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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on GH
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Monday August 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina Mont'Ros

Bobbie comes outside looking for Lucas and is awed by the scene on her patio. There are candles and flowers everywhere. Lucas greets her in a tux. "Jerry, I know you're here somewhere", she calls out. Jerry approaches her from behind with a pink rose. Opening her presents, Lucas gives her a handmade thing that Bobbie mistakes for an ashtray. Lucas wants to know what an ashtray is, so Bobbie corrects herself and calls it a dish. After explaining to Lucas that an ashtray is what Uncle Luke puts his cigar in, a confused Lucas replies that she doesn't smoke cigars. Anyhow, he wants her to open her presents from Jerry now. Lucas says he made a list of things for Jerry to get her. Jerry says he decided to go for quantity since quality was already taken. Her first present is a waffle iron - because Lucas likes waffles. Lucas decides it's time for him to go to bed. Bobbie wants to know what aliens have abducted her child, but it turns out that Lucas made a deal with Jerry. Bobbie wonders how Jerry managed to talk Lucas in to going to bed without a fight, to which he replies that in any negotiation he looks after his own best interest. In this case he wanted to be alone with Bobbie. Jerry tells her that at the risk of spoiling the mood, she really floors him, she knocks him out. He doesn't know what she's doing to him. Jerry says he's not like Jax, he doesn't put his heart at risk - he's all about winning, getting to the finish. Bobbie thinks that this is all part of his practiced seduction routine and tells him that now he's supposed to tell her a story of how he's been hurt before or to make her make him tell her the story. Jerry asks if they all aren't gun shy when it comes to love. Bobbie assures him that she's not afraid of love. Lies and betrayal are what hurt and those can get you even when you're not in love. She's not afraid of love, but she doesn't see it every time the stars come out either. Jerry asks if he's ruined the build-up to his next gift now and opens a jewelry box with a large diamond pendant on a chain. He puts the necklace on her and kisses her neck. Later, dancing, Bobbie asks where he came from - Australia and Alaska. Is he real? Jerry says he's a ghost, the ghost of her future happiness. They kiss. Jerry tells her that unlike mere mortals, ghosts know about being patient. He tells her to close her eyes and count to three. When she opens them Bobbie is alone and she smiles.

Tony is having his own celebration alone in his hotel room. He puts a birthday candle into his dessert. There's a knock at the door and in comes the hooker that Luke paid to listen to his troubles at his bar and that Alan hired but couldn't perform for. Tony tells her she's just what he asked for, but he wanted red hair. Tammy is here to help him celebrate. She asks if it's his birthday and he tells her it's his ex-wife's. Tony tells her to take her clothes off, but she needs to straighten a few things out first. She wants to make sure that she's not here just to be his audience so that he can talk, that's been happening to her a lot lately. He assures her that talk is the last thing he wants. Tony wants to know if guys ever try to bargain with her, he wants to know how it's done out of curiosity because his ex-wife was a hooker. After Tony hands over a bunch of bills, Tammy wants to know what exactly he wants, should she start with "Hi honey, I'm home?" Tony is appalled and tells her he doesn't want her to impersonate his wife. Tammy wants to know if that's true, why hasn't he talked about anything else then? Tony (calling himself Garth) tells her how he used to be a pillar of the community, people came to him for his advice, his help, to align themselves with his good name and now having Tammy associate with him would probably be bad for her image. Tammy knows who he is, she reads the papers, and wonders if it might have something to do with the baby he kidnapped. Tony blames Bobbie for not standing by him and defending him and instead rallying everyone against him, especially since considering her past, she shouldn't be accusing anyone. When he starts to talk down about Bobbie because of her past, Tammy starts to get offended. "What, the hooker's heart of gold got tarnished?", she asks. Tony apologizes and explains that actually Bobbie's a much better man than he is. He says he has a hole inside and it scares him. Ever since his daughter died he wonders if in the 4 years anyone has grieved for a loss as much as he has. Tony sits on the bed and uncomfortably asks, "Could we you know what I miss most about being married?" She knows exactly, to sleep next to another warm body, to dream, to have someone else there. Tony asks if they could just do that. Tammy agrees and lies down next to him in his arms.

Helena takes the stand at Stefan's trial. She identifies the defendant as her son, her difficult child, and her cross to bear. Dara asks Helena to explain the Cassadine line of succession. She says that the title of prince, along with the fortune is handed from eldest son to eldest son with no exceptions. If something happened to the heir then the title would be lost and the fortune split among the various members of the family. Dara asks how large the fortune is, but Helena says that being a woman she wouldn't know about that. Dara gets her to estimate that it's in the 10s of millions at least. Stefan isn't the oldest son, so he oversees the money on Nikolas's behalf. Helena claims that Stefan is self-appointed, although he says that Stavros wanted it that way, she never heard Stavros say anything like that to her. Dara has Helena admit that once Nikolas comes of age, then Stefan will have nothing. Helena is sure that kind-hearted boy that he is, Nikolas will allow his uncle a small allowance. She adds that isn't really necessary now that Katherine has left Stefan such a large fortune. Dara asks if aside from the Bacchanalia Ball, she ever heard Stefan admit to loving Katherine. Helena says no and manages to squeeze in that she doesn't believe he ever loved anyone but Laura. Alexis objects. When Alexis cross-examines, she manages to undo the damage Helena has done. She asks if Stefan has EVER confided anything, especially his private feelings to Helena - say, since birth? Helena objects and is offended, but it's obvious that she's the last person that Stefan would ever confide in. Alexis then asks if Stefan was dead or in prison for the rest of his life, who would become regent for Nikolas. Helena pretends to think about it for a while before answering that she supposes she would. Alexis reserves the right to call Helena at a later time and court is adjourned. Stefan tells Alexis that one of his rare pleasures in life is seeing Helena made a fool of. Outside the courtroom, Laura confronts Helena and asks, why hasn't anyone murdered you? Helena says it's funny that Laura should ask. She wonders how murder should be on Laura's itsy-bitsy mind. She wonders if Laura's been talking to Luke. Laura confronts Helena about the pictures she showed Lucky and warns her to stay away from her family. She warns Helena that she's not the frightened little girl anymore. Helena taught her well about the Cassadine family traditions and she knows that one Mrs. Cassadine has always been the greatest enemy of the other Mrs. Cassadine. Helena warns Laura that it's a dangerous line she walks between two dangerous men and she stalks off. Nikolas comes out and is confused about why he wasn't called. He asks Stefan how bad it was. Stefan assures him that even though Helena tried, Alexis neutralized her with only 2 questions. Alexis approaches Laura and asks what good is it for Laura to be at the trial. She's wary of Laura's sudden devotion to a child she's ignored for most of his life. She wants to know why Laura would jeopardize the freedom of the one person in Nikolas's life that has always been there for him and loved him, even when it wasn't convenient. Alexis asks if she's trying to hurt Stefan. Laura looks over at Stefan. She nods at him and then leaves.

There's a replay of Liz stabbing Lucky. Lucky tells Liz that he saw the circled address and knew where she had gone. He says he's known for some time that it might end here. Mr. Murty comes down the stairs to find Liz kneeling next to Lucky on the floor. He's stunned to see Liz in his house and holding a knife covered in blood. He starts to approach Lucky, but Liz tells him not to come near Lucky. Mr. Murty tells her to calm down, she doesn't want to hurt him. Liz replies that it's all she thinks about. Murty tells her he's going to go to the phone and call 911 for Lucky. Liz says no and asks Lucky what his aunt Bobbie's number is. Just then they hear a door open. Liz is afraid. Murty calls out, "Richard?" He tells Richard to bring his medical bag and to get the first aid kit. Richard wants to know if he's hurt himself as he walks in to the living room. Liz is still holding the knife out, protecting herself and Lucky. When Murty tells Liz to put the knife down, Richard wants to know if this is the student Murty told him about. Liz is shocked that Murty told someone about it. Richard is a doctor and tends to Lucky while Liz continues to hold the knife on Murty. Lucky tells Liz to put the knife down. Richard comments that he's come home to find a boy bleeding in his living room. Lucky apologizes for bleeding on his rug. Liz tells Murty she thought Lucky was him. Murty wants to know why Liz broke in to his house, what has he done? Liz exclaims, "You raped me!" Richard looks up from the floor. Liz tells him that she didn't think Murty would tell him that. Liz asks Murty if he thought she'd be too ashamed to say it. She tells him she found the ski mask he wore. Richard claims it's his, and anyway, don't they all look alike? Liz goes on about the soap Murty uses, that she can't smell without wanting to vomit. She says the way that he watches her, the concerned teacher, it drives her crazy. It was Valentine's Day - was that some kind of sick joke to him? Liz recounts the rape for him. She had a new dress. He's so much stronger than she is, he threw her to the ground so hard she couldn't breathe. He tore her new dress and tore something inside of her too. Liz tells him that he used her and left her bleeding in the snow, a big red Valentine. Mr. Murty is crying. Liz tells him that tears won't help, she should know. Mr. Murty tells her he's sorry and Richard tells her that Murty didn't do it. Lucky tells Liz that Richard lives there. "So?", says Liz. Lucky spells it out for her, "Liz, they're a couple." Mr. Murty admits that he's gay. Richard tells Lucky that had he been stabbed a few inches in any direction and he would have been in serious trouble. Lucky tells him that they don't call him Lucky for nothing. After asking if his parents can come get him and take him to the hospital - no and who his doctor is - it used to be Tony, but now it's just whoever's in the emergency room, Murty gets Richard to agree to give Lucky his stitches there. He'll also call and get a prescription for penicillin for Lucky to take. Liz is looking at a photo of Richard and Murty together. She comments that he doesn't have any photos of his wife around. She tells him that she knows about Eleanor, but that she wouldn't talk to Liz because she's still afraid. Liz tells Murty she and Lucky found out about how he raped and beat her. Mr. Murty assures Liz that he never lived in that house. He and Eleanor got married just out of high school. They started to buy the house right before they split up. He kept his name on the paper work, and it was a good thing, because he helped evict the guy who really beat up his ex-wife. She pressed charges against him and he's serving 8 years in jail. Richard is able to account for Murty's whereabouts on Valentine's Day. He helped decorate for the dance at school, he chaperoned and then Richard picked him up and they went with a lesbian couple to the Gay and Lesbian Chorus Dance. Liz wants to know why Murty passed her in English. He thought that she knew he was gay. He accounted her strange reaction to him to that. As a teacher he lives in fear of being discovered and when Liz started failing and being weird around him he thought that she knew. He never guessed she had a secret of her own. So he passed her, in part as a bribe and in part because he knew her problem wasn't in English, but with him. Liz apologizes for everything and Lucky apologizes too. Richard tells everyone to lighten up on themselves. He doesn't see them as a bunch of guilty people, but as injured. Murty offers to take Liz and Lucky home. Liz refuses saying that his not calling the police is favor enough. Murty tells her that the only thing he wants to hear from the police is that they've caught the guy who raped her. Liz admits that probably won't happen, the police have given up. Lucky didn't know that until now. As Murty and Richard go to get the car ready, Liz apologizes to Lucky. She can't believe what she's done not only to Murty and Richard, but to her best friend. Lucky tells her that at least now she knows it wasn't Murty. Liz admits it isn't over and it may never be. Lucky holds her careful of his wound.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina

Liz brings Lucky to her bedroom and tells him to lie down. She wants to take him to the hospital, but Lucky refuses. Liz realizes what she's done and what could have happened. She hears her grandmother downstairs and invites her up. Audrey is shocked to find Lucky in Liz's bed and wants to know what's going on. Liz explains that Lucky's hurt - and she stabbed him. Starting from the beginning she explains that she thought Murty raped her and that when Lucky came to stop her from confronting him that she accidentally hurt him. Audrey wants to know why Liz thought Murty was her rapist. Liz explains about hearing him tell Sarah, "Not another word", the soap, his interest in her and then finally the passing grade. Lucky agrees that he thought it was Murty too. Audrey tells them that what they should have done is gone to the police with their suspicions. She's glad that nothing worse happened. She wants to take Lucky home to his parents, but Liz wants him to stay. Audrey reasons that Lucky's hurt and needs someone to look after him, that's a job for his parents. Liz explains that she'd like the job to be hers, since she's responsible for stabbing him. Audrey reluctantly agrees, but still wants to call Luke and Laura. Lucky convinces Audrey to wait until morning, he's too tired to deal with them now. Audrey checks Lucky's wound and admires the work of the doctor who took care of him. She disagrees with Lucky and Liz's methods and the outcome, but it's obvious to her that Lucky truly tries to do what's best for Liz. She says she'll check Lucky's bandages in the morning and wishes them a good night. Liz tells Lucky that they need to figure out where they went wrong so that it doesn't happen again. They realize that if they had gone to the police in the first place, Murty would have been investigated and his alibi would have cleared him. Liz takes a lot of the blame on herself, but Lucky makes her realize that he was just as much a part of it as she was. He tells her that his father has always used violence and only managed to hurt himself and his loved ones, maybe it's time for Lucky to find a better way. Liz is afraid that if she had turned to find Murty instead of Lucky that she wouldn't have stopped stabbing until he was dead. She assures Lucky that he really did help her, he didn't create more problems. She doesn't know how she could have survived without him. Liz beds down on the floor. She tells Lucky that she's not okay. She had thought that if they caught they guy and she was able to look him in the eye and show him that she survived that it would put everything behind her. Now she needs to find another way, because they may never know who raped her. Liz wonders if it will ever end. Lucky assures her that if they don't find the rapist then they'll just find another way to make everything okay for Liz. Liz asks if maybe they can work on it together? When Lucky doesn't answer, Liz is sure it's because she's caused him enough trouble. She wonders if he'd known all the trouble that she'd be if Lucky wouldn't have run away from her when they first met. When Lucky still doesn't respond Liz discovers that he's fallen asleep. She goes to gently tuck him in and move his hair out of his face.

Felicia and Mac are glad to finally be home from their honeymoon. Apparently they spent 5 1/2 hours on the runway in France waiting for their plane to take off. After surviving their honeymoon, Felicia is sure that their marriage will be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, she's hungry and they head downstairs for good ol' American hotdogs. Returning to the bedroom they discuss the aborted wedding of Lucy and Kevin. They agree to call their friends in the morning. Mac and Felicia both find it hard to believe that Kevin called off the wedding and hope that they will be able to sort things out. As well-meaning and generous as Lucy is, they both agree that she has done a lot of things behind Kevin's back. Mac tells Felicia that the person you love shouldn't be an obstacle. Felicia argues that she's always been an obstacle to Mac. Mac assures her that while they often disagree, they've never lied to each other. The only reason they fight is because they both want to do things their way. The important thing is that they trust each other. This reminds Felicia that the wedding rings are in a drawer. They won't have to return them now that they're really married. Mac stops her from putting the rings on. Mac lights candles to create a mood. He tells her that he's waited his whole life for this and he wants it to be right. Reciting the traditional wedding vows, he places the ring on Felicia's finger. Felicia takes her turn with tears in her eyes and recites the vows and places Mac's ring on his finger. Mac tells her that this is forever. Forever, Felicia replies. He asks her if he gets to kiss the bride now. She says, "All night long." They kiss and head for the bed.

Robin calls Jason, who's walking Michael around the apartment. He tells her that Michael likes it when he talks to her, Michael can tell it's her by the sound of Jason's voice. Robin tells him the mundane details of her day as Michael fights for control of the phone. She tells him that she'll be over first thing in the morning and she misses him. Jason tells her that he misses her too. Robin turns out the light and tries to go to sleep, but soon sits up again. She comes over to the penthouse to surprise Jason, who is putting Michael to sleep in the guest room with him. Robin asks if she can spend the night...and the next night...and the next and the one after that. She finally tells Jason that she wants to live with him. Jason is concerned that Brenda thought the house was prison and that now Robin at least gets a break from it when she goes back to the cottage. Robin knows what it would be like, she sees it all day, the only difference is that she goes home at night - where she misses him. She's still planning on going to school and work. Jason asks about Mac, to which Robin responds that she knows he won't like it, but he'll learn to deal with her decision. Jason just wants Robin to be sure. Robin tells him that she is sure and that she wants to be with him always. Jason offers to send his men to pick up her things in the morning. Robin wants to know where they'll put everything since the guest room is already full. She suggests that they use Sonny's old room. Robin tells Jason that he's going to have to accept that Sonny isn't coming back - Jason still has Sonny's toothbrush in the bathroom. Jason agrees and they decide that they'll move in to Sonny's room.

Jax tries to get Brenda to drink one of his healthy shakes, which she promised him she would. He offers to make her a fruit platter to go with it or to run down and get her a lentil burrito. Brenda wants to know if he'll continue to hover over her for the whole 9 months if she's pregnant. She also wonders if it's a boy or a girl and how it will be to watch their baby grow inside of her. The doctor's office calls with the results of the test - Brenda's not pregnant. She tells Jax that she should have taken a home test before she got his hopes up too. She feels like she's lost something that she never even had. Jax tells her that it has just made them realize how much they want a baby. Brenda tells him that now they can start trying for real, right now. Jax puts the stop to it. He tells her that if she had been pregnant that he would have done everything for they baby, but since she isn't, then he still wants for them to build their lives together and for the baby to come later. Brenda is hurt and believes that Jax doesn't want children as much as he says he does. Jax convinces her that he does want kids. He tells her his dreams of the things he wants to do with his kids. Including the day when their child comes to them to tell them that they've met the person they want to spend their life with, and hope that they'll be as happy as Brenda and Jax have been. Jax just wants to wait a little while to start, like until after they're married. Brenda tells Jax that she's just afraid since her mother left and her father ignored her, she wants her child to grow up with lots of love. They finally agree that on their wedding night they'll stop using birth control and let nature take it's course. Jax says that they'll need lots of practice first and Brenda agrees wholeheartedly.

In the morning...

  • Liz is still awake and she checks on Lucky when he makes a noise in his sleep, in the same way that Lucky used to check on her when he was the one sleeping on the floor.
  • The kids come rushing in to jump in bed with Mac and Felicia. Maxie tells them that this feels like a family. They snuggle, laugh and tickle each other.
  • Michael is in bed with Robin and Jason. Jason tells Robin that it's going to make Michael happy to have her around all the time.
  • Jax wakes Brenda and comforts her. He tells her it's okay to be sad. They have all the time in the world to have a family. Meanwhile, a woman holds a picture of Brenda and Jax, she asks someone on the phone for the address of Jasper Jacks.

  • Wednesday, August 5, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tonia

    It's Edward and Lila's anniversary. Edward makes a speech to the family that he doesn't want any drugs at the party which Monica has planned to celebrate. Alan is insulted and exclaims that he is medicating his pain and not hurting anyone by doing so. Emily (who looks hot) walks in from her modeling excursion and greets everyone. Of course, the Q's jaws drop and Edward immediately starts in about her wardrobe. Monica is at the restaurant (which is closed for the party) and Tony walks in with a request to be readmitted to GH since Monica is the acting Chief of Staff. Monica says "no" because he kidnapped Michael and Tony spills the beans that he is well aware of Alan's drug habit and fills her in on the night he treated Alan for the drug overdose. Tony exclaims that he was kind enough to do Alan a favor so Monica will have to repay him. Bobbie walks in, sees Tony and immediately wants him to leave. Monica stops her from starting any problems and goes to get changed. Back at the house, Emily is very excited about the shoot and her up and coming career as a model and Edward is carrying on about her wardrobe being inappropriate. Alan leaves and insists that he is going to the restaurant to help Monica prepare. Instead he ends up at a motel, pays the attendant for a month in advance and is waiting for his drop off deal of drugs. Before he receives them he finds a pamphlet for Narcotics Anonymous and calls admitting that he has a problem. Monica and Bobbie asks Tony to leave the restaurant before the family shows up and he refuses. Then, a mysterious woman enters, walks directly up to Tony and says she's in trouble and some guy is following her. A guy walks in and the mysterious woman kisses Tony and walks out when the guy leaves. Tony stays to wish Lila a Happy Anniversary and she replies, "try email next time, it's the new rage." The Q's sit at the table and AJ begins the toast, which goes around to the other members of the family and ends with Alan walking in and also toasting. Edward gives Lila 3 gifts: One night at the hotel, a vacation to Lake Placid and then signs her a song. After, Monica turns to Alan and hugs him. The Narcotics Anonymous pamphlet fell out of his jacket and he lies to the family that he was at a meeting, that's why he was late. Lila says that was the best gift of all.

    Brenda (disappointed about not being pregnant) meets Robin at a very seedy looking bar to listen to a new band for L&B to sign. Two guys notices the girls and follows them outside to the alley where Brenda is hoping to catch up with the lead guitarist who finished his set. Jax is sitting in the apartment writing baby names when Jerry walks in and starts teasing him. He tells Jerry that they are not pregnant and he's a little disappointed. Then the bonding brothers left to go have a drink. When they arrived at the bar the two guys had already approached Brenda and Robin and was intending to meet up with them at the Lakeview. Jax and Jerry overhears their conversation and follows them out to the alley and rescues Brenda and Robin by saying they were married and their husband are huge mob men. The guys leave and the four of them go home. Before Robin leaves, she gave Brenda some advice not to try to replicate Lois' style. Personalize her own style and L&B will be a success. At the end of the show, Jax opens and express mail envelope where he received a torn picture of Brenda and him.

    Thursday, August 6, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Nora Brandon

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Alan and Monica share a kiss. Monica tells her husband that she is very proud of him for joining Narcotics Anonymous. Alan plays along, pretending to know about the meetings, but denying that he ever had a serious problem. Monica then confronts him about his overdose and Alan covers well. He lies to his wife, claiming that he was clean from the time of the overdose until his breakdown at the Nurses Ball. He pleads with Monica, insisting that he was too ashamed to seek help until now, which is why he invented the affair with Amy. The amorous Quartermaine couple hugs as Taggert watches from the veranda. Monica spots the detective and asks Alan if he wouldn't mind waiting for her upstairs. When Alan goes leaves the room, Taggert comes in from the great outdoors. He is in a very nasty mood and reiterates his blackmail threats, indicating urgency. Monica is very frustrated with him and kicks him out of the mansion.

    Over at the Port Charles Hotel, Luke arrives at Alexis' room disguised as a drycleaner. Alexis briefs her partner in crime on the status of Stefan's case and then urges him to leave. Shortly after he leaves, Stefan arrives. Alexis takes this opportunity to present her theory on why Helena should be the prime suspect in Katherine's murder. Stefan recalls the conversation that his mother had with his fiancée the night of her murder (this would be the conversation where Helena informs Kat that she is modeled after Laura because she is the true love of Stefan's life). Stefan tells his "cousin" that the murder does, in fact, resemble the work of the Cassadine matriarch. Adding light to the matter, Alexis informs her half-brother that Helena was very domineering during the period of time when Alexis was not permitted at Wyndemere. She explains that it was she who procured Laura's bench, Laura's dress, and Laura's trunk and had them placed around Spoon Island, under strict order from Helena. Stefan is "convinced," but he wants proof that Helena is Katherine's murderer. Alexis then questions how Helena has knowledge of the contents of Kat's will if the document has never been available to the public. Stefan examines Alexis' copy of the will and asserts that the signature at the bottom is not that of his dead fiancée. He then apologizes for his treatment of Alexis when she was cast from the Cassadine clan.

    On the docks, Nikolas runs into Emily. With hopes of impressing the young Cassadine, Emily acts very mature. As he turns to go, Emily calls out to him and accidentally drops the photos from her latest shoot. Nikolas picks them up and is surprised by her glamorous appearance. Emily attempts to tell her friend all about her "gig," but Nikolas keeps interrupting with questions about Robin. Just as they are finally beginning to coherently communicate, Helena arrives. After a brief introduction to the senior Cassadine, Emily leaves. When Helena surmises what could come of a Quartermaine/Cassadine alliance, Nikolas chastises his grandmother for her inappropriate behavior at his uncle's trial. Helena wastes no time in reminding her grandson that if Stefan should go to jail, she would be his guardian and warns the young man to keep that in mind the next time he thinks of being disrespectful. Nikolas is disgusted and departs.

    Meanwhile, Dara arrives at Justus' penthouse apartment. It seems that the lawyer lured the A.D.A. to his home under false pretense, when his ultimate goal was to share an intimate breakfast with the lovely Miss Jensen. Dara is not amused by this prank and urges her suitor to leave her alone. She makes it clear that their relationship might once have been plausible; however, Justus jeopardized all of that when he chose to work in organized crime. Dara explains that she now has no choice but to stay away from him in the future. Monica comes to their door, early for an appointment with Justus, and Dara takes the opportunity to leave an uncomfortable situation. Shortly after Mrs. Quartermaine's arrival, Justus receives a phone call and goes upstairs to talk in privacy. Monica uses her time alone in Justus' office to steal some documents from a folder off of his desk. When Justus returns, he gives her a copy of the trust set up for Michael (miraculously taken from the same folder as the stolen documents without so much as a blink of the eye from Justus). As Monica leaves the penthouse, Justus assures her that Jason knows that she did not have anything to do with his son's kidnapping.

    Back at the docks, Luke encounters Helena. She nastily informs Mr. Spencer of his wife's courtroom appearance the other day and her overwhelming show of concern for Nikolas and Stefan. Luke issues his standard sarcastic reply before leaving.

    On the Quartermaine veranda, Alan sits down after downing more pills. Emily approaches her father and expresses her approval of his steps toward overcoming his addiction. Before she leaves, she offers her support if he should ever need it.

    At Alexis' apartment, there is a knock at the door. It turns out to be Nikolas, who enters and recounts his visit with Helena. When he expresses his desire for Alexis to be appointed his guardian in case Stefan is jailed, Alexis and Stefan both assure the young man that they have Helena in control.

    It is a busy day at the docks, as this is where Taggert and Monica meet for the second time that day. Monica delivers the stolen files, but they do not meet with the detective's approval. Apparently, they are nothing more than real estate documents that are far from incriminating evidence against Justus. Monica is flabbergasted when Taggert demands that she obtain concrete evidence of criminal activity. Taggert is very clear: Monica will secure the information he desires or her husband will go to jail. Monica counter-threatens the detective with the information that she saw the A.D.A. visiting Justus that morning. Taggert is not fazed and after Monica leaves, he places a call to someone instructing this person to "bring him in first thing in the morning."

    Friday, August 7, 1998

    Mac and Felicia enter the police station, all smiles and marital bliss. Felicia tells Mac that he has "that grin" again. Mac denies it, but he does have a goofy look on his face. The police station is relatively empty as everyone is at the Mayor's speech. Felicia tells Mac that he'd better stop, he needs to act casual, instead he's grinning like a honeymooner. Felicia is there to continue her research. Mac tells her that if anyone gives her any trouble, to pull rank, she's the Commissioner's wife now. Taggert teases Mac that he's never had a new hubby for a boss before. It's obvious everyone's having fun at Mac's expense. Taggert calls Monica and informs her that a business associate of her family has been brought in and she'd better come down, he makes it clear that she doesn't have any other option. Robin comes to see Mac. She tells him that she's moved in with Jason. Mac is not thrilled by Robin's news. She explains to him that after Robert, Anna and Duke, it's not like she's never been around danger. Mac isn't comforted by the fact that all three of those people are dead. First Stone and now Jason, Mac just doesn't understand why Robin brings these things on herself. Robin defends herself by saying she tried to stay away from Jason, after what happened with Stone, but she couldn't. Mac thinks she has a death wish. At least Robert and Anna both fought for good, but Jason is a criminal and Mac knows that her parents would see it the same way that he does. Robin tells him that she loves Jason and she's living with him, but she loves Mac too. Mac just wants Robin to be safe. He wants Jason to love her enough to live his life inside the law. Until Jason does, Mac is going to go after him - and he'll do what he has to in order to keep Robin safe. Robin understands that it's only because Mac loves her so much and they hug before she leaves. Jax comes in with the ripped photo he received. He's placed it in a plastic bag to preserve any fingerprints. He tried to have the package traced, but the person who sent it gave a phony name and address. He's afraid that one of Brenda's fans has snapped and asks Mac to see if he can trace the fingerprints. Taggert shows Monica the dealer giving a statement to the police. He asks if she recognizes him, since he's been out to her house. Taggert identifies the man as Alan's dealer. Monica accuses him of lying, but she looks defeated. Monica argues that it doesn't mean anything since Alan is getting help now and doesn't have any need for a dealer. Taggert tells her he hopes that she got that information from someone other than Alan. When Monica doesn't respond, Taggert nods and says, "I guess it's true what my grandma said, there's one born every minute." Taggert tells her that the statement being given can be filed in the system, where it will get picked up by the news and lead to lawsuits against her family and GH - or - it can be filed in the river. He tells her that the rules are different when there's a junkie in the family, the lawsuits would probably be enough to shut GH down. Monica wants to know how Taggert could do such a thing. Taggert tells her he didn't do anything, he didn't let a junkie run a hospital and then sweep it under the Oriental rug. He wants her to get incriminating evidence against Justus, or else. Monica tries to convince him that she tried and she's just no good at playing spy, but Taggert won't budge. She tries to stall giving him an answer, but he goes off to look at a report and tells her to stay put. Mac comes by and asks Monica if there's anything he can do for her. Monica admits to Mac that Alan has had a problem with addiction, explaining the Nurses Ball and why she's taken over as Chief of Staff. She tells him that Alan is getting help now, but that Taggert believes he has enough evidence to charge Alan for the things he's done. She tells Mac that Taggert is threatening to file them unless she cooperates. Monica suggests that Mac ask Taggert more about it and consider if that's how he wants to run things. Mac tells her she can go now, he'll handle it and asks a policeman to tell Taggert Mac wants to speak with him.

    Laura, Luke and Bobbie are decorating the house for Lulu's birthday. Luke is holding Lulu and tells her that all this is for her, because it's her birthday, and isn't that lucky? Laura pauses at the use of Lucky's name. She's sure that Lucky will come by today for Lulu. Bobbie and Luke aren't as sure, but Laura is adamant. The door rings and hopeful, Laura rushes to answer it. It's Nikolas, stopping by before the trial. Luke gives him a frosty reception and heads outside for some fresh air. Katherine sits down next to him. She wishes they were 10, no 20 stories up so that she could kill him the way her killed her. There will never be any birthday parties for Katherine's little girl. And now as a final insult, Luke has made her will look like a forgery. She wanted Stefan to be free of Helena forever so that he could release his passions. She cryptically tells Luke that Stefan is going to surprise him. Bobbie comes outside to comfort her big brother. Laura sees Nikolas outside when he leaves. She asks him to call her after he's done testifying and to let her know if anything unusual happens. Nikolas comments that he hopes Lulu gets her birthday wish. Laura assures him that she already got one. Luke asks what his baby wished for, to which Laura answers, "For her other brother to come too." Laura goes back inside and Luke tells Bobbie to change the subject quick. Bobbie tells him about HER wonderful birthday, courtesy of Jerry Jax. Back inside, Luke says he should go to the club for a while so that Lucky will come by. Just then Liz and Lucky show up. They've brought matching stuffed dogs for Lulu. Bobbie asks if Liz has met Foster yet, he's out back. Liz tells everyone that she and Foster are old friends, he has a way of finding Lucky every night. Luke and Laura are surprised, but glad that Foster has been watching out for Lucky. Liz apologizes to everyone for what happened, she never should have accused Murty, and she shouldn't have tried to do it with a knife. She tells everyone that she wouldn't have ever forgiven herself if something worse happened to Lucky. Laura tells her it's okay, that Liz was caught in a situation that spun out of control, and Laura can understand that. Lucky and Luke exchange looks.

    At the courthouse, Alexis tells Stefan that a private firm has confirmed the will is a forgery. It's also suspicious that the will isn't covered in fingerprints, save one. She told them to compare them with Helena and Luke. In the meantime, she wants to go on like nothing has changed. Nikolas will be the first witness and she wants to make sure that Nikolas doesn't know anything that she doesn't. Stefan assures her that she knows everything. Nikolas is called and gives his name as Nikolas Cassadine. Alexis whispers to Stefan she's glad he left off his title. Dara doesn't miss a trick and asks for Nikolas's FULL name. Alexis objects to referring to him as Prince Nikolas throughout the trial and the judge agrees. Nikolas explains that he moved to Port Charles 2 years ago to help his sister. His sister lives with his mother and he lives with Stefan on Spoon Island. Dara asks if he's been in constant contact with his mother since living in Port Charles. Alexis does a lot of objecting to the line of questioning involving Laura. Dara asks about the portrait and about the trunk. Then she asks about the Ball. Nikolas confirms that the last time he spoke to her she was very excited and was going to get a gift for Stefan from her house. Dara asks if that was the last time he saw her before he was the 1st to reach her after she fell. Nikolas says that he didn't speak to her again, but from outside he saw her go up the stairs to the parapet just 2-4 minutes before she fell. Stefan is shocked. Alexis turns to him and says that Stefan told her that he and Katherine argued for 10-15 minutes before she fell. Stefan doesn't say anything.

    Alexis confronts Stefan with the fact that the times don't add up. She wants to know who he's protecting. "Oh my God!", exclaims Alexis as she figures out how Nikolas could have seen 'Katherine' going up the stairs at the same time as Stefan was arguing with her on the parapet. Luke and Laura are on the porch swing, happy in each other's arms.

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