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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on GH
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Monday June 29, 1998

At police headquarters, Felicia and Bobbie talk about Tony's restraining order. Bobbie asks Felicia to call the police if she ever sees Tony at the brownstone. Felicia has a problem with that because "Tony saved Maxie's life." Mac shows up while the two women are in a heated argument. Felicia leaves and Mac asks Bobbie about Stefan's relationship with Laura. Bobbie asks him if he's targeting Luke as Katherine's killer. Mac responds by saying he was just looking for some information.

Liz has another session with Gail. She tells her that she's tired of being a victim. Gail tells her that it will take time to conquer her fears, but that one day she will get past it. Later, down on the docks, Liz tells Lucky about her session. Lucky asks why she's so hard on herself when she's come so far. I still need to go farther, she replies. Liz asks if Lucky will help her. Of course, Lucky says. I would do anything for you. Would you kiss me? she asks. That way if it doesn't go well, I won't be too mortified and have to explain my reaction. Lucky says that he's willing to try. They lean in to embrace, very nervous and awkward, when Liz suddenly jumps up and runs off.

Jason and Sonny discuss the Carlos/Jerry situation when Luke arrives. Jason leaves and Luke asks Sonny why he's back in town. To tie up some loose ends and clean up some business, Sonny responds. They talk about Brenda, and her relationship with Sonny. Luke tells him that the Cassadines have ruined his relationship with Lucky and possibly Laura as well. Love's a bitch, Sonny says. At least Lucky will never see his mother cower in a corner afraid of the man she married. Luke disagrees, saying the damage is done. Regrets will eat you alive, Sonny replies. He then tells Luke that if he wants the Cassadine family taken care of, just ask Jason. As Luke is leaving, Johnny mentions to him that while some of the bodyguards were watching out for Lucky, they saw Laura and Lulu go to Spoon Island. Luke arrives home in a rage, looking for Laura.

Stefan arrives at the penthouse looking for Robin and finds Sonny. Stefan asks Sonny to tell Robin to stay away from Nikolas because she is unsafe now that Sonny is back in town. Sonny refuses to give Robin the message and subtly threatens Stefan's life, saying that he's not like Luke and has no reason not to kill him. It won't be nearly as easy as you think to kill me or my family, Stefan replies.

Jerry plants his bomb in a warehouse on the docks. He goes to visit Jax, who confronts him about his dealings with Carlos. It's not as bad as it seems, Jerry says. I'm taking care of it (flash to bomb ticking in the warehouse). Jax gets mad, saying that he looked like a fool to Sonny. Jerry tells him to get over himself and that he's gotten soft.

Down at the warehouse, Sonny arrives to find Jax waiting with Benny. Jax offers to pay Jerry's debt to Carlos, but Sonny tells him that he's trying to pay the wrong guy. Jax tells him that he's only doing this because he's upset that Brenda is with him, and not Sonny. Unbeknownst to them, the bomb ignites in the other room and the room catches on fire.

Tony calls Lucas and asks him to meet him down the corner to play ball. Lucas replies that Betty won't let him. Well don't tell Betty, Tony says. Make up a story that you're going to see Maxie. Lucas hesitates but agrees. After they're done playing, they start to head back when Felicia calls out to Tony. He makes Lucas hide next to the warehouse and goes to meet Felicia. Lucas starts throwing his ball around and it wanders into the warehouse. He starts to follow it.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Luke confronted Laura for taking Lesley Lu to Spoon Island and for her ongoing contact with Stefan and Nikolas. Laura did not back down and made it clear that she intended to have both Luke and Nikolas in her life. Laura also told Luke that they were not going to perpetuate the hatred between the Spencers and the Cassadines through Lesley Lu and Nikolas. Despite their argument, Luke and Laura reaffirmed their love. Nikolas questioned Stefan about his feelings for Laura and about the items from Laura's past on the Cassadine Island. Stefan admitted that he had lied to Nikolas when he had stated that Laura's ring and dress were centuries old heirlooms, but lied about the real reason he had given them to Katherine. Stefan, however, could not deny the truth when he was confronted by Katherine's ghost. Lucky confessed that he thought of kissing Liz, but she was not blaming him for her anxiety. They were later confronted by Murty who wanted to tutor Liz to make up for her failing grade in English. Liz saw it as an opportunity to set a trap for Murty. Meanwhile, as Felicia confronted Tony about his actions regarding Lucas, Lucas entered the burning warehouse to retrieve his baseball. Sonny told Jax that he was not using Jerry's jam to get back at Jax for being with Brenda. As Jax and Sonny realized that they had to work together to escape the warehouse fire, Jerry rescued Lucas. Mac was suspicious of Jerry's coincidental appearance at the warehouse and Jason threatened to kill Jerry if he had anything to do with the fire. Robin, Jason, Brenda and Jerry feared that Sonny and Jax would perish. After being restrained by the police from entering the warehouse to look for Lucas, Tony faced Bobbie's wrath for endangering their son. Felicia helped Bobbie calm down.

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Mac asks Jerry how it feels to be a hero although he knows that he was the one who set the fire. Why else would he be lurking down there at the same time.

Brenda is in a state of shock and Jason and Robin try to help her. Once of the firemen come out and tells Jason he doesn't think anyone else is coming out alive. Jason wants Brenda to go home and trust him on this. All she can ask is why. Robin starts to lead her away from the warehouse when all of a sudden there is a noise and Brenda just turns around and runs, knowing that Jax is coming out of there. Brenda runs right into Jax's arms as Sonny, who was right behind him coming out, stands there and watches. Robin goes to Sonny and hugs him.

Felicia is down at the station and tells Mac that Lucas is OK. Jax and Sonny also show up and Jerry embraces his brother. He's glad Jax is alive and Jax makes it a point to let him know he almost didn't make it. Mac tells Sonny he thought they were dead but this is much easier, no coroners report to fill out. What a welcome. Mac starts questioning Sonny on what happened and Justus shows up in the nick of time to stand by his client. Jax tells his brother that if it wasn't for Sonny he would be dead.

AJ updates Edward on the fire and the two then proceed to plot against Carly. There plan is to have her turn against Jason and their weapon will be Robin. Have Carly believe Jason and Robin plan to leave her in Shadybrook and take Michael away from her. They step outside to discuss further business with AJ. Alan is up and drinking early in the morning. Lila comes in and he is kind to her but she is upset and tells him so. She misses her son and he hopes she wouldn't believe all the talk around the house about him. Lila leaves the room and then Emily comes down to see how her dad's hand is feeling and if he'd like to take a walk. Alan is doing OK he says but declines the walk. Right after Emily leaves the room, Edward, AJ and Ned are back and Edward comments how Alan is already high as a kite. Alan disputes the accusation but Edward and Ned continue to hassle him. They even have to inform him of the fire that took place at the docks. Alan also learns that Monica has gone to London to speak at the conference which he was supposed to be at. This doesn't sit well with Alan. AJ doesn't seem to like the comments about his father and plans on sticking by him.

Mac asks Sonny and Jason exactly what is going on; the building that burned was a front for the organization. Taggert even suggests they set the fire themselves.

Mac tells Felicia is upsets him to see Robin worry about Jason and Sonny but she lets him know he can't control who his niece loves.

Tony walks into the station after receiving a call from Mac. Jason asks him what he knows and Tony wants to know if Jason has something to hide. Sonny also gives him a piece of his mind for what he did to Michael and especially to Robin. Bobbie walks in and wants to know why Tony isn't in cuffs. Tony tells her he's there for questioning but Mac fills him in; he's violated his parole.

Justus asks Dara out to dinner but she tells him she's busy. When he suggests tomorrow night she has to tell him that she is having dinner with Detective Taggert. Clearly Justus is upset but graceful says another time and walks away.

Jerry steps in the middle and asks Bobbie how Lucas is doing. Bobbie thanks him and Tony wonders if it's for other services rendered. Mac grabs him and places Tony under arrest.

AJ tells Alan he knows what he's going through and explains how things are going to be. Alan seems to resist this "help" from his son.

Ned & Emily look over her modeling pictures when a call comes in from the agency, they want her to do a test shoot in NY, tomorrow. She hands Ned the phone so he can act as her agent.

Jax wakes up Brenda and she wants to know if he's OK. He apologizes for scarring her. Brenda just knew he was alive because he would not leave her. Jax says he loves her and stayed alive to tell her so. Now on to more important things. Brenda asks how this happened and guesses it had to do with Jerry. Jax says that he didn't intend to kill him but she doesn't care, she wants him safe.

Sonny tells Jason to take the money Jerry owes and not to kill him. If he does there will be a war and Brenda and Robin will be in jeopardy. Jason is surprised at Sonny's actions but Sonny tells him you sometimes have to put the ones you love first. Sonny does say thought that Carlos is going to go back to Puerto Rico.

Alan appears to be having withdrawals and wanders out of the backyard.

Ned tells Emily the jet will be ready to take them to NY tomorrow. Edward glazes over the photos and doesn't even realize they are off Emily. He goes outside and meets up with AJ, informing him that the doctors will be meeting next week on Carly's case and so AJ thinks it's time for a visit. She'll need a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Sonny tells Robin what happened and she says he saved Jax's life. Sonny doesn't look at it that way. Robin is also glad that Jason does not plan on killing Jerry. Robin tells Sonny that he gave her the man that she loves and she wouldn't ever trade that in. She only wishes she could give something back to him but Sonny claims he had what he wanted but let it all go.

Jax and Brenda enjoy the morning in bed and decide to pack a lunch and go for a drive.

Bobbie and Jerry take a walk and she thanks him for it, it was just what she needed. Bobbie invites him to dinner but Jerry must decline because he has to go out of town on business. She hopes it's nothing dangerous.

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by HoilesFan

Stefan and Nikolas discuss the many condolence letters they have received concerning Katherine's death. Stefan says that he no longer reads the letters because he feels that they are hypocritical. Nikolas receives a letter and reads it to himself. The letter's sender wants to help Nikolas and ease his pain. When Stefan inquires as to who wrote the letter, Nikolas claims it is from a friend. Alexis enters the room and she, Stefan, and Nikolas review their strategy for Stefan's case. Dara telephones from a bar to gleefully inform Alexis that Stefan's trial date has been moved up and it is now only two weeks away. Shortly thereafter, Lucky enters asking to speak with Nikolas. The two young gentlemen step outside to talk privately. Lucky reveals that he is on a mission to fulfill a promise to himself, to ask Nikolas what he knows about Liz's rape. Nikolas informs Lucky that he saw Liz coming out of a support meeting at the hospital and the young Cassadine assures his brother that he will never mention what he knows to anyone. Lucky thanks him and departs Spoon Island.

Meanwhile, over at the bar, Taggert saunters up to Dara. When the waitress approaches, Taggert tells her that he'll have a diet soda and A.D.A. Jensen will have a draft. Dara tells Taggert that she appreciates suggestions, but that directives are out of line. Taggert then suggests that they play pool, but Dara has a better idea. She wants to play darts. Taggert agrees and Dara begins shooting at newspaper clippings of Alexis. She is way ahead of Taggert and decides to put up a clipping of Sonny in the hopes that then maybe Taggert would have a chance. Taggert shoots the next dart straight and hits Sonny's nose. Dara inquires as to the source of Taggert's animosity toward Sonny and Taggert reveals that Sonny had a friend of his murdered. Evidently, when Taggert was young, a policeman saved him, but Sonny had him murdered and framed as a good cop gone bad. Dara finally understands where Taggert is coming from and tries to lighten the mood. The two wind up dancing very closely until Dara says that she must go home.

At Wyndemere, Stefan and Alexis continue to talk. Stefan reveals that Laura and Lulu came to visit Nikolas the other day and Alexis says that must not happen again until Stefan is cleared of the murder charges. She informs Stefan that the court will believe that Stefan was wooing Laura's heart and Katherine's money simultaneously. Stefan is confused until Alexis explains that in her will, Katherine left Stefan everything that Damian had left her. Alexis pushes Stefan to remember anything that might assist him in his case. Stefan recalls an evening when Katherine was just about to tell him of the changes in her will before he interrupted her with romantic intentions. Alexis expresses her faith in Stefan and when he inquires and to why her belief is so strong, Alexis says that she "just knows" that he is innocent.

Outside the Hardy home, Nikolas approaches Liz. He wants to discuss the rape, but Liz is hesitant. Nikolas assures Liz that he only wants her to know that he would never say anything to anyone about it and he offers her his support if she should ever need it. Lucky walks up to the two and tells Nikolas that he knew that their discussion earlier was too good to be true. Nikolas tells the Spencer that all agreements are off because he and Liz have reached an understanding. After Nikolas leaves, Liz urges Lucky to believe his brother.

Meanwhile, Edward visits Carly at the psychiatric facility, bringing roses for the young woman. Edward informs Carly that her court date has been changed to next week and when Carly is surprised at the news, Edward tempts her with the thought that Robin might have convinced Jason not to come visit her and help her prepare. Carly sees through the elder Quartermaine and accuses him of trying to make her mad. She tells Edward that Jason has never let her down and that he is only angry because he has no control over Jason. Edward admits that he admires Carly for fighting for what she believes in and says that it is the Quartermaine way to do just that. Before leaving, he gives her his private phone number.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Emily and Ned return from a fashion shoot in New York City. They are joking and laughing about it and Emily is so excited that she shouts about how happy she is. Alan enters the room and demands to know why Emily is yelling and wants to know where he can find some peace and quiet. AJ walks in and compliments Emily on her new look, asking if she is on her way to a party or something. Alan tells AJ that his daughter is not going anywhere at this hour. Emily, against Ned's wishes, explains to her family where she has been all day. Alan is shocked and says that she is sabotaging her career and asks if she is trying to make a mockery of the Quartermaine standards. Edward returns from visiting Carly and tells Alan that he is doing a fine job of that himself. Edward congratulates Emily as Alan exclaims that his daughter is on the road to destruction. Emily storms out of the room and when Alan tries to go after her, Ned and AJ block his way. They tell Alan not to move a muscle and Ned tells Alan that if he doesn't confront his addiction, the Quartermaines will have him sent away to get help. Alan does not react to this news well and blows up at AJ, telling his son how pathetic he is and how at least he is not an addict. Alan then leaves the Quartermaine mansion.

Edward and AJ are discussing Carly when the phone rings. It is Carly herself, calling to tell Edward that Jason is on his way over to discuss her trial. Edward tries to convince her that the Quartermaines are behind her 100% before he hangs up. Edward tells AJ how unfortunate Carly's predicament is and Ned warns his grandfather that he and AJ are making a huge mistake. He wonders how Jason will react when he finds out what the Q's are up to. AJ goes outside to talk to Emily and tells the young woman that she needs to eat some dinner. Emily says that it would be better for him to just shoot her because she is so frustrated with Alan. She also tells her brother that she is going to pursue a modeling career no matter what Alan thinks.

Meanwhile, over on the docks, Alan buys hydrocodone from a pusher on the street. He downs several pills with some booze.

Friday, July 3, 1998

Due to coverage of World Cup soccer, General Hospital will be pre-empted.

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