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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on GH
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Monday July 13, 1998

Bobbie tells Stefan how sorry she is about Katherine's death. We didn't always get along, but she was a different person around you, she says. Stefan reminds her that Katherine's death happened as a result of Luke's vendetta against his family. Bobbie gets angry with Stefan and leaves in a huff, running into Jerry on the way. He asks her to join him for a drink. She thanks him for the baseball gear he gave Lucas. Why me? she asks him. Because I like your company--and your body, Jerry replies. Bobbie tells him that, while she's happy with her life, his offers of an exciting life tempt her. Helena surprises Stefan by joining him at dinner. He asks her to leave and she tells him that it's Alexis he has to watch out for, and not her. Helena continues ranting about how Alexis is the one who had Katherine killed, even though Helena was the intended victim. Alexis overhears their conversation. Stefan smiles. Of course Alexis wants you dead, he says. Stop trying to divide and conquer this family. He promises to hurt her if she had anything to do with Katherine's death. Helena vows revenge against Alexis as she leaves. Alexis tries to explain to Stefan about Helena's comments, but he disregards her apology and tells her that he has long since forgiven her for her earlier deception. She tells him that she doesn't deserve his trust. Dara rails on Taggert after learning from Alexis that he was harassing Stefan. He reminds her that she's not the "good girl" that she pretends to be and invites her to dinner at his place. She refuses, reminding him that it wouldn't be good for their careers to get involved. He flirts with her, telling her that the door to his apartment will be unlocked. AJ asks Brenda why she's not surprised about Alan being a junkie. She points out all the signs. We're not his family anymore, AJ says. We're just an obstacle in his way to bliss. Down on the pier, an unconscious Alan is robbed of his wallet, pills and watch. He calls AJ to come get him, and bring some cash. When AJ arrives, Alan tries to convince him that he needs to clean up before going home and if he could have some money, he'll catch a cab home. I can't stop you from doing drugs but I won't help you score, AJ says. Liz visits Laura to talk about Lucky. You need to make him talk, Liz says. She tells Laura that the two of them will be on the pier fishing later that night. Laura agrees to take a walk with Luke later. Liz asks Laura how she got past the rape. My situation was different than yours. You experienced everyone's worst nightmare--getting raped by a stranger, Laura says. Isn't getting raped by someone you love worse? Liz asks. Laura tells her that she has to take responsibility for her part in what happened with Luke. Liz tells her that she lost her virginity that night. No you didn't, Laura says. You still haven't made love with someone. Later on the docks, Laura and Luke come upon Lucky and Liz. Lucky starts to leave, but Laura stops him. Laura tells him that he has no right to be angry with her. Lucky replies that they lied to him his whole life. Laura asks him to come home. If you want to know why I'm angry, ask him, Lucky says, referring to Luke. You let me come to you for advice on Liz when you knew how much it was tearing me up. I'm not some freak in a ski mask, Luke says. Rape is rape, no matter what you call it, Lucky responds. Laura flips out. Do you think you know more about my life than I do? she asks. I would do it all over again. This subject is obviously over your head. Lucky ignores her. You can spin it all you want, he says. But you can't make it right. Luke and Laura give up and leave. At home, Laura tells Luke that he can't let Lucky walk all over him. I didn't accuse you, so he feels like he has to, she says. He wants to hurt you and you let him. On the docks, Liz points out to Lucky that his parents aren't his enemies. She's not afraid of him, Liz says. Why don't you at least consider talking to her--for me? Liz calls home to check in with Audrey and finds out that Mr. Murty called and made Audrey promise to send Liz to see him tomorrow--alone.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Armed with a knife that Lucky had given her and a tape recorder, Liz went to her tutoring session with Murty to get him to confess that he had raped her. Lucky stood outside one of the classroom windows in case Liz got in trouble with Murty. One of the books that Murty and Liz were studying caused Liz to air her anger about rape. Murty saw that Liz was recording their session and confiscated the tape. After Murty told a petrified Liz that there was a problem between them, Liz fumbled to pull open the knife. Meanwhile, after learning from Jason about the Jacks family's ties to the mob, Justus met with Jerry, who wanted Justus to betray Jason. Jason took Michael for a picnic in the park and met up with Bobbie and Lucas. Bobbie explained to Lucas that Jason was part of their extended family and then allowed Lucas to play catch with Jason. A hidden Tony observed all and later came face to face with Bobbie. After learning that Robin was not returning to Yale, Jax and Brenda were unsuccessful in convincing her to leave Jason. When Jason returned from the park, Jax told him to leave Robin if he loved her. After being told by Jason to go to hell, Jax tried to resolve the slowdown on the docks project. When Jax accused Jason of extortion, Jason implied that he could get Jerry in hot water with the Feds. Meanwhile, Ned told Emily that a modeling agency wanted her for a campaign and that Alan was addicted to drugs. An angry Alan then lashed out Ned and AJ. Emily was unable to convince Alan that he had a problem. AJ then attempted to stop Alan from leaving the house to purchase more drugs.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina

AJ confronts Alan about his drug addiction and they get in to a nasty argument. Alan accuses AJ of being upset because from day one Alan loved Jason more. AJ is only trying to stop Alan before he's responsible for causing the brain damage of someone he loves. AJ calls Alan an addict and Alan hits him, in front of Emily.

Jason replies to Jax's threat with his own. If Jax calls in the Feds it will cause trouble for Jax too. Jerry has been stupid in leaving a trail from Carlos back to his personal accounts. Underlying this threat is the fact Jason knows the Jacks family launders money for the Organization. Robin and Brenda are drawn in to the argument as well.

Tony reveals to Bobbie that he was watching her picnic with Lucas, Jason and Michael from the bushes. She takes his son to see a dangerous gangster, and he's the one hiding in the bushes. The whole time Tony's holding Lucas's bat and using it for emphasis.

Mr. Murty is talking to Liz about their meeting in the park, but she's taking everything he says for her rape in the park. She becomes more and more upset and pulls the knife out under her desk. When she stands up she's holding it behind her back. Mr. Murty thinks that she's uncomfortable because Liz has a crush on him. Lucky bursts in. Lucky and Liz leave Mr. Murty confused and upset with them.

Tony thinks that he and Bobbie should go back to being a family. They've been through a rough time, but it's over now. Bobbie tells him he's only remembering the good, like looking in a photo album. There were bad times too, and there's nothing left to save or go back to. He approaches her with the bat. She's very obviously scared of him. Tony hands her the bat and tells her she can use it against him, it's covered with his fingerprints, but no matter what he'll always be a part of Lucas's life.

Emily tends to AJ. Monica returns from London and is quickly brought up to speed. Emily decides to go to Jason's and she and AJ leave.

Robin calls Brenda on defending Jax. He's an inside trader, he caused the breakup of Ned & Lois, and is protecting Jerry. How is he so different from Jason, who would do anything to protect Michael? Jax says there's no comparison since he doesn't kill people. Robin separates herself from Jason's business, why can't they separate their friendship from it? Emily comes in, visibly upset. She tells Jason that Alan hit AJ.

Monica confronts Alan about his addiction. He won't be returning to the hospital. She called Stefan, who went to the hospital board, and gave Alan a leave of absence. Monica is the new Chief of Staff.

Bobbie runs in to Felicia, just back from Texas and on her way to see Mac. Bobbie tells her everybody, including her, thinks Mac and Felicia are perfect for each other. Felicia admits she missed Mac every minute she was gone and did a lot of thinking. The man you want to raise your children, grow old with, that's the man you love and the one you should marry. It's obvious she's talking about Mac.

Liz tells Lucky about what went on in the classroom. Lucky wants to go after Mr. Murty, but Liz stops him. He wasn't the one raped and he wasn't the one in the classroom. She has to face him and have him admit to her face that he raped her. It's the only way for it to be over. She can go back and face Mr. Murty again, as long as she knows Lucky's there. Jax apologizes for getting everyone involved in his argument with Jason. Emily comes down and tells Jax and Brenda not to leave on her account. She tells Brenda about her photo shoot and Brenda offers to accompany her to New Orleans, or anywhere else, as long as it's by train. Brenda asks Robin to come over for a girls night with popcorn and movies.

Alan accuses Monica of sabotaging him. She's always been ambitious and now she's made it to the top by climbing over his back. Alan says she's never taken care of him. It's always been about her; her cancer, her sexual harassment suit. Monica tells Alan she's there for him now. Alan isn't having it, he won't admit he has a problem. He needs help, he's not an addict and Monica will be giving his job back within a month. There isn't enough limelight to support her ego. Alan leaves and AJ comes back. He was eavesdropping from the terrace, like he and Jason used to do when they were kids. This is different though, because Monica isn't fighting with Alan, she's fighting an addict, and they are cruel.

Jason and Emily talk about her trip. Just because modeling isn't something Jason would do doesn't mean he won't support her. Emily tells Jason about Alan and about the accident they had. He promises not to tell any of the Q's. Emily tells Jason how grateful she is that she has somewhere to go. Jason tells her she can always call him or come stay with him. Robin looks on as they hug.

Felicia and Mac hug at the police station. They missed each other and need to talk. Mac says he has good news for a change, the Reverend called, the roof collapsed and the wedding is postponed for a week. Just one more week of pretending. It's a cruel thing to do to their friends, but at least Kevin and Lucy will get married. Mac says he has to agree with her, they should have called it off a long time ago, but it will be over soon. Felicia sits silent through all this. Mac is obviously putting up a good front, but Felicia decides she can't tell him she really wants to go through with it. She leaves and they are both obviously upset.

Robin asks Jason if he only listened to Jax because of her. He admits he would have otherwise thrown Jax out. Robin tells him that every time he holds back because of her it's like a small gift and she thanks him for it. She says the only thing that could hurt her is leaving Jason, and she'll never do that again. She's off to Brenda's and they kiss again and again. Jax comes to the same conclusion with Brenda. Jason would never have put up with him if not for Robin. He's going to hide Jerry's involvement with Carlos and then go after Jason again. He doesn't know that's only the tip of the iceberg. Brenda says she loves him, even when he gets her in a fight with her best friend over something she doesn't care about.

Liz tells Lucky she has times when she's fine, not normal because she's never been that, but when she doesn't think about the rape. All of those times have been with Lucky. Lucky tells her all those moments take away from the power Mr. Murty has over her. She just wants to get to the point where it's fine all the time. What will do that for Lucky? He says it's different for him. He doesn't want to forget, he just wants for his parents' lies not to matter to him anymore. He agrees to go see Laura and let her explain, for Liz.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Nora Brandon

After an uneventful bachelor party, Jax returns a tipsy Mac to the Commission's apartment. Mac is in the midst of complaining about how no one was even at his party (neither Taggert nor Kevin were attendees) when he blurts out that he'll be the only man to "go up to the altar to break up with the woman I love." Jax picks up on this comment and tells Mac to go through with the wedding if he really loves Felicia, but Mac says that he can't because Felicia doesn't love him back. Mac then tells Jax that every time he and Felicia get close to a serious relationship, something always stops them. First it was Ryan, then Maxie got sick, and finally, Frisco came to town and swept Felicia's heart again. Jax points out how nothing is stopping them now and warns Mac not to let opportunity pass him by. He compares Mac and Felicia's relationship to his relationship with Brenda. He then takes a garter from Mac's arm and leaves.

Meanwhile, V and Felicia are at PCPD re-dating Mac and Felicia's wedding invitations (why haven't these been sent out already if the wedding was supposed to be tomorrow?) and Felicia is very grumpy. After a bit of gentle chiding on V's part, Felicia admits that she loves Mac and that he has been like a father to her girls. She always thought that they would end up together someday, but she hurt him badly the last time that Frisco came to town. After some discussion with V, Felicia decides to go to Mac's with the pretense of needing addresses for the invitations.

As soon as Felicia has left V, Jax walks in. He drops the garter on V's papers and asks her if she will deliver it to Felicia. She agrees and they briefly discuss how she is tailing Jerry. She tells Jax that she feels awkward doing so because she trusts Jax completely, but Jax assures his friend that he is fine with the situation and he would appreciate it if the policewoman-in-training would inform him if Jerry ever has shady dealings. The conversation quickly changes to Mac and Felicia's upcoming wedding and they reveal to each other how Mac and Felicia are truly in love.

Felicia arrives at Mac's house and asks him if she should address the invitations in his kitchen or if she should take the addresses home and finish them there. The alcohol is beginning to take its toll on the Commissioner and when he starts to fall asleep, Felicia kisses him goodnight on the cheek. As she does so, Mac pulls her toward him and kisses her full on the lips. He asks her to stay with him forever, but then he appears to be falling asleep. Felicia leaves, saying that she doesn't want to stay for the hangover.

Back at PCPD, Nikolas questions Taggert about Katherine's murder investigation. They argue as to who is culpable and Taggert meets resistance when he asks the young Cassadine about the dress and ring Katherine was wearing the night of her murder. Nikolas tells the detective that he would be better off questioning his uncle or mother and when the phone rings, he leaves the police department. The phone call is made by an unknown caller, but Taggert tells the caller that "this is going to be the crime of the century."

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Alan is looking especially slimy. Monica returns from her first day of work as Chief Of Staff at GH and admits that it is a difficult position to hold. Alan argues with her, but she insists that he cannot return to his job until he is well. Monica then goes upstairs to check on Emily.

Emily is packing for her photo shoot and when Monica enters her room, she mistakenly thinks that Emily is going to move in with Jason. Emily explains that she has a new summer job that requires travelling and finally admits that she is going to be modeling. When Monica looks tired and worn out, Emily offers to stay in PC and help her with Alan. Monica, however, declines the offer and tells the young girl to have fun at the photo shoot.

Downstairs, Alan receives a phone call from his cell phone company. Evidently, the company wants to know why 100+ calls were placed to a local phone booth. Alan claims that this is preposterous and as he hangs up, Monica returns to the room. She informs her husband of Emily's plans and Alan argues that it is not appropriate for someone of her young age. As they fight with one another, Monica reveals that today is the anniversary of the death of Steve Hardy and tells Alan that if Steve were here today, he would be ashamed of Alan. Alan does not react well to this and goes out to the terrace. Monica then discusses Emily's modeling with Ned and AJ, both of whom promise to protect their relative. As they are talking, Edward enters the room looking for Alan. Monica goes to the terrace to find him, but he has disappeared. Edward and AJ go to look for him while Ned calls the guards. The guards announce that they saw Alan leave a little while ago. Monica is noticeably upset and Ned comforts her when she tells him that she still loves Alan, even after all he has done.

Alan is down in a dark, dingy part of town looking for the man who took his pills. He asks everyone who tries to use the pay phone (the one that the phone company called about) if they know where his pills are. When he persistently bothers one man, the man becomes upset and attempts to strangle Alan. His is unable to finish what he starts, however, because Taggert arrives. It seems that someone called the police about a "whacked-out Caucasian male" terrorizing the residents of this part of PC. Alan claims to be looking for his mugger, but when Taggert tells the doctor that no such mugging was ever reported, Alan is at a loss. The police detective wants to take the Quartermaine to GH to be checked out, but Alan only wants to go home. Taggert takes the opportunity to taunt Alan about losing his position as COS and then threatens him by saying that he knows Alan is guilty, but he is waiting for something bigger to happen.

Over at Kelly's, Emily runs into Nikolas. She puts on an act, trying to appear more mature than she really is. She tells Nikolas about her modeling "gig" and she gets excited and lets her guard down. She quickly recovers and resumes her mature composure. She tells her friend that she will be a junior next year with all of her credits, but that if modeling pans out, she might need a tutor. Nikolas offers to recommend some if the situation arises and then he leaves.

Friday, July 17, 1998

Taggert joins Dara at her table at the Port Charles Grill. She accuses him of bringing Nikolas in for questioning. Taggert assures her that Nikolas was the one who cornered him. Then didn't it occur to Taggert to take advantage and to wonder why Nikolas suddenly came to him? And why did he run off to take care of some middle aged junkie running amok? Taggert tells her that's no ordinary middle aged junkie. He tells her that sometimes to catch the big fish you have to let the little fish wiggle.

Amy almost catches Alan stealing pills at GH. She wants to know why if Monica's telling everyone he's on a leave of absence to brush up on his skills, he's showing up at the hospital looking like death warmed over. Alan tells her he just wanted to assure her that he's keeping his promise to quit taking the pills after the Nurses Ball. Amy's glad, because after the Nurses Ball he should be off drugs. She's glad he's getting help before he lost everything.

Laura calls Luke's club but avoids speaking to him directly. She leaves a message, not important, to be given to Luke whenever, that she's taken Lesley Lu to have dinner with her brother. When Luke gets the message he says, "Lucky?" But Laura didn't say Lucky specifically, which causes Luke to wonder.

Stefan sees Katherine in the rose garden. "She accepted your invitation", she says. Only to see Nikolas, he assures her. Katherine tells him that Laura could see Nikolas anywhere. But she can only be a mother to him here, counters Stefan. Katherine accuses Stefan of telling Laura he was providing Nikolas with a real mother only to hurt her or to make her act like a mother. Now Stefan's getting his wish. No, says Stefan, everything didn't work out like he had planned, he truly wanted to marry Katherine. He never meant for her to be hurt or to have to watch her die. Katherine tells Stefan that Laura not only left Nikolas behind, she left Stefan behind as well, but now maybe she'll come back for both of you. Katherine disappears. Inside, Nikolas tries to make jokes as everything is prepared, but Stefan is uncomfortable and Nikolas accuses him of being nervous. Alexis enters and wants to know why Nikolas went to see Taggert and what was said. She's concerned that Laura's name came up. They have to be sure that Nikolas doesn't help the case against Stefan, even inadvertently. Stefan keeps trying to rush Alexis out before Laura arrives. She's unpleasantly surprised when the dinner guests are escorted in.

Liz and Lucky meet outside Kelly's. He's a little late because he was helping a friend make some repairs to a tape player. He hands Liz a tape he made for her, but is mixed up as to which of the two tapes is the right one. Liz tells Lucky she feels guilty for having done something behind his back. She starts talking about Lucky and his family. She tells him that he's so good at knowing what she needs, even what she doesn't ask for. She wanted to do the same for him. She admits that she told Laura that they'd be fishing on the docks. The run in they had with his parents wasn't completely accidental. She apologizes and says she'll understand if he's angry. Lucky tells her he needs time and walks off, leaving both tapes behind.

Back at the Port Charles Grill, Taggert sees Alan come in and asks Dara what she would give him for his middle aged junkie. She'd give him one night...and a cold shower. Taggert muses that as long as his junkie has his family, social standing, etc. he'll hold on to him, as he may lead them to someone they couldn't get otherwise. Alan asks Ned to help him talk to Monica and get his job back. Taggert is hovering nearby as Alan rambles about the family being against him and people being poised to capitalize on his downfall. Suddenly Alan becomes quiet as the wheels start turning. Ned is concerned and asks what Alan's gotten himself in to. Alan wonders if Ned and Edward don't have enough pull in the community to accomplish anything, say to get a detective transferred out of Port Charles? Taggert goes back to Dara and tells her he's ready to cast his bait.

Nikolas takes Lesley out to see the roses with Laura. Alexis warns Stefan about the repercussions of having Laura over. It's important that people, especially people who cared about Katherine, see Stefan as mourning. Nikolas lost Katherine too and if Laura will console him, then Stefan doesn't care what people think. Alexis reminds Stefan there isn't only the prosecution to worry about, what about Luke? Stefan assures her he wouldn't be caught unprepared. Alexis looks concerned, perhaps more for Luke than for Stefan? Stefan tells her that nothing is going to spoil this for Nikolas, the chance to have his mother, sister and the man who raised him (father), together. Alexis leaves, still uncomfortable with the situation. Laura and Stefan toast each other and share caviar specially flown in that morning. They reminisce about the island and servants Laura knew. Mrs. Lansbury comes in and accidentally calls Laura, "Mrs. Cassadine." Lesley Lu pipes up, that's not her name. Mrs. Lansbury apologizes, but Laura looks stricken. She tries to explain to Lesley Lu that she used to be Mrs. Cassadine when she was married to Nikolas's dad. Nikolas takes her outside again. Laura asks Stefan how he could raise Nikolas and never tell him the truth. Stefan says there were many times when it was going to be the next words out of his mouth, or when he considered leaving a trail of clues for Nikolas to follow. It was very hard on him, and even now he has a hard time, with just him and Laura to say out loud the truth. But this way is best for Laura and best for Nikolas, who would lose the fortune and title. But what about what's best for Stefan, asks Laura. He says it gives him satisfaction knowing that by his silence, Nikolas will have everything that Stefan couldn't. Laura's eyes are filled with tears at Stefan's sacrifice. Laura and Stefan are preparing a toast with red wine when the Nikolas and Lesley Lu come back. Lesley Lu rushes over to her mother and causes her to spill her wine on the tablecloth. Laura apologizes, but Stefan tells her it's alright. Although earlier he'd told Nikolas about the heirloom that one of their relatives had hidden from the Bolsheviks under. The secret door opens in the living room and Stefan goes over, but Luke appears from the garden. He asks, "What's for dessert?" Stefan looks angry and Laura looks panicked.

Alexis runs in to Ned at the Port Charles Grill and they commiserate over being the only sane ones in their families, having to pick up for everyone's messes. Alexis asks Ned if he's ever considered just taking over. For Ned that would mean getting rid of everyone else, and he's rather fond of Monica and Lila. For Alexis that would mean getting rid of Helena. Alexis wonders if it would be as much trouble running the whole Cassadine family as saving them from crisis. Ned proposes that they go upstairs and forget about everyone else. Knowing it's another one-night stand, Alexis shakes her head no. Then she stops at the door on the way out and Ned follows her. Taggert goes to see Monica in Alan's office. She tells him that Alan is on a leave of absence and that there's nothing wrong with him or his health. That's good, says Taggert, because I thought it had something to do with all those pills he's been popping. Monica is speechless.

Lucky shows up at Liz's window, frantic to find the tape he lost. Liz shows him the tape, but won't give it to him. They play keep away for the tape and end up with Lucky toppled on top of Liz on her bed. Lucky apologizes, but Liz tells him it's okay. She hands him the tape and he's ready to leave, but it's not the right one. The other tape is already in her stereo and Liz hits play. "Liz..." It's Lucky singing a soft love song to and about Liz. Now she knows what he didn't want her to hear. Lucky says he's not a singer, songwriter or musician and it isn't very good. Liz thinks it's perfect. They get closer and closer to each other. He wants the tape back, but Liz asks to keep it. Lucky says he can do better, but Liz wants that one. Lucky says he'd better go before Liz's grandma hears him. Liz asks if he's still angry with her, but he doesn't say anything. She stops him at the window to say goodnight and after he leaves she holds the tape to her heart.

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