General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on GH

Carly gave birth to a baby boy, who was diagnosed with a heart problem. The baby's blood type ruled Tony out as the father. Jax flew to Paris to ask for Robin's help.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on GH
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Monday, December 29, 1997

Stefan was surprised by what Alexis told him. She explained how she'd found out that she was Natasha and recalled a childhood story she knew he'd remember. He told her it was impossible to believe.

Jason pushed Brenda away, insisting she not use him to get to Sonny. He held her by her arms so she wouldn't hit him and told her he'd gone there to tell her he was sorry for what he had done to her. Brenda struggled with him, and Jax walked in. Seeing all of that, he hit Jason, and the two got into a fistfight as Brenda watched.

Carly was lying on the floor, bleeding, confused as to what was happening. She tried to make her way over to the phone, but the pain was so strong, she stopped. Finally, as she got near it, she grabbed it down from the table but lost consciousness before she could dial for help.

Brenda was dazed as Jax and Jason fought, but Jax stopped when he realized what was happening. Jason left, and the nurse stepped out to see what had happened. Jax tried to get through to her, but she was not answering.

Bobbie talked to Monica about Nikolas' condition, and neither could understand why he was still in ICU. They talked about Jason and the good man he could be. Monica felt for Robin when she found out what had been going on with Carly Roberts.

Alexis believed she deserved his skepticism and knew they didn't have a future together but wanted the same protection he'd been planning to give Katherine. Stefan thought she was lying and was not going to defend herself. He thought it was an absurd story and that she was repeating her sins. He told her there was no proof, and she produced the proof that the workers in the villa had found. Stefan thought she could have forged the documents like she had the last time. Alexis told the whole story to him about her mother and their father.

Stefan claimed to not be too interested and said if it were true, Helena would have killed her. Alexis told him Helena knew, and if he didn't protect her, Helena would slaughter her. He asked why she hadn't gone to him the minute she'd found out; she claimed she was afraid, thinking he might also be in on it and knew she should have gone straight to him. Stefan told Alexis she had always been a sister to him, but he no longer had one and demanded that she leave. He told her to have her new protector, Luke Spencer, help her out. Alexis let him know she was not giving up on him and left.

Brenda didn't respond to Jax. He gave the nurse a large check for her services and for her silence in the future. She talked Jax into letting her stay and help; he agreed. She left for the evening, and Jax stayed, letting Brenda know she was safe.

Carly was still out, and Jason walked in and found her on the floor. He covered her with a blanket, picked her up, and headed to the hospital.

Jax couldn't get Brenda to speak, so he just made himself comfortable and cleaned up the mess Jason had created. He rambled on about nothing while she stared into space. Jax talked about their time in Malibu, and she was looking at him. For him, he said, it was a perfect time. He sat down next to her, and she took off his good luck charm and placed it in his hand.

Bobbie went in to speak with Nikolas and let him know he'd be going home in a few days. She tried to lift his spirits, but he was not budging. Monica asked how he was doing, and Bobbie said fine medically, but psychologically, not good. Bobbie got paged to the ER.

Jason ran into the hospital with Carly, and Bobbie was there. He asked her to stay with Carly, and she said she would.

Stefan was deep in thought when Katherine appeared. She wanted to know what Alexis was up to, and her told her.

Alexis sneaked in to see Nikolas, and he was sleeping.

Jax told Brenda that when she was better, they were going to L.A. She said she wanted to go to Rodeo Drive. Brenda told Jax she'd kissed Jason.

Jason was nervous for Carly and told Renaldo, one of his bodyguards, he could go home. He was also worried about Miss Roberts.

Carly was in the ER, and she heard Bobbie's voice and begged her not to let them take her baby away from her.

Alexis told Nikolas all he'd missed, especially Stefan banishing her, and Helena wanting to kill her. He was still asleep through all of it, but she continued to spill all her feelings, especially regarding their family.

Katherine asked Stefan if it could be true, but he didn't really give her an answer. He did say that if she was his sister, he could not accept her.

Jax asked if Jason had taken advantage of Brenda, and she said no; she came onto him. She wanted to send Sonny a message. She asked if he believed her, and she claimed it would be the ultimate revenge on Sonny. She wanted to prove to him that he couldn't destroy her because she'd destroy herself first. Jax asked what she was doing, and she thought she was losing her mind.

Jason waited for news on Carly. She had delivered a baby boy -- but she was not doing so well. Bobbie, holding Carly's baby, told her she'd better not leave her baby without a mother.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

At the hospital, Bobbie and Jason waited to see if Carly's baby's heart problem could be reversed with medication. Meanwhile, Carly slipped into a coma and needed emergency surgery, which could possibly require a hysterectomy. Luke watched as Bobbie pleaded with Jason not to let that happen, and to Luke's surprise, Jason agreed with Bobbie and took her advice.

Meanwhile, Tony continued to pursue his custody options regarding Carly's baby and became enraged when he learned about the medical complications with Carly and the baby. Later, Bobbie learned that the medication hadn't helped the baby and that he would need surgery to correct his heart problem.

Mac managed to place a call to Felicia, but Tess returned before Mac had the chance to tell Felicia that he was in trouble. Later, James told Tess that Mac had been able to reach a telephone and warned her to be more careful.

Nikolas let Lucky know that he was not to blame for Nikolas' condition. Nikolas, however, still refused to see Sarah. Later, Alexis watched from afar as Stefan took Nikolas home.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Tony argued with Jason over his rights as the baby's potential father to decide on medical treatment for the infant. After conferring with Monica, Jason opted for the baby to have surgery, against Tony's wishes. The surgery was successful, and Tony was saddened to learn that the baby's blood type ruled him out as the father.

Monica told the rest of the Quartermaines that Jason's child had been born, and the family converged on the hospital. Luke continued to wrestle with his conscience over whether or not to tell Bobbie that the baby was actually her grandson. An angry Luke then stopped the Quartermaines' public wrangling over the baby's future. After watching the behavior of his family, A.J. decided to conduct his own paternity test at a later date so that the Quartermaines would not be alerted.

Jax got an idea after a call from Robin seemed to lift Brenda's spirits. Jax and Brenda decided to spend New Year's Eve in an ordinary way, and they watched the arrival of the new year on television. For the first time in weeks, Brenda appeared to be happy and at peace.

Nikolas returned home and found Sarah waiting for him, but Nikolas refused to open up to her. After being rejected by Nikolas, Sarah joined Liz at the Outback, and Liz was disappointed that Lucky hadn't arrived for the New Year's Eve party.

Justus and Dara managed to reconnect and as Dara sang, A.J. and Keesha danced in the moonlight. Stefan told Katherine that he hoped she would move into Wyndemere with him.

Thursday, January 1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday, General Hospital did not air.

Friday, January 2, 1998

At the Quartermaine mansion, Emily related to Lila all that had happened with Carly. Bobbie arrived and told the Quartermaines that Tony was definitely not the father of Carly's baby. Emily was very upset because of the whole baby affair and still didn't believe Jason would cheat on Robin. Ned tried to comfort Emily. Monica still didn't believe Carly was telling the truth, either, but she didn't reveal to anyone why she felt the way she did.

Tony walked up to Alan as he was watching the baby. Tony revealed to Alan that the blood test showed he could not be the father of Carly's baby. A.J. walked up to see the baby and overheard Tony's news.

Carly awakened, and Jason told her what had happened. Carly was depressed and blamed herself for the baby's problems. Jason told her she wasn't at fault, and the baby was fine. When Carly asked him what the baby's name was, Jason told her the baby hadn't been named, and the nurses just called him Baby Boy Roberts. Carly got upset, telling Jason the name Roberts was a lie like everything else, and she asked Jason to give the baby his name, Morgan. Jason agreed but told Carly the baby was still hers. Jason also told her Tony wasn't the father of her baby.

Ned called Brenda to see how she was doing and made plans to visit her. Jax walked in and told Brenda he had to leave for a business trip. Brenda told Jax he could go and that she was fine. Brenda also told Jax she wasn't too sure she liked having the nurse around. Jax convinced Brenda to keep the nurse, and he left. Later, Ned arrived, and in the course of his and Brenda's conversation, she told him she had hired an accountant to look over her financial affairs when she'd been planning to leave town with Sonny. Upon hearing the name of the accountant, Ned got concerned and made a few phone calls.

Jason was concerned about Carly's depression and got Bobbie to look in on her. While Bobbie was inside, talking to Carly, A.J. confronted Jason and told him it was just between the two of them. Inside Carly's hospital room, Bobbie tried to console Carly, telling her she wasn't at fault for the baby's problems. Bobbie also told Carly that she and Jason were responsible for the decision to give Carly an alternative to surgery so she could have more children. Carly thanked Bobbie but was curious as to why Bobbie would help her. Bobbie told Carly it was because of what Carly had told her in the OR. Carly automatically thought she'd told Bobbie that Carly was her daughter.

Ned found out that Brenda's accountant had left town. Brenda, who had left the room when Ned had made his phone calls, walked in just in time to hear Ned talking to Justus about her accountant. Ned told her not to panic because, even though Brenda had signed over her power of attorney to the accountant, they didn't know for sure her money was gone. Brenda made the remark that she was still paying for her mistakes with Sonny, and Ned left after telling Brenda's nurse he would see her later. The nurse asked Brenda if that meant Ned would be returning later that night. Brenda told her yes, and there was no reason for the nurse to stay, since she would not be alone.

Bobbie revealed to Carly that she didn't hate Carly anymore, and the reason was because of Carly telling her in the OR to take care of her son. Because Carly had been more concerned with her child, Bobbie told her she didn't see Carly as a selfish home wrecker anymore. Bobbie also told Carly that she needed to go see her son, and once she saw him, Carly would feel better.

Jason took Carly to see her son, and Bobbie ran into A.J. in the hallway. Bobbie asked him to put aside whatever had happened between him and Carly in the past and just back off Carly. A.J. told her that would be impossible. Once Carly saw her son, she was upset and asked Jason to take her back to her room.

Jax arrived in Paris on his "business" trip and went to see Robin to ask her to return with him for Brenda's sake. While he was there and Brenda was all alone, Brenda took a pair of scissors out of the drawer and rubbed them along her face as she got a faraway look in her eyes.

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