General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on GH

Felicia began to suspect that Mac was Tess's husband, James Meadows. A.J. got his hands on the real sonogram and correct due date, so he paid Carly a visit.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on GH
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Monday, November 3, 1997

Felicia is stunned by the photo Tess shows her, it is a photo of Mac. Felicia tells her this is a joke but Tess takes that as an insult and gets mad. She explains that her husband, James Meadows left her after 2 months of marriage.

Alexis pleads with Ned not to get loud. He wants her to explain her role in all of this and she tells him he has her all wrong.

Luke finds the papers that Alexis has hid and as he is looking at them behind the wall, he overhears a staff member tell Stefan that there is an intruder on the island. Stefan orders him to have the guards search the premises and he goes off as well. When he's left the room, Luke comes out from the secret hiding place.

Alexis informs Ned that all the time they spent together she never asked him about his business and she wasn't after ELQ. He asks her if she talked about him to her cousin and says that never happened. Ned continues to make acquisitions, which clearly upset her.

Felicia apologizes to Tess who says she is all right. She tells Felicia she thinks maybe her husband was hiding something and ran away from it. They only knew each other for 4 months before getting married. Felicia asks for some documented proof and Tess gives her some wedding photos, a marriage license, some cards and letters, and bank statements. She tells Felicia he cashed a large check the day before he left. She also knows that he was seen in PC two weeks ago. Felicia tells her she'll give her a call in the morning. When Tess is gone, Felicia studies the pictures more thoroughly.

Mac is with Georgie and Maxie at a Halloween party at GH. Maxie tells Bobbie she misses BJ and she wishes she were here with them. She says if it wasn't for BJ she wouldn't be able to celebrate any more birthdays (her birthday just passed). The gang leaves and Sarah cleans up. Nikolas walks in & the two briefly talk about the children. He asks her if they are having an argument; she tells him no. He's glad or else he wouldn't be able to give her the gift he bought. He gives her the box and she opens it up to find a necklace inside. Sarah's excited but thinks it might be a bit too much. He doesn't agree.

Ned can't understand how Alexis can sit there with a straight face and tell him she cares about him. She tries to rationalize the situation but he believes she used him. He gives her the opportunity to shift the blame onto Stefan but she says nothing. She basically gives up without a fight. She tells him she never did betray his trust; she never had it. Alexis then gracefully leaves.

Luke takes pictures of the documents and then leaves then astray for Stefan to find.

Mac comes home with the girls and Felicia can't stop looking at him which he takes notice of. The girls go and wash up for bed and Felicia begins paying Mac some compliments. He tells her that he has secrets from his past and that she doesn't know everything about him. He says this in a light tone and this prompts Felicia to tell him she has something for him to look at. She shows him the papers Tess gave her and just about as she is going to give him the pictures the phone rings. Mac answers and is quick to leave. Felicia *69's the call which came from the Outback.

Nikolas puts the necklace on Sarah. Amidst all the toys, Nikolas asks Sarah if she feels like they're at home when they are cleaning up the room. She agrees and he tells her that his Uncle plans on going back to Greece but he is staying. He tells her he'll probably stay at Wyndemere and maybe she can come and stay with him at times. This makes Sarah a bit nervous and she tells him they have different fantasies. She gets her stuff together to leave and when a little girl from the hospital comes on, Sarah goes back to her room with her. Nikolas takes his bag with his sweater and finds the box of condoms inside.

Luke gets back to his house practically freezing from escaping that island. Bobbie asks if he found the gun but he says no. She thinks it was a waste but Luke informs her he found some interesting papers.

Stefan comes back and finds the papers all over. He picks them up and begins to read them, prompting him to think back to Alexis and Leo's conversations. At this moment Alexis walks in and asks what's going on.

Edward meets Ned and he informs Grandfather of what the Cassadine's role was in taking over ELQ Ja.k.arta. The two plan their next step and Ned tells him he has a plan.

Stefan explains the commotion and puts the papers in his breast pocket. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him that Ned knows what happened in Indonesia. He asks if she confirmed his allegations and she tells him she can be trusted not to tell the truth. Alexis breaks down and cries and Stefan comforts her but has a look on his face.

Luke tells Bobbie about the papers and the two try to figure out what's going on with her.

Before Alexis goes upstairs she tells Stefan she didn't tell Ned what Stefan put in motion. He kisses her forehead and thanks her for her loyalty. She goes upstairs and he pages a staff member and asks him for his assistance.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Brenda gives movers some orders on where to place her new couch. They give her some suggestions and tell her to call if she needs any further assistance. Julia drops by with a small house-warming gift and tells her how much she likes her new place. She's really there thought to let Brenda know that she has to go back to London and a car is waiting outside to take her to the airport.

Ned drops by Jax's and asks him if he would like to join forces against the Cassadine's.

Alexis calls out to Stefan and when he doesn't answer she goes behind the secret passage to retrieve her documents but she discovers they are not there. She comes out and is looking a bit nervous when Stefan suddenly appears and asks her if she's looking for these (he's holding up her papers in his hand).

Luke talks to Bobbie about his findings and tries to guess what they are. He assumes Alexis has something going on that Stefan knows nothing about. Luke assumes someone will come looking for him once they figure out it was him who broke in. Meanwhile Bobbie is looking for a missing necklace and when she finds it, it brings back memories of the night she walked into her room and found Carly trying it on. She also remembers the night she came home and saw Tony and Carly dancing.

Carly calls Virginia and finds out her mother has been given a clean bill of health from the doctors. During her conversation Tony walks in and Carly is a bit surprised to see him. He asks her who's on the phone and she tells him no biggie, just someone wanting to change shifts with her. When he goes into the bedroom she tells Virginia she's got to go. Virginia asks how her boyfriend is doing and Carly tells her they are getting married. Virginia tries to convince Carly to let her have the number but she rushes her off the phone, promising to call again soon. When they hang up Virginia calls Bobbie but there is no answer.

Luke asks Bobbie what's wrong and she tells him she can't stop thinking about what Carly has done and Luke tells her she's got to forget about that girl. He says that Carly just wanted to get her hands on everything she never had and Bobbie says out loud that maybe Carly had this all planned long before she got to PC. Luke tries to make her forget the subject as well as that thought. Bobbie does ask him why Carly would throw all the stuff about her dead daughter in her face; she can't understand how she could be so cruel.

Ned tells Jax he will give him 30% ownership of ELQ Ja.k.arta if he helps him get it back. He admits he needs Jax's expertise and Jax agrees only if he gets 50%. They have a deal. Ned asks where Brenda is and Jax gives him her new address.

Brenda and Julia say their goodbyes and promise to keep in touch this time. Brenda thanks her for coming and helping her out. The two sisters hug and Brenda is upset, saying they missed so many years when they could have been friend's. As Julia leaves, Brenda watches from the window.

Ned drops by to find Brenda sitting at the window. He apologizes for not being here for her during her time of need and she blames herself for what has happened. Ned explains to her that nothing was her fault and she tells him how they were planning on running away and never talking to anyone again. Brenda halts the conversation saying she doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Instead she gives him a tour of her new place.

Stefan gives Alexis back her papers and informs her that whoever broke in scattered her papers. He tells her it probably was Luke looking for the gun which he disposed of. Stefan tells her they will be leaving for Greece soon and she agrees that it is a good idea since their work in PC is done. He tells her he trusts her completely and she tells him she has to go to GH. Once she's gone, Stefan makes a call and orders the man on the phone to come right over with the documents.

Carly asks Tony if he can stay and he tells her he has a surprise. He goes inside to get it and the doorbell rings, it's Uncle Luke.

Virginia calls Luke's and gets a hold of Bobbie. She tells her they need to talk about Caroline. She apologizes for not calling but explains she was in the hospital. Virginia tells Bobbie she really wants to find Caroline and wants to know if maybe Luke could do it; if not she suggests hiring a private investigator and splitting the cost. She tells Bobbie that Caroline came to see her in the hospital and that she calls regularly, in fact she called a few minutes ago and told her she's getting married. Bobbie's a little taken aback because she thinks her daughter is dead. Virginia tells Bobbie she is going to send her some pictures. The two hang up and Bobbie is more puzzled than ever.

Luke tells Carly she has a problem with throwing Bobbie's dead daughter in her face and she better stop or it's going to be the truth. He tells her not to disappoint him and he leaves. Tony asks who was at the door and Carly tells him it was just someone selling something. Tony presents her with the marriage certificate application and informs her he's set aside November 14th as their date.

Ned tells Brenda he thinks this place is the best thing she's done and suggests Lila lend her some furniture. Brenda refuses, saying she will do this on her own. She also tells him that today is 1 year that her and Jax would have been married. She thinks she screwed that up as well. Brenda stops herself and asks Ned how he is doing. He tells her he stopped to see Brook Lynn and he brought her some photos. Jax drops by and Ned leaves. Jax tells her what happened with Ned and she thinks he's bothered by something more personal.

Alexis shreds up the evidence.

Brenda thinks about what she said to Ned concerning her and Jax. He asks her where she plans on sleeping and she tells him on her couch, she needs to get used to being alone.

Stefan tells his servant he will be flying to Greece to bring George back. He tells him no one, especially Alexis, should know about his arrival.

Tony tells Carly it's a shame their child will grow up never having known his/her grandparents.

Luke comes home and Bobbie tells him she just got a call from Virginia who says Caroline called her earlier.

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Jax doesn't think Brenda should stay at the house by herself since she doesn't have all the necessary amenities. She lets him know she'll be OK but he is worried she'll get lonely. Brenda promises she'll call if she needs him.

Alan counts his pills and thinks back to Bobbie's question on why he's having medication sent directly to him. Just as he's about to pop two more pills Monica walks in.

Luke tells Bobbie to tell him everything Virginia Benson said to her. She says that she wants her daughter back and Luke wants to know if Bobbie told her the 'truth'. She says she wanted to but Virginia kept talking about her and seemed hopeful for the future. She also mentions that Virginia planned on sending some pictures which Bobbie doesn't think will mean all that much anymore. What she really wants is for Virginia to help her grieve for her daughter.

Carly holds her wedding dress up against her and practices her walk. In the middle of all this the doorbell rings, it's Lorraine. Carly is not happy about her showing up since she already warned her not to come around. Lorraine claims to be worried abut what Carly's going to do about her situation and she tells her again that inducing labor will not harm her child. Carly is adamant against this idea. She believes that AJ is starting to trust her again and that they are reconnecting. She thinks this will save her.

AJ goes to see Sister Margaret at Mercy hospital regarding the sonogram that was done a few weeks ago. He tells her that he has a problem. AJ tells her the nurse was Lorraine Miller and Sister Margaret tells AJ that she is one of their livelier nurses but a bit inexperienced in the filed of obstetrics. Any mistake made was probably innocent. She recalls how Lorraine switched duties one day just to do sonograms; she's eager to learn. AJ says that she was fine it's just that he's lost a copy of the sonogram. She's a bit surprised and he claims he hasn't told his wife yet.

Luke tells Bobbie that it's not there job to take care of Virginia. He tries to convince her that she's doing just fine. Bobbie wants to believe that Caroline is alive and about to marry the man of her dreams. She praises Luke for being able to tell her the truth about her daughter dying and she knows that they are not about telling secrets. Luke begins to explain why he told her but she doesn't want to her it, she's already late for work. What she doesn't realize is he was about to tell her the truth.

Brenda tells Jax she's staying at her house and he agrees to go home. Now alone, she thinks back to her wedding day one year ago and how Sonny brought Miranda there.

Jax gets home and V. is finishing up some work. When she brings up the word anniversary Jax mentions how this day is an anniversary for him as well; it was also one of the most incredible days of his life.

Monica tells Alan how she knows how he helped a fellow Dr. stay in the profession and she is proud of all the good he has done. She praises him for his commitment to the hospital and when she leaves Alan is popping more pills. He then places a call to the pharmacy for an order of his pain medication and places it under Amy's name.

Lorraine tells Carly AJ is not going to forgive her but Carly believes AJ will come around. When Carly tells her there is no way she is inducing labor Lorraine asks for a few hundred dollars for her thought. Instead Carly gives her her wedding dress to go and sell. As she opens the door to let her out, Luke is standing there. They play it off as a friendly visit and Lorraine leaves. Luke tells Carly she's going to make a phone call and say everything he tells her to. He tells Carly he warned her about taunting Bobbie and she says she had promised not to bother Bobbie anymore. Luke informs her that Virginia called Bobbie and believes Carly set her up to it. She tells him she did no such thing and when he tells her Virginia is planning on sending some photos, Carly is ready to do whatever he says.

Sister Margaret won't give AJ a copy of the sonogram unless his wife is present. This prompts him to tell her that he and his wife are separated and he is trying to save the marriage; her knowing he lost the sonogram would not help matters. She's willing to wave this but tells him there is one small formality, she wants to see some picture ID. AJ tells her he doesn't have his wallet on him and she refuses to give him what he wants without the ID. He tells her he'll be back tomorrow and she lets him know this was a stimulating conversation for her and wonders if he is really who he says he is.

As Brenda lye's on her couch she hears noises outside which startle her. She thinks back to the times when she was left by Sonny; the night he found the wire, one night after they fought at her room above Kelly's, in the rain at the docks, and in the rain on their wedding day.

Monica questions Bobbie on what's wrong; she says she's just having a bad day. Bobbie tells Monica that Alan seems to be on a role at the hospital and Monica is a bit worried. She says that Alan is different at home and doesn't have any interest in sex. She thinks maybe it's the job that's really bothering him.

Alan goes to pick up the prescription himself which surprises the pharmacist but he gives it to him anyway. As Alan is standing there ready to walk out Amy comes up behind him.

Jax tells V. about Miranda and what happened to him and Brenda when she showed up. He knows this must be a rough night for Brenda and is promoted to call her but holds back. V. tells him if Brenda needs him she'll call and says goodnight.

Carly calls Virginia and says she wants to come home for a nice long visit and take care of her for a while. Virginia is so excited she wants to know how soon she'll be home. Carly tells her it'll be a few weeks but when she does she will have a big surprise for her. She also tells her mother she has a great idea, she wants to make a scrapbook of all the pictures Virginia can gather up of her. The two decide it's a wonderful idea and Carly tells her she'll call her again soon.

Brenda calls Jax.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Jax is at his penthouse on the phone with Brenda. Tears in her eyes, she tells him today is the anniversary of what should have been our wedding day. He tells her he can drop everything and come right over. She says no, but they pretend on the phone to be someone else. She starts to pour her heart out like if she is talking to a doctor and when she is done, she tells Jax thanks, "I feel so much better know. I can let you go now. Why don't we do this, let's not hang up the phone, just set it down and if you need me you won't have to fumble in the dark for the redial button, I will be there waiting for you."

At Audrey's house Liz is dancing up a storm, listening to her music full blast. Nikolas is still trying to find Sarah. He is totally surprised when he finds the box of condoms. He knocks on the door at Sarah's but Liz doesn't hear him, her music is too loud. He opens the door startling Liz. She says, "you could have rang the door bell?" "I did," he responds. "Have you seen Sarah?" Liz gives him a hard time and finally he leaves. Sarah returns home only to find out that Nikolas was there looking for her. She snaps at Liz and Liz says "I don't have to take this and goes upstairs." Emily says to Sarah, that it's and asks that she not let Liz get to he. Emily asks her if everything is all right with her and NIkolas. She tells Emily the whole story about finding the condoms and assuming that Nikolas wanted to have sex. I am afraid I might have messed everything up. She tells Emily she is a virgin but doesn't know if Nikolas is one or not. "Even though we tell each other everything there is still things we don't know about each other."

Felicia and Dara are talking about the picture of Mac. Dara thinks right away that its Mac. Mac walks up and they show him the pic. He denies that it's him and says the guy in the picture doesn't look anything like him and it upsets him that you would think that I would marry somebody and then just leave them. "Do you think I am that kind of a person?" he asks. So later when Tess calls her up, Felicia makes the comment that maybe she should find another private detective. Tess makes the statement that her husband Jimmy use to say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Felicia stops, and says "what did you just say?"

At the pharmacy just as Alan was getting to leave Amy shows up and says is that a prescription for me? Alan explains to her that it's for someone else with the same last name. He talks his way out of another mess. He heads back to the hospital and rushes to take the pills when Monica shows up. He nearly snaps her head off. She says to him," I don't deserve that kind of a treatment." "You are right, you don't," is Alan's response. She tells him he needs to slow down and go back to what he loves to do, which is surgery. She hugs him and tells him he has really lost weight. She flirts and they make arrangements to meet each other later.

Friday, November 7, 1997

Stefan orders one of his staff to bring back George Pappos. Stefan wants to know why Alexis paid him 50,000 dollars recently. "Did she do some work for you that I didn't know about?" Stefan asks. "You misunderstand Mr. Cassadine," he was told "What part is the truth, the part about her being dead or coming to New York? Well, which is it?" Stefan asks.

At the grill Edward and Ned are having a meeting. They are discussing the take over of Jacarta and what they are going to do about it. I have a plan to get it back and take the Cassadine's down in the process. Oh, really Edward says. Who comes through the door but Alexis. Edward stands up and invites her to sit down with them. She says "no thank you I am meeting someone, my cousin." "Well, in that case" Edward says, "I will have to take my invitation back," but he continues to flirt with her like nothing had happened over in Ja.k.arta. He invites her over to say good bye to Lila before she leaves back to Greece. Well, you keep Ned company while I use the men room. While he is gone, Alexis says he took it well. "I didn't tell him you were involved." Ned assures her. Alexis didn't buy it, leading Ned to comment that they both distrust each other. Edward then shows up and says, I see you changed your mind about dining with us. "No, I really must go." Then the waiter shows up and tells her that a "Mr. Cassady" wants to meet her at the hospital. She corrects him by asking if he meant "Cassadine." The waiter nodded and apologized for botching the name. Jax arrived a few seconds later. Ned makes the comment, pointing at Jax, "there is the second worst board member." She says her good-byes again and leaves. Out in front of the grill Katherine is just showing up and they get into another cat fight. Katherine tells her that when Stefan finds out what happened he will turn on her.

Jax then walks up to the table and Edward tells him he's late. "Thank God I am, otherwise Alexis would have seen us together and the whole plan would be right out the window." It's at this time that Edward finds out that Jax wants half of the Ja.k.arta Corporation. They finally agree and the plan begins.

Over at Brenda's new house, Jax and her are attempting to drink from the worst pot of coffee he has ever tasted. She says to him, just because I bought a house doesn't mean that I will be come domesticated. They discuss her going back to work. She tells Jax that Lucy has been calling about the December line. I just don't know if I am ready. Jason breaks into Brenda's house. He says she has to let him protect her. "Did you come here to tell me that Sonny's enemy's are still after me?" "No, I am not saying that. I am telling you, Jason, if I see you or any of your goons around here or I will call the police." She continues to yell and say mean things to him about Robin. She then throws him out of her house.

AJ meets with Jason, he hands AJ a fake I.D. and he says to him, "aren't you even curious as to why I need this?" "No, should I be?" AJ asks. "It's just that I am at a crossroad and I don't know whether to use the information or not!" "Obviously you already decided or you wouldn't have gotten the I.D. AJ heads over to Mercy to get the sonogram. The administrator finally shows up and hands them to him. He looks at them, and she tells them everything's okay. The due date is put in October. AJ heads immediately over to Carly's house. Carly in the meantime is trying to talk Tony into moving the wedding out into the country. Tony says no, but hands her the marriage license, they plan to get married next Saturday. He kisses her and heads to work.

Tony heads over to have lunch with Bobbie and to explain the wedding plans to her for Lucas. He wants Lucas to be his best man. They talk for awhile then the baby is brought up and the due date. Bobbie seems surprised that he said the baby is due in October. That's funny, AJ told me it was due in December. Tony says, that doesn't make sense. They are so close, why would he think that? She brings up to him that Caroline's (the daughter she gave away as a teenager) adopted mother called and it's sad, she just can't accept the fact that she is gone. She talks about her like she is still alive

But over at Tony's apartment Carly is answering the door, it is AJ. She smiles and says to him, so what's up? Lies as usual. She looks at him, he turns around, opens up the document and says to her. Our baby is due in October, this is the real sonogram, not the one you had Loraine fake.

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