General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on GH

Tony was prohibited from having any contact with Lucas. Brenda decided to embark on a new career. Luke and Laura discussed the rape at the campus disco. Alan sank further into drug addiction.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on GH
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Monday July 6, 1998

Bobbie tells Felicia that she won't be able to continue being Felicia's friend if she continues to support Tony whenever he tries to contact Lucas. Felicia tries to explain her point of view, but Bobbie won't listen and leaves. Mac arrives and asks Felicia how she could have bailed Tony out of jail. He's just lost, Felicia says. Her wedding dress arrives. Mac asks her if Tony is planning to show up and cause a scene at their wedding like Ryan Chamberlain did. Felicia tries explaining how the two situations are completely different. She tries on her dress and Mac tells her she looks magnificent. They agree to meet for dinner later on.

Sonny tells Jason that he's leaving tomorrow, but he first has some business to deal with Jerry. Mike arrives just as Jason and Michael are leaving. Sonny gets on Mike for being rude to Jason. Mike wants to know when Sonny's leaving and where he's going. Sonny tells him that he's leaving tomorrow, but refuses to tell him where. You don't trust me, Mike says. It's for your own protection, Sonny responds. I love you and I don't want to put your life in danger. Mike tells him that those are just words and that he's going to be man enough to do something that neither of them have been able to do: he shakes his hand and says "Goodbye Michael. Enjoy your life." You too, Pop, Sonny says to the closed door.

Jax and Jerry meet on the docks. Jerry tells him the fire was started so that the police could examine the contents of the warehouse without a search warrant, taking any incriminating evidence from Jason and Sonny. Jax asks him how involved he is with Carlos. Jerry tells him not to worry, that he's gotten out of his mess. Sonny shows up and offers Jax the briefcase full of money that was left at the warehouse in the fire. Jax refuses and asks Sonny to leave. Sonny tells him that he's got business with Jerry. Jerry convinces Jax to leave, asking him to trust him just one more time. After Jax leaves, Sonny says "He doesn't know, does he?" Know what, Jerry asks. That you and your family have joined the organization, Sonny responds. Jerry tells him that they've decided to keep Jax out of it, and therefore perfectly legitimate in the business world. Sonny tells him to stay away from Jax and to make sure to keep him clean. Why should you care, Jerry asks. Then he realizes--if Jax is clean, no harm will come to Brenda. That's pretty sad, seeing how you don't even have the woman, Jerry responds.

Brenda tells Jax that she's going to cut down on her modeling after she builds up a little more income to buy a business. When Jax asks which one, Brenda refuses to tell him, saying that she knows he would buy it for her. He takes a look at her financials and says that she's in pretty good shape to buy a small, financially sound business. She tells him she's going to ask Ned to sell L&B Records to her. Jax tells her about his meeting with Jerry.

Liz tells Lucky that Nikolas was just being nice when he came by. Lucky refuses to listen, saying that Nik always has an agenda. Liz says that it was good for her to confront someone who knows what happened to her, just like it was good for her to see Laura. When did you talk to her? Lucky asks. I went to see her because I wanted to be with someone who has gotten past the same thing I'm trying to, Liz responds. She didn't get past her rape, she buried it, Lucky says. She married her rapist and doesn't deserve your pity or friendship. Liz leaves in tears.

Jason takes Michael to visit Carly. She plans for her release tomorrow, but Jason tries to warn her that it's not a sure thing and she might not actually come home tomorrow. Carly refuses to listen, telling him that there's no way that is going to happen. We're going to have to discuss Robin, Carly says. Jason tells her that they'll talk about Robin later, when they have to deal with it. Jason leaves and Bobbie arrives. Carly tells her that she's leaving tomorrow and there isn't going to be a trial. Bobbie asks about Robin. Carly assures her that Robin won't be an issue, telling Bobbie that she and Jason have already discussed it.

Brenda asks Robin if Jason has any kind of feelings for Carly. She uses him and I'm afraid that if she makes him choose between me and Michael, he'll choose Michael, Robin confides. Brenda warns Robin that she needs to be ready for a battle. I can't let Jason lose Michael because of me, Robin says. Later, at the penthouse, Jason asks Robin if she's okay with Carly coming home. As long as we're together, she says.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Moved by her previous conversation with Liz, Laura asked Luke how he could have raped her all those years ago. Luke and Laura were in tears as he explained his motivations behind the ugly incident. Laura then explained why she had forgiven him and she urged Luke to put the past behind them and return home. With their love re-energized, Luke and Laura decided to face the future together. Brenda told Robin that she was souring on modeling. Brenda then shared a day of romance and passion with Jax. As he looked upon a happy Jax and Brenda, Sonny silently wished Brenda all the best. Sonny finished saying his good-byes to those he cared about including Luke, Jason and Robin. After reflecting on the family he could have had with Lily, Sonny congratulated Jason on building a life with Robin and Michael. After an unwelcomed visit from Tony, Carly found out that she was not getting out of Shadybrook as expected and was being remanded for trial. A desperate Carly then implemented her plan to act crazy. Stefan investigated Luke and found out that he and Alexis had been keeping in close contact. Stefan then asked for Alexis's help in nailing Luke for Katherine's murder, but she insisted that he point his suspicions in Helena's direction. Later, Helena confronted Alexis for trying to lure her to her death.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

After spending quality time with Luke and Lesley Lu, Laura talked with her mother on the phone and was updated on her condition. With Luke away, Stefan arrived and invited Laura and Lesley Lu for dinner at Wyndemere. Stefan told Laura that he wanted a stronger bond to develop between her and Nikolas in case he went to jail for Katherine's murder. Stefan thanked Laura for not revealing the truth about Nikolas's paternity and told her not to involve herself in his court case. Alexis was energized after she successfully stood up to Helena and later shared news of her triumph with Luke. Luke and Alexis celebrated and began their plot to frame Helena for Katherine's murder. Jerry told Jax that Sonny paid off his marker, but Jax refused to let Sonny affect their partnership. Jax told Jerry that he would cut off all contact with him if he did not stay away from the mob, but Jerry could not promise that he would no longer live life on the edge. Jerry agreed to stay in town so that Jax could keep an eye on him. Bobbie visited Carly at Shadybrook and was convinced that she had lost touch with reality. Jason and Justus arrived with a court order for Carly's release, but realized that they were too late. Jason was convinced that Carly was faking and was furious that he was not allowed to see her. Later, Jerry comforted Bobbie about Carly. Laura told Luke about Stefan's request regarding Nikolas, but did not tell him that she had accepted Stefan's invitation to dinner. Laura then thought back to kissing Stefan years ago.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

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At the Brownstone, Bobbie explains to Luke that she is worried about Tony. She tells her brother about how Lucas was in the burning warehouse because Tony lured him out to play against her wishes. Luke tells his sister that sending Tony to jail isn't going to solve anything and asks why Bobbie didn't call him in the first place to take care of the situation. Bobbie then tells Luke about Carly's breakdown. Luke says that she must be faking because he doesn't think that her mind could ever wind up "at the salad bar". Bobbie has to leave to go to the PCPD, where Mac is planning to present her with a permanent order of protection for Lucas against Tony. Before she leaves, Luke assures her that Carly will be fine because she is a Spencer.

When Bobbie arrives at the police station, Mac and Tony are already there. Bobbie informs her ex-husband that the last time he saw Lucas is the last time he will ever see his son. They argue about both Lucas and Carly until Mac explains the permanent order to Tony. The Police Commissioner tells Tony that the order means no telephone calls, no letters, and no gifts. Tony inquires as to the duration of the legal agreement and he finds out that it is indefinite. After Mac is through with the explanation, Bobbie returns to the Brownstone. Lucas is home and she tries to explain to her son why he can't see his father anymore. Bobbie likens her situation to when Kevin was sick and Felicia wouldn't let him visit Maxie or Georgie. Lucas wants to know what would happen if his mother ever "caught" this sickness that ails his father. Bobbie assures her son that if such a situation ever arises, she will seek immediate help. Until then, she is going to do her best to protect him.

At the park, Liz stands where she was raped and remembers the evening. Lucky approaches her and when he sees her crying, he offers her his hand. Liz tells the young Spencer that she had a nightmare about Murty and wonders if he is really her rapist. She says that she doesn't know how she'll continue with her life if her rapist is never found. She tells Lucky that she feels stuck and Lucky offers his help. Luke walks into the park, looking for these two teens. Luke wants to speak to Lucky alone, but Lucky tells his father that anything he has to say, he can say in front of Liz. Luke agrees to do so and explains how he and Laura have discussed the night he raped her and decided to stay together and love each other. He tells Lucky that he can hate him forever, but asks his son not to hold it against his mother forever. Lucky believes that this is all part of a ploy to lure him back to the house in order to resolve any problems that Luke and Laura might be having. Luke does not appreciate his son's reaction and informs him that he was the product of love, not rape and it is time that Lucky realizes that Luke and Laura do not need his permission to love each other. After he leaves, Lucky cries and Liz tries to comfort him. She tells her friend that she knows how much energy it takes for her to hate someone she doesn't know; how can Lucky hate someone he loves?

Over at the psychiatric facility, Jason argues with Carly's doctor. He wants to see the young woman, but the doctor is still set against it. The doctor informs Mr. Morgan that Carly is going to be transferred to a state penal maximum security institution and the decision is final. She will not be able to have any visitors, including Jason or Bobbie, for at least the first two months. When the doctor leaves, Jason makes a phone call and then sneaks into Carly's room. He is very angry with her and throws her "baby" across the room. Carly lets her guard down and accuses Jason of lying to her. In her rage, she calls Robin "white trash" and says that Jason has no right to give Robin her baby. Jason yells at Carly and tells her about the Quartermaine plan and how he did get the court order in time for her release, but she ruined everything. Carly is stunned, but tells Jason that she can fix things by explaining the situation to the doctor. Jason won't let her do that because the doctor would declare her sane and then she would have to stand trial because the court order is now invalid. He tells Carly about her transfer and promises not to give up on her. He then leaves to return to the penthouse. As he explains the new situation to Michael, Carly is led away to the penal institution.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Alan spills orange juice everywhere. He makes a call to his dealer to secure more pills. When the dealer asks if he is out of a current supply, Alan says that he has hydrocodone left, but it is not strong enough. He wants hydromorphone. Edward walks into the room as Alan is on the phone, but does not listen to the conversation. Still, he doesn't buy Alan's story about how he was talking to his secretary. Edward tells Alan to hurry up and get through this phase so that the Q's can get on with their lives. AJ walks in the room and wants to know if Edward has heard from Carly yet. Edward tells AJ how he plans to taunt Carly with pictures of Robin and Michael together when Justus enters the room. Justus tells the Quartermaines about Carly's transfer and when Edward pretends to express concern for her, Justus tells him to save it. He explains to Edward that Jason knows all about their little plan and he is furious. Jason will no longer support the docks project and he will hold the Q's accountable for Carly's situation. As they talk, Alan walks outside alone.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Jason lashed out at Edward and AJ for causing Carly to be sent away. Jason made it clear that he was going to use the docks project to make the Quartermaines pay for what they had done. Jason saw that Alan was on drugs and implied that he would use that information against the family if they thought about going after Michael. Jerry surprised Bobbie with a romantic brunch and Bobbie got Jerry to buy a baseball for Lucas. Jerry kissed Bobbie, but she still played hard to get. Bobbie then visited Jason and learned that Carly had been faking her breakdown. Bobbie took comfort in that Robin was going to help care for Michael. Jerry talked to his father about more dirty business related to the docks project and they agreed to not tell Jax. Alan overheard AJ and Edward discussing setting up an intervention and confiscating his pills. Alan rushed out to purchase more drugs and was mugged while seeing his dealer. Mac was disappointed that Robin was not going back to Yale and argued with her about Jason. Robin got Mac to realize that he needed to deal with his own life.

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