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Monday July 27, 1998

Lucy wants to still stand up for Felicia, she won't walk out on her because Felicia is her very best friend. Felicia is sad for Lucy and says they can postpone this but both Lucy and Mac insist that the wedding will take place.

Jason comes downstairs to find that Alan has taken his cash and his gun. He calls Monica and lets her know what Alan's done.

Alan points the gun in his suppliers back and threatens him. He tries to talk nice to Alan, saying he made a mistake by not getting him his pills but promises to go and get as many pills as he can swallow. Alan is happy with this but is told to stay put and he'll be right back.

The ceremony continues on but Felicia interrupts to explain everything to their friends. She begins by saying that her and Mac weren't really going to get married. She tells them the James/Tess story and how the whole charade began.. They were going to call it off but realized they really did love each other. Felicia turns to Mac and tells him how she feels about him and how much she loves him. With that Mac does the same, promising to be there always for her and her children. Once he's finished the priest declares them husband and wife. Once Felicia and Mac have walked out together, Lucy gives them her and Kevin's tickets to the South of France for their honeymoon.

The reception is being held at Café Matisse and everyone is there. Amy passes a comment to Dara regarding her brief fling with Mac and Dara just hurls an insult right back at her.

Joe & Karen are a bit confused over what Felicia was talking about and are wondering what went on with Lucy and Kevin.

Ned and V. are standing together and when she catches Brenda and Jax kissing, she asks Ned to go and get her a drink.

At the reception Mac announces that although the kids may have different fathers, they are all one big happy family.

Alexis coaches Stefan on how Dara works and the types of questions she'll ask. Alexis wants to rehearse and Stefan seems not to be interested but plays along.

Alan's supplier returns, hands him the pills, and Alan hands him his cash. At that moment Taggert is behind Alan, demanding he put his weapon down and drop to the floor. Alan is placed under arrest.

Nikolas is with Robin at Mac's wedding but he doesn't seem to be in good spirits. He's hurting and Robin offers to listen. He's worried about his uncle's trial.

Stefan tells Alexis that he will not stop seeing Laura. She can't believe that he's been out in public with her. After Alexis explains again how dangerous this could be for him, Stefan agrees to break all contact with her until after the trial.

Nikolas explains his fears to Robin. He's afraid that whatever he says at the trial could be used to put his uncle away and if that happened he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Brenda and Jax have something on their minds other than Mac and Felicia's wedding and cut out early, claiming Brenda is not feeling so good.

Audrey tells Liz that Mr. Murty called and would like to have their next tutorial at their house. She didn't even know that Liz was having tutorials.

Liz and Lucky bump into Nikolas on their way outside, and Liz thanks him for keeping his promise. Even Lucky thanks him (in not so many words) for doing that for Liz.

Tony is at the reception and sees his son talking to Jerry. He waves over to Lucas but doesn't approach him. Felicia goes over to Bobbie and says that maybe inviting him was a bad idea but Bobbie's OK with it. Mac tells Tony not to ruin this day for his wife and Tony answers him nasty and leaves.

Alan is brought down to the station. Taggert wants to know where he got the gun but Alan will only tell if they can make a deal. Taggert already knows that it belongs to Jason. Justus comes into the station and Alan asks him for his help. Justus says he can't do it, conflict of interest. Alan begs Taggert not to put him in jail but he's already had his chances.

Felicia tosses her bouquet and Liz catches it. The bride and groom bid their friends farewell and are off for their honeymoon.

Monica is down at the station and Taggert is waiting for her answer. It will determine Alan's fate. She says she will not give him Jason but she promises Justus. He;s happy with that.

Robin knocks on Jason's door; she's come to say goodnight. He asks her to stay over and with a little convincing she agrees.

Nikolas goes home and tells Stefan he is worried about the trial and would like to go away until it's over. Stefan will not agree to it and wants his nephew to tell the truth even if it means he has to accept the consequences.

Felicia and Mac go back to Café Matisse because Felicia left the airline tickets there. The newlyweds share another dance.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina

Edward, Ned and AJ come out of the study where they've been talking to Alan. Edward thinks that they've finally reached him. Knowing addiction, AJ tells him he's dreaming. Ned thinks that it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Justus and Dara are trying to make a deal at the PCPD. Justus offers to sweeten the deal with dinner in Manhattan for the weekend, but Dara's counter offer is to kick Justus to the curb. Monica comes in to speak with Taggert. He offers to lose the booking slip on Alan and conveniently forget to file charges against him if Monica goes along with his plan. Of course, since he still has the evidence, he could "remember" at any time. Monica takes the booking slip from his hand. Because Justus and Dara are both nearby, Taggert tells Monica to come back tomorrow to discuss how he wants her to approach Justus. Monica leaves, walking past Justus and Dara, looking very uneasy with her decision.

Liz tells Lucky that Murty had her trapped in her own home and he knew it. Her grandmother sat there and thought what a nice man and devoted teacher he was, while Liz was forced to make nice with the man who raped her. She can't prove it though and it's making her crazy. Liz says she did everything wrong the night that she was raped, and now she's paying for it. Lucky tells her that Jason Morgan just gave him a job. Jason's a guy who knows how to get things done. He suggests that if he told Jason what happened to Liz...but Liz is adamant that Murty is hers.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Felicia and Mac don't seem to be having such a romantic time in Paris; there whole day is turning out to be crummy claims Felicia. Mac seems to be having some problems speaking the language.

Alexis is trying to prepare for the trial when Nikolas shows up at her suite. He tells her that he is afraid of loosing his family, but not if Alexis has anything to do with it. The reappearance of Laura in his life has given him the family he's never had and Nikolas doesn't want to loose that.

Jason's trying to feed Michael which isn't working out to well. Robin must leave to go and meet Brenda for a late lunch regarding L&B business. Robin notices Jason has a camera and asks if he's taken up a new hobby. He's just taking pictures of Michael every day so Carly can see his progress.

Jax starts Brenda at her house. He shows her a brochure for property in Fiji where he'd like them to honeymoon. Brenda doesn't seem excited and says she's not sure if she'll be over her fear of flying by then. No need to worry, Jax has it figured out. Still, Brenda tells him that things are happening so fast she doesn't know what to say. Jax wants to know what is really going on. Brenda claims that she has L&B on her mind - she's scared and not sure if she can handle it. She's not so sure if she'll be able to go in November and Jax is OK with that. It seems though that Brenda has something else on her mind that she's not sharing.

As Felicia and Mac begin to get intimate she stops him to talk about the kids. Where will they all live she asks. Mac says they'll move into his place, it's bigger. She agrees but plans on redecorating. He's fine with that as long as she leaves Robin's room the way it is. Then she suggests putting the girls in a room that's not too close to theirs, especially if they're always going to be like this (romantic).

Nikolas vents about Luke, how he should be the one in jail. Alexis says they don't have proof and anyway, she's leaning towards Helena. Nikolas doesn't see it though, because it could have been him up there and Helena wouldn't want him dead. Nikolas tells Alexis that maybe he should go away but she doesn't think this will help out Stefan at all. What she wants him to do is keep them all away from Laura for the time being. Once the trial is over then he can forge any relationship he wants with his mother. After Nikolas leaves, Alexis makes a call to Ned.

As Felicia and Mac are kissing on the bed, another couple, a bride and a groom, walk into their room. All are startled and the groom brings in his luggage. He plans on staying.

Jax goes to see Jason about the docks project; it's moving to slow for him. He'd like to know if there's a problem but there isn't according to Jason. Justus comes in and Jax offers to but Jason's ELQ stocks. He makes a nice offer and hands Jason a check; Justus looks at it and Jason turns it down. Jax asks why, Jason won't say.

Robin is at Brenda's, calling the restaurant to says she'll be late and Brenda comes down the stairs. She's late as well. Brenda tells her very best friend she thinks she is pregnant. She's not actually sure because she hasn't taken a test but is scared to find out. Robin thinks it could be great and Brenda isn't too sure Jax will be excited. She's also afraid that she'd make a horrible mother.

Jax leaves without his deal but Jason does say the renovations will be in full swing with workers on the job. After he's gone, Justus rips into Jason for not accepting the offer. He can't believe what Jason is doing but he's not interested in hearing what his lawyer has to say.

Felicia, Mac and the strange couple were all booked into this one room and so Mac and Felicia try to convince them that the room really isn't any good. Within a few minutes they leave but Felicia realizes that they left thinking they were coming on to them.

Ned shows up at Alexis' and wants to know what he can do. She hates her job, has the most unpopular case with the most unpopular man in town. She has to represent him and knows that he didn't kill Katherine. Ned wants to know how she's so sure, unless there is more to the story. He asks if she knows who killed Katherine. All that Alexis will say is that she knows Stefan is innocent but he asks how could she unless she knew who the real killer is. Alexis tells him the dagger was planted because that is not like Stefan to do that. Seems like Alexis wants to confess but can't. She does say that she thinks Helena did it, yet she can't prove it right now.

Jason lets Justus know he gave Sonny his word and Justus tells him he promised him to always be truthful. Justus believes that with a few breaks Jason can be twice what Sonny was. Jason doesn't want that though. Justus informs him that he will either get bigger or he will go down. Jason is not too happy with what he's heard.

Robin urges Brenda to go to a doctor and let Jax in on what she knows. Robin thinks her friend is lucky and Brenda apologizes for not having thought of Robin's feelings. She's OK though.

Alexis tells Ned to run for his life. He only came to help and if she wants he will go. As he starts to leave, Alexis says she's under a lot of pressure but asks him to just stay with her.

Mac and Felicia try to decide where to go but it looks like they're staying bed.

Robin goes back to Jason's and plays with baby Michael.

Jax goes back to Brenda's and she says her and Robin just stayed home. Brenda tells him they have to talk and he thinks he knows what she has to say. Jax thinks it has to do with L&B and tells her things will be fine and that their lives are perfect right now. This comment holds Brenda back from telling her news.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Nora Brandon

At Wyndemere, Nikolas remains silent as Stefan questions him about the trial, which is scheduled to begin today. Stefan assures his nervous son/nephew that if he tells the truth, nothing can go wrong. When Nikolas does speak, he is visibly upset. He pleads with his uncle not to visit with Laura until the trial has concluded and expresses his faith in Stefan and Katherine's love for each other. This prompts yet another flashback where Stefan encounters Katherine. In this memory, Katherine tells Stefan how happy she is to finally have a family. After the flashback, Nikolas asks Stefan if he should expect any surprises at the trial and Stefan doesn't think that any should arise. Stefan then goes on to tell Nikolas that he treasures his memories of Katherine and that he thinks of her often. Nikolas explains that this would be a good thing to tell the court. His uncle agrees and then issues a warning against the manipulative ways of Helena.

In her hotel room, as Alexis is practicing her opening statement, Luke drops by. He informs Natasha that he is beginning to put his plan to frame Helena into action. The plan revolves around the theory that Katherine originally had Serena listed as her only heir, but Helena forged her will to make Stefan the sole heir. Alexis doesn't buy Luke's plan at first, fearing that it will implicate Stefan. However, when Luke makes it known that he can place Helena's fingerprints on the forgery, Alexis agrees. Luke then has a flashback of a time when Katherine came into his club to explain that no one, not even her attorney, knew that she was changing her will in order to leave everything to Stefan. Luke and Alexis appear home free. They agree that Luke will replace the copy in Katherine's attorney's office with the forgery implicating Helena and Alexis will replace Stefan's copy with another forgery. When their business is through, Luke leaves.

At Brenda's, Jax gives his fiancée champagne and breakfast in celebration of L&B Records' revival. Before Jax can continue his discussion of L&B, Brenda tells him that she might be pregnant. She is very late, but she hasn't taken a test yet because she wanted to hear Jax's reaction first. Jax is ecstatic because he has always wanted children. He thinks that this is the best thing that could have ever happened. He is "over the moon" and asks her to make a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. Brenda is a bit scared because she is afraid that she might turn out like her mother, a bad role model. Jax assures her that these things are not genetic and then he and Brenda proceed to hug and make googly eyes at each other for the rest of the episode (I kid you not, there was no more dialogue and surprisingly, no sex).

At the courthouse, Monica encounters Taggert. He taunts and chides her about Alan. He is evidently mad that Monica calls him a blackmailer. Monica quickly becomes agitated with the detective and inquires as to what he wants. Taggert tells "Agent" Monica that her "mission" for the day is to find incriminating information about Justus. She should do this by pretending to go speak to Justus about something, but looking through his files when he leaves the room. Monica agrees to this and leaves for Justus?. When she arrives, she pretends to want to include a trust for Michael in her will.

At the Hardy house, Liz returns home to find Mr. Murty and Audrey in the living room. It turns out that Murty has been impressed with Liz's progress in their tutorials and he has decided to give her a passing grade in English. After Murty leaves, Liz is surprised to learn that he told her grandmother about the "crush" he thinks that Liz has. This causes Liz to become upset and she leaves to find Lucky. She locates her friend in Jason's garage, washing cars. She tells him about her passing grade and what Murty told Audrey. She believes that this was Murty's bribe of silence and vows to get him back someday. When Lucky asks if perhaps she has already done so, in so much as she never has to see him again if she doesn't want to, Liz says that it will not be over until Murty admits his sins. She is scared that he will rape her again if she doesn't do something about the initial rape. Lucky hugs Liz and promises not to ever let that happen to her. He leaves the garage, promising to meet her later. Before Liz leaves the garage, she notices Murty's address on her pass slip.

Meanwhile, Alexis heads to Wyndemere. She informs Stefan that she has filed a motion to waive a jury trial because the Cassadine does not appear sympathetic or compassionate. She also tells him that he must change out of all black attire and that Nikolas must not appear so mature. As the two leave to change their clothes, Alexis exchanges Stefan's copy of Katherine's will with the forgery. When Stefan returns, Alexis promises to stop at nothing.

Somewhere unbeknownst to us, a mysterious woman clips an article about Jax and Brenda out of a magazine.

Friday, July 31, 1998

At the courthouse Alexis escorts Nikolas and Stefan past the media. She's managed to keep them out of the courtroom for the trial. Alexis tells Stefan that he must appear unpretentious and unaffected. She wants the judge to see a devoted single parent, since the judge is a widowed father of a teenager. Nikolas and Stefan are both in awe of Alexis's legal maneuvering. The trial has also been moved to a smaller courtroom with less seats for spectators. Alexis is reluctant to admit that this was because of a death threat. She and Stefan try to reassure Nikolas that everything will be okay. Nikolas is escorted to the witness room, he's the first witness for the prosecution. Stefan tells Alexis that he owes her a debt of gratitude for everything she's done. He returns her Cassadine medallion to her. Stefan tells her that she and Nikolas are his true family. Alexis is shaken by Stefan's gift and forgiveness. He tells her that someone must be punished for Katherine's death. She has to make the court understand that and to see the truth.

Monica goes to see Justus at his office. She tells him that she wants to set up a trust for Michael and needs to make sure that Jason hasn't made any legal moves to keep her from doing so. Monica tells Justus that when he has children of his own he'll see that they make him vulnerable. There's so much chaos in her life right now, Monica just wants to create some order. Justus goes to get Monica a glass of water. While he's out of the room, Monica starts looking through the files on his desk. He returns and finds her, but says nothing about it. Instead he suggests that Monica comes back another time. He doesn't keep Jason's files here anyway. They agree to meet tomorrow. Monica tells Justus he's a good man and she's sorry the Q's didn't treat him better. Justus says he's happier working for Jason anyway. He also assures her that Jason's aversion to the Q's isn't because of her.

Garcia comes to see Liz. She's hopeful that he has new news of any kind about her rape. Instead he tells her that the file is closed. "File?!", says Liz. She objects to having what happened to her summed up like that. Garcia apologizes for not being able to do more, he'd love to put her rapist behind bars, but at this point nothing aside from a confession would do. Liz tells Detective Garcia that's not acceptable. He tells her that if the rapist is a habitual offender then eventually he'll be caught. Eventually isn't good enough, counters Liz. Garcia asks if she's getting help. Mrs. Hardy tells him Liz is seeing a therapist, which he thinks is a good idea. He tells them that most women never find their attacker. Meanwhile, Liz is circling Murty's address from the envelope with her passing grade for English. She says some vague things that make Garcia suspicious that she knows who raped her, but Liz denies it. After Garcia leaves, Mrs. Hardy tries to put a good spin on what's happened, now Liz can get on with enjoying her summer, but Liz isn't listening. She tells her Gram she's going to Kelly's to take on some extra hours. She grabs her purse and the knife falls out, but her Gram doesn't see. She thinks that Liz is making excuses to run away from what she's feeling. She offers to drive Liz to Kelly's, but Liz declines. After Liz leaves, Mrs. Hardy discovers more of the things that fell out of Liz's purse. She's on her way out to try to catch up to Liz when she finds Lucky at the door. Lucky offers to take the things to Liz at Kelly's - which includes the envelope.

Lucky surprises Laura when he runs in to her in the park. He accuses her of not being over her rape because she returns to the site that she was found. Laura says the only thing she's worried about is trying to keep her family together. She expresses concern over Lucky's appearance, is he getting enough sleep? Does he have a safe, warm place to stay? Lucky tells her to stop babying him. She asks him if he's having bad dreams. He tells her he didn't get much sleep the night before. He had a dream that started off with a sunny day in the park. A girl from school walked by, but then looked at him in horror and ran off. Another girl goes by and the same thing happened. Over and over again, girls pass him and then run away. Finally, Liz passes by. She wants to run, but Lucky convinces her to stay and tell him what's wrong. She takes a mirror out of her purse and shows him - it's not his face, it's Luke's. Lucky tells Laura you don't have to be Freud to figure out that he's afraid he's just like his father, the rapist. Laura assures him that he could never hurt a woman like that. She tells him that just after he was born she saw his soul. Lucky wants to know just what drugs they'd given her. Laura is serious, she's seen a light in Lucky that didn't come from her or Luke. She keeps telling him that he could never rape anyone, but Lucky tells her that her judgment is out of whack. Did she think Luke would ever do that before the night in the club? Laura tells him that he was raised with love, while Luke was abused. Lucky doesn't want to hear any excuses. Besides, he knows that she was raped and beaten. "Beaten?!", Laura exclaims. Lucky tells her that he saw proof, pictures, and even if she colored them, Laura was still battered. Laura wants to know who the she is. When Lucky admits Helena Cassadine gave him the pictures, Laura is shocked. Stay away from Helena! She's the devil! She's as close to pure evil as you can get! She's poison! Lucky asks her to tell him how she really feels. Laura realizes that he's gotten the point. She tells him that no matter what he believes, Luke has never once hit her. Lucky tells her to say hi to Lulu for him and walks off.

Monica meets Taggert at the courthouse. She tells him that she didn't have enough time to find anything, but she's meeting him again tomorrow. Taggert tells her he's not a patient man, this wasn't more than a one time deal. Monica argues, and Taggert tells her, "Evidence against Lawyer Ward or your husband's hide - you pick."

Luke breaks in to the office of Katherine's lawyer and places Helena's fingerprints on the page of the forged will. He then places the will back in the file cabinet and leaves.

Katherine tells Stefan she's never seen him in a tie before. Stefan compares getting ready for the trial to a bad community play, but Alexis has told him the tie makes him more sympathetic. He complains that they want to dissect his grief. He would no sooner put his emotions on display than he would have killed Katherine. She tells him that she knows he didn't kill her and the court will too. Just then he's taken away to wait for the start of the trial. Laura runs in to Nikolas. He wants to know if she's staying, because Alexis has made it very clear that she should keep her distance. Laura says Alexis is wrong. What could be more natural than a mother observing a trial in which her son is testifying? Nikolas suggests that she leave after he's done then. Alexis comes out to tell them that the opening statement went well. Nikolas is escorted back to the witness room. Alexis asks why doesn't Laura just give Stefan his lethal injection now? She says Laura's presence is destructive, since the prosecution is going to use her against Stefan. Laura argues that they'll do that whether she's there or not. She accuses Alexis of not wanting to frame her husband in front of her. Just then Alexis gets a call from Luke telling her the trap is set. Laura enters the courtroom and sits behind Stefan. After Alexis returns she tells Stefan not to react to Laura's presence, which he assures her he won't. The judge starts to say that due to the lateness, they should postpone calling the first witness until tomorrow. Dara approaches the bench to speak with the judge. He then announces that out of consideration for the witness they will hear the testimony today. The first witness is called - in walks Helena! Stefan, Alexis and Laura are all shocked as she's sworn in.

Liz is outside of Murty's window, spying on him. She pulls out the knife that Lucky gave her. When Murty leaves the room, Liz enters through the open window. She hears something and decides to hide in the closet. Murty comes in carrying a load of dry-cleaning, heading for the closet. He stops to pick up a book and then heads upstairs. Liz is ready to leave when she bumps in to something and notices a black ski mask on the floor. After she picks it up, she flashes back to the rape and bolts out of the closet. In the middle of the living room, Liz is panicked and doesn't know where to turn. Just then a hand comes down on her shoulder. Liz turns and stabs...Lucky! He falls to the floor with blood soaking the side of his shirt. Lucky is clutching his side and Liz crouches next to him with the knife. .

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