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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on GH
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Monday February16, 1998

Nikolas is practicing his tai chi when Helena appears on the docks, offering him the gift of truth. She tells him Stefan only answers to his obsession.

Ned shows up at Alexis' hotel room with flowers, candy, and a surprise gift for their annual Valentines Date. She didn't know they had an annual Valentines Date; they do now.

As Lucky is walking through the park he hears a moaning sound and sees Liz crawl out from the bushes. She's battered and bloody and has a very cold look in her eyes. He goes over to her but she shrinks away and tries to run. He helps her up to the bench and she is crying. He asks who did this to her and she says she doesn't know. All she can say is that she's lost her grams bracelet and freaks out about it. Lucky wants to take her to the hospital and get the cops but she says no. He promises to take care of her and brings her back to his house. He wants her to be examined at the hospital but she refuses, but agrees to let his Aunt Bobbie check her out. Lucky can't reach Bobbie by phone so he runs over to GH and leaves her at his house. Once alone, she goes upstairs.

Helena doesn't think Nikolas should walk away. She says Stefan's been dishonest with him and they didn't really come to Port Charles because of the Spencer girl and definitely not the Bell woman, who is a pale substitute for Laura.

Ned tells Alexis she is the most fascinating woman he's ever met and tells her to come closer to him. She does and tells him she wants her present. Ned hands it to her and says he is presenting her with the world. What it is a device that plays the sounds of places all over the world. He dims the lights and he holds her on the couch. She imagines the two of them in a place far away where there are no interruptions, no phones, no faxes. He asks if they are lovers and she says not yet but then turns to him and they kiss. Ned picks her up and carries her off to her room.

Liz takes a shower as she cries hysterical. After putting on a robe she goes downstairs and Luke walks in. They are both startled but she a bit worse than he. Bobbie and Lucky follow in and he tells Luke she was jumped in the park. Bobbie asks if she's in any pain and Liz says she hurts all over. Bobbie asks what happened and she starts to say how this man grabbed her in the park and threw her to the ground. She can't go on and Bobbie suggests they go upstairs so she can check her out. Luke asks Lucky to talk to him and he says she was raped; she hasn't said it to him but he knows. Lucky tells his dad how he found her and says she looked real bad. He describes her eyes like his grandmothers; they speak of something so bad and he still sees it in Liz's eyes.

Bobbie tends to her wounds and says they will get a little worse before better. Liz is worried about her face but it's fine. She doesn't want anyone to see and Bobbie says why, because then people won't know? Bobbie would like to hear the whole story but doesn't pry when Liz won't answer. She explains to her about the feelings she might experience with rape and tells her what she should do. Liz tells her she can not have an examination because she can not be touched like that, she'd rather die. Bobbie gives her the morning after pill if she decides she wants to take it but lets her know she could get in trouble for what she's doing. She tells Bobbie that Audrey is not to know and that she hasn't admitted to anything.

Helena thinks Stefan has halted his travels for Laura. She tells Nikolas that they'll probably be moving next to North Carolina because Laura is back in the states.

Bobbie walks downstairs and overhears Lucky asking his dad what type of guy does this to a woman. He needs to do something for her and Luke says to just stick by her. Bobbie comes down and tells them that she won't admit it, only that the guy slapped her around. She says that all they can do is respect her wishes. Liz comes down and says she called a cab; Lucky goes with her. Before leaving she asks all of them not to mention this to her grandmother. Luke asks Bobbie if there's something on her mind and she tells him he makes her sick.

Alexis and Ned make love and are both glad they waited because now neither will be inclined to bolt to the door. They continue to make love again.

Helena apologizes for causing Nikolas any pain but knows he will make a full report to Stefan. He stands up and tells her to stay away from him. She is so happy that he spoke even if it was caused by his anger towards her.

Lucky walks Liz to her door and when he tries to talk about the evening she diverts the subject. He promises to find the bracelet for her. When Liz goes inside Audrey is waiting for her. She asks how the dance was and Liz says she's really tired and will give her details in the morning. Meanwhile, Lucky is still outside just looking up and there's tears in his eyes.

Luke wants to know if they are still on Carly and she says she has no desire to be there with him and leavesRecap --->

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Liz lays in bed. Her phone rings but she doesn't answer.

Audrey is the one calling her and says Liz told her she didn't feel good but she's not sure she believes her.

Keesha asks Jason how Michael's doing. She makes a comment about Carly and then tells him she would like to have her cousin Justus back.

Justus goes to Dara's office and asks her out but she refuses. He wants to know if he stood her up or forgot something and she says everyday since the last time they went out.

Edward calls regarding the delivery and Reginald helps Edward pick out a tie. AJ wants to know what's going on.

Carly comes home and sees the flowers. There's a card but no name.

Jason tells her Justus is not a prisoner but she says he's kept in a penthouse across the way. She thinks Justus will loose clients being linked to him. Keesha also lets him know the one thing he couldn't choose is Robin.

Justus thinks he's being punished for not calling and she doesn't like out of sight out of mind. She's looking for some consistency and he's looking for assurance. He wants to know about the citation that was sent re: the docks.

Edward shows up to see Carly and she thought it was going to be AJ. He comments on how she got his flowers.

Lucky talks to Bobbie about Liz and Bobbie says Audrey isn't buying her sick story. Lucky says good, he wants Liz to tell her. He wants to know when can they break a promise and Bobbie tells him they can't say anything.

Jason says Justus doesn't have to work for him. He says talk to him and she already has. Jason can't help her and she walks away.

Dara doesn't like Justus' job with Jason. She doesn't want to hear about Jason being a legitimate business man. Justus thinks he looked like the right guy for her when he was on the city council and wants to know if he's a man she can become involved with. He wants to know if they can put their work aside. The two are arguing and then he kisses her. They laugh and he leaves. She advises him to be careful.

Edward asks for Michael but not by name and she reminds him he has a name. She figures he already knows this or wouldn't be there. He asks how she's doing and she says fine. He mentions the passing of her mother and she thanks him for caring. But she tells him if he came to butter her up and take her child he can walk out the door right now and take his flowers with him. He admits to feeling a connection with his great

grandson and wants to know him but she says he tried to steal him when she was gone. Edward puts the blame for that on Tony Jones. He wants to form a relationship with the young boy and plays on the fact that he's getting on in years. She tells him she will never go behind Jason's back. He kisses her hand and thanks her. He's grateful Jason has her. He tells her how Jason has emotional problems and can't name his feelings. He says there are some things she can't count on Jason for, a solid friendship. He brings up Virginia and Bobbie. Carly has tears in her eyes as he speaks. He tells her he thinks she needs a friend and that's why he came, it could be him.

Audrey tells Lucky and Bobbie about how excited Liz was to go to the dance with him. Lucky tries to interrupt but says she wants him to know how important this was to her.

Liz listens to music as she lays in bed.

Keesha goes to Kelly's and sees it all decorated for birthday. AJ walks out and they toast to her bd. She asks how he knew, and he says how could he not. Keesha means how did he know this is exactly what she needed. They slow dance.

Carly doesn't know what to say, she doesn't even know Edward. He'd like for them to meet weekly to find out about each other. She says Jason would not like that but he would not forbid it. He thinks she should lie to him. Jason walks in and Edward gets up to leave. Jason wants to know what he wanted and she's not really sure she knows.

AJ tells Keesha he wants her back and he wants things to be the way they were. He was afraid to tell her because he thought it would scare her. He's just trying to do what feels right. They kiss.

Lucky goes to see Liz but she will not answer the door. He calls out to her and keeps knocking. He just wants to see if she's OK. She can hear him from her room but doesn't move. She's just staring into the air.

Carly tells Jason he wants to be her friend and Jason warns her they will try to buy or steal her and the baby. He hopes she believes him and she says she does. He tells her what the dr. said about the baby, he's doing just fineRecap --->

Wednesday, February18, 1998

Felicia asks Mac if there's been any word from Tess. He says no, that they must wait for her to call so they can figure out this whole crazy scheme. Felicia tells Mac they must act like an engaged couple and so he has to buy her a ring.

Alan calls in a prescription for a patient and adds on his pills, telling them he will pick it up himself. Monica walks in and tells him he needs to cut back and give himself a break. Edward walks in and tells them that someone broke into the hotel pharmacy the night of the storm. The police are investigating and Edward wants whoever did this prosecuted to the fullest extent. Alan asks him if there are any leads.

Sarah is at Kelly's and Emily walks in. She strikes up a conversation with Sarah who is not too responsive. Emily looks at her watch and Sarah asks if she has an appointment. Emily says kind of, she's meeting with Nikolas later. Emily tells her that he's making progress and she tries to explain that if had been up to her she would have told her about helping him but Nikolas wanted it kept quit. Robin walks in and comes over to the table. Emily introduces the two. Sarah gets up to leave and she overhears Emily ask Robin for her help with a friend, Nikolas Cassadine.

Nikolas comes in from riding and Stefan says he approves, he even offers to accompany him next time he goes out. He asks him if there is anything else he would like to talk about and he speaks the word Helena. Stefan was waiting for him to tell him what happened out on the docks last night. He knows her every move. Stefan asks the point to her visit and Nikolas says Laura. Stefan tells him this is a perfect example of his grandmother's treachery. She thinks her show of interest will win his trust. Nikolas says that she is here and Stefan says yes, he knows she is in North Carolina. He must know where there enemies are at all times. He warns him never to make the assumption that Helena loves him, she is poison. Nikolas then speaks the words, love Laura.

Emily tells Robin she doesn't know what else to do for Nikolas and Robin suggests having him read a book out loud. Emily thinks that's a great idea and they agree to meet back there in an hour; Robin is going to bring her some French books. As Robin prepares to leaves Jason walks in and she asks him to sit down for a minute. She tells him the other night wasn't fair to either of them and it won't happen again.

Monica asks if any other drug was taken and Edward says no, just that one. Whoever did this covered up there tracks real good says Edward. Sarah shows up and tells them she has been worried about Emily and wants them to know why.

Robin tells him she shouldn't have kissed him but he didn't stop her he says. She knows she could have him back but they can't and she doesn't want to do this to him. He understands and she tells him she must leave now and get some books for Emily.

Mac is looking in the newspaper for a cheap engagement ring. He asks her if she wants to go with him to look at some and she agrees. She tells him though that James would have spent the money and if he wants to fool Tess than he has to act a bit smoother.

Stefan explains he'll be connected to Laura since she's his mother but his relationship with her is more complex. He talks about when she was held captive on their island, he tried to help her and she betrayed him. Now she is part of his past.

Sarah tells the Quartermaine's how Emily has been helping Nikolas with his speech therapy. They ask if he also has a professional and she says no, Stefan won't allow it. He doesn't even know about Emily. Sarah even says she is not welcome on the island and she is afraid what Stefan might do if he finds out Emily's helping him. She describes the island to be like a fortress and says that Emily goes there alone. Alan thanks her for coming and she asks if they will keep her from seeing Nikolas. Alan says she has made her last trip to Spoon Island.

When everyone is out of the room, Alan pops a few more pills. Monica walks in and says she doesn't like giving Emily ultimatums. Edward comes in and tells them he's going out and he will find out who stole those drugs. Monica says it could be someone they know. That drug is addictive and someone might not even realize your on it. Emily walks in looking for a book for Nikolas. Alan suggests Nikolas would be better with an expert but she doesn't agree. Monica says they're not happy with this and that they don't want her to help him. Emily says too bad, they're not stopping her. Edward warns her against Stefan and they tell her the island is off limits and it's not negotiable.

Stefan wants to know if he could honestly believe he could care for Laura after all she did to him. He says he won't forbid Nikolas to see his grandmother but wants him to be clear on what her motives are. He will always do what's best for him.

Felicia gives Mac a lesson on James, the way he dresses, the way he acts. She tells him James was very attentive to her and demonstrates how he would put his arm around her. Robin walks in and Mac is so excited to see her, he wants to catch up. When she goes upstairs Felicia tells him he almost ruined it. James couldn't give her the time of day and he has to be consistent with that. When she comes back downstairs Mac has to blow her off. Robin mentions to Felicia on her way out that it almost seemed like the old Mac was back but he's still weird. Mac feels lousy when she's gone.

Stefan gets on the phone and wants Helena's yacht followed.

Emily walks in and Stefan is extremely rude to her. She tells him that she needs to see Nikolas and he tells her he can pass on the message that she was there. She tells him no, she needs to see him in person and tell him that she can't help him with his recovery. Stefan seems a bit surprised and at that moment Nikolas comes down, excited to see her. She gives him the books and then tells him she can't help anymore. He gets mad and throws down the books. She suggests he let Sarah help him but there's no answer to that question.

Monica overhears Amy telling another nurse how she found Alan asleep in his car in the garage downstairs. When Alan appears Monica tells him what she overheard. He gives her some excuse and tells her he will cut back on his work. She'd like to hear about it next time from him. When she walks away he goes over to the water fountain and pops another pill. Amy walks out of the elevator and sees him doing this.

Felicia shows Mac how James kissed her. The two wind up in a slow kiss which she seemed to like.

Emily goes to Kelly's and ask Sarah if she's seen Robin. She tells her about not being able to help Nikolas and now he has no one. Sarah offers herself but Emily says she already suggested that. Annoyed, Sarah walks out. Robin comes in with the books and Emily tells her what happened. Robin asks if he would be open to working with someone else and suggests herself.

Nikolas is playing chess but is distracted. He knocks he game over and gets up, calling out Uncle. Stefan does not hear him because he is in the wine cellar looking at the portrait of LauraRecap --->

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Taggert arrives at the penthouse to arrest Jason and take him to police headquarters for questioning. He doesn't have a warrant, but suspects Jason in a shoot-out at the docks a few weeks ago. Carly begins to argue with Taggert telling him he can't take Jason away because she can't be alone with the baby. Taggert doesn't budge and Jason tells Carly it will be okay because she can handle it.

While Bobbie is at the hospital, a nurse comes up to tell her a prescription for Michael is ready. The nurse leaves and Bobbie starts to reflect on everything with Carly. Luke walks up to see her and Bobbie is very cold towards him. Luke asks how Liz is doing and Bobbie is furious with him. She accuses Luke of living a double life and for being a hypocrite. When Luke doesn't understand what she is talking about, Bobbie tells him it is because he acts concerned about what happened to Liz and yet he is guilty of rape also. Luke then tells her she is crazy if she expects him to sit down and tell Lucky about what happened between him and Laura all those years ago.

Liz opens to door for Lucky. He tells her he brought her homework from school and tells her it was just an excuse to see her. Lucky asks Liz if she has told Audrey about the attack yet and Liz tells him she hasn't and won't. She just wants to forget all about it. Lucky tells her she should get examined, but Liz tells him she took the morning after pill Bobbie gave her so she knows she isn't pregnant and doesn't want to think about anything else. Liz then admits to Lucky that she was raped and Lucky reaches out to her and then holds her.

Taggert starts to type up the paperwork on Jason when Dara walks up. She asks Taggert if he has any specific charges to arrest Jason on. Taggert tells her no, but is able to convince her to let him hold Jason for two hours for questioning. Justus walks in and tells Taggert he won't be questioning Jason and he and Dara start to argue. They finally decide to go see the judge together with Taggert to see if there is enough evidence to hold Jason. After they get into the elevator, the elevator becomes stuck between floors.

Robin arrives at Wydemere to see if Nikolas will allow her to help him. Stefan is less than pleased. Katherine takes Stefan aside and tells him he needs to let Robin help if Nikolas will let her. Stefan expresses his concerns about Robin and her relationship with Jason. Katherine is able, however, to smooth over any objections he has and Stefan agrees to let Robin help. Robin and Nikolas decide to take a walk to discuss her helping him with his speech and while they are outside, Robin tells him a little about Jason and how she knows how it feels to need help like Nikolas does because she saw Jason go through the same thing. They talk more and Nikolas seems to like Robin and agrees to let her help.

Carly starts to have a difficult time with Michael as Bobbie arrives to drop off the prescription for him. Carly gets nasty with her, but Bobbie ignores Carly and asks about Michael. Carly tells her she is alone with him and she can't get him to be quiet. Bobbie checks out Michael to make sure there isn't anything physically wrong with him and sees that he is fine. Bobbie leaves and Carly, who still hasn't been able to comfort Michael, calls Jason.

Back in the elevator, Justus and Dara begin to argue about who's fault it is they are all stuck in the elevator. They stop arguing then Taggert and Justus start in on each other. Dara tells them to both be quiet that she has had enough macho stuff and if she is going to die she wants to at least die in peace. Taggert tells her to relax and take her shirt off. Justus stands up for Dara and she herself tells Taggert she will forget he ever said anything like that to her and he had better address her as A.D.A Jenson or she will have his badge. In the meantime, Garcia tells Jason he is going to be staying for a while because his attorney is stuck in the elevator. As they are talking, Carly calls Jason and is upset she can't comfort Michael. Jason tells her to calm down and hold Michael.

Lucky comforts Liz when she blames her attack on something she did and tells her what happened isn't her fault. Lucky again tells Liz she needs to get tested to make sure she didn't contract something in the attack. Liz again tells him she wants to forget it happened. Lucky asks her if there is anything he can help her with and she says, "Yeah, math". After the tutoring session ends, Lucky again asks if he can help Liz. She tells him no and Lucky offers to make her a tape she can listen to to get her mind off things. She agrees and tells him whatever he wants. Lucky then leaves promising to brings her homework again tomorrow.

Carly arrives at the police station with Michael who is still crying. After some objections by Garcia, Jason holds Michael to get him to settle down. While this is going on, Tony walks in. Tony sees Jason holding Michael and starts to yell at them for having a baby at the police station. Tony starts to fight with Jason when Carly steps in and wants to know what Tony is doing there. The arresting officer tells her Tony was picked up for having an open container in the park. Garcia lets Tony go to stop the fighting and Dara, Taggert, and Justus arrive on the scene. Taggert asks if the baby is on a field trip to see his dad and tells Michael he needs to get use to it if he wants to see his dad.

Robin and Nikolas begin working on his speech. She tries to get him to talk in English, but is unsuccessful. She then suggests Nikolas speak in French and he does much better. Robin tells him it is probably because English is more difficult than French. They start to read a book which turns out to be a favorite for them both. Stefan and Katherine look on from afar and Katherine smiles because all is going so well for Nikolas. Stefan, however, isn't smiling.

Bobbie visits Liz telling her she understands what it is like to have something so horrible happen to you. She tells Liz that she may call her anytime and whenever she is ready to get examined, Bobbie can arrange it so no one will know. Liz tells her she seems like a nice person and Bobbie tells her she seems like a nice person herself. Meanwhile, Lucky arrives home bringing Luke a letter from Laura. He tells Luke about his visit with Liz and they talk about the attack. Lucky tells him he can't and won't ever forget it and Luke tells him he would be surprised. Lucky leaves and Luke ponders whether he should tell Lucky about his attack on LauraRecap --->

Friday, February 20, 1998

Carly arrives at the PC hotel to meet Jason for lunch. Keesha is there waiting for Robin who hasn't arrived yet. Keesha goes up to Carly and tries to make small talk with her, but Carly is nasty to her. Carly is then seated at her table and Robin walks in. She asks Keesha what is wrong and Keesha tells her she was wondering why she hated Carly so much until now when Carly confirmed why.

Sarah walks in on Liz while she is getting ready to go to work. Sarah accuses her of taking something then notices Liz's arms are all bruised. Sarah asks Liz how she got bruised and Liz tells her she fell a couple of days ago. Sarah doesn't believe her and presses Liz to find out what really happened. Liz tells her again that she fell then tells Sarah to let it go and runs out of the bathroom. Liz goes downstairs as Audrey is walking in. Liz tells her she is eager to get back to work and Audrey tells her not to overdo it since she is just getting over the flu. Liz says she is fine then leaves to go to Ruby's.

Sarah goes downstairs and starts to tell Audrey she is sore from a basketball game. Audrey asks if she is bruised and Sarah tells her she doesn't think so yet and asks Audrey how long it takes for bruises to appear. Audrey tells her not long, but they usually appear to be worse before they go away. Sarah tells Audrey about a girl on the opposite team that had bruises all over her arms. Audrey tells her the coach shouldn't let that happen that having bruises like that is sheer violence. Audrey then changes the subject and asks Sarah if she hooked up with Liz at the dance and noticed how pretty she looked. Sarah says "yes" then asks Audrey if Liz mentioned hooking up with Chad, the basketball player at the dance. Audrey tells her there must be a mistake because Liz wanted to be with Lucky and everything turned out okay because she saw Lucky bring her home.

Carly and Jason have lunch as Carly tries to tell Jason about her shopping spree and her facial. Jason, however doesn't listen to Carly because he is too busy staring at Robin. Carly realizes she is being ignored and tells Jason he should just go over and talk to Robin. Jason tells her Robin can come see him if she wants to. As if on cue, Robin gets up to visit with Jason. They share small talk then Robin goes back to her table and Jason still stares at her. Keesha asks Robin about Jason when she returns to the table and Robin tells her the status of her and Jason's relationship.

Alexis receives a phone call from Helena who has another assignment for Alexis. This time, Helen has had a replica made of a stone bench on the island in Greece. Helena tells Alexis she is to convince Katherine to buy the bench for Wyndemere. Alexis questions Helena as to how she can convince a woman who hates her to buy a bench. Helena assures her she can. Alexis then tells her it will take time to do this and Helena begins to mention Alexis' mother's death and how it happened. Alexis agrees to do the job and hangs up the phone and there is a knock at the door. It is Katherine.

Bobbie surprises Lucky who is at Ruby's. They talk about Liz and he tells her he wishes he knew who attacked her. Bobbie gets concerned thinking Lucky will go after Liz' assailant, but Lucky assures her he won't. Bobbie tells Lucky again not to push Liz that she needs to work thing out in her own way. Luke walks in and sits down with Bobbie as Lucky goes outside. On the way sees Mr.Murty and says "hello". Outside, Liz is sitting at a table and Lucky goes to sit with her. Liz tells him she was eager to get back to work, but now that she is there, she feels uncomfortable. Lucky tells her she shouldn't and convinces her to go inside saying he will be there to help her if she needs it.

Katherine notices Alexis is upset and wants to know why. Alexis tells her it is because she misses Stefan. In fact, today is the anniversary of his baptism and she is sad she isn't there to celebrate with him. Alexis tells her she had a stone bench made for Stefan as a present, but she can't give it to him now. Katherine tells her not to worry, she will be there to celebrate with Stefan and she will pick up a present for him on her way home. Alexis then suggests to Katherine that she give Stefan the bench, that it would mean a lot to him to have it. Katherine tells her she can handle it by herself, but still takes the name and address of the bench maker.

Robin and Keesha discuss the fact that Carly is using her baby to get to Jason and acting like his wife. At Carly and Jason's table, Carly again tells Jason about her facial. She tries to elicit sympathy by telling Jason she still feels bad because everyone still treats her like she is trash. Back at Robin's table, Keesha tells Robin the baby needs a father to protect the baby from Carly and Jason isn't going to. Robin starts to get uncomfortable with Keesha's statement and she changes the subject to AJ. Keesha tells Robin she and AJ may be getting back together again. She also tells Robin about AJ's surprise birthday party he held for her.

Liz walks into Ruby's and when Mr.Murty stops her to say "hello", Liz gets very uncomfortable around him. Mr.Murty leaves and Bobbie pulls Liz aside and tells her it is perfectly okay to be uncomfortable at first. Bobbie tells her she will in time feel good about herself, but Liz tells her she never will again. Bobbie and Liz again start to bond and Bobbie suggests Liz tell Audrey about the attack because Audrey is a trained professional and can give her much needed support. Liz refuses and Bobbie gives her some pamphlets from the rape crisis center. Sarah walks in as Bobbie tells Liz she wants to set up an appointment for her to be examined and tested for HIV. Liz tells her she doesn't need to worry about that. Bobbie then tells her about Robin.

Keesha tells Robin she thinks Jason will allow Carly to walk all over him and others because he wants to keep Michael with him. As she and Robin talk, Carly starts to play it up kissing Jason while they admire the baby. Keesha says she has to be stopped and Robin agrees then goes over to Carly's table. When Robin walks up, Jason tells her the baby recognizes her, a fact that Carly isn't happy about. Robin holds Michael and tells Carly she is glad Carly is back because a parent shouldn't miss out on any time with their child. Robin says good-bye and Carly asks Jason if he told Robin he wasn't Michael's father. Jason tells her he did.

Helena walks in on Alexis and Alexis tells her it is done. Helena asks how Alexis accomplished her task and Alexis tells her she tricked Katherine and she isn't happy about it. Helena tells her she needs to toughen up. Alexis asks how far she is going to take the war with Stefan and Katherine and Helena tells her she doesn't need to know that she doesn't have the stomach for it.

Sarah walks up to Liz as she is trying to work and presses Liz to tell her what happened. She tells Liz she knows Liz didn't go to the dance with Chad. Liz tells her to let it go and when she tries to walk away, Sarah grabs her arm, hurting her bruises. Sarah then asks Lucky if he knows what happened to Liz. Lucky tells her he doesn't and covers for Liz. Luke stops Liz and tells her he admires her strength. Liz gets upset and runs out. Lucky asks what Luke said to her to upset her and Luke tells him. Ruby then calls Lucky into the back. Sarah goes outside and promises Liz she won't tell anyone what happened that she just wants to know and Liz admits she was raped. In side, Bobbie tells Luke not to make Liz' problem about his past. Lucky walks in and asks, "What about Dad's past?".

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