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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on GH
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Monday January 12, 1998

Helena approaches Nikolas and he seems surprised to see her. She tells him Stefan stole him away from her and she plans to reclaim him. Stefan hears this and speaks out.

Robin is waiting for Jason and she asks to see the baby. Jason lets her hold him and she asks his name. Robin is amazed by baby boy Morgan and asks Jason how he wound up with him.

Brenda holds the scissors to her face but only cuts her hand. When she sees the blood she freaks out and throws them, causing the mirror to fall and break.

Helena claims Stefan to be lurching. He tells Nikolas to go back to the house and Nikolas rides off on his horse. She lets Stefan know he can't keep Nikolas from speaking to her but thinks his lack of conversation reflects his character. Stefan informs her it is because he had a stroke and the two argue over his well being. She tells Stefan this is all his fault since he was too busy with his mistress Katherine.

Jason tells Robin that Carly asked him to take care of the baby. One of the nanny's comes down and takes the baby. He tells Robin that Carly will be using the guestroom when she comes back. Robin asks when she'll be back but he's not sure, only that she needed to get away. Robin is shocked that she would leave her baby & Jason tells her the story of what happened with Carly. He says he probably should have written and told her. Robin thinks he's helping her steal the baby from Tony and Jason tells her Tony is not the father, AJ is.

Brenda picks up a piece of broken glass and then takes the scissors over to a vase. She pulls the flowers out and dips the scissors in the water. She scrubs them clean and then puts them back in the drawer. She then tries to wipe the blood off her hand.

Helena belittles Stefan, saying he's living in his brother's shadow. She says him and his sister Natasha count for nothing and all that matters to her is her grandson who is a reminder of her late husband and son; Stefan means nothing. She also tells him that Katherine is as common as dishwater. Stefan does not give in to her insults and asks her if Alexis is really her problem. She asks Stefan if he minds if she kills Alexis, she knows that they were once inseparable, but that was before she deceived him. Helena knows all about what Alexis did to him and wonders if the reason he now hates her is because she was able to beat him at his own game. Stefan questions her plans for Alexis.

Robin's taking her pills and Jason questions how she's feeling. She says the hard thing is telling people even though she vowed to be honest. Robin informs him that Brenda told her about the baby and she wanted to hurt Robin. Jason says Brenda kissed him and Robin says Brenda told her he came on to her. She wants Jason to explain how AJ wound up the father. Jason says they had sex, very simple. That part she got but wants to know the story behind it and so he tells her. Jason lets her know he is going to let AJ think he is the father and she tells him he can't do that.

Jax shows up at Brenda's and finds the door open and things a mess. When he sees the broken glass he runs out.

-Helena thinks Alexis should be rewarded for what she did to him, maybe an extra 6 months of life. She asks if Luke is still alive because there's a chance that killing him would drive Laura away for good. Stefan threatens her to stay away from Katherine and Nikolas or else he'll kill her himself. He leaves, telling her she best not try to shoot him in the back because there are snipers on the rooftops with guns pointed straight at her chest.

Robin thinks AJ has a right to know but Jason doesn't think that anyone owns the baby. He says that if AJ knew he would take the baby away from Carly. Robin believes AJ has a right to raising his son. There's a knock on the door and it's Jax. He tells them Brenda's gone and wants to know if Sonny took her.

Brenda shows up at Lily's grave with flowers and sits down to talk to her.

Jason tells Jax that it is not Sonny, he doesn't want Brenda with him. Jax orders him to find out if someone kidnapped her. Jax tells Robin that Brenda is not stable and they both know it. He thinks she's going to have to be re-admitted to the hospital. Jason makes a call and finds out that Brenda is at St. Joseph's Cemetery and Robin informs Jax that is where Lily is buried. Jax leaves. Robin tells Jason she's scared for Brenda and reaches out to him.

Brenda talks about when they were friends and remembers a time when Sonny cooked dinner for them and Miguel. She talks about how Lily understood Sonny in a way she didn't. She cries and says she was in love with him and after Lily wore the wire she hated her. Brenda says she should have been Mrs. Corinthos but the first Mrs. Corinthos died because of Sonny and yet she still wanted to marry him. She would have died for him. Brenda says there's a difference between them, she can't get a second chance and at this very second Brenda realizes she wants one. She thought her life meant nothing without Sonny but her life does mean something, she has herself to live for.

Stefan lets Nikolas know he's fine and informed Helena of his dysphasia. Nikolas acknowledges he has no interest in seeing her and Stefan lets him know all she wants to do is control his inheritance. Stefan asks if he thinks Stefan is trying to do the same and he nods no. Stefan apologizes for the past and promises to tell the truth but asks that he always come to him first because most likely Helena is behind things.

Robin thanks Jason for not hitting Jax and Jason tells her he is getting real tired of him. He wants to know when she's going back and she's not sure. Robin says she doesn't know if she should keep running from what she can't have or stay and face it. She tells Jason he's not like Sonny but she's the only one who sees it. Jason has a car bring Robin back to Brenda's. She asks him to promise considering telling AJ but Jason can't break his promise to Carly. Robin's torn on holding the secret. She is glad though that she came.

Brenda continues to talk about Sonny and how she told him she would be OK if he walked away but she wasn't. She gave up everything to be with him and she lost him anyway. She says she's not OK but will be someday and she will not miss him forever; she's not going to waste her life. Brenda thanks Lily for being a friend and makes a promise to her that she won't give up on things again. Jax sees her sitting there but walks away.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Tess feeds Mac, who's still tied up, and asks him why he's always mad at her. She quizzes him on Robin, trying to get some helpful answers. He still doesn't realize James has stepped into his shoes. He informs her that people will be looking for him and she tells him she knows he tried to call Felicia; she's aware of his every move. The phone rings and it's James looking for some answers on Robin because she's coming over.

Brenda greets Robin good morning and asks her if she'd like to have pancakes for breakfast. Robin still seems hurt and tells her she's going to meet her Uncle Mac. Brenda apologizes to her for deliberately trying to hurt her. She's afraid Robin may not forgive her and even if she does she's not so sure she can forgive herself. Robin hugs Brenda and says it's OK but Brenda disagrees. She thought she was protecting Robin by getting her to hate Jason. Brenda says things are different today but it's hard for her to really explain. She does say that Robin's visit has made her realize she doesn't want to become what she was. Brenda is sad she has to go and Robin says maybe not.

Jason's going over business with his men while the baby is upstairs crying. The nanny has to leave for a little while and so Jason goes and brings the baby downstairs.

Tony speaks with a woman from social services, trying to convince her that the baby doesn't belong with the father.

Jason's men try to calm the baby from crying while Jason's on a business call. Emily shows up and they are thrilled to see her. She helps them out.

-Bobbie overhears Tony talking to the social worker. He's telling her the mother left town and the father is a known gangster. She doesn't seem to be budging but Tony persists and gives her the address of where Jason lives. Bobbie steps out from behind the bookcases and he asks if she was spying. She tells him no, she was standing behind there the whole time. Well he doesn't care what she has to say but she defends Jason, saying he is a good and attentive father. Tony thinks she's taking Jason's side and she says she's not, it's just that she doesn't want to see the baby fall through the system.

Robin says she doesn't want to go back to Paris even though she loves it. Brenda guesses it's because of Jason and Robin tells her he understands and respects her wishes. Brenda doesn't understand and Robin says it's hard to explain. She wants to be independent but not live alone. Brenda asks if she wants to live with her. Robin's happy to and lets her know Jason won't be an issue. She does want to know though if she's OK with her health. Brenda's shocked, that's not even an issue for her. Brenda really wants her to live with her and Robin says it's a deal.

James and Tess meet and he is paranoid. He thinks she didn't do all her homework where Robin is concerned. She's done all she can and reminds him who he's working for.

Mac looks at the phone number of who called last and he sees that it's his own. He wonders who would call and then realizes it was himself. Seems the pieces might be coming together for Mac.

Robin visits Mac and he tells her he doesn't have breakfast cooked. It's lucky for him that whenever he starts a sentence she finishes it. Robin acknowledges he's in a weird mood. It's obvious to the audience that this guy is totally confused on what's going on.

Brenda calls Jax and apologizes for being so horrible to him and Robin. There's a knock at the door and a reporter asks her how she feels that Lucy is replacing her. She slams the door in his face.

Jason gets a visit from the social service woman. She wants to come in but Jason says he's sleeping. She still wants to come in and he asks her if her husband lets people come in to see her sleeping. She seems offended but he lets her in anyway. She sees Emily and the two men tending to the baby. She asks a load of questions such as who are these men, what does Jason do for a living, and what is the baby's name. Bobbie then walks out and offers her some cookies.

Gail shows up at Brenda's at her request. She wants to talk about her feelings and how she is feeling different.

Robin thinks Mac's look on his face is due to Jason and she tells him she's coming home for good. Mac says he has to make a call and she thinks he's really mad at her. She asks him not to look at her like that and he gets uptight with her. His reactions are not what she expected and when she says that she wants to live with Brenda he's thrilled and hugs her.

Brenda tells Gail that she hated herself for being so stupid and wasted her time with Sonny. She talks about being afraid she wasn't good enough for her job and that she wanted to destroy what she thought he loved about her, her face, hair, and body. She tells Gail about cutting up the pictures and the scissors. She talks about this power she now feels, instead of feeling weak. She feels like it's over and Gail asks what makes her feel like this. Brenda says she visited a friend who's worse than her, she's dead and she doesn't want to be like that.

Mac tries to talk his way out of being happy that she doesn't want to live with him. Robin asks why he keeps calling her honey. He talks his way around this one to.

Bobbie plays happy homemaker. The worker asks Jason if his friends are always there. Bobbie tells her there is nothing fishy going on and informs her she comes by to help Jason out and lets her know things with the baby are going fine. She asks what she's really doing here and the worker says she leaving. Jason thanks Bobbie for the warning and all her help.

Tess returns and asks Mac how he day was. He's sarcastic to her.

Robin tells Mac she'll be by next week and he better cook her the house special. She leaves and he walks back inside and mutters, "I'm dead."

Brenda thanks Gail for coming by and she tells Brenda that she is an inspiration. This puts a smile on Brenda's face. Brenda calls Lucy and leaves her a message regarding her job.

The social worker tells Tony he was misinformed and that the child seems fine. He doesn't believe that and she says his ex-wife apparently agrees with her. He asks if she's talking about Lucy and she says no, Bobbie.

Bobbie is holding the baby and Jason asks her if she thinks Carly will come back. She tells him it really doesn't even matter as long as the baby has him to be a father to him and take care of him. She asks Jason if he's prepared to do that and he just stares ahead.

Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Katherine and Stefan are out to dinner for a romantic evening.

Luke meets up with Helena at the docks and she wants to know why he's following her. He informs her that Stefan's not at home and wonders if she already knows that and is waiting for him. Luke says he'll wait with her and asks how she knew about this particular spot; she say's from him. She must be spying on him as well. The two goat one another until Luke brings up the subject of Natasha and then she tells him to leave.

Keesha bumps into Robin at GH and is surprised to see her. Keesha suggest they get together sometime. She questions Robin on why she's staying and asks who she's seen. Robin tells her she has seen Jason but that's not the reason for her staying in PC. Keesha says she's glad AJ is not the father.

Bobbie wants to know what Tony's problem is and he asks what is hers. He's mad that she eavesdropped on his conversation with the social worker and then ran over to warn Jason. She thinks he was wrong to send the woman over in the first place, especially since he had no evidence to back up his accusations. Tony yells that Jason is a criminal and she would have seen this had she been given the chance. Tony goes off on Jason and the type of person that he is. This angers Bobbie and she tells him off. She believes children should be raised by their parents and it shouldn't matter if the parents are not "perfect" people. Bobbie tells him this little boy is Jason's. AJ is standing in the door way and overhears this.

AJ walks in saying he's looking for Keesha. They haven't seen her. He tells the two he overheard them and asks if there is some question as to whether Jason is the father. Tony starts yelling how Jason only slept with Carly and then had nothing to do with her during the months she was pregnant. Him on the other hand did all he could for her and so he feels he has more of the parental rights than Jason does. It looks like Tony is also beginning to loose his mind. He also thinks he's the only one who really wanted the baby. AJ jumps in by saying that maybe the child would be better off without either one of is parents.

Luke wants to know what Helena is going to do about the little mess she is in. He seems to be guessing her moves and then she hits him where it hurts; she mentions his family. Luke tells her that even though he has his thoughts focused on her he's still got his family taken care of.

Bobbie tells both men that the baby is well taken care of but they want her to tell them exactly what she saw when she went to Jason's. Bobbie thinks they are trying to coerce her into saying something incriminating. Tony tells her she can not be objective in this situation because she believes all children should be with their mothers due to the situation she had been in. This angers Bobbie and when Tony asks if the baby has a name she says yes, it has a last name and it isn't his.

Luke is still at the docks and on the phone with Laura, updating her on the situation in PC. Lucky comes running, thinking something has happened to his mother because he can't get through. Luke lets him know he was on the phone with her. Lucky tells him Helena is after their family.

Stefan excuses himself to take a business conference call. When he's out of sight, Helena walks over and introduces herself to Katherine. Katherine warns her that Stefan will be right back but it seems Helena was the one who set up the whole business call. She tells Katherine she has no-one else to turn to but her.

Lucky shows Luke a stuffed animal that belongs to Lulu, given to her by Nikolas. He tells his father last time he saw the stuffed animal it was with Lulu in Switzerland. Now he just found it outside their door with a note.

Keesha tells Robin about how AJ was feeling about the baby and wanting to be a father. She thinks alcohol has left a big vacancy in his life and he's looking to fill it up. AJ shows up and he asks Robin how she feels to be back. He also asks her how much Jason told her, she says everything. AJ starts to get personal, asking her questions about how long ago Jason told her about Carly and how could she continue to see him after knowing all this. He continues to pry into her personal life and this begins to annoy her. AJ then gets angry at her, asking how she could let him idolize Jason and not have told him sooner the type of person Jason really was. Robin thinks he has things all wrong and says that what he thinks about Jason is not true but he just gets angrier.

Tony follows Bobbie around and says it will be on her conscience if something happens to the baby while he's in the care of that animal. Robin hears this remark and tells them they have it all wrong.

Luke makes a call to a friend who is going to provide some extra security to Laura and the baby until Luke can get there. Lucky is a bit crazed over the whole situation and Luke tries to calm him down with an explanation. Lucky tells his father he is going with him and doesn't care if he says no.

Helena asks Katherine about Nikolas' condition and wants to know what Stefan is doing medically for the boy. She is trying to get Katherine to see things from her point of view but that doesn't seem to be working. Helena tells her she misses her grandson and wants to know why she's not allowed to meet him but he was allowed to meet his wretched mother. Katherine still doesn't get what this woman wants from her and says exactly that. Helena tells Katherine she's put her in an uncomfortable situation and doesn't want Stefan to know they've met, saying it would be in her best interest. She leaves and Stefan returns, startling Katherine. He asks her what is wrong.

Luke says he's ready for Helena to make her move and he also knows where she is vulnerable.

Helena watches Stefan and Katherine for a brief moment and she informs him his mother was watching them. She tells him of their conversation and he asks if that's all that happened. She says of course, she would have told him if anything else was said.

Tony apologizes for Robin having to hear that and she asks Tony how he could say that after being Jason's doctor and holding his brain in his hands. She then turns to AJ and tells him because of what he did Jason was hurt and he should think about that. Annoyed at both of them she walks away as does Bobbie.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Jason takes the baby to the park for his first day out. Robin meets up with him and tells Jason she has decided to quit the program in Paris and will be staying in Port Charles for good. She also tells him she has decided to move in to the cottage with Brenda in hopes of helping Brenda with her problems. After talking some more, Jason decides it is getting cold and he needs to take the baby back inside. Robin accompanies him back to the penthouse saying she would love to see Jason give the baby a bottle.

Ned and Justus discuss business and Justus tells Ned he has problems with the waterfront project. Ned tells Justus he needs to get his priorities straight as to who he is working for, ELQ or Jason. He also adds that if Justus has a problem with Ned and Edward's business tactics or relationship, he needs to vacate his role as council for ELQ. Justus confronts Ned with the fact that Ned has been trying to keep him busy with non-important things while Ned and Edward work on the important projects, like Ja.k.arta. Ned tells Justus that it's just the way things are and Justus will have to deal with it. Justus then tells Ned the whole problem stems from Ned's jealous over the special bond he and Edward have together. Ned tells Justus that is wrong and for Justus to be careful because he doesn't trust him.

At the Q house, everyone is getting ready for Emily's birthday which is tomorrow. AJ and Edward get ready to sit down and discuss matters when Tony arrives telling the Quartermaine men that he needs to discuss with them a plan to get the baby away from Jason before there is a tragedy. Tony tells them Jason isn't capable of emotionally bonding with the baby and is only holding on to the baby because Carly asked him to. The plan Tony has is to get Jason to come over to the Q's with the baby and when he tries to leave, they all just tell Jason he can't leave with the baby. AJ refuses to go along with the plan saying Jason will never come to the Q house in the first place. After more discussion, it is decided that they will use Emily's birthday party to get Jason to come over.

Ned leaves Justus alone and Keesha shows up. She asks Justus if he has really been thinking of representing Jason. Justus tells her yes. Keesha tells Justus he has been through enough already with the guilt he harbors from Damian Smith's murder and he doesn't need more grief by representing Jason. Justus tells her there is no difference between what he does now with the Q's and Jason except that Jason is honest about what he does. Keesha gives him something else to think about by reminding him of how much he has moved from his original morals and dreams instilled in him by Granny Mae.

At the penthouse, Robin and Jason have fun taking care of the baby, but Robin again reminds Jason that the true father, AJ should be the one to take care of his son. Jason tells her he can't give the baby to AJ because he promised Carly he wouldn't. Robin asks him what will happen if Carly never comes back and Jason says she will come back. Then Robin gives him something else to think about. She tells him he is getting too attached to the baby and it will only make it harder when he has to give the baby up.

Ned arrives at the Q's and informs Edward there are problems with Justus. Edward refuses to believe it and tells Ned Justus is loyal to him. Edward then proceeds to talk Emily into inviting Jason to her party. The purpose being Lila needs to see the baby. Emily agrees to ask Jason and calls him to see if he will attend. Jason at first tells her no, but after Robin's coaxing, he agrees to slip in just long enough to let Lila see her grandson.

Friday, January 16, 1998

Jimmy continues to pose as Mac and he and Felicia talk about today being better than what happened to him last year on this date. Jimmy doesn't know what happened to Mac so he calls Tess when Felicia walks off to have her ask Mac what took place. When he gets off the phone, Robin arrives to celebrate Mac's birthday which Jimmy didn't know was today. Robin gives Jimmy a Christmas present and questions him as to why he (Mac) didn't visit her in Paris for the holidays as he was suppose to. Jimmy is surprised to find out he was suppose to visit Robin and tries to weasel out of Robin's question. He tells her he lost his passport and then broke out into a rash so he couldn't visit.

Brenda comes home to find Jax there building a fire. They talk about Lucy getting a new model to replace her and Brenda tells him she is hurt, but is okay with the situation. Jax then tells her he has to leave town for a couple of weeks because his brother Jerry is missing.

Edward reminisces about Mary Mae on the anniversary of her death. Justus walks in and they discuss Mary Mae's legacy and how much they miss her. Alan then calls Edward to tell him it is almost time for Jason to arrive and he needs to get Justus out of the room so Edward sends Justus on a wild goose chase. As this is going on, AJ flattens Ned's tire so he won't be around for Jason's visit.

Dara walks into the Outback and Felicia comes out of the kitchen with a birthday cake for Mac. Jimmy then realizes it is Mac's birthday. Later, Jimmy and Dara are alone at a table and Dara is discussing some new songs she would like to introduce to her program. Jimmy begins to mess- up on details that Dara and the real Mac had discussed. Felicia and Robin then come over to have Mac open his presents. Jimmy opens the one from Felicia and it is a gag gift of a hat to match the coat she gave Mac last year that he hated. Jimmy, not knowing Mac hated last years present, pretended to like the hat. Felicia then gets suspicious and wants to know what is wrong with him.

Tess tries to get information from Mac as to what happened last year on his birthday. Mac wonders how Tess knows when his birthday is. He decides, though, to give Tess false information. He tells her last year on his birthday he took Katherine out for dinner and dancing and then broke-up with her. Tess then calls Jimmy with the false information. Dara leaves the party and Jimmy continues to make passes at Felicia. She gets upset with him for doing it and he tells her he doesn't mean any- thing by it. Jimmy then blurts out Tess' false information. Felicia then tells Jimmy what really happened last year and again wants to know what is wrong with him. Jimmy tells Felicia he just changed his story for his ego's sake, but the answer doesn't satisfy Felicia or Robin who has also noticed his strange behavior.

The Quartermaine's prepare for Jason's visit. Justus walks back in just before Jason arrives saying he forgot to give Emily her present. Before Edward can get rid of Justus, Jason arrives. Jason lets Lila hold the baby while he suspiciously eyes the Quartermaine men. Alan takes the baby from Lila and Jason tells them it is time for he and the baby to leave. The Q's tell him wrong, that only he is leaving and Alan explains why they are doing this. Edward calls Justus into the other room to talk to him and they argue about everything. Justus chews out Edward then leaves.

In the other room, the showdown between Jason and the Q's continues and Tony steps into the room. Jason threatens them all and AJ stands up to him telling him he won't let Jason leave with the baby. Jason then reaches into his jacket pocket for something.

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