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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on GH
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Monday September 14, 1998

Jax, having just seen Brenda's car plunge into the water, threatens to jump from the helicopter if Jerry doesn't get them closer. Jerry tries to tell him why he can't get closer but Jax is frantic. He jumps from the helicopter despite Jerry's attempts to stop him. Jerry calls for the coast guard to come immediately.

Jason and Robin talk about a guy Jason saw looking at green peppers as if they were the most important thing in the world. He doesn't' know why that stuck in his mind but Robin thinks maybe it is because in a few days their lives will be completely different. They won't have to constantly look over their shoulder or jump at the slightest sound. Jason says he likes the way that sounds. He tells Robin to wait upstairs while he meets with his associates. They won't be happy with his decision to leave the organization and he doesn't' want them to know Robin is there. Bobbie shows up unexpected and asks if it is too late to see her grandson.

Monica wants to attend Alan's NA meeting with him but he tells her he doesn't want to expose her to them. She misses the time they used to share. She doesn't' want to pressure him but she says they can talk and just hold each other. He tries to stall her until this weekend but she doesn't' want to wait. After Monica has left Alan makes a call to inquire if his prescription has come in yet. He then arranges to meet someone in half an hour.

Emily is having lunch at Kelly's. Liz serves her and after a few minutes they apologize for their behavior at the Nurses Ball. Liz picked the fight because Nikolas had made her angry and Emily was just taking up for him. Lucky arrives just as the two girls are laughing over dodging each other at school. He asks if this is a bilateral treaty or can a third party join in. Emily makes a toast to ever lasting peace at Port Charles High. Liz tells her to hold that thought and goes inside Kelly's.

Bobbie holds Michael for a while until she notices he is yawning. She wants to take him upstairs and tuck him in. Robin says maybe they can save that for another night. Jason explains he has people coming in. After Robin has taken Michael to bed, Bobbie voices her concerns to Jason. She doesn't' believe it is fair to expose Michael to the danger of his business meeting in their home. Jason tells Bobbie as of tonight he is out of the business. She has a right to know because she is Michael's grandmother but he doesn't' want her to tell anyone else. He assures her Michael will be safe. She asks him if he remembers the first time in the hospital when she put Michael in his arms. She says you cant' begin to know who you are until you care for a child and you can't begin to know what's important until its life depends on you. That drive in you to protect him makes everything else seem beside the point. She tells him he is doing the right thing.

Liz, Lucky, and Emily are all discussing their classes when Emily mentions Mr. Murty. There is a tense moment until Liz explains she almost flunked his class but he helped her out with a few extra sessions. Lucky goes inside to get more fries and Nikolas arrives while the girls are talking. Liz asks if he wants anything, a drink or fries, but he says no. Lucky comes back and Nikolas stands up and says he was leaving anyway. Liz pulls Lucky away but Nikolas stops him. He tells Lucky he has been seeing Lesley Lu a lot lately and every other word she says is Lucky. Nikolas tells him she really misses him. Lucky says if he wants an update on his sister he won't be needing it from Nikolas. After Liz and Lucky are alone, they make plans to do something later, anything he wants.

Alan gets more drugs from his dealer. The dealer warns him about the drugs, saying they are still being tested on rats. Alan later calls Tammy and asks if she is busy tonight.

Jason tells his associates he is turning over his territories to Moreno. His associates are angry. Jason warns them not to try to take over the business. It would cause a war. Benny takes Jason's side when they become too upset. They will all get a large amount of money from this deal. Justus tells them he suggests they look out for their best interests.

Standing on the shore, Jax tells Jerry Brenda pulled herself out of a sinking plane. He knows she would have pulled herself out of the car. Jax becomes furious when he learns the rescue team hasn't begun searching yet. The rescue worker tells him there is no way Brenda could have survived. The sunroof was open and the car took a three hundred foot dive.

Nikolas and Emily talk about Jason and Robin. Nikolas says it is dangerous to even know Jason, let alone live with him. Emily reminds him that Jason once saved his life. Later, she tells Nikolas that Katherine is moving in with the Quartermaines.

Liz asks Lucky if he has decided where he wants to go. He suggests his dad's club but she wants him all to herself. They decide to go to the boxcar.

After everyone else has left Jason's penthouse, Jason asks Benny what his plans are. He is going to work for Moreno. Johnny says he doesn't see himself with Moreno. Jason tells him he should open the restaurant he has talked about. Johnny wants to stick around for a few days to make sure the transition went smoothly. Jason says he would appreciate that.

Jax tells Jerry how much Brenda loved the sea. He cant accept that she is gone. He doesn't' understand how this happened. Jerry says maybe one of them meant to go over. Jax insists Brenda would never take her own life. He was going to ask her to marry him tomorrow. They were supposed to have years together. The rescue worker comes back and tells Jax there is no chance the women survived. The roof was ripped off. The passenger seat was gone and the driver's seat was torn from its anchor with the seat belt still secured. He gives Jax the white shawl Veronica had given Brenda. That is all they found. Jax breaks down into sobs while Jerry supports him.

Liz and Lucky discuss their plans and he suspects something is up. She tells him possibly but he will just have to wait and see.

Nikolas drives Emily home so that he may talk to Katherine but she isn't there. Before he leaves, Emily tells him to come back any time he feels like it. After he leaves the delight on Emily's face is obvious for all to see.

Alan asks Tammy to dance for him again. She obliges, doing a strip tease for him. She lays him back on the bed and begins kissing his neck. Alan grabs his chest and has trouble breathing. Tammy panics and yells at him, asking what is wrong.

Jax holds the shawl tight. Jerry tells him they nee to reopen this stretch of road. Jax says he won't move but Jerry says he has no choice. Jax says he will come back at first light to search the rocks. Jerry will come with him. He sends Jerry back, saying he just needs a minute. After Jerry goes, Jax says, "don't leave me Brenda. Nobody leaves."

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Liz and Lucky went to the boxcar and Lucky was overwhelmed when Liz presented him with a new acoustic guitar that she had decorated herself. Liz then convinced Lucky to play "Liz," the song he had written for her. When the song was finished, Lucky helped Liz down from the boxcar and they were very close physically. Liz and Lucky then shared their first kiss and Lucky walked Liz home. In the midst of having a heart attack, Alan was able to tell Tammy to call Tony's clinic instead of calling for an ambulance. At the clinic, Alan was shocked to learn that Tony and Tammy knew each other. Tony told Alan that he wasn't suffering a heart attack and was taken aback by the drugs Alan was mixing. Tony asked Val, his boss at the clinic, for a letter of recommendation in an effort to try to get Bobbie's restraining order reversed. Jason told Robin about the meeting with his associates and thought that he was finally free of the organization. Robin and Jason then looked forward to their future together. Jerry tried to comfort Jax, who was in shock over Brenda's death. After asking Jerry to leave, Jax was left alone with his memories of Brenda and he eventually broke down. Jerry told Bobbie about Brenda's death. Bobbie then comforted Jerry and assured him that he would find a way to help Jax.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Jax goes to Robin to give her the heartbreaking news that Brenda is dead. Robin looks at him and immediately knows something is wrong. He says he has bad news and he wanted her to hear it from him. She asks where Brenda is but Jax is unable to speak. Robin, realization in her eyes, says no, no, No! Jax tells her about the accident and Robin tries to understand why this happened.

Ned comes home to see arrangements for a birthday party. He jokes that it isn't his birthday and AJ delights in teasing him. Katherine comes in singing and tells Ned she's alive, is he shocked? He had read about it in the newspapers. He then learns Katherine is living at the mansion and he isn't happy about it. Nikolas arrives just in time to witness the usual Quartermaine argument. Just as everyone is throwing barbs at one another Jax arrives. He kneels by Lila and gives her the sad news of Brenda's untimely death. He also tells her Brenda respected her more than anyone and he tells all of them that Brenda thought of them as family. Edward asks exactly what happened but Ned stops him. He doesn't want Jax to go into the details just yet. The devastation and sadness on Ned's face is heartbreaking. Emily is shocked and very hurt. Nikolas comforts her as Katherine quietly walks over to her birthday cake and puts out the candle. Ned later calls Lois but learns from her mother that she is in South America again. He leaves a message with Gloria for Lois to call him as soon as possible.

Jason goes to Mike to inform him of Brenda's death. Mike is at first scared for Michael. Jason assures him nothing is wrong with Sonny. Not knowing an easier way to break the news, Jason says Brenda is dead. Mike is shocked and very hurt. He tries to reason that if they haven't found her body maybe she is still alive but Jason tells him the rescue team searched night and day. That can't mean anything good. Mike says he thought Jason was going to say Sonny was gone but this is almost the same thing. What he and Brenda had in common was that they both loved Sonny and what Sonny and he had in common at the end, despite everything, was that they both loved her. She understood that even though nobody said anything out loud. She was generous with him, with herself. She knew that letting him be near her made him feel near his son. He can't believe they never got together again. He thanks Jason for coming to tell him. Jason leaves to go back to Robin and Mike tells him to tell Sonny that...well, just tell him I couldn't think of anything to say.

Mac and Felicia come to the penthouse to comfort Robin. They ask her to come to their house for the night since they know Jason will be going to tell Sonny the news. She agrees and later tells Jason to tell Sonny Brenda was happier that day than she has ever been, nothing about her mother and nothing about the illness. That might be a lie but it's what Sonny needs right now. After she leaves, Jason calls Bobbie. After Bobbie arrives, he explains he must go out of town and he doesn't think he should take Michael. He asks if she will keep Michael at her house while he is gone. He hasn't been away from Michael much since he was born but he knows Michael will be alright with her. She has been there since he was born. He tells Michael he will be back tomorrow or the day after. Bobbie takes Michael and tells Jason he can call day or night.

Jax comes home to find V taking care of all the calls he is receiving. She had found the report on Brenda's death on Mac's desk. She later went to Jax's apartment and saw Jerry. He had to leave to pick up his parents from the airport and asked if V could stay. After she is finished with the calls she gives Jax a list of friends and associates he would want notified. She breaks down into tears and apologizes but he tells her it is OK. He calls Julia and tells her of Brenda's death. V takes over the call and Jax sits in a chair by the window and weeps. V later asks if he wants her to stay to answer the door while he sleeps but he says he won't be getting much sleep. She says she will be going then and he replies, if you like. Just then the door opens and Jax's parents come in. They tell him how sorry they are and as his mother holds him in her arms, V quietly slips out the door.

Laura talks to Lucky at Kelly's. She is worried because the temperature has dropped to 45 degrees the last few nights. She asks him to come home. He tells her that he is fine. He also wants her to know that he doesn't spend his time being so angry anymore. He doesn't dwell on the fact that she and Luke aren't the people he thought they were. She is relieved and says a lot has changed. He says no, but the way he thinks about them has. Laura says that is the hardest change of all.

Later, Lucky tells Liz his mom got him to thinking about the temperature changes and he can't keep his new guitar, a gift from Liz, out in this weather. It will warp. He needs a temperature controlled environment to keep it in. Liz goes to get the newspaper to look for apartments for Lucky. Holding her hand he talks her into getting some oil for him. He explains he must have touched the guitar while he was sleeping last night and he scratched it. She kneels close to him and he shows her the scratch and she says he has good eyesight, the scratch is so small. He says he could count the stitches on a baseball from the bleachers...he still likes how she looks close up.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Katherine comes to Laura's house and says she wants to talk to her, woman to woman so to speak. She tells Laura when the Quartermaines found out she was still alive they insisted she move in with them. Laura asks why she came and Katherine tells her she was hoping Laura could jog her memory about the night she fell from the parapet at Wyndemere. Laura doesn't think that is an experience she would want to relive. Katherine says she doesn't but she has a nagging feeling something important happened right before she fell. Laura says she doesn't remember anything other than what she testified to. Katherine believes Laura may have left out something important just like she left out their meeting in her guesthouse the night her fall. She asks why Laura would testify for Stefan unless something else were going on. She believes Stefan and Laura are hiding something. Maybe Laura was in her room that night to goad her into going upstairs that night to look in the trunk. She accuses Laura of wanting Stefan all to herself. Laura tells her the only connection between her and Stefan is that he is the uncle of her son. Katherine tells her she will find out what Laura is hiding.

Emily comes to the photo shoot and sees a picture of Brenda on the mirror. The photographer apologizes and offers to take it down. Emily tells him to leave it there. She tells him she has to leave by 1:00 because Brenda's memorial service is today. Nikolas arrives and Emily tells him working on the day of Brenda's memorial service doesn't feel right. She wants to put it off for one day but the magazine has a deadline. She asks the photographer what she will be wearing today and he tells her today she will be a bridesmaid. Emily later tells Nikolas it isn't fair. Brenda will never have the wedding she dreamed of with Jax. She breaks down into tears and says she wants to go home. Nikolas holds her as she cries. Nikolas talks to her and asks her what Brenda would say if she were here. Emily says in all of Brenda's photos she always had an amazing smile. She wonders if Brenda ever felt exactly as she does right now, looking at the photos you would never know. Knowing she has decided to finish the photo shoot, Nikolas tells her he will be right here for her. She then finishes the shoot.

Taggert goes to Dara's office. He tells her that two of America's most wanted desperadoes will be taken down right here in Port Charles. The two men are John and Jerry Jax. Justus rolled over on them to save his own skin. Dara later calls Justus and leaves a message telling him welcome home. Justus later comes to see Dara and she tells him selling out the Jax family is as cold blooded and as cynical as you can get. He says he did what he had to do. She says she doesn't' know what he has become but whatever it is she wants nothing to do with it.

Julia arrives at Jax's penthouse and is greeted by Jerry. Julia is understandably upset. She wants to know what Brenda was doing in a car with Veronica. Jerry tells her the whole story of Veronica's time in PC and her relationship with Brenda. Julia is furious that they didn't' keep Brenda away from Veronica. When Jax comes home Julia says she holds him responsible for Brenda's death. She says Sonny took better care of her than Jax did. This infuriates Jerry. He argues with Julia then tells her Jax loved Brenda more than anyone, including her. Jax stops Jerry, saying Julia has a point. Jerry says Jax did everything he could do for the woman he loved. Except keep her alive, Julia says. She says Jax knew how fragile she was. Jax says maybe he did blow it but Brenda wasn't' the same as Julia saw her last year. She found her independence and made her own decisions. He says Brenda was the strongest woman he ever knew. After her breakdown she pulled herself together, she put Sonny out of her life, she got her modeling career back on track and bought back all of her shares of L&B Records without taking a nickel from him or anyone else. She went to see Veronica to tell her she wanted to take care of her, in spite of the fact that she barely knew her or how sick she was. She was going to forgive everything and just love Veronica. If Julia cant' understand why she would do such a thing then she doesn't' know anything about her sister, which is a real shame because she would have been proud of her. Julia apologizes saying she is just so angry but she shouldn't take it out on him. She then blames herself for not being there when Brenda needed her. He assures her Brenda was proud of her. She was the role model Brenda used to pull herself together. She thanks him and she leaves to get changed for the memorial. Jerry assures Jax he has nothing to feel guilty about. Jax says, "except Brenda is gone and I let her go." He tells Jerry, "I loved her you was like nothing I've ever experienced in my life or ever will again." Jerry tells him one thing is certain, she knew he loved her too. From everything he's heard the last few months were the best of Brenda's life and not just because she found herself but because she had Jax. He loved her unconditionally and not many people get to have that in their lives. So if she had to go at least she had it. Jax says he would have given his life for Brenda in a second. Jerry hugs Jax and holds him tight. Jax goes to Julia's room and they leave for the memorial service.

We then see the closed sign at Kelly's, Jason & Robin's empty apartment, Mac and Felicia's empty house, the Quartermaine mansion, and a photo of Jax and Brenda. As a beautiful song plays in the background we see a series of flashbacks of Brenda. The day she came to Port Charles, her party with Jagger, her telling Jagger about the beach and that they've got to make it happen, her and Jagger on the beach, the first time she made love to Jagger, her and Lois, her and Miguel dancing together, her first meeting with Sonny, Sonny coming to ask her to go for a ride, Sonny and Brenda's first kiss, the day Sonny caught her with the wire, the day Jason told her Sonny was gone, her and Sonny making love, them together in Puerto Rico, kissing outside of Luke's, her telling Jax she loved him before their wedding that never happened because of Miranda, her and Jax together in Malibu, her first wedding to Jax, their last trip to Malibu, her dance at the Nurses Ball, modeling, and finally, walking on the beach. We then see Brenda's apartment, empty and somehow even looking sad.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Mac reluctantly set in motion the arrests of John and Jerry Jax. Mac then went to visit Jax and told him he is sorry. Jax asked him why he said it like he had done something he wished he could take back but it's too late now. Mac says he's just sorry. That's all. Knowing that V would warn Jax, Mac deliberately sent her on a wild goose chase to keep her away while the arrests were being made. John Jacks is later arrested in his hotel suite and Jerry is arrested at the brownstone, in front of Bobbie and Lucas. Jax receives the Brenda's test results which would verify if she had the same deadly gene Veronica had. He burns the envelope without ever reading the results. V later visits Jax and is there to see him being arrested also.

Emily and AJ remember Brenda. AJ tells Emily she should take a little time off from modeling but she is determined to continue. Brenda was a big influence on her and she plans to be so good that when people see her they think of Brenda. She is later shocked when she receives nude photos of herself in the mail.

Robin was saddened that she never got the chance to tell Brenda of Jason's retirement or that they were going to leave the pent house to find a place of their own.

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