General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on GH

Tony was arrested for kidnapping Michael. Robin recuperated in the hospital. Tess tried to kill Jax.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on GH
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Monday March 30, 1998

Luke watched as Lucky made a deal with the devil -- Helena. She knew relations with Lucky and his father were strained because there was no other reason he would go to her for work. She told him his father had killed her husband and oldest son, and she owed Luke a death. Lucky was not scared of her, which impressed Helena. She told Lucky to stop by the next day, and she would give him his first assignment.

Carly and Bobbie shared a tender moment after Carly got Jason's call. When Carly realized she had just hugged Bobbie, she pulled away from her and said Jason wanted her to meet him at General Hospital. Justus walked in; he was there to take her to General Hospital, and Bobbie was going with them.

Jason took Robin into the emergency room, and Joe Scanlon was the doctor on call. She had pneumonia, but it was not AIDS-related. Jason sat by Robin's side once she was hooked up to the monitors, and she asked him how Michael was doing. Jason was not going to let either one of them out of his sight.

Jax and Brenda showed up, and Dr. Scanlon told them not everyone should be in there. Jason took Michael and left them alone. Robin thanked him for finding her. Once he left, Robin asked Brenda and Jax how the date had gone.

Jason talked to Michael and said Michael was going to be checked out. Jason apologized for taking so long to find the boy. He promised to look after Michael and protect him always.

The Quartermaines all showed up at GH and wanted to know how Michael was doing. Jason did not want them around but agreed to let Emily take a look at him. Jason then held the baby up for them all to see, and Monica grew emotional. Carly entered, ran over to her child, and held him close.

Alan gave Joe some instructions on Robin's care. Alan walked out and popped a few more pills.

Mac and Felicia went in to see Robin with Jax and Brenda in tow. Mac was worried because of her fever, but she said they had given her something for it. He asked who had done it to her, assuming it was one of Jason's men, but she said it hadn't been: it had been Tony Jones. Felicia was shocked and couldn't believe Tony would do something like this. Mac promised Robin he would stop acting so strange and be the Uncle Mac she knew.

Carly was very happy to see Michael smile. She apologized to her son for leaving him and thanked Jason for taking him home. She asked Jason who had done it, and he just looked directly over her. She turned around and saw Tony standing there with Taggert. She ran over to attack Tony and said to him that he should be shot, and she would like to be the one to do it. She would make him pay for it if it was the last thing she did. Jason said he would.

Bobbie tried to apologize to Tony for Carly's outburst, but Taggert jumped in and told Tony to tell his friends what he'd been doing in his spare time: kidnapping. He was under arrest. Bobbie said he would never do something like that, and she asked him to say something. All he could say was that Carly and Jason should not be raising Michael, and he had saved Michael from them. He was the only one who was willing to put his life on the line.

Everyone was outraged, and Tony continued to attack Jason and Carly's characters, saying they should not be allowed to have children. Edward told Tony he was going to have him locked up. Carly told him he was no better because he had tried to kidnap her baby in his own home. She told them all off, saying that just because they had money did not make them better than anyone else. Jason pulled her aside, and Emily told them she'd stop by later and gave her a hug.

Justus told Jason he needed to go down to the station and give his statement. Jason agreed but first wanted to get Michael home safely. Nikolas walked over to Jason and asked how Robin was doing. Jason said he owed him one because Nikolas was the reason Jason had found Robin.

Luke broke into Helena's yacht and awakened her with a knife to her throat. He wanted one good reason he should not slit her throat. She told him to put away the knife. Luke wanted to know what she wanted with Lucky, and she said he had approached her for a job. She might even make him her personal assistant. Luke warned her that if she harmed Lucky, he would eliminate the rest of her spawn, including Nikolas. He would put him in a hospital with a brain like a bowl of lettuce.

Lucky tapped on Liz's window, scaring her a bit. She let him in, and he told her he had decided to stay for the time being. He was also going to take her up on her offer of a place to crash. She was happy and felt safe when he was around.

Nikolas looked in on Robin, who was surrounded by her Uncle Mac, Felicia, Brenda, and Jax. Mac couldn't understand how Tony could have kept her from her medication. He was a doctor; he should have known the risk involved. Mac was very angry with him at that moment, and Felicia thought he'd had some sort of breakdown. Felicia wanted to hear the whole story from the beginning.

Brenda and Jax left the room, and he went to get them some coffee. Nikolas approached Brenda and introduced himself. He thanked her for all she had said to him when he had been in the hospital. She thanked him for telling Jason all he knew. He asked Brenda to tell Robin he had been there. She agreed as long as he promised to return.

Alan walked out and confronted Tony. He'd known Tony half his life and couldn't believe Tony could do that to them. Tony said he would do it all over again if he had to. Edward couldn't hear anymore of that, and A.J. asked him how he had rationalized putting Robin's life in danger. Alan asked him how he could have done that.

Tony was sorry for all the anguish but said Michael had never been in danger. Monica said Carly might be right and asked who had elected him God. He looked to Bobbie, saying she had to understand him. He pointed out what she had done to hold on to Lucas. Bobbie walked up to Tony and slapped him across the face. She couldn't believe he she had ever been married to him let alone had children with him. She couldn't forgive him, and he couldn't understand how she could forgive Carly.

Bobbie wanted to know how he could do that to their son. She asked if he had ever stopped to think about Lucas and never seeing him again. He told her he had thought about taking Lucas too. Monica and Alan were leaving and wanted to take Bobbie home as well. She was ready to go and never wanted to see Tony again.

Lucky watched Liz sleep before he did the same.

Jax didn't want Mac to tell Robin the truth right away while his life was still in danger. Mac would still do his job and told Felicia it was business as usual.

Jax offered to take Brenda to dinner, but she didn't want to leave until she knew Robin was going to be okay. He said he wanted to take her to dinner for her birthday and would like to give her present to her. Jax then asked her to be his date for the gala in honor of the dock renovations.

Carly and Jason spent some time with their son, and Jason promised Michael that he was safe and that no one was ever going to take him away from them.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Tess met someone at the office, and Felicia and V were right behind her, trying to listen in on her conversation. V overheard Tess on the phone. Whoever she was waiting for was late.

Robin was settled in a room, and Mac and Bobbie were in with her. Bobbie left to get her some food, and Mac told his niece that the waiting room was filled with many people there for her. She told him it was Brenda's birthday and asked if he could go and pick up her present.

Brenda showed up at Jax's place, and he wished her a happy birthday and gave her a bouquet of flowers. She told him she'd been up early planning a party for herself. The birthday was special because it was a rebirth, and she wanted to share it with the two people who had helped her through it all: him and Robin. Brenda was going to have the party in Robin's room.

Jason was on the phone with someone from General Hospital, trying to find out about Robin. When he hung up, Carly told him she had been afraid in a way for him to return home because she had thought something really bad, beyond fixing, had happened to him. Jason told her he was going to the hospital, and she wanted to know if that was a good idea. She assumed he was going to see Robin and suggested he call first; he said he already had. She told him to say thank you to Robin, but Jason said he was not going to see her. He didn't want her to be a way for people to get to him.

Monica asked Bobbie how both Robin and Michael were doing. Bobbie informed her that both were doing much better. Monica wanted to know what had happened to Tony, but neither woman really knew. All Bobbie could think about was that she had trusted him with Lucas, and since they had been given a second chance with Michael, they couldn't let that go.

A.J. presented Keesha with a rose. He woke up in good spirits, and he asked when she was free for dinner. They decided to go to dinner at the PC Hotel, and he said he'd have it sent up to their suite.

The man who Tess was waiting for showed up. They said the man would pull the trigger, and it would look like Mac who had done it, but he'd be shot trying to get away. V was dressed like a maid, cleaning the floor, and made Tess go outside to check. Tess wanted to know what V was doing and went into the closet to get a mop. V panicked because Felicia was hiding in there.

After feeding Robin, Mac left, and Brenda entered, wheeling in a big case that contained all types of party favors, music, and a cake from Vienna -- the same cake Jax had flown in for her the year before. Bobbie walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

Ned asked if Brenda was there because he had her birthday present. Jax was meeting with his shipping partner and wanted to make sure there would be no disruptions from Jason at the dock party. Brenda walked out, and Ned gave her gifts to her, and she told them to meet in Robin's room. Jason walked out of the elevator, and she apologized to Jason. She had blamed him for the kidnapping, and it hadn't had anything to do with him. He said he knew that something could happen to her, and he hadn't visited her either.

Jason asked Monica how Robin was, and she told him Robin was doing better. Monica asked about Michael and told him she wanted to help. All he could say was things would be the way they had been. Bobbie told Monica what had happened with Carly.

Brenda showed the cake, and Jax seemed a bit surprised. She said she hadn't gotten to enjoy it the year before because she had moved out of the penthouse on her birthday, as well as other reasons. He told her to forget about the past year, all 365 miserable days. Ned gave Brenda ten shares of L&B stocks. She told him she had gotten a call from Lois, and Brook Lynn had said "bye-bye." Ned left but took a piece of cake. Jax gave Brenda her present, the bracelet she had pawned in Atlantic City.

Tess couldn't get the door open because Felicia was leaning on it. Tess went back to her meeting, and she had to wait three weeks until she could leave after Jax was eliminated. V told Felicia they had three weeks, and Felicia thought they had more time than they'd thought. They had, however, only caught the end of the conversation.

A.J. and Keesha were outside, kissing in the beautiful night, on the terrace of their suite. She was ready to love him but not to lose him again. A.J. wished he could promise that but instead of making a promise, he pledged to work hard on their new relationship. They went inside and made love.

Robin told Brenda the bracelet was beautiful, and she had to shorten her sleeves to see it. Robin told them rubies were a symbol of love, but she had just made that up. Jax left for a business meeting.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Nikolas asked Katherine how Robin was doing, and all she could talk about was the gift she had taken home for Stefan. He did manage to find out that Robin was doing much better.

Luke received a call from Audrey, who was returning his message. He just wanted to see how Liz was doing and assumed Lucky had been keeping her company. Audrey hadn't seen him in a few days. She did pay him a compliment, saying that he and Laura had done a fine job raising Lucky.

Liz sneaked Lucky some breakfast and told him it would be safe to climb out the window just as soon as Sarah and Gram left. She wanted to know if he'd be back that night, and he said he would be, as long as she was okay with it. Liz asked about his "job." She wanted to know if it was dangerous. He said it was but not for her; he'd never put her in danger.

Lucky told Liz he was working for Helena Cassadine; she had some information he wanted. Liz let him know it was the first morning of the support group, and he promised to wait for her afterwards. Reluctantly, she left for the hospital, and as he prepared to climb out the window, Sarah walked in.

Bobbie went to see Tony in jail; she was there about Lucas. He asked how his son was, and she told him not to act like he cared. He said he did care about his son, but Bobbie was not convinced. She could not even look him in the face when she spoke to him, let alone be standing in the same space as him. He just wanted her to tell him how Lucas was, and she said he was not good. His father had kidnapped a baby and held Robin hostage.

Tony didn't see it that way. Bobbie told him that Lucas had asked her if Tony had tried to kill Robin. She said that at that moment, Lucas would have a lot to deal with at school. He was an eight-year-old boy whose father was going to go to prison. Tony informed her that he was not going to prison, but Bobbie told him he was already there. He claimed it was jail, which was different.

Bobbie informed Tony he was a sick man, but Tony believed the only person who was sick was Jason Morgan. He was a killer, and Carly was a sociopath. He was not crazy, and that was not why he had done it. He had done it because everyone had looked the other way. She let him know if he was ever free, she didn't want him seeing Lucas.

Tony claimed he would be freed and was going to see his son. Bobbie wanted to know what he'd tell Lucas -- that he was also going to snatch Lucas away from his mother. That was why he'd never see his son. Justus entered, and Bobbie wanted the "loser" never to get out.

Dara approached Taggert and wanted to know what he was not showing her. Dara congratulated him, and Justus entered, claiming Taggert would be the one to set him free.

Liz went to GH, where the group was meeting, but she couldn't go in. Another young girl told her the first time was the hardest and offered to walk in with her.

Sarah was outraged, especially because of what she had gone through. Lucky explained and pleaded with her not to tell Audrey. She thought her Gram could help and let her into Liz's room. Lucky hid behind the door as Audrey rambled on about how 35 years before, she had first heard Steve's name. Lucky was safe and climbed out the window.

Katherine repeated the few words Robin had wanted her to tell Nikolas. They made no sense until he realized what they meant in French. He went to General Hospital to see her. Meanwhile, Katherine was setting up her gift for Stefan, a vase, when he walked down. He asked if he could tell her something, and she said, "please don't," because she'd like a moment. He told her she did not know what he was going to say.

Bobbie showed up at Luke's, asking about Lucky. He told her about watching Lucky with Helena. He asked about Tony, and she told him she had thought he was the greatest dad, but she didn't know what to say to Lucas. She told him that Tony was convinced he was saving Michael.

Bobbie said she had lost all faith in Tony. She would die first before she let him near Lucas. Luke told her she needed a lawyer, but Bobbie said what she needed was Luke's help. She wanted him to talk to Tony about what was best for Lucas. She wanted Tony to give up all claims to her son. Luke went to see what he could do.

Stefan picked up the ribbon Katherine had dropped, which reminded him of a moment with Laura.

The girls and the woman in the group talked about their feelings about their rapes, and Liz was clearly uncomfortable and crying, remembering that night. Gail was in charge of the group. Liz looked a bit uncomfortable. Gail reminded them they'd already lived through the hardest part. They took a little break, and Gail spoke to Liz, asking if she didn't think it was right for her.

Luke visited Tony, who questioned why he was there. Luke gave Tony a paper that said he gave up all rights to his son. Tony said he was a good father, and Lucas would always be his son. He was a good person, and he had made promises to Michael for seven months. Luke told him the baby was not his son. He said everyone accepted that when she had said it, but he had been there, in the dark, night after night.

Luke could see Tony's point but wanted Tony to see Bobbie's point. Michael was Bobbie's family, and Tony couldn't expect her to forget that. She was frightened for Lucas, and Luke said to sign the papers. Tony wanted Luke to put himself in Tony's shoes.

Stefan wanted to know if she was going to read his mind. Katherine told him she was not the woman he wanted her to be. Things around there were dark, and she wanted to fill it with light and beauty. He was not mad at her. She was ready to hear what he had to say. He started by kissing her. He told her everything had been beautiful since she had gone there, and he knew she had made sacrifices. He wanted her to stay and help him banish all bad memories.

Lucky bumped into Nikolas at GH, and when Liz walked out and Nikolas said hello, she swore he knew. Lucky reassured her he didn't know and asked how the group had been. She told him those people were not for her. They weren't getting well, and she didn't belong there.

Luke told Bobbie that Tony agreed to not see Lucas without her consent, but Luke hadn't been able ask Tony to give up all rights to his son.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Luke recruited Mike's help in detaining Helena while he planted "bugs" on her boat. As Mike talked to her, pretending to know her from a fling a few years before, Lucky walked up, and Helena realized they both knew each other. Mike made a quick exit, and Lucky told Helena who Mike was and that he was a friend of Luke's with a soft spot for money and beautiful women. Helena and Lucky boarded the boat to talk as Luke listened in. At the last minute, Helena decided she would tell Lucky all he wanted to know another time because that day had been a test for Lucky, and he had passed by telling her who Mike was instead of keeping his identity a secret from her. Helena then threatened Lucky while holding a knife, telling him he had better always tell her the truth.

V and Jax discussed the agenda at the docks for the evening. As they wrapped things up, V mentioned the subject of Brenda. Jax told her he and Brenda were just friends. V didn't believe him, saying he didn't act like Brenda was only a friend. Jax told her they were friends and nothing more because Brenda's feelings were fleeting; she had chosen someone else over him, and when Sonny had left town, she had returned to him. He felt he couldn't trust her, and it was too late for him and Brenda. V then asked Jax why he was stringing Brenda along, and Jax told her he wasn't -- Brenda could have him... as a friend.

Ned arrived at Brenda's with the stock information he had promised to give her along with a warning that the market probably wasn't for someone without money to lose. Brenda told Ned she had money from the gambling she had done in Atlantic City, and she needed to invest it to make more to keep up with Jax. Ned was not happy with Brenda's decision and tried to talk her out of chasing after Jax, telling her she was only falling back on Jax because he was there in town. Ned also reminded her that she had chosen someone over Jax, and if she really loved him, she wouldn't have; also Jax was just bad news for Brenda and saw their relationship as just another acquisition. Brenda didn't buy it, and Ned finally told her before he left that he wanted Brenda to be happy even if it meant she was involved with Jax.

Tess walked in on Mac and Felicia and surprised them with a special night on the town as a wedding present. She had even rented very gaudy-looking outfits for them. Felicia left to change, and Mac pressed Tess for answers as to why they were having the special night out. Tess refused to answer him then left, making a phone call outside Mac's door to confirm to her contact what Mac and Felicia would be wearing that night. Later, V and Felicia discussed how Jimmy was doing, and V told her Jimmy had been pining away for Felicia. He had even told her about his poor luck with women. One ex-girlfriend had left him as he was getting her name tattooed on his shoulder, which caused him to have a red scar in the same spot when he'd had to have it removed for the job of playing Mac.

Edward walked up to Carly in the mall and in the course of the conversation asked for her help in diverting the strike Jason was going to cause at the docks. Carly told him she had no power over Jason regarding business and didn't want to get involved. Edward told her that if something were to happen to Jason, and there were no money left for her and Michael, the Quartermaines would be willing to help her out financially if it was known that she had been sympathetic to their causes. Edward told Carly that Jason was setting her up for a fall, and he basically said that if she scratched their backs, they would scratch hers.

Mac walked in on V and Felicia's conversation, and upon finding out Tess had a special evening planned for Mac and Felicia, V warned them not to go because something didn't seems right. Felicia agreed that the clothes had probably been chosen to have them stand out in a crowd, but they had no choice but to go, or Tess would get suspicious. V and Felicia left, and Tess walked in to talk to a shirtless Mac, whom she thought was Jimmy.

Tess immediately noticed the scar was missing and realized Mac wasn't dead and had been pretending to be Jimmy. She then left and called her contact, who turned out to be Jax's business partner, Mitch. She informed him that Mac was still alive, and she didn't know how long he had been pretending to be Jimmy, but it didn't matter because neither he nor Jax would live through the nightRecap --->

Friday, April 3, 1998

Helena paid a visit to Stefan with Lucky in tow. Things did not go well, and Helena and Stefan argued. Lucky went to the dock to wait for Helena to finish her business, and while he was there, Nikolas approached him and tried to warn him not to get involved with Helena. Nikolas told Lucky he didn't want Lesley Lu to lose a brother because of his telling Lucky about the rape and that Lucky's being involved with Helena could result in Lucky's death.

While Nikolas and Lucky were talking, Helena warned Stefan about Luke's knowledge of her and Lucky's "partnership." Stefan told Helena she had better not endanger Nikolas by harming Lucky. Helena again told Stefan she would get Nikolas away from him, but Stefan told her it would never happen because Nikolas had made the decision on his own not to see her. Helena threatened to tell Nikolas about Stefan's recent visit to Laura, but Stefan told her Nikolas already knew. As they argued, Nikolas walked in and told Helena if she harmed Lucky, he would personally ask his uncle to make her suffer.

Katherine arrived at Luke's club to warn him about Lucky's involvement with Helena and their visit to Wyndemere, but Luke appeared disinterested. Katherine told him to get Lucky away from Helena because she was bad news, and Lucky was in danger being around her. Luke agreed but told Katherine that if anything happened to Lucky, it would only cause harm to Nikolas. Katherine prepared to leave, and Luke warned her not to tell Stefan of her visit to him. Katherine said she wanted to keep peace, and the way to do that was to be honest with Stefan. Luke told her that if she told Stefan she had gone to Luke, it would cause her a lot of trouble. Katherine disagreed and left.

V tried to warn Jax that the gala was the perfect setup for the attempt on his life, but Jax ignored her warnings. Meanwhile, Tess got into the limousine carrying Mac and Felicia and pulled a gun on them. She told Mac she knew he wasn't really Jimmy and demanded to know where Jimmy was. Mac refused to tell her, so Tess told them it didn't matter, anyway, because she was going to have Mac and Felicia eliminated along with Jax. The plan was to have a sniper shoot Jax then have Mac killed making it look like Mac committed suicide from guilt over Jax's death. That way, there would be no police investigation. Tess then left Mac and Felicia locked in the limo while she set everything up.

At the gala, Ned tried to get Jason to stop the impending strike, but Jason refused. Justus noticed Dara in the crowd and walked up to talk to her. Dara told him she had heard that Jason was going to call a strike as soon as the papers for the dock renovation were signed. Justus covered for Jason, saying Jason was neither in control nor a member of the union, and therefore he had no authority to call a strike. Dara was saddened by Justus' defense of Jason, and she told him she couldn't believe he could stand there and defend Jason. Disgusted, she walked off.

Jason gave Carly an expensive necklace, and she let it go to her head. Upon seeing Brenda at the gala, she walked up to Brenda to start an argument. Brenda refused to argue with Carly, and when Jax walked up to ask what Carly wanted, Brenda told him she didn't know. Monica then walked up to Carly and tried to be kind to her. Carly, however, was nasty to Monica. Monica said she wasn't trying to take Michael away from Carly; she just wanted to be a part of her grandson's life. Carly replied she would think about it.

Tess returned to the limo to tell Mac and Felicia the sniper had arrived. She then left and was later spotted in the crowd by V. Back at the limo, Mac and Felicia tried to get out, and Mac told Felicia that their only hope was to kick open the door of the limo at the moment the sniper was taking aim at Jax. The side doors of the limo were made to open upon impact so in an accident a person wouldn't be locked inside. If they got the door open at the moment the sniper was aiming, the noise might get his attention, and his aim could be off.

The ceremony for the signing of the renovation papers began, and as Jax was signing the papers, Brenda happened to look up and see the sniper. Brenda ran to push Jax out of the way as Mac and Felicia were able to kick their way out of the limousine door.

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