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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on GH
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Monday May 4, 1998

I apologize for the unforeseen delay in posting this week's recaps. The regular GH recapper simmply stopped supplying them without so much as dropping me a line. I had hoped that the recaps might be sent along later in the week---but they were not. I am now searching for a new recapper and hope to avoid this problem again. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
Dan J Kroll (Soap Opera Central)

After laying out their reasons for wanting to see Helena dead, Luke and Alexis finalized their plans to murder Helena. After agreeing that Helena's death must look like an accident, Luke and Alexis realized that their alliance would bond them forever. The ELQ jet crashed into water surrounding the mountains leaving Brenda and Jason to fend for their own survival. Jason saved Brenda from drowning, but they faced the prospect of freezing to death in the cold sea. Jason and Brenda managed to use a piece of plane wreckage as a flotation device and Jason tried to push them to land. Jax became worried when Ned told him that Jason and Brenda were on the missing ELQ jet. A persistent Jerry tried to whisk Bobbie off on an exotic date, but he was interrupted by Jax with news about the missing plane. Jax and Jerry worked together to try to find the plane, but Jax grew frustrated and was determined to find Jason and Brenda on his own. Monica's birthday was spoiled when Bobbie brought news of the missing ELQ plane. Edward saw Jason's disappearance and Carly's stay in jail as an opportunity to get Michael. Meanwhile, Lucky and Liz hit pay-dirt when they finally tracked down Mr. Murty's ex-wife EleanorRecap --->

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Robin was shocked when she read the news that Jason and Brenda were missing. Nikolas lent Robin his support as she feared never seeing Jason and Brenda again. Monica shocked Edward by agreeing that Michael would be better off staying in the Quartermaine Mansion. Emily was upset over what Monica and Edward had planned, but Monica convinced Emily that Michael's stay would be temporary and promised to keep Edward in check. Edward and Monica arrived at Jason's penthouse with a court order for Michael, but a defiant Justus tore it up. Edward left, but Monica stayed and worked out a compromise with Justus. Monica and Justus's agreement fell through, however, when Edward returned with Dara and Taggert and ordered Justus to turn over Michael immediately. When Justus refused, Taggert arrested him. Meanwhile, encouraged by the positive session with her therapist, Carly looked forward to a better life after she was released from Shadybrook. Carly's hopes were quickly shattered when Bobbie told Carly the bad news about Jason. Carly feared for Jason's safety and that the Quartermaines would take Michael away. Bobbie assured Carly that Michael would be safe from the Quartermaines, but incorrectly assumed that Monica was on her and Carly's side. Meanwhile, Jason and Brenda washed up on the shore of the mountain lake and quarreled constantly as they searched for help. With neither of them having any experience in coping with the outdoors, Brenda and Jason's frustrations grew when they found no food and were unable to light soggy flares to try to signal planes. Brenda slipped on a ledge, but Jason rescued her. Brenda, however, injured her hip and Jason was forced to carry her the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Alan's worries over Jason compounded his pill problem and he lied to a pharmacy to get more drugs. AJ and Emily noted his strange behavior, but he managed to cover their questions.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Stefan and Katherine told Nikolas that they were engaged and were planning a masked ball to tell the world. Luke tested Alexis's loyalty by pretending to have been stabbed by one of Helena's henchmen. Alexis passed the test by keeping her cool and trying to help Luke, but was livid when she realized that Luke's predicament was a ruse. Luke and Alexis then tried to figure out the perfect occasion to get rid of Helena and realized that her death had to look like an accident. Alexis's only request was that she wanted Helena to know that she was responsible for killing her right before she died. Learning about the Wyndemere ball from Nikolas, Luke concluded that it was the ideal setting to murder Helena. Liz and Lucky confronted Mr. Murty's ex-wife Eleanor, but were unable to get any information from her. Lucky sensed that Eleanor was afraid to talk. Bobbie and Carly became upset when they learned from Ned that Edward had obtained temporary custody of Michael. Bobbie was surprised that Monica was an active participant in Edward's plan. Ned tried to assure Bobbie and Carly that the arrangement was only temporary, but Carly feared that the Quartermaines were going to strip away her parental rights if Jason was not found. Bobbie then confronted the Quartermaines for what they had done. Monica and Bobbie argued about who could best care for Michael and Bobbie did not buy Monica's logic for keeping her in the dark. Monica could not believe her ears when Bobbie made it clear that she was going to fight for Carly's parental rights. Ned asked Alexis to defend Carly so that she could hold on to Michael. With thoughts of his own daughter, Ned did not want Michael to be raised under Edward's influence and without a mother. Edward secretly plotted to keep Carly away from Michael for a long time. Justus tried to use his stay in jail to rekindle his relationship with Dara. Dara reiterated how her involvement with him had almost cost her her career. Dara also feared that Justus would take over for Jason if he was not found. Justus tried to assure Dara that it was not the case, but Dara was adamant in keeping her distance from him.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Lucky and Liz talk about the rape and Lucky begins to question the validity of his advice to Liz. He tells her that Luke taught him to get even with people who have hurt those you care about and he isn't sure that is the way to be. Liz tells Lucky he gave her good advice because even if she didn't want to catch the guy for herself, when they catch him, it will stop him from hurting anyone else. Lucky accepts Liz' opinion and tells her he just had to tell her how he felt. Liz replies by telling him he is too sweet to be true and she just had to tell him that.

Jax arrives at the police station and he and Mac discuss what they are going to do to find Jason and Brenda. Jax begins to get distraught and Mac tells him he knows a way of getting a military helicopter that will be able to find them regardless of were they are. Jax reminds Mac again of the seriousness of the situation because of the subzero temperatures in the mountains where Brenda and Jason's plane was last seen. Mac walks off and Felicia tries to comfort Jax by telling him they will find Brenda and it will be a story for them to tell their grandchildren. Jax tells Felicia that it doesn't look hopeful that Brenda and Jason survived the crash and even if they did, they may not have been able to live through their injuries or the elements. Robin happens to walk in and over hears Jax.

In the mountains, Brenda and Jason struggle to survive. Brenda awakens to find Jason has returned with some berries. Brenda decides she will try them this time because it won't matter if she gets sick because she can't walk anyway. Brenda greedily eats all the berries and then feels bad because she ate them all and they turn out to be safe. Jason tells her it is okay that she ate them all because she was hungry. Brenda tells Jason they will be found and they begin to argue because Jason looks at things as they are and Brenda chooses to see they hope in situations. Finally they decide to let each other be the way they are.

Back at Liz's house, Liz asks Lucky if he thinks they are both strange. When he asks why, she tells him it is because Lucky has been sleeping in her room. Lucky tells her he is the one who is strange and that it is a Spencer trait. Liz then asks Lucky what Laura is like. Lucky begins to describe Laura's personality and then tells Liz he doesn't understand how Laura could forgive Luke and marry him. Lucky asks Liz if she could do the same and Liz tells him the situations are different. Liz also reminds Lucky that he wasn't there and he doesn't know if it was a date situation and things just got out of hand. When Lucky persists, Liz finally admits she could never do what Laura did.

Jax apologizes to Robin and tells her he hasn't given up on Brenda and Jason. He leaves and Felicia tries to comfort Robin. Robin tells her not to feel sorry for her because she is such a fool. She tells Felicia she feels bad for breaking up with Jason because she said it was for Jason's sake, but it was really because she was afraid of having to lose someone else she loved. Robin then vows to get back together with Jason if God should give them another chance. Felicia walks off and Jax walks back to Robin. He tells her he overheard what she said to Felicia and he too was dumb in not taking Brenda back. The helicopter then arrives and Jax and Jerry leave to go find Brenda and Jason.

A storm begins to approach and Jason wakes up Brenda saying they can't sleep or they will miss the rain. The rain is important because they haven't been able to find water. Brenda then brings up the subject of Jason being a father to keep them both from sleeping. Jason tells Brenda how he treats Michael as an adult and tells him the truth and not fairy tales. Brenda tells Jason there isn't anything wrong with fairy tales and when Jason asks why, Brenda tries to tell him a couple. Afterward, Jason still doesn't understand the point in them and Brenda and he start to get along.

Liz starts to feel discouraged saying they still can't prove Murty attacked her even if they find out he was the one. Lucky tells her it doesn't matter because eventually they will find something to prove who attacked her and right now they don't even know that Murty was the person who did it. Liz then comes up with a plan to trap Mr. Murty. In her plan, she will try to get Murty alone and maybe he will find her attractive again and try to rape her again except this time she will have a weapon to defend herself. Lucky gets angry and refuses to let her do it. Liz asks why because he isn't her keeper and Lucky tells her he won't let her do it because she wouldn't be able to because she couldn't stand to be alone with Murty. Liz gives up and suggests they go to sleep before the fight. Once asleep, Liz begins to have a nightmare. Lucky goes over to her bedside and strokes her face and hair telling her everything is okay.

Felicia goes into Mac's office to talk and Mac tells her he is upset because of the fact that Robin might have lost someone else she cared about. He then tells Felicia he will bring back the punk (Jason) so Robin doesn't have to lose yet another person in her life. Felicia puts her arms around his shoulders and tells him he is her hero. Mac tells her he thought her hero was the guy she married. Felicia says that yes he was a great guy, but the guy who keeps coming back is the one who gets to keep the title.

Friday, May 8, 1998

Brenda and Jason struggled to stay awake though another freezing night in the wilderness. Brenda told Jason about her history with him before his accident and loss of memory. Brenda explained her reasons for why she had worn the wire against Sonny and how it had forever changed their relationship. Brenda made it clear that Sonny had never trusted her and that she never would have turned him into the police. Jason told Brenda how much Sonny did for him, from accepting him for who he was and having enough confidence in him to make his own choices. Brenda thought that it was sad that Jason had chosen power over Robin's love. Jason told Brenda that Robin left him because he liked the thrills from his business and she did not. Jason, however, admitted that he may have had an inkling of how Robin felt when she was around him when Michael was kidnapped. Brenda began to realize how deeply Jason loved Robin. Jason also told Brenda how Robin had made him happy and taught him what love meant and Brenda admitted that Jax had done the same for her. Meanwhile, in their search for Brenda and Jason, Jax opened up to Jerry about his feelings for Brenda and detailed the events that led up to Brenda picking Sonny over him. Jax also remembered happier times with Brenda including their trip to Malibu and their wedding on the yacht. Despite Jerry's doubts, Jax was adamant in his belief that Brenda was still alive. Realizing that Jason's chances of survival were greater if he left on his own, Brenda told Jason to leave her behind. Meanwhile, Alan's pill-induced mood swings forced him away from Emily and Michael. After buying pills from a drug dealer, Alan overdosed in the park. Fearing Alan's peculiar behavior, Emily took Michael and left the Quartermaine mansion.

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