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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on GH
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Monday May 11, 1998

Tony began the first day of his community service sentence by working at a drug rehab clinic and was shocked when he saw Alan wheeled in after overdosing on pain medication. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines realized that Emily and Michael were missing and assumed that Tony had taken Michael. Tony saved Alan's life and protected his identity even when the Quartermaines arrived and accused Tony of kidnapping Michael again. Tony defended himself, and went back to treat Alan behind closed curtains. A suspicious Monica drew open the curtains, but could not recognize Alan under an oxygen mask and covers. Monica then learned from Bobbie that Emily had brought Michael to the brownstone. Bobbie convinced Emily to return Michael to the Quartermaine mansion to everyone's relief and delight. Alan soon woke up at the clinic and was surprised to learn that Tony had saved him. Alan breathed a sigh of relief when Tony informed him that no one knew about what had happened, including Monica and his family. A gloating Tony then told Alan to go to rehab, but Alan was in denial. Alan thanked Tony for what he had done, but Tony made it clear that they were no longer friends and that he would not keep his addiction a secret. Meanwhile, Brenda and Jason continued to struggle to stay alive in the wilderness. Brenda asked Jason if Sonny left her out of love and made it clear that she was not going to go after him. Brenda wanted closure so that she could move on with her life. Before Jason could answer Brenda, Jax and Jerry rescued them. Brenda recuperated at General Hospital and she told Jax that Jason had saved her life and that there was some good in him. Brenda made it clear that she hated what Jason did for a living, but no longer hated him personally. Meanwhile, Jason hurriedly arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and reclaimed Michael.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Alan asks Tony why he covered for him with the Q's. Tony wants to know what Alan wants. To keep it between us, Alan says. Tony tells Alan he's an addict, Alan denies it. Tony tells Alan to come clean with the Q's. Alan goes home.

At home, Alan tells Emily that he left to "get away from his demons." Emily tells Alan that he scared her and that his behavior needs to change. Alan promises to try. Monica shows up and asks Alan where he's been. Alan covers, says he left a note, and that he went to his "retreat" spot to think. Monica tells him that Jason and Brenda are okay, Alan is relieved.

Brenda has a nightmare about the plane crash and Jax comforts her. Robin visits Brenda at the hospital. Brenda tells her what happened and that she's made peace with Jason, although she still doesn't approve of his lifestyle. Robin tells Brenda that she's not going to stay away from Jason anymore and that she wants to "give herself to him completely." Brenda tells her that she loves her and not to rush into anything. They discuss the HIV transmission possibilities and how to be as safe as possible. Outside Brenda's room, Jax tells Jerry that he still loves Brenda. He plans a trip--by rail--to Malibu for he and Brenda.

Jason takes Michael to see Carly. He tells her that the Q's will never get Michael again and that he's called in a favor with a judge who will be on their side when the time comes. He tells her that he's going to Puerto Rico on business and he's taking Michael with him. As soon as Jason leaves, Edward shows up at Carly's door. He tells Carly that he only took Michael to protect him and that he loves him. Carly vows never to let him near Michael again. Edward leaves and calls his friend Pete, the judge, to suggest a lunch date. Oh, and by the way, Carly Roberts seems irrational and paranoid, he says to the judge.

Felicia finds bridal magazines under Maxie's bed and tells Mac that they need to come clean with everyone about their relationship. Fine, Mac says, let's go do it right now. When the go out into the station house, surprise! Dara and Taggert have put together a "Welcome Back Mac" party, and present him with a weekend trip for two at a romantic mountain resort.

Robin shows up at Jason's penthouse with flowers and food, but Jason's already gone.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Brenda and Jax begin their trip to Malibu. They're joined by a very unhappy couple who continuously fight. They realize they are surrounded by unhappy couples when their seatmates tell them that they've boarded the "Divorce Train," a special trip for couples with problems. Thanks, Jerry, they say.

Katherine and Stefan's engagement invites are delivered. Luke receives one and calls Alexis to the club to discuss their plan to kill Helena. Alexis ducks in the back when Helena shows up at Luke's. Helena wants to know what Luke has that belongs to her. He shows her the invitation, and Helena assures him that she wouldn't miss the party for anything. There's more, Luke says. He then shows her the portrait he has of her hanging in the bar. When she demands to know how he got it, he tells her Stefan gave it to him.

Elsewhere, Bobbie tells Liz not to give up on the possibility that making love can be a good experience, even after something as horrible as rape. When Liz tells her that she can't possibly know what it's like, Bobbie tells her about her past as a hooker. Lucky comes in and mentions to Bobbie that Helena slapped him before he quit working for her. Bobbie takes off in a huff. She shows up at Luke's, finds Helena there, and punches her right in the mouth. Helena goes down for the count. Bobbie tells her never to mess with any of the Spencers again. Helena vows revenge. Alexis comes out and warns Luke that Helena is serious about revenge. Well, she better do something before next Friday, he says, 'cause then it's lights out for her.

Robin visits Nikolas on the island. She tells him that she received the engagement party invite and wants to make sure they understand their relationship. I still love Jason and always will, she says. Masking his disappointment, Nik tells her that he really wants to be her friend and encourages her to bring Jason to the party. Nikolas notices the trunk that was in Stefan's room before and starts looking through the contents.

Later, Stefan gives Katherine a white dress from the trunk. All Cassadine brides have worn this dress during the engagement party, he says. Katherine agrees to wear it.

Felicia and Mac go to the mountain resort. After a day of hiking, they come back to the cabin for the night. Felicia realizes that she didn't bring anything to sleep in, so Mac loans her a shirt. When they go to sleep (she in the bedroom, he in the living room), they notice that the door separating them is opening. When they both go to the door, they find each other on the opposite side and share a passionate kiss. Breaking away from each other, they return to their respective rooms and stare longingly at the door, unable to sleep

Thursday, May 14, 1998

At the cabin, Mac comes back from some early morning fishing and he thinks Felicia is upset with him and hiding out in the bedroom. He walks over to the bedroom door and apologizes to her for what happened last night. As he is, Felicia walks in having taken the car to go shopping. Felicia acts hesitant around Mac as he starts to take her bags. Mac then starts to look through them thinking Felicia has bought some food. She hasn't, but Mac finds a bus schedule with early morning times underlined. Mac then realizes Felicia thought he had left her. He then gets angry with Felicia for thinking he would leave and Felicia yells back at him for changing the rules.

Brenda and Jax discuss their rotten trip on the train. Brenda wonders how they happen to have gotten stuck on the train with all the people with marriage problems and Jax realizes that it was Jerry who set them up. Jax leaves to call Jerry to thank him and while he is gone, a strange woman sits down and asks Brenda to slap her and pretend the woman has been sleeping with her husband. Brenda refuses to slap her and the woman tells her it is just to make her husband jealous because she can't let him leave her. Brenda tells her she understands, but she can live without the guy and she won't help her. The woman's husband comes up and the woman starts to yell at Brenda, but Brenda tells the husband what is going on and leaves.

Jerry meets Luke for the first time at Luke's club and they hit it off. Jerry then sees Dara walk in and sit down and decides to talk to her. He asks her if she has plans to arrest Jason and offers his help in doing so. As they are talking, Taggert walks in followed by Justus. Justus accuses Taggert of following him, but Taggert points out the fact that he arrived there first. Justus asks Taggert what he is doing there and Taggert tells him he is meeting with Dara. Justus tells him he knows that isn't right. Taggert interrupts and says he agrees because Justus isn't supposed to be there. Justus tells him he is supposed to be there and he is meeting with Dara, not Taggert. They then start their "digs" at each other. Meanwhile, Tony walks in. Tony walks up to the bar and tells Luke the club is a public place and Luke has to serve him. Luke starts to act as if he will refuse Tony, then gives Tony a menu and basically tells Tony he doesn't hold anything again him because the world is a crazy place and sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Katherine looks over the dress Stefan gave her then asks Stefan who the last person was who wore the gown. She also asks if it was Bobbie. Stefan tells her the marriage to Bobbie was hardly worth celebrating and Bobbie never wore it. However, he avoids answering her question. The phone rings and it is for Katherine so Stefan leaves. As she is on the phone, Nikolas walks in. Katherine finishes her conversation and she asks Nikolas if he remembers the dress. He tells her he does and asks how she got it. Katherine tells him thinking he knows the tradition of wearing the dress. Nikolas appears upset, though, because he thinks the dress is just Laura's and not one handed down from generation to generation. Nikolas then leaves and Katherine thinks he is upset because he doesn't approve of her and Stefan's marriage.

Justus and Taggert discuss Jerry's presence at Dara's table and Justus tries to get Taggert to bust over there and help Dara because she is in trouble. Taggert doesn't fall for it. Meanwhile, Jerry thanks Dara for her time and tells her he believes he was at least useful to her and glances over at Taggert and Justus. He leaves and Dara calls Taggert and Justus over to the table. Dara tries to get Justus to accept Taggert's apology and promise to never harass Jason again, but Justus refuses. He tells Dara she is just upset over the outcome of Tony's case and he won't budge as far as Taggert is concerned. Justus leaves and Taggert makes yet another pass at Dara who turns him down flat.

Felicia and Mac continue to argue about who kissed who. Mac accuses Felicia of jumping on him and Felicia accuses him of the same. They both realize there is only one thing to do. They leave and show up at Luke's club. Felicia says they will have to just be honest with everyone and Mac gets her to see what everyone's view of their pretending all this time. Felicia decides that even though everyone will be upset, she is going to be honest with them. Dara and Taggert then walk over to their table and instead of Felicia being honest with them, she tells them they are back early from the trip because of Mac's allergies. Dara and Taggert leave and Felicia and Mac start to argue again. Meanwhile, Luke asks Tony if he regrets his actions and Tony tells him no. He also tells Luke that he is staying in town to be able to see Lucas. Tony and Luke then discuss Helena's portrait and Luke tells Tony that Helena may or may not call in her marker for Alexis' help.

Katherine leaves the house and Nikolas confronts Stefan about his gift of the dress to Katherine. Later, when Katherine comes back, she asks Stefan why Nikolas disapproves of their wedding and Stefan tells her Nikolas doesn't disapprove. He tells her Nikolas is just sad because he is thinking about his mother and father and the happiness they never got to share.

Jax gets in touch with Jerry and thanks him for the train accommodations. Jerry tells him he just wanted to give him a dose of reality. The train stops and as Jax is talking, he realizes Brenda isn't in the car he left her in. Jerry remarks that yes Brenda is small and easily misplaced. The strange woman from before comes up and tells Jax Brenda left. Jax hangs up on Jerry and gathers his bags. As he is getting ready to walk off the train, Brenda comes back in and they discuss their trip.

Friday, May 15, 1998

Luke and Alexis sneak into Wyndemere and discuss how they are going to kill Helena. After a few suggestions by Alexis, they decide to lure her out to a balcony whose supports have been loosened. That way everyone will see her fall and the fall will be high enough to kill her. Also, it will look like an accident. Alexis then goes, leaving Luke behind. Luke searches through some papers and is then interrupted by the entrance of Stefan and Katherine. He hides and they do not detect he is watching them. Stefan starts to dance with her saying he wants to teach her the proper way to waltz. They dance and discuss the upcoming party. Stefan then tells Katherine the Bacchanalia will be a new beginning for him as well as being a new step in their relationship. They leave and Luke comes out of hiding. Upon further investigation, Luke happens upon the portrait of Laura.

Robin arrives at Jason's place and she goes into Jason's room. She watches him from a distance then sits down beside his bed and strokes his face. Jason wakes up and is surprised to see her there. He asks why she is there and Robin tells him she loves him and always will. She apologizes for hurting him and for being a coward before. Jason looks blown away, but very happy. Robin then tells him she wants to be with him and they start to kiss. Robin takes the condoms out of her purse and Jason realizes she wants to have sex. He is surprised, but Robin tells him she wants to if he still does. She tells Jason she is still afraid of giving him HIV, but the decision is his to make and she can't decide for him. They then make love.

Brenda and Jax arrive in Malibu and they discuss what they will do while there. Then the conversation turns to their relationship. They then spend the day at the waterfront (the scenes were shown to music). Later they are at the house sitting on a lounge chair together. They discuss what they will do that evening and Brenda reminds him of their plans to meet on the beach at sunset. They part ways and meet at sunset. Sitting next to a fire, they discuss their relationship. Brenda tells him she has learned to love him and he can trust her. Jax admits to Brenda that she broke his heart, but then he agrees to marry her. He also tells her this time no one leaves regardless of what happens and she agrees.

Ned arrives at Ruby's as Liz is attempting to cook for Lucky. Liz isn't happy to see Ned because she thought Ruby's was closed. Ned tells her to open sign was in the window when he walked in and she will have to let him stay and meet the person he is suppose to meet. Ned then asks if something is burning and Liz runs into the kitchen. As Ned is waiting, Keesha walks up with a suitcase. She tells him she is going home to Philadelphia because her father is in the hospital. AJ arrives to take her and they both leave. Alexis then walks in. She immediately asks if something is burning and Liz shouts, "Oh, no!". Lucky then shows up.

Robin and Jason appear happy later and they talk about what life will be like for them both now. Michael then wakes up and Jason gets dressed. Later, Jason is downstairs and there is a knock at the door. He opens it as Robin comes downstairs with Michael and it is Sonny!

Ned and Alexis finish their discussion of Carly's case and then leave. Lucky then notices the table setting for he and Liz' dinner. Liz has set candles up and the rest of the works. Lucky doesn't seem too upset. Liz brings everything out and she warns him how bad the food is. Lucky doesn't believe her and takes a bite. He scrunches up his face and they both laugh. Liz tells him she is sorry because he is her best friend and she wanted everything to be perfect. Lucky tells her not to worry and looks at her like he is really starting to like her.

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