General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on GH

Luke revealed that he knew that Alexis was really Natasha. Katherine and Stefan consummated their relationship. Sarah told Nikolas that she was ready to sleep with him. James Meadows successfully impersonated Mac.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on GH
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Monday, December 1, 1997

Mac is let into Jimmy's room by the manager who thinks he is Jimmy. Once in, he lets Felicia in through the back door. As the two search the place, Jimmy & Tess spy on them via a hidden camera in the room. Tess informs Jimmy that he's got to get down Mac's smile and style of dress. She also lets him know he has to relate to Felicia the same way.

Carly goes to see Lorraine at Mercy, asking for a sonogram showing a baby boy with a due date around hers. Lorraine isn't too keen on the idea but agrees to try to help her, again. Carly goes to sit down when she hears Tony who's just walked in and is looking for Lorraine.

Alexis is out on the docks thinking back to what happened between her and Stefan. Luke shows up and she is less than thrilled to see him.

Katherine goes downstairs and sees Mr. Redfield. He tells her he has to go to Rochester and will be gone about two nights. He hopes she'll be OK alone and she welcomes the time to think. Meanwhile, Stefan is outside and watches her through the window. She thinks she notices something and walks over to the window but does not see him. She opens the front door and stands there for a minute.

Alexis and Luke trade insults and he wants to talk straight. He asks her what he can do to help her and she thinks he is dilusional. Luke lets her know he heard things were sour between her and Stefan but she doesn't admit to anything. He's curious as to why she is staying at the PC Hotel and Alexis asks if he's been watching her; he says yes and she is not happy about this. She begins to walk away and he mentions the term little sister. This stops her.

Felicia wants to wait for Jimmy to come back but Mac has a bad feeling. Tess & Jimmy are still watching them and he thinks he almost has Mac's moves down pat. Mac checks around the place a bit more and thinks things could get a bit dangerous. As they are ready to leave the phone rings and Felicia urges Mac to answer. Tess is on the other line acting like another one of Jimmy's woman and says she's coming over.

Tony wants Lorraine pages again since she didn't answer the first two times. She comes down and he tells her he is tired of playing games, he wants to know what she wants from him.

Alexis wants to know why Luke called her little sister and he says no reason. Luke also lets her know he knows she is no longer with Cassadine Industries. He claims to have some family news and Alexis wants to know. He tells her Stefan found comfort in the arms of another, Katherine Bell and he doesn't love her like a sister. Alexis wants him to just get to the point.

Katherine shuts the door and begins to walk inside. But something makes her go back and opens the door again and there's Stefan standing there.

Felicia wants Mac to get ready for this woman and has him change into Jimmy's clothes. Tess meanwhile tells Jimmy to watch the way Mac and Felicia argue with one another. As Mac is changing Felicia turns around and this makes Tess & Jimmy wonder if they are still lovers or want to be. Felicia and Mac wonder why Tess would want to find this guy at all. Mac asks her what she would do in this situation and she says she wouldn't go after him. Mac compares it to the time they were together when Maxie was sick; he says he almost left PC and doesn't think she'd come looking for him.

Carly goes home and Tony's waiting. He's found the sonogram in her suitcase in the closet and wants to know why it was in there and how come it doesn't show the sex when Lorraine claimed it did. He wants to know why she lied to them.

Katherine lets Stefan in and wants him to be direct. He tells her he lied to her in order to make her hate him because before they were about to become lovers he was told she was his sister Natasha. She says he doesn't have a sister and he explains the affair his father had.

Felicia tells Mac this is two different situations and then she turns the question on him; would he come and look for her.

Tony says someone goofed and Carly tries to talk her way out of this one claiming that maybe when they went to snap the picture of the baby he had already turned.

Stefan explains that someone moved heaven and earth to make him believe she was his sister and she's upset that he thought everything she ever told him about herself was a lie. Katherine doesn't want to hear anymore but he needs for her to hear how the deception unfolded.

Luke suggests him and Alexis meet weekly to discuss things and she doesn't find this appealing. She also doesn't know what he's getting at and walks away. He calls her Natasha and she stops dead in her tracks.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Carly tries to make nice with Tony but he still seems annoyed. She apologizes for what's happened and he just wants this all to be over with because things aren't too great right now. She tells him she's going to go over to the house and see what they need but he doesn't seem to care. Carly tells him it wasn't really Lorraine's fault and she hopes this won't stop him from considering her for a job at GH. Tony tells her he doesn't want to be in the same room with her let alone hear her name. He leaves for work and the phone rings, it's Lorraine. Carly tells her she can not call her at home anymore. She tells her that Tony found the real sonogram and explains what she told him. Meanwhile Tony is outside the apartment and hesitates before leaving. Wonder if he heard her conversation.

Alexis asks Luke what did he call her and asks who is Natasha. He says he didn't know until just now. He claims to have a few pieces of the puzzle. Luke picks up the ring around her neck and asks where she got it; she tells him it belonged to her mother. Luke says he thinks Natasha is the daughter of the woman who wore the ring.

Stefan explains to Katherine all that was done to make him believe Natasha was alive and that it was her. He tells her he had no choice and she yells at him and wants to know why she's just hearing about this now. He claims she could have died for it.

Edward & Ned meet up at GH and Ned lets him know ELQ Ja.k.arta will be back in their hands within 48 hours. Ned jokes with AJ but he doesn't find it funny. Alan shows up and asks Edward if he's read his outreach program proposal. Edward dismisses Alan's idea, saying it's gross. Alan asks AJ what he thinks and AJ doesn't seem to like it too much either. This upsets Alan who thinks AJ will do anything to side against him.

Luke tells Alexis he's been on this quite a while. He tells her that over the summer he received some information and packed up the family and took a little trip to Stockholm, Sweden. There he went to the opera and then met with her favorite caretaker & asked him why people wanted others to believe Natasha was dead. Luke lets her know he has friends who can find information that others can't. He couldn't find any information on Natasha but he did get quite a bit on her mother, Kristen Bergman. Alexis adds the name Nielson and Luke asks if that's as far as she got.

AJ tries to smooth things over with Alan but he's not willing to hear him out. AJ runs into Tony and asks if he's OK and then how Carly is doing. Tony goes over to Alan and asks him if he has a few minutes to talk. Alan thinks it's about the wedding and kind of blows him off but not before asking him to look at his proposal for a youth education program. Alan walks away and Tony looks dazed.

Luke still doesn't know how Mikos met Kristen and Alexis explains, saying she was a governess. Luke tells her that Kristen was a performer, an opera singer. He explains of a performance that was given in Stockholm featuring an unknown actress. The performance was for free; the producer behind the show was a wealthy man. She was fantastic in the performance and her career soared after that for about the next 10 years. Luke says he's seen a dozen photos of Kristen and in every one of them she's wearing the ring. She then retired and everyone assumed she was having the illegitimate child of her patron. In fact, she was murdered, her throat slit and her vocal chords ripped out. The ring was gone and so was she.

Stefan lets Katherine know that his mother can not be controlled and she wants to know what this has to do with her. He explains that Helena would not tolerate a child who was a threat to his brother's inheritance. She thinks he should have trusted her but he says he couldn't because Helena is always watching him and he couldn't let her be killed in cold blood. She also guesses that this was all Alexis' doing. She wants to know what Alexis said when confronted and he admits maybe there was resentment but he really doesn't care. He asks if she now understands and she does, but she wouldn't have taken the same course he did. Unfortunately for her his admission of what happened doesn't change things.

Luke asks Alexis is she remembers her mother, she would have been about four. He asks how she came to live on the island but she doesn't really know. Luke asks if she was told her parents had died and she tells him the names she was told. Alexe Davidavich was the father's name and from there she got Alexis Davis. She was raised a poor Cassadine; Luke says she fooled Helena. Luke also informs her that the knife was found in her mother's own hands to make it look like a suicide but some suspected murder. He asks if she knows the legend behind the ring. When she says no he explains it, telling her that it was a sacred artifact. Luke asks if Stefan knows who she is, she says no. He tells her they robbed her of her birthright and murdered her mother. He asks what she's going to do about this and Alexis wants to know what he wants her to do. She never wanted another soul to know and he says if Helena finds out she'll probably ventilate her vocal chords. Luke tells her he knows and now she won't be too quick to ignore him or walk away. He says goodbye to Natasha and she is upset. Alexis places a call to Ned and he comes to meet her on the docks. She's crying and he asks what happened.

Carly bumps into AJ outside their apartment. He takes a shot at her but apologizes, he just had a run in with his father. She tells him things can be the same way with Tony, when you feel like you never say the right thing.

Amy tells Alan she didn't exactly go for his proposal and also lets him know he's been a bit demanding and insensitive today. She doesn't think he's been acting like himself.

Tony places a call to Lorraine at Mercy hospital. He asks her to come down to GH so he can speak to her about a job at GH.

AJ tells Carly she reminds him of himself when he was drinking. Carly walks away, annoyed, when she doesn't like his comparison.

Alexis stops crying and says she's found out who she is and it could kill her because it's now out of her hands. Ned thinks they should go some place warmer and they leave the docks.

Katherine tells Stefan she can't sort things out right now and he won't leave until she comes back to PC with him; she says no.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

Emily tells Liz it's too bad she has to work or else she could come shopping with her and Sarah. Liz says maybe next time. Sarah shows up and asks Emily if she would mind if she canceled because Nikolas wants to take her to his country house. Emily tells her no problem and lets her know this could be the night.

Katherine tells Stefan she doesn't believe any of this and he tries to tell her it's not a lie. She tells him she hates him and says he could have told her the truth.

Brenda and Jax have a bite to eat at the Outback before she meets with Lucy. Ned shows up and sits down. Brenda goes to talk with Lucy about the Christmas campaign. Ned tells Jax they must toast the ELQ Ja.k.arta strike---they've won.

Lucy tells Brenda about her amazing idea, a TV special, along with the photoshoot, that will focus on the life of a supermodel. Brenda seems a bit skeptical and Lucy tries to make her see the fun in all of this. She's hired the hottest director/producer, Wendell Granger, and says he's coming to the Outback to meet with Brenda tonight. Lucy tells her she is the hottest model on the scene right now and Brenda is curious as to why, she hasn't done a shoot in over a year. Could it be because Sonny left her at the altar?

Ned is thrilled to be getting revenge on Stefan and wishes he could see his face when he finds out.

Katherine tells Stefan they were doomed by the way they met. He keeps trying to explain why he did what he did to her and he wants her to come back to PC with him so they can work things out. She lets him know he has hurt her more than any man has.

Liz asks Emily why she's not heading out to the mall and Emily tells her there's been a change in plans. Liz asks how come they can't see Nikolas for the creep he is and Emily defends him. Sarah comes back to the table and tells Emily she is a bit nervous, what if she doesn't want him to stop. Liz overhears their whole conversation. Nikolas walks in to pick up Sarah and when the two leave Emily asks Lucky if he'd like to go the mall with her but he declines. Liz tells Ruby she needs to leave, it's a family emergency. Lucky tries to tell her she's going to get herself fired but Liz doesn't care, she tells him Sarah's in trouble and needs her. She runs out and he follows.

Katherine tells Stefan she is hurt and once again he says he had no other choice. The only was he could save her was to be brutal. He explains Helena's behavior and because of it he wasn't going to take a chance with her life. He begs for forgiveness and she says she wants to believe him. He asks for time and she runs upstairs.

Ned tells Jax they are a good team but both agree they still don't like each other. Ned asks how Brenda's doing and Jax tells him she is taking back control of her life.

Lucy tells Brenda that she's going to be fine. Brenda doesn't want to deal with her private humiliation in public. Lucy tells her to hold her head up high and show the world she's bounced back. Only one problem, Brenda's not so sure she has. Lucy lets her know that she can say no and there would be no hard feelings. Brenda believes what she says and agrees to do it. Lucy does warn her thought that she'll be all over and anyone, anywhere can see her. She asks if she means Sonny. Lucy says he could see it but Brenda really doesn't believe he would call her plus she has no desire to talk to him. Wendell shows up and Lucy has to leave. Wendell tells Brenda he's like to get down to business and have her tell him all about herself.

Liz gets into grams car and Lucky jumps in. She tells him it's a family emergency but he wants her to explain in detail. She tells him Nikolas took Sarah to his family's retreat and Lucky tells her he knows where it is and will go along with her.

Nikolas lights a fire and the two seem a bit nervous. Sarah tells him the house is magical and then compliments him on how he looks in the sweater she bought him. He tells her a lot of things she does surprise him especially her other gift. Sarah asks what other gift and he says the one in the bag, the condoms. She says no, he gave those to her and then they both realize there's a misunderstanding. Now they wonder how they got there, but neither one figure it could have been Liz. Both admit they didn't know how to approach the subject and are relieved to have gotten it out into the open.

Brenda tells Wendell she doesn't feel like talking about herself. She does say she will answer any questions they ask her as long as she knows about them before time. He explains his ideas for the special and shows her some of the still photos he'd like to use. All is fine until he takes out a picture of her and Sonny he'd like to include. He tells her Sonny was a fool to leave her.

Liz thanks Lucky for coming, she would have never known where she was going. He tells her to drive a bit slower but she says they have to get there before Sarah does something stupid.

Sarah & Nikolas sit by the fire and he asks if she's afraid now that they had their little talk. She admits to being nervous around him and says she cares about him and wants to be with him all the time. He says he feels the same way and then they kiss.

Katherine lays down on her bed and thinks back to the horrible confrontations she had with Stefan. He comes upstairs and into her room to say goodbye. It's obvious she needs time to think but he does tell her he loves her. She tells him he has that look in his eyes again which she thought she'd never see again. They kiss and begin to make love.

Brenda rips up the picture and tells him she will not discuss her and Sonny. He tells her he wanted to work with her not only because she is beautiful but because she's courageous and he thinks that's what the focus of the special should be. Brenda's getting upset and Jax sees this; he walks over and asks if everything's all right.

Lucky & Liz argue over her driving skills and she almost hits an oncoming car.

Nikolas and Sarah are getting hot and heavy and she doesn't want him to stop.

Katherine and Stefan share a night of passion together.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Felicia shares a meal at the hotel with Mac's double, James Meadows, unaware that he isn't Mac. Meanwhile, outside the Outback, Mac updates Tess on the investigation. Tess tells Mac she is concerned about keeping Felicia on the case because she is afraid Felicia will fall for the slick James Meadows. Mac assures her Felicia is too smart for that and convinces Tess to keep her on the case. Tess then slyly asks Mac if he and Felicia are more than friends and he tells her no. Back at the hotel, James, pretending to be Mac, tries to kiss Felicia who turns him down flat and tells him instead to try his moves on Dara.

Sarah and Nikolas talk to each other about the condoms and find out that neither is responsible for them being in the bag. They then start to "make out." In the meantime, Lucky and Liz are stuck on the side of the road. Liz is upset because she can't get to Sarah and finally tells Lucky exactly what kind of trouble Sarah is in. Lucky, upon finding out that Sarah isn't in any physical danger, gets upset with Liz. He then leaves to call a tow truck at a house down the road.

Inside the Outback, Brenda is talking with Grainger, the television producer. Jax, upon hearing Brenda get upset, steps in and fires Grainger. He then warns her about the pressures of doing the shoot for Lucy. When Brenda tells him she will be fine, he offers to get another producer for her television special through a friend of his. They leave the Outback and while outside, they begin to discuss having another ski trip together.

Back at the Cassadine hideaway, Sarah stops Nikolas telling him she is not ready to sleep with him. Nikolas tells her its okay. They also figure out the only way the condoms could have gotten into Nikolas' bag is for Liz to have put them there. As Sarah and Nikolas are figuring this out, Liz admits to Lucky, who has returned from his phone excursion, she put the condoms in Nikolas' bag. He gets upset with her asking her, "What are you, the sex police or something?" Liz tries to justify her actions to Lucky telling him he just doesn't understand what it is like to grown up with a sibling who is held up as perfect. He tells her he does, but she needs to get over her jealousy and that she is handling it all wrong. The tow truck shows up and they go back to Ruby's.

Ned tries to comfort Alexis over dinner. Alexis tells him he just doesn't understand. He tells her Stefan will come around because she is the "gate keeper" and he needs her.

At the Outback, Felicia has arrived back from the hotel room having told Mac (James) she would meet him at the Outback. When she sees Mac, she treats him strangely, having thought he was the one she just ate with back at the hotel. Mac thinks her behavior is strange but doesn't say anything.

Sarah and Nikolas return to Kelly's and Sarah confronts Liz with the truth about the condoms. She threatens to tell Audrey about everything if Liz doesn't start to go to the counseling sessions.

At the hotel, Tess talks to James about getting rid of Felicia permanently if she causes any problemsRecap --->

Friday, December 5, 1997

Monica visits AJ at his apartment. Thinking it would help AJ and Alan's relationship, Monica tries to get AJ to tell Alan about his sobriety and the part Carly played in setting up AJ. AJ refuses telling Monica it wouldn't change Alan's perception of him. He also tells her he is trying to protect Carly's baby. After the baby is born, AJ tells her he will tell Alan about everything. Monica agrees to keep silent until the baby is born even though she doesn't like it. Monica also asks AJ if he will be going to Luke's party on Monday and he tells her no he is trying to avoid bars altogether. Monica leaves and AJ calls his lawyer to see if the court order for a blood test is ready.

Katherine and Stefan discuss how their life will be different now they are together. Stefan tells her he wants her to trust him and that even though he has done rotten things in the past to protect the ones he loves, he will not intentionally hurt her again. Katherine tells him she forgives him and trusts him. They get dressed and get ready to leave for Port Charles.

Tony starts to "interview" Lorraine. He tells her she needs to tell him everything about Carly. He says he knows she is trying to protect Carly while also blackmailing her. Lorraine refuses to say anything to Tony, tells him he should just be happy he has Carly, and leaves. Tony walks out to the nurses' station and runs into Monica. He asks if he can speak to her about Lorraine. Monica tells him she doesn't remember Lorraine. He then asks her if Carly ever told her about her past. She tells Tony no and asks why he is asking. He tells her Carly has been acting strange since August. Monica tells Tony just to keep calm and not to worry about it.

Mike visits Luke at his club to accept Luke's invitation for the bash on Monday. Luke shows Mike a note Sonny left which gave no clue as to where Sonny was. Mike tells Luke he didn't even know Sonny was leaving and is upset at the way Sonny left. Mike also asks Luke if he will continue to be partners with Jason. Luke says he will give Jason six months to see how things work in their partnership. Jason walks in to go over business with Luke.

Luke tells Mike the party on Monday isn't for profit but rather a chance for him to serve who he wants when he wants and the heck with the rest of the town. Mike asks Luke if he invited Brenda to the party and Jason reveals he is still watching her. Luke agrees to invite Brenda, but when Mike leaves, Luke tells Jason he needs to stop having his men watch Brenda and instead watch himself. Jason tells him it is important for Brenda to remain alive otherwise if she is killed and Sonny doesn't go after the person responsible, everyone will know Sonny isn't coming back. Luke tells Jason he needs to stop standing behind Sonny's name and make a name for himself. Jason tells Luke no that he wants Marino to go after him first so when he retaliates, it will just look like a private battle between he and Marino and not alert the whole organization. Jason also tells Luke the whole thing will look like he killed Sonny instead of Sonny leaving town and the organization willingly. Luke agrees to let Jason handle it his way as long as Jason keeps the action away from his club.

At the hospital, Amy tries to get Bobbie on the subject of Carly. Amy starts to bad-mouth Carly and says she hopes Carly doesn't show up for Christmas. Bobbie agrees she doesn't want Carly around. Carly walks up and demands to know who Bobbie doesn't want around. Bobbie tells her honestly that it is her. Carly starts a fight with Bobbie telling her the closeness the have shared lately has all been for show. Bobbie tells Carly she is paranoid and after a few choice words between the two, Carly walks off.

Back at Luke's club, Jason has left when Alexis arrives declining the invitation the Luke's party. When Luke graphically brings up the subject of Kirsten's death, Alexis asks Luke if it ever dawned on him that the woman he is talking about is her mother. Luke in return asks Alexis if it ever occurred to her that her mother was killed by someone she knows. He also asks her, "Don't you want to get even?" Alexis tells Luke she hasn't thought of revenge. Instead she has been too busy trying to figure out how to stay alive. Luke asks Alexis what will happen when Stefan finds out the truth. Alexis says Stefan will protect her and when Luke tells her to think again, Alexis admits that is why she wasn't going to tell Stefan the truth. When Luke tells her he will tell Stefan Alexis is his half-sister, Alexis says she will not let Luke use her to get to Stefan. Luke tells her she doesn't have a choice. Alexis asks Luke for more time to find out the truth of what happened to her mother without alerting Helena. Luke agrees but tells Alexis to remember where they stand.

Carly leaves GH to get a surprise lunch for Tony at Kelly's. She runs into Jason who tells her he is now living at Sonny's. He gives her a cell phone number but warns her to call only if it is an emergency. Emily walks in and Jason invites her to Luke's party. She tells him Lucky has already invited her and she is going. Jason warns Emily she will need to be careful now about visiting with him and explains there could be upcoming danger. Monica and Bobbie enter to have lunch and when Monica doesn't sit down with Emily and Jason, Bobbie asks her why. Monica says she doesn't want to upset Jason, that he doesn't understand how she feels about him. Bobbie says she wouldn't know what to do if she had a child who didn't want to have anything to do with her.

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