General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on GH

Ned and Jax joined forces to take down the Cassadines. Carly was certain that once she and Tony were married, A.J.'s threats couldn't break them up. George confessed to Stefan and revealed that Alexis had been behind the lies.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on GH
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Monday, November 10, 1997

Today's summary was written by Amie Martin

Ned, who is at the Outback with Jax discussing their plan to "bring down" the Cassadines, is on his cell phone with Brenda. She wants to buy back her half of L&B and go back to work. Jax seems to know what is going on even though he can't hear the conversation and looks hurt that he's left out. When Jax leaves, Katherine rushes in. Ned comments that she looks like she wants to "do a couple of rounds with someone," and Kat admits that she just had a run-in with his "pal" Alexis. Ned tells her Alexis is no longer his pal!

As Alexis is leaving the Outback, Luke stops her and waves the papers he found in her face. Does she recognize them? Uh, they look like numbers... "I'm especially good at recognizing letters," Alexis quips. They exchange their usual repartee and he suggests Stefan might be interested in seeing the papers. Suddenly, Alexis looks serious.

Stefan continues to grill George. He wants to know if and why Alexis paid George to lie to him. Of course, Stefan subtly threatens, he doesn't want to have to be "harsh" with which point George collapses.

Bobbie and Tony are in the middle of discussing the different impressions they have as to when Carly's due date is. Isn't it strange how some people think she's due in December, Tony ponders; but, he insists the only thing that's important is that he's the father and they're so happy together. Bobbie tries to be happy for him, explaining that she thinks he's a wonderful father. In fact, she tells him if only she had been honest with him when they first got married, maybe things would have been different; maybe she would have even been able to see Caroline before she died...

AJ confronts Carly. He knows she thinks the baby might be his! Carly denies AJ's accusations, but AJ, sonogram in hand, yells that it's "all there in black and white." When Carly still denies it, he challenges her to prove it!

Alexis tells Luke he's even more ridiculous than she thought. Why would Stefan be interested in numbers on a page? Luke explains that the pages are actually photographs he took of some "papers" he found the other night, and Alexis says she'll accept that as an admission that he's the one who broke into Wyndemere. But Luke persists. He wants to know why someone hid them and spurts out various theories. Alexis suggests he stop letting his imagination run wild and get a hobby... "You're my hobby, Alexis," Luke answers with a wicked twinkle. When he continues to threaten Alexis by wondering aloud if Stefan might have an idea who hid them and why, she tells him her cousin already saw them after Luke left them scattered all over the floor... Still, Luke points out, at the time he didn't know they had been hidden and might mean something. Luke assures Alexis he's on her side; he's had a soft spot for her ever since she clubbed him over the head! "Oh, why didn't I just shoot you when I had the chance," an exasperated Alexis lets out. Then she asks him if he really thinks she'd betray her cousin. "If he didn't, they wouldn't be having this conversation," he answers.

Katherine explains to Ned that her run-in with Alexis was because she was the one who split up Katherine and Stefan and tells Ned firmly that Alexis is even worse than her cousin. Ned assures her that "what goes around, comes around."

Stefan has one of his men bring George to GH under an assumed name because Alexis can't know that he's there. Stefan warns him not to underestimate Alexis' resources... He also tells the man to call Alexis and have her meet him.

Jax goes to Brenda's new house and admits he was there when she called Ned. He wants to know why she's suddenly changed her mind about going back to work. Brenda admits that Jason stopped by and, instead of getting a restraining order to keep him out of her life, she'd rather just go back to work.

Meanwhile, Jason visits Mike at his new bar and explains he's concerned about Brenda. Not only is she living by herself in a house that makes her an easy target because of all the windows, but she refuses to have any protection. Mike tells Jason to stay away. Jason gave her the worst news of her life, and, since Sonny isn't here for her to be angry at, she's unleashing it all on Jason. She needs to get angry, Mike says, so Jason should just let her work it out.

Katherine tells Ned she's glad he's seeking revenge on the Cassadines and that she actually thinks Alexis has her own agenda regarding "the family." Seeing Luke arrive, she marches over to him and demands an update on his search for Stefan's gun. When Luke breaks the news to her that he didn't find the gun, Katherine admits finding it is important to her because Stefan is planning to leave for Greece and she'll never know what really happened between them. Luke urges her to take a reality check.

Alexis meets Stefan and resumes her "business as usual" act. She notices Stefan seems angry and asks why? Stefan explains to Alexis that he's angry because he couldn't find some papers he needed. Alexis tells him she took them to the hospital to review in anticipation of their move to Greece and didn't want to trouble him...From now on, Stefan demands, she is to keep him informed of all matters concerning the family without having to ask! By the way, he asks her, is there anything else I should know? "Well, now that you mention it," Alexis explains to Stefan, "she confused the papers Luke had left scattered with some other deal papers and took them to the hospital (and maybe shredded them?);" she's concerned now that - although the papers don't mean anything - Luke might use them to cause dissension between the two of them. Stefan assures her (in a slightly mocking manner) that he can't imagine Luke ever doing anything to make him doubt Alexis' loyalty to him and the family. As Alexis leaves, Stefan looks out after her and when she is far enough gone, he says quietly: "I expected more of you, Alexis."

Carly tells AJ that her "proof" is that she slept with him and Tony on the same night! Tony calls and Carly asks him to hurry home and then tells AJ he has to leave before he gets there. AJ won't leave. He insists they settle this. He's going to tell Tony the truth and then they're all going to the hospital to find out who the real father is! Carly begs AJ not to tell Tony they slept together. That won't establish paternity, after all. Maybe not, AJ fires back. But it will establish who and what Carly is. Carly maintains all that telling Tony will accomplish is ruining her life and alienating an innocent baby from his/her father. She goes on to say that, although she accepts responsibility for what happened between them, she was drunk and upset and didn't know what she was doing. An angry AJ mutters, "I doubt you take a breath that isn't calculated."

Bobbie meets Luke at the Outback where she admits she can't stop thinking about Caroline. Luke urges her to move on with her life, but she compares what she's feeling now for Caroline with the grief she felt over BJ. He gently reminds her that neither BJ nor Caroline are ever coming back...

A desperate Carly tries to convince AJ that no matter what he thinks of her she really does love Tony, and she continues to beg him not to ruin things for them. While AJ remains firm with his decision to tell Tony, Carly buckles over in pain, screaming that it will be AJ's fault if something is wrong with her baby! When the pain stops, Carly asks AJ if he's still going to tell Tony. It dawns on him that this was all an act, and he tells her so. "Do you really think I'd use my unborn child to save myself? Is that what you think of me?" Carly fires at him. AJ coolly responds: "That about covers it." Then, just as Carly reminds AJ that, before he tells Tony, he needs to be prepared to accept responsibility for the fallout if he is, in fact, wrong, Tony arrives home.

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Edward and Jax meet outside Kelly's to discuss business. Edward warns Jax to use some caution or he's going to loose everything.

Brenda can't wait to get back to work; she's just rejoined L&B. Ned suggests they go to the Outback to check out Dara's act. Brenda's a bit nervous about going out, she's been keeping a low profile since her "wedding." Ned convinces her to go by using a little reverse psychology. Before they leave she asks him what's going on with him and he tells her there is nothing or no one on his mind. He does tell her how he's really doing and thinks a night out is sounding better and better. Brenda is ready to stop hiding.

Felicia can't stop looking at the picture of Tess' husband. Dara arrives for her performance. She tells Mac she is so busy with her day job and thinks maybe she should clone herself, two is better than one she says. Mac does not find that remark funny and thinks Felicia put her up to saying that. Mac and Felicia have a little quarrel and he's still mad at her for accusing him of being a dead beat husband.

Tony walks in on Carly and AJ and wants to know why she's crying. Carly lies and says that she said some things to AJ which he didn't like but now it's all out in the open. Tony looks at them both and says he'd like the truth for a change. Carly claims to be giving AJ support on his issues but says she went a bit too far. Tony reminds AJ that they are having a baby and Carly should not be under all this stress. He asks AJ if he agrees with what Carly just told him.

Alexis runs into Nikolas at the Port Charles Grill. He tells her he is avoiding Stefan because he doesn't want to move back to Greece. Alexis asks why; he tells her because of Sarah and his sister. He believes Laura will eventually come back with Lesley Lu. Alexis lets him know Stefan is only doing what's best for him.

Edward lets Jax know he doesn't trust him and thinks Ned was foolish for bringing him into the family business. He also lets Jax know he'll be watching him. After they finish discussing business, Edward asks Jax how Brenda really is. Jax tells him to ask her himself but Edward says she will only tell them she's OK. Jax thinks then they should believe her because she is going to be fine. Edward can't believe that and doesn't understand why she's at that cottage so far in the middle of no where.

Brenda is a bit overwhelmed by all the people at the Outback. When she walks in two women take notice of her.

Mac lets Felicia know she made a mistake in thinking he was the man in the picture. She knows she was wrong and apologizes for jumping to conclusions.

A blond haired woman makes a call and informs the other party that they won't believe who is at the Outback.

Alexis asks Nikolas how things are going with Sarah and he says he really likes her. She asks about school and he admits it's a joke and his uncle was right in that respect. He says he plans on going back to working with his tutors.

AJ says he agrees with Carly but then he turns around and says he just can't. Tony tells him to say whatever he has on his mind and he tells Tony his relationship with Carly has deteriorated since the night his parents found him in the courtyard. He says that she continues to downplay the importance of his sobriety which is his most important possession yet she just doesn't get it. Carly jumps in and says she was upset to see her best friend like that and claims to have tried to help but is sorry for what she's done. Tony tells them to straighten this out and stop acting like children because there's only room for one. He asks AJ if he's got it and AJ looks confused. Tony tells him that Bobbie mentioned he thought the baby was due in December. AJ says he's been confused about a lot lately. Tony goes to shower and AJ tells Carly this is no where near over.

Felicia gets Mac to accept her apology and he says he's been over it but just wanted to see her sweat it out.

Brenda tells Dara they want her to sign with L&B. She's a bit apprehensive and tells her she'll think about it. She does agree to meet with Brenda who promises to call tomorrow. Ned tells her she was great and lets her know he won't have a whole lot of time to help her out because of his other business commitments. He excuses himself to the bar and gets a call from Jax as he walk over to get them drinks. Ned tells him he's at the Outback with Brenda; Jax is a bit surprised. Meanwhile, the blond woman approaches Brenda and tells her she is a role model for her and weasels herself a seat. She tells Brenda it broke her heart to read what Sonny did to her. She recounts all that's happened and asks her what happened to make the gangster dump her like that. Brenda tells her to get out of her face. The woman introduces herself as Joyce, a reporter, who wants to do a story on her. Brenda asks her the magazine she's with and Joyce thinks its time the world heard what happened. Brenda tells her off and lets her know she is scum and when Joyce tries to get up and leave Brenda tells her to sit down because she is not through with her. She advises her that if she thinks about printing one word she will have her and her editor in court. Ned walks over and wants to know what it going on. Brenda says everything is fine, the woman was just leaving. Joyce leaves and Brenda doesn't want to discuss it.

-AJ tells Carly not to think she is free and clear and she begs him to just wait until she can find out who the real father is. He wants to know what about his feelings. If the baby is his he won't even see the birth. Carly tells him it is not his. He tells her his silence comes with conditions-she can't trick Tony into leaving town, she can't leave town, and she can not marry Tony. He says he'll be watching and she agrees to his terms.

Mac and Felicia both step outside and he tells her he was angry that she thought he could hurt a woman like that. When she asks for forgiveness he tells her to hold the picture up to his face and then tell him if she thinks he looks like the guy. At this moment Tess appears and slaps Mac in the face. She attacks him verbally, believing he is Jimmy. She thanks Felicia and walks away. Mac assumes that's Felicia's client.

Brenda talks to Ned about Dara. As he asks her again about her "fan", Jax walks over and inquires as well. She tells him nothing and wants to know why he's there; he says he just wanted to stop by. Ned comes back from taking his call and Jax goes to sit at the bar.

Mac introduces Dara to the crowd . She sings a slow number which has Jax and Brenda looking over at each other.

-AJ sits outside and looks over the sonogram again.

Tony treats Carly wonderful and when she starts to cry he thinks she's going to change her mind about the wedding. AJ's words ring in her head but she tells him nothing will stop her from marrying him.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Brenda and Jax talk about Dara and he asks her if something else is bothering her. He thinks she had Sonny on her mind the night before.

Stefan wants George's presence at Mercy kept quit. He whispers to George, saying he knows he wants to tell him the truth about Natasha. He wants him to open his eyes and come back to him.

Lucy runs into Luke at the Outback and wants to know if she can use his club for her Christmas campaign shoot. He agrees as long as he can hang out with her and watch. Felicia and Bobbie walk over and Lucy gets hold of Felicia and says she needs to ask her about getting pregnant. Bobbie asks Luke what he's doing there. She thinks he's there to make sure she's doing OK. Today is the day Tony is supposed to marry Carly.

Carly prepares for her wedding but Tony tells her Lucas is not feeling well. She wants to know if they're still going to go ahead with the wedding and he says they will. He goes inside to sit with Lucas. Just as he leaves the room the phone rings, it's Lorraine. She tells Carly she needs help and Carly tells her she can't help with her problems. Lorraine lets Carly know she could loose her job and when they doesn't sway Carly, she threatens to talk to Tony. Carly asks her where she is.

AJ talks outside of Kelly's with a fellow AA member. They discuss this man's children and he assumes AJ has a family of his own. Keesha walks up and the two men say goodnight. She asks him how he is and he tells her he's missed her; they really haven't seen each other outside of work. Keesha suggests they take a vacation to France.

Alan shows up at Tony's and he asks Alan to be his best man today. Alan says he would but he can't do it today; he's observing in the operating room. Alan wants to know why the rush and Tony admits it's Carly, she's frightened.

Carly shows up at Mercy and Lorraine tells her that AJ showed up at the hospital and obtained a copy of the sonogram. Sister Margaret also found out that she had the doctor called out of the room to an emergency that never was. Now she's been given an official warning and is afraid she's going to loose her job. She wants Carly to fix this or else she's putting an end to her fairy tale romance. Carly says she's sorry and will help but not today because she's getting married in a few hours. She needs one more day and then she doesn't care what Tony finds out after they're married. She thinks that once she has his name he'll never leave her. Lorraine thinks she's crazy.

Brenda tells Jax about the reporter, Joyce, who hounded her at the Outback. He suggests she take some caution on where she goes but all Brenda wants to do is go back to work. At this point Lucy shows up for their meeting and Jax leaves. Lucy is all gung ho about the Christmas campaign and tells Brenda she'll need an answer today. Brenda doesn't want to be pressured because she is not really sure if she's ready. Lucy has only a few minutes to spare, she has a plane to catch, but she does manage to tell Brenda her ideas for the photo shoot.

Stefan begs George for the truth and he asks where he is and what happened. Stefan explains and lets him know he's going to take good care of him. He asks if Natasha being sent to Serenity was true or did Alexis pay him to just say that. George says it's not true and Stefan wants to know what is not true.

Luke tells Bobbie what happened when he showed Alexis the copies of her documents. She suggests maybe they don't mean anything but Luke shows her a copy and knows that one set of numbers is the amount paid to someone, he just doesn't know what the others stand for. Bobbie tells him they might be ID numbers for the staff, everyone has one. Felicia then walks over and gives her a package that came to the Brownstone. The package is from Virginia and Bobbie assumes it's the pictures. When she goes to open the envelope Luke tells her she doesn't have to do it. He says that if she opens it she'll be able to put a face on the fantasy and she agrees. She gets teary and asks him to hold onto them in case someday she is ready to see them. He tells her they'll be safe with him.

Carly tells Lorraine she'll tell Sister Margaret it was her fault she called the doctor away. When Lorraine says that won't work Carly says if they press charges she won't testify. Lorraine is a bit confused because they don't know she switched the sonogram but Carly says just in case they found out anonymously. Basically, she's threatening her.

Keesha suggests a bike trip through the South of France and shows AJ the brochure. Although he thinks it sounds great, he can't leave PC right now. He says he needs to be home.

Alan says he can see why Carly is a bit scared, first baby, first marriage. Tony thinks it's a bit more though. Alan suggests he put it off a day or two and then he can be his best man. Tony is unsure, he can't change the date on her again. Alan wishes him the best of luck and leaves for the hospital.

Jax calls Ned and the two discuss their upcoming plans for business.

Bobbie asks Luke if he's going to look at the pictures and he says no, he'll wait for her. Bobbie thanks him and leaves for GH.

Stefan tells George he needs answers and George tells him everything that he told him was a lie. He's sorry but the money was so much. He knew it wasn't right but he had to take it. Stefan asks who had him lie and George says it was Alexis. At that moment the monitors start beeping and Stefan begs him to stay with him, there's so much more he needs to know. Stefan walks out when the nurse comes in and who shows up behind him, Alexis, and she wants to know what he's doing there.

Lucy wants Brenda to explain what she means when she says she's not sure and she tells Lucy she's scared but excited. Her privacy means a little more to her now. Jax calls and tells her he followed up on the reporter and she'll no longer be writing for that paper. When Brenda hangs up she tells Lucy she'll do it. Lucy is excited and promises her it will be a lot of fun.

Felicia asks Luke if Bobbie was OK after she gave her the envelope. He tries to play it off as unpaid bills but Felicia doesn't believe him for a minute.

AJ tries to tell Keesha he can't commit to anything because he might be living a different life in a few months.

Lorraine agrees not to give Carly up but wants to know is if she'll help her. She says she'll help any way she can.

Luke opens the envelope and looks at the pictures of Carly and thinks of what Bobbie said to him.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

We left off yesterday at Mercy Hospital with Stefan asking Alexis what she was doing there. "I'm meeting with the lawyer here at Mercy who is going to take my place," she explains. Everything is in motion. Good, he says. Then the rumors that I heard then aren't true. "What rumors," she asks? "The one that he was just using General Hospital as a way to get a better job elsewhere," he responds. All of a sudden, a sister from the hospital, the same one that Stefan had spoken with earlier in the day runs up to him and interrupts their conversation and says she sorry, but there seems to be a problem.

Alexis looks over at Stefan, he introduces the sister and Alexis replies, "she's our contact?" "Yes, she is. I will talk to you later about this Alexis," Stefan says shortly. She leaves to go back to General Hospital. Stefan thanks the sister for not telling Alexis anything. She says to him, "I have learned that sometimes family keep secrets from each other for a good reason." He gets everything straightened out and heads back to Wyndemere.

Over in front of Kelly's Nikolas is sitting outside alone reading when Katherine walks up to him and says, "what are you doing here out in the cold?"" I'm doing my school work, I got tired of the library and I wasn't ready to go home yet." "I bet you will miss Wyndemere when you go back to Greece," Katherine comments. "I'm not going to Greece," Nikolas snaps. "You mean Stefan has changed his mind?" "No," he clarifies. "They are going back, but I am staying. No matter what, I have to much to stay here for." "I know you do," she says. "No matter what, I hope we can be friends again. We seem to have a different opinion of what friendship is I guess. "

Inside of Kelly's Sarah and Emily are talking about Nikolas and her relationship. She tells Emily she doesn't know what to do. I just don't think I'm ready for sex yet. Just tell him Sarah, he will understand. He has made it clear what he wants when he left out that box of condoms for me to see. What she doesn't know is that Nikolas is out front telling Katherine the same thing only he thinks it was her that left it for him. Katherine convinces him to talk with Sarah, straighten things out she says. He enters the diner and Sarah smiles. Emily excuses and Nikolas asks if he can sit down. He tells Sarah that he's not going back to Greece and that by the end of the week they can be alone together. She smiles and agrees.

At the Outback Mac is waving a white hanky, he wants a truce. He is still upset that Felicia could believe that it was him. I am going to help you with this case. "How would you feel if there was some one out there who looked like you? Wouldn't you want to straighten it out. I can't have you help me. How would I explain to my client that the man that she thinks is her ex-husband is helping me with her case. You're right, Felicia. At that moment Tess walks into the room and walks over to Mac and says don't worry I'm not going to hit you again. I don't want to waste my time on you. Just then, Mac grabs her and kisses her passionately. He let go of her and she says wow you're not Jimmy! Please, I need a minute to get myself together. Felicia walks over to him and says, I can't believe you did that. It worked didn't it? You always said I was the greatest kisser.

Tess walks over and says, "I'm alright now. I'm sorry Mac for hitting you. You are such a dead wringer for Jimmy. Is Jimmy in town or not? My friend obviously saw you instead. The door swings open and another woman runs over yelling at Mac. Saying that he stuck her with the motel bill for a week. She informs Mac she going to get a couple of bouncer friends to come over and straighten things out. What a break Felicia says. What do you mean, Mac replies? Well, we know he is in town. Great Mac says, it's not you she has the bouncers after, now is it? Felicia agrees to let Mac help her on the case.

At the hospital Alan is explaining to Monica and Bobbie about the name mix-up with the prescription. They are getting ready for Monica's surgery that Alan is going to assist with. Alan doesn't realize that the surgery is going to take longer than he thought. Monica and Bobbie are scrubbing in and discussing the new stitching procedure when Alan walks in and overhears how long it could take. He tells Monica he will be right back (trying to sneak out to get more medication) when Monica says, you're not going anywhere. If you leave now, I will not see you again. Alan says O.K. but gets this look on his face of pain.

Stefan is looking a his computer data base, he is comparing the money that Alexis gave out to the codes from the cemetery where Natasha is suppose to be but wasn't. He sees the correlation when Alexis walks in the room. She looks at him and says, it was pure genius to have a nun be the contact for the hospital. She asks him if he got everything straightened out, he says yes. She doesn't know that George is dead. She tells Stefan that his family is looking for him. Stefan looks sternly at her, put her cheeks between the palms of his hands and starts to squeeze. He looks at her and says, you would do anything for me wouldn't you. She knows something is wrongRecap --->

Friday, November 14, 1997

Over at Brenda's house Jax is trying to get Brenda to hire a bodyguard. She gets angry and says "I told Jason No and I am telling you the same thing. I want to live my life my way." There is a knock at the door. It's Lucy's photographer. "Lucy has wasted no time," Jax says. "I am here only to take a few make up shots,: the photographer explains. She starts having casual conversation with Brenda but has hidden a tape recorder as she is asking questions about Sonny.

Alan is observing the heart by-pass when he starts to have withdrawal from the pain pills. He snaps at everyone and makes an excuse to leave. He leaves the operating room in a sweat.

AJ and Jason are meeting Emily for lunch. She is worried about Alan. AJ and Jason arrive first and AJ thanks him for getting the fake ID'S. Jason leaves the table and Emily sits down. She tells him how Alan is acting so AJ decides to tell Alan something that might make things better. He leaves to go to the hospital to try to talk to Alan. Emily asks Jason how Edward and Lila have stayed together so long. Jason replies, "I figured it was the sex." Emily starts laughing. When he gets there Alan is out in front of his office, shaking and looking sick from not having taking the pills. AJ tells him that he needs to talk to him and Alan tell him later. Bobbie shows up and wants to talk to Alan but he says no, not right now and he shuts his office door, heads to the desk, opens the drawer and takes out the pills and takes some. Outside AJ looks at Bobbie, shrugs his shoulders and says you will have to wait in line.

It's Carly's wedding day and she is trying to hurry Tony up when the doorbell rings, it's Luke. She tells him she can't do this right now. He tells her about the pictures that were sent to Bobbie and that he can't spend the rest of his life intercepting pictures. She tells Luke that he is more worried about what Bobbie will do when she finds out about his lies to her. He leaves, but calls up Mrs. Benson and leaves a message for her to call him back. Tony comes out of the room and hands Carly some papers. She reads them and starts yelling at Tony for spending all that money. He asks her if she is going to start telling him what to spend his money on. She says "of course not, but I don't deserve this." He calms her down, they take a few pictures and head to get married.

Since AJ isn't able to talk to Alan at the moment he goes over to see Carly and Tony. When he gets to their apartment he rings the doorbell and pounds on the door yelling their name. He finally lets himself in and sees the paper on the Justus of the Peace. He tries calling but there's no answer.

When Tony and Carly get to the Justus of the Peace the phone is ringing. Tony says to the minister, should you get that? "No, that's alright, my wife will get it." He looks at them and says it looks like it's about time to get you two married.

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