her feelings for her sister and suggests they go back to her house and wait for Liz to come home from therapy.

Dara drops by Alan's office and he asks her how the investigation is going. He offers his help and she tells him there is a related matter concerning him that she'd like to discuss with him. This makes Alan a bit nervous.

Sarah & Nikolas come home and find Liz already there. She tells them the session was canceled and can't discuss anymore with them. Sarah is disappointed in her and goes into the kitchen to make hot cider. Nikolas sticks behind to have a talk with Liz.

Brenda has no luck again finding something she likes. She tells Jax that none of the places they looked at "hugged" her. She talks about a secret place she used to go to and this gives him an idea. Once again there up and off looking.

Carly argues with AJ when he lets her know she was not who he was looking out for. She says she is taking responsibility for what she did and is so sorry for hurting him. As they are having this discussion, Bobbie overhears. Tony then walks over to steal Carly away and Bobbie grabs hold of AJ, telling him they have a lot in common. He lets her know that if this is about Carly, he's not interested. Bobbie tells him she overheard his conversation and his mother has been tight lipped about something. Meanwhile, Tony tells Carly about the house he bid on and she seems a bit hesitant about the big purchase. He seems to convince her it's a good idea and it's something he wants to do for her.

Bobbie lets AJ in on some things about Carly. She tells him Carly can't be trusted and will go after him again and again. Carly sees Bobbie walk away and a look of nervousness comes over her face.

Dara tells Alan she wants to set up a drug awareness program in Port Charles and asks Alan to be a spokesperson for them. She believes he's the best person for the job and he agrees.

Nikolas tells Liz that if it were up to him Audrey and the whole school would have known what she did. He tells her she should remember how kind Sarah is next time she tries to hurt her. At this point Sarah comes outside and her and Nikolas are off to GH.

Emily stops by to see Alan and lets him know she's concerned about him. She thinks he's been a bit off lately but he tells her that he is OK. This satisfies her and she leaves. Alan goes over to his desk and takes out his pills but something makes him put them back.

AJ tells Carly she can't get worked up every time she sees him talking to someone she's hiding something from. He calls a truce and tells her to go love Tony and have her baby.

Nikolas and Sarah bring the pumpkins to GH and she tells him she's going home to get changed. Nikolas tells her to look in the bag for her gift; but when she walks away he pulls the small box out of his pocket.

Meanwhile, Liz wraps a brown paper bag up in Nikolas' sweater for Sarah to find.

Jax brings Brenda to see a house and from the look on her face she has that feeling of being "hugged."

Alan is on the phone and at this point he takes his pills.

Bobbie talks to Tony about his Halloween plans with Lucas and when he walks away she tells Nikolas that the necklace he is holding is beautiful.

Audrey, as well as Sarah come home and she can't wait to show Gram what they bought. Audrey goes in the kitchen and Sarah pulls out the sweater. She finds the bag and when she opens it there is a box of condoms inside. A look of shock comes across her face.

Carly goes to see Lorraine and tell her that AJ had seen them together and that he has called a truce. She believes she can take a deep breath. Meanwhile, AJ makes a phone call to Sister Margaret at Mercy and has a few questions about a certain nurse.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Luke is making plans to break into Wyndemere when Bobbie walks into the room. She begs him to reconsider his plan, saying that it's simply too dangerous. Luke was determined to move on with his plan. Bobbie asked that Luke reconsider for Nikolas' sake. When Luke snapped that Nikolas was a Cassadine, Bobbie pointed out that Nik is still Laura's son. That creates an obligation, she said firmly.

At the hospital Nikolas is dressed up in a Halloween costume and playing around with Amy. She knows who it is. He asked her how she knew it was him. "You are like a sleek black cat!" she laughs. Nik asked if he could show Amy what he'd gotten for Sarah---put told her it was top secret. He pulls out a box with a necklace inside. Amy was awed by the piece of jewelry and assured Nikolas that Sarah would love it. Stefan walked up to tell Nikolas that they would moving back to Greece. Nikolas started arguing with Stefan. He flat out refused to leave Port Charles. Nikolas wanted to hang around so that he could try to get closer to Laura. And, of course, there's Sarah. Just as they are arguing, Katherine shows up and Stefan looks at her and Nikolas replies, "I thought you said it wasn't personal?" He laughs and walks away.

Over at Audrey's house Sarah is still in shock from seeing the condoms. Just as she picks them up her grandmother walks into the room and sees her holding them. "It's not what you think grandmother." "Thank god for that!" "What I don't understand grams is this isn't like Nikolas," Sarah says. "We haven't even discussed sex." So after a little talking Sarah decided to go to work early to talk to Nikolas in the hopes that they could get everything straightened out. When she arrives at the hospital Nikolas greets her with excitement. He starts talking about going to one of their houses so they can be alone for the night. By this time all Sarah is thinking about is the condoms she found, so everything he says she automatically thinks he is talking about sex.

At Ruby's Liz is busy cleaning up the diner her grandmother is coming and she wants Ruby to only have nice things to say about her. Lucky walks over to her and says that she looks nervous. Liz asks her if she can sit down. Some how the conversation turned to Sarah and before you knew it Liz insinuated that Sarah and Nikolas were going to have sex. Lucky sits there in surprise.

At the hotel Ned is waiting for Alexis to arrive. He is sitting at the bar with Julia. The phone rings, it's Alexis. "You're not canceling on me are you?" he asks. She tells him that she's running late and that she'll be there shortly. Ned tells Julia his dinner date will be late. He's telling her what happened in Ja.k.arta and how he plans on finding out who did this him. Ned tells her about the company that did it and she looks at him and says, that name sounds familiar. "My father had dealings in Ja.k.arta once. Let me go call someone who would know."

At Wyndemere Alexis is hiding burning all the papers that could incriminate her that Katherine is not Stefan's sister, that she made up the whole plan. She doesn't have the time to burn them all, she is late so she hides them, hopefully where nobody will find them. The phone rings, it's Ned. Hurry he says. I will be right there. She leaves, the door opens, its Luke!

Friday, October 31, 1997

The children at General Hospital are heading to the Halloween party in their costumes when Stefan walks up and says hello children, they look at him and they start screaming and run away, just then Katherine and Stefan see each other and start fighting again but this time Katherine has Edward to back her up. Edward really tells off Stefan. Lets him know he can't wait until he leaves for Greece. That the first thing he is going to do is hire Katherine back. Stefan looks at him and shrugs. "While you are at it why don't you hire your one grandson to run the drug and alcohol center and the gangster one to run fund raising." "Well Stefan," Edmund growls. "Why don't we ask everyone right now whether they would work at a hospital run by all Quartermaines or all Cassadines?" "You are right Edward," Stefan concedes, "You are too much for me so I will say good-bye, in that rash voice of his.

Luke has broke into Wyndemere and is searching the house. He is searching everywhere. Under the beds, in the closets, when Stefan returns. He looks at the curtains, he knows someone is there or has been. He walks over, opens the curtains and Luke enters the room through the other window when Stefan isn't looking and runs out of the room. Stefan returns to his room, sits on his bed and remembers Katherine. At the same time Katherine is remembering him. He is having a hallucination that she is on the bed with him and she tells him that she is not his sister. Luke in the mean time is downstairs going into the secret room. Luke has found Alexis's papers on what she did to Katherine, it is only a matter of time before she is exposed.

Felicia and Mac are deciding on what they are going to wear to the children's party at the hospital when Felicia receives a phone call. It is the woman who is looking for her husband that has disappeared. Mac has given Maxie a camera for her birthday. She takes a picture of Mac as the Lone Ranger. Mac offers to take Maxie to the children's party so that Felicia can have a meeting with her client. Not too much later the mysterious woman shows up. They sit down, she explains to Felicia that her husband disappeared 8 years ago. "I need to find him. Maybe he doesn't remember who he is or maybe he is running from me," she says. "Oh, well the last place anyone saw him was her in Port Charles a couple of weeks ago. Do you have a picture of him?" Felicia comments. Maxie hands Felicia the pictures, she looks at it. It's Mac!!

At the hotel Alexis and Ned are having dinner. He tells her he knows who blew the deal for him in Ja.k.arta. He is playing out that it is Monica that did it. But he knows it was the Cassadines. He finally tells her I have met the enemy and the enemy is you!!

Jax and Brenda are at a cottage in the woods looking at a place for her to rent. She loves it but tells Jax it's too perfect. I know what you are trying to do, you want me to tell you what to do, but I won't. She finally decides to keep it and Jax pulls out the champagne he had brought along with him. They toast her new place.

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