General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on GH

Helena admitted that she had had Alexis' mother murdered and that Mikkos had persuaded Helena to spare Alexis' life. Brenda made a pass at Jason. Carly began to bleed and passed out.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on GH
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Monday, December 22, 1997

An intimidated Alexis listened as Helena revealed that she had always known the truth about Alexis's true identity. Helena explained how she had managed to have Alexis's mother murdered and how Mikkos had convinced her to spare Alexis. Helena then had Alexis tell her everything she knew about her past in order to determine if she should live. Alexis's suspicions were confirmed when she learned that Helena wanted to use her to take control of the Cassadine empire through Nikolas. They were interrupted by Luke who had already learned that Helena was back in town. Luke charmed and sparred with Helena which culminated in Helena making a veiled threat to him about the harm done to Nikolas. Looking for Helena, Stefan found Luke with Alexis. After seeing Alexis rejected by Stefan, Luke made Alexis realize that between Helena and Stefan's wrath, she would be killed. Luke then suggested to Alexis that they team up. A panicky Nikolas and Lucky realized that Nikolas had a speech problem. Lucky got help for Nikolas, but Stefan blamed him for what had happened. Tony exonerated Lucky and Katherine stayed with Nikolas as Stefan looked for Helena. Tony examined Nikolas and ordered a CAT scan. Nikolas's fears grew when he failed a speech experiment. Lucky told Bobbie that Nikolas had asked if Laura knew about his condition. Stefan then learned from Tony that the CAT scan offered no answers about Nikolas's condition. Meanwhile, Jason admitted to AJ that he had slept with Carly, but did not claim paternity of her baby. AJ, however, jumped to his own conclusions and lashed out furiously in Carly's presence by stating that she was a danger to her baby. As AJ and Jason argued about Carly and AJ's claim to her child, all of the guilt that AJ had been carrying since Jason's accident dissipated. AJ also cited the pain caused to Robin, but Carly spoke up for her. AJ gave up on Jason, but he told Carly that between him and Tony, Carly would never be able to keep the baby. By pledging his full support, Jason helped Carly calm down and stop fearing that she would loose her baby.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

Still unable to speak properly, Nikolas was sent for an MRI. Sarah learned from Stefan that Lucky was at hand when Nikolas's symptoms first appeared. Sarah confronted Lucky, who felt guilty that he may have caused the symptoms. Tony told Stefan that Nikolas had a stroke and was suffering from Broca's Aphasia. Stefan tried to put a positive spin on Nikolas's condition, but Nikolas shut down and insisted on being left alone. Resisting Alan's well meaning intervention, Jax sought out a specialist for Brenda. Jax felt that Alan contributed to Brenda's breakdown when he had over prescribed Brenda's pain medication at one time. Dr. Marx thought that Brenda needed to spend more time at the hospital, but Brenda begged to go home soon. Tess lead Mac to believe that she had imprisoned him as a substitute for her "dead" James. Meanwhile, James enjoyed Christmas with Felicia and the girls.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

The Quartermaines made their Christmas preparations with their usual bickering. All were happy when Ned arrived with Brook Lynn, but were disappointed when Ned had to bring her back to Lois by evening. AJ snapped at Monica when she inquired if the secret he had been keeping had been about Jason and Carly. Keesha realized from AJ's mood that things did not go well between him and Jason. Katherine gave Nikolas a pep talk. Sarah sneaked into Nikolas's room, but he rebuffed her. Determined to get Brenda released from General Hospital, Jax finally resorted to blackmailing Alan by threatening to make it known that Alan had over-prescribed Brenda's pain medication. Despite Dr. Rogers warning that he was making a terrible mistake, Jax took Brenda back to her cottage where they had their own special Christmas. Bobbie learned from Tony that Carly had claimed that Jason was the father of her child. Carly and Jason accidentally crashed the hospital Christmas party. Before Carly could see her doctor, Bobbie confronted Carly about what she had done. Carly told Bobbie that she had only been after Tony for his money and that she had always been seeing Jason. Carly told Bobbie that she finally got tired of living up to Tony's expectations and that she no longer needed him since Jason was rich. Thinking that Carly had at least cared for Tony, Bobbie was shocked by Carly's attitude and regretted that she had felt even an ounce of sympathy towards her situation. Stefan confronted Jason when he tried to pay Nikolas's medical bills. Stefan refused Jason's money and tried to blame Jason's medical procedure for Nikolas's condition. Jason defended himself and he and Stefan then threw their respective power in each others faces. Ned arranged to have saxophonist Dave Koz perform at the hospital Christmas party. Tony played the role of Santa Claus and Alan delivered the traditional Christmas story. Later, Carly surprised Jason with a Christmas tree and gifts and then vented her guilt over not missing Tony.

Thursday, December 25, 1997

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air today.

Friday, December 26, 1997

Tony examines Nikolas and decides he is ready to leave the ICU unit. Nikolas is not very thrilled with the news and after Tony leaves, Stefan tries to comfort Nikolas telling him everything is just a minor setback, once Nikolas starts speech therapy, everything will be fine. Stefan leaves and Sarah shows up to visit Nikolas. Nikolas won't look at her and calls Bobbie to make Sarah leave.

Luke tries to convince Alexis to join him in his fight against the Cassadines. Alexis refuses saying she still believes Stefan will protect her against Helena. Later, Alexis arrives at Wyndemere and tells Stefan that Natasha does exist and she is the infamous Natasha.

Julia asks Brenda to return to London with her. Brenda declines and Julia admits she has to leave tonight to salvage a business deal she had to leave in order to see Brenda. Jax makes plans for Julia to return to London and while Brenda is out of the room, Julia admits her doubts about Brenda's condition to Jax. Jax agrees with Julia that Brenda isn't ready to live on her own and tells her he has hired a nurse to take care of Brenda. As he says this, the nurse arrives. Brenda walks back into the room and surprisingly likes the nurse and asks her to start tonight.

Jason and Carly arrive back from the lawyer's office with a document that will allow Jason to have power of attorney for Carly and have his name on the baby's birth certificate. Jason warns Carly she should still be cautious because paternity tests still have to be performed once the baby is born. Also, AJ could still press charges against Carly for drugging him. Jason tries to comfort Carly telling her he will do anything she needs done to help her keep the baby. Jason then leaves to run an errand.

After Jason has left, AJ knocks at the door and threatens Carly. He tells her she should be afraid because he is going to take away her child. Carly then has AJ thrown out.

Julia and Jax leave for the airport and Jason shows up to see Brenda. He apologizes to her for anything he may have done to put her in the hospital. Brenda asks him if Sonny sent him. When he tells he no, she realizes he has really taken over. Jason tells Brenda Sonny isn't trying to kill her and didn't want any of this to happen to her. Brenda then starts to act a little strange and tells Jason he doesn't have everything of Sonny's and starts to kiss him.

Carly wakes up and realizes she is bleeding. She walks down the stairs calling for Jason then collapses at the foot of the stairs.

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