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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on GH
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Monday September 28, 1998

Alan becomes sarcastic with Monica when she tries to joke with him. She believes it is time she became involved with his recovery, possibly codependency meetings. Alan tells her there are some things he must do on his own and this is one of them. She already does so much, his job as well as hers, he would feel even guiltier if she took up any more. She says maybe they should see a therapist to become connected again. AJ walks in and asks if they have seen Jason. He says Jason and Michael have vanished.

Lucky, Nikolas, Liz, and Emily are all at Audrey's house trying to find a photo of the same body used in the photo to blackmail Emily (Someone had put a photo of her head on a naked body and demanded $20,000 or it would be put on the Internet. Feeling this person had probably done this before, Lucky and Nikolas decided to try to find the same body on the Internet.)

They find the body on the Internet and Emily and Liz recognize the model, Samantha Shades. She was very popular in a lip gloss commercial. Lucky and Nikolas trade barbs but continue to search for the model's agency.

V and Jax are on the beach in Malibu. Jax questions why Brenda was allowed to fight her way back from the plane crash, why were they allowed to hope and plan? Were they too greedy, too happy for nature to bare, maybe he wasn't grateful enough, maybe he was too bloody sure of himself? He swore to Brenda whatever fate threw their way they would weather. He promised her and he believed that in his soul. He was a fool. Emotion wracks his body and voice. He questions why he didn't whisk Brenda away from Veronica. Veronica was a walking omen, there were too many warning signs not to see it. "Veronica was Brenda's mother", V says. Jax says she was a curse. He sits on the beach again, tears flowing, and his voice shakes as he says, "And now there's no Brenda. Brenda's gone." V sits beside him and puts her arms around him as he cries.

AJ tells Alan and Monica someone has taken over the docks and the phone number at Jason's pent house has changed. Jason has moved out of the pent house with no forwarding address, just a wave to the doorman. Alan worries that something terrible has happened to Jason.

Nikolas suggests tomorrow they contact the model's agency. Emily wonders how she dragged them into this. Nik, Liz, and Lucky all tell her she didn't' deserve what happened to her and they won't let anyone hurt her.

She asks how she can thank them and Nikolas says by not giving up.

V tells Jax that her and her mother used to beg her father to quit the police force but when he died it was in a freak accident in his fishing boat on a beautiful summer day. She tells him he has to stop blaming himself. He made Brenda really happy. He should give himself credit for that. He knows...he has to live with the way things are. V says she knows how painful this is, she's lost people...not the love of her life... Jax says she lost her parents, you can't get another mother or dad. The door to her youth is permanently shut, it's like that now for him. The door to the magic part of his life has been slammed shut. Some people live for decades and never feel it at all and some people don't believe magic truly exists. V says he can have it again. Jax says he had it once and it was truly magnificent but that door can't open again.

V gives Jax the letter from the Feds. She tells him he only has 15 hours to get back to them in person. She tells them this deal could get his brother and father off. Jax asks why he should lift a finger to help them. She says either way he needs to show up in person. The Feds will think he split. Jax says he just needed to be here. V tells him to please weigh out all his options, he doesn't have to agree on anything but he's asking for trouble if he doesn't show up.

Nikolas and Lucky talk about Nik's computer while Emily and Liz discuss a book they have both read. Emily says Liz is the complete opposite of what she thought. She wishes she had known that when Liz needed a friend. Liz tells her if she is still interested she may just have an opening.

Nikolas says there is something they need to clarify. He wants to make sure Lucky doesn't plan to say anything about Emily being blackmailed. Lucky says that goes without saying but Nikolas says nothing goes without saying between them. He also reminds Lucky of his behavior when he found out Liz was raped. Nikolas comments that Liz seems happier. Lucky says she is incredibly strong, not as in tough, she's like no one else. She's totally there.

Nikolas and Emily leave but leave the laptop for Lucky to work on. Lucky and Liz walk onto the porch and check out the sky. Liz tells Lucky she has decided fall is her favorite season. Liz is cold so Lucky offers her his shirt. She says she will go upstairs and get them a couple of sweaters. They agree to meet back outside in ten minutes, Liz with the sweaters and Lucky with popcorn. As Liz heads upstairs, she stops and watches Lucky walk into the kitchen. She smiles and then hurries up the stairs.

Monica calls Mac and learns Jason has left the organization and is now living with Robin in Brenda's cottage. She tells Alan and AJ the news.

AJ doesn't believe it is that easy to walk away. Monica explains Jason cut some kind of a deal. Alan says Jason has come home but AJ says Jason will never come back to this family. Alan becomes sarcastic and hurtful as he asks AJ if he is sorry someone didn't actually kill his brother. AJ says he counts on Alan for destructive remarks but this one takes the cake. Alan tells AJ he's got to be the only jealous brother who actually managed to destroy the favorite son. Alan tells AJ he is the one who drove him to his pill addiction. Monica yells at Alan and asks him what happened to taking blame for his own mistakes. Alan then brings up her affair with Dorman. He thinks they blame everything on him. After Alan walks out, Monica tells AJ she has no idea what that was all about but it wasn't about him. She blames it on withdrawal.

Back outside in the yard, Lucky and Liz sit down on a blanket with their popcorn. Liz tells Lucky she told Emily about the rape. Lucky says this is the first person she has told, without it being pulled out of her. Liz says she thinks it helped Emily and he asks what it did for her. Liz says she feels fine. Lucky says from here it looks like a quantum leap, what did it feel like from her end? She says it felt sort of like that.

At the airport, Jax thanks V. She tells him he can do that later. He only has 13 hours and 45 minutes left before he has to meet with the Feds. He says that's all the time he needs to make up his mind. She says he can do that as he's rushing to make the deadline. He says her parents must have been good people. She begs him not to miss this flight and he slowly walks away.

Liz tells Lucky it was so wild to see him working with his brother. Lucky tells her not to call Nikolas that. She says they are like Groucho and Harpo. You would never know they are related, it doesn't hit you at first. Groucho always talking, Harpo silent. Lucky asks which one he would be. She says he and Nikolas would be in different movie with them as the two handsome brothers. Lucky says, Nikolas..handsome? Give me a break. You're attracted to wax figures. She says she is attracted to people more like him. He tells her to feel free to expand. She tells him the light in his eye, that sort of don't see that a lot, the way his eyes change colors, the way he looks at her. He says his eyes don't twinkle when she isn't around. She says yes the do. She has watched him, watching him is her all consuming hobby. Realizing what she has said she says, "so much for subtlety." Lucky says subtlety only goes so far. Subtlety is "that sweater looks pretty" when what you really mean is "I love your mouth." Liz asks if they are speaking hypothetically. Lucky leans in close and says huh uh. He takes her chin in his hand and their lips almost touch when they are flooded with car headlights. Audrey has come home and managed to spoil yet another kiss.

Nikolas takes Emily home and offers him a drink. He tells her not to bother. She says it's no bother, a bother would be him slaving over a computer screen all day. He says it was mostly Lucky but she disagrees, saying he spurred him on. Nikolas says OK, if irritation inspires her. She says without him she would have never went on this mission. She says her life would be completely destroyed, well she would be...Nikolas puts his finger to her lips and says he knows what she means. She's scared and he promises to do what ever he can to take that fear away. They will find the people doing this. She says she really appreciates this. He says it's nothing compared to what she has done for him. He will never regret her helping him regain his speech. He kisses her forehead and tells her to go to bed, they have a long day ahead of them. He leaves and Emily sits down on the couch with a huge smile on her face.

Audrey tells Lucky she has chocolate chip cookies but Liz says they have popcorn. Lucky says he always has room for chocolate chip. Audrey says she will get a plate and some milk and they will see how long Liz holds out. Audrey heads inside and tells them to join her, she just rented a great movie. After Audrey is inside, Liz says, milk and cookies, when were you ever this thrilled? Lucky says he happens to be fond of chocolate chip, not to mention the company. As they gather the blanket and popcorn, Liz says, me, you, and Gram, camp Hardy. You'd better be careful, you might find yourself getting tucked in. Lucky says that's something worth sticking around for. He turns and looks at Liz and says, "a man can hope can't he?"

Emily is lying on the couch when Monica walks in. Emily asks her if she has ever felt that really horrible things can turn into something good. Monica says yes, she thinks it is nature's may of balancing things out. Monica tells Emily not to stay up too late. She walks out saying, sweet dreams. Emily says no question about it.

At Brenda's cottage, Robin asks Jason if he feels comfortable here. Jason says yes, he likes being able to go out without taking the elevator, he likes the smell of the trees, and the view from the kitchen windows. Robin says she misses Brenda a lot but she feels closer to her here than at the pent house. She hopes V found Jax. Jason tells her Jax will be alright. Robin says this much happiness may take a while to get used to. Jason tells her they aren't going anywhere so she can take as long as she needs.

Jax is now on the plane and he remembers Brenda: they were in bed together after her test for the gene her mother had and he told her it was luck that brought her into his life, watched out for her when she was in danger and brought her back to him after Sonny left him in ruins. He told her he is the luckiest man on earth and that's not going to change. You and I will always be together, loving, happy, and most of all healthy. That's what is meant to be and that's what is going to happenRecap --->

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

AJ enters the Q living room where Monica is flipping through a phone book. She asks if he knows where Brenda lived. AJ tells her and asks why she wants to know. Monica tells him that she learned from Mac that Jason and Robin are moved in to Brenda's house. Monica thinks that even though it was quick, it makes sense since Robin used to live there too and the penthouse must hold memories for Jason of his old life. AJ is concerned that Monica's hopes will be too high now that Jason is out of the Organization.

Jason and Robin are packing up Brenda's things at the cottage. Robin is putting things away for Jax, since she's sure he won't want to go through everything himself just yet. Jason asks if Robin doesn't want to keep some of the mementos for herself. She assures him that the house is enough to remind her. There are tons of Brenda's memories there - but soon enough she and Jason will make their own; Michael walking, the first snow, looking at the stars together. Bobbie stops by with a present for Michael. She marvels at the house and the difference between it and the penthouse. She tells them that she's sure the two of them will be very happy there. Jason and Robin exchange a look.

Mac and Alexis are at the police station wondering where Jax is. Mac tells Alexis that he's sure that Jax will be there, he wouldn't leave his brother and father in jail. Just then Jax appears, just in time to see the FBI. Mac wishes him luck. The FBI offers Jax a deal, if he testifies against his father and brother, the FBI will drop charges against him and allow him to keep his stock in one of 3 companies (one is ELQ). The agent tells Jax that the money his father and brother gave him when he turned 21, to see what he could make of it and himself, was dirty. Therefore everything he's amassed from that is subject to seizure. Alexis tries to turn it around and accuse the FBI of false arrest and ruining Jax's name - and they can't prove anything against Jax.

Bobbie's gift to Michael is a sled. She hopes that Carly will be out before it starts to snow. Bobbie asks Jason if he has a better idea of when she will be out. He tells her that he'll be able to visit Carly soon. The doctors are concerned that she is making such an improvement that a visit from Jason will disrupt that. Bobbie agrees that she doesn't know what Carly's reaction to all the changes will be - Jason's leaving the Organization and his moving to the cottage with Robin. She can only imagine what Carly'd do. Bobbie asks where Carly and Michael are going to live when Carly gets out. Jason doesn't know what they'll do, and doesn't see a point in discussing it until Carly is there. Bobbie's sure that Carly won't want to live in the same house as Robin, especially to live in another woman's house. Bobbie is torn. She knows that Michael is in good hands with Jason, and even considering his old life, the only time Michael was ever put in to danger he was with Carly. And Carly lies A LOT. Despite that, Carly is her daughter. Bobbie is sure that Carly will come along and disrupt everything for Jason and Robin. She asks Jason if he could put Michael and Carly up in a house of their own. Jason doesn't want to share custody and have Michael sent back and forth. Just then Michael wakes up and Jason goes to get him. Bobbie assures Robin that it's nothing against her. Robin knows that and explains to Bobbie that until Carly is out, everything is hypothetical and Jason doesn't deal in the hypothetical. By bringing it up before then, Bobbie is only going to make Jason upset. Bobbie is worried that this situation isn't going to end well. Monica comes by and seeing Bobbie holding Michael, she says that it looks like they both had the same idea.

The FBI tells Jax that he has 72 hours to accept the deal and the agents leave. Jax asks Alexis what she thinks. After determining that everything Jax has is tied to his father and brother, Alexis advises him that the government does have the right to take everything away. She tells him that if he wanted, he could see how much money he could get out tonight and then move to another country. Jax doesn't want to live in exile though. Jax wants to know if the evidence is solid. Alexis advises him that with or without his testimony, Jerry and Mr. Jacks will be convicted. His best bet is to take the deal and at least he'll have some money if his father and brother should need some in the future. Alexis offers to buy Jax lunch, but he declines, saying he needs to see someone. He tells her to thank Ned for the bail and sending Alexis his way. Jax asks a passing officer where V is and leaves a message for her to call him. Mac stops Jax as he's leaving and wants to have a word with him. Mac tells Jax he owes him an apology. Jax asks what exactly Mac is apologizing for. Mac tells him that he turned Jax's family in to the Feds. He explains to Jax how he was really after Jason, but felt that he had to use the evidence that he was given. He also tells Jax that he didn't think Jax would be arrested and when he found out that he tried to delay it. Jax tells him that his apology isn't accepted. It isn't needed, because Mac was only doing his job. Jax tells Mac about the deal he was offered and asks Mac's opinion. Mac assures him that Jerry and his dad will be convicted with or without him and that he should take the deal.

Ned surprises Alexis in her hotel room - he used his passkey as owner of the hotel. She's angry with him, but her attraction to him and his charm get the better of her. She grabs him and they kiss.

Jason thanks Bobbie for the sled. She tells him that she thought that Michael would enjoy it because she knows that he loves the outdoors. She mentions that when Michael stayed with her he loved the outside. Monica overhears that Michael stayed with Bobbie and asks about it. Robin explains to her that Jason had to go out of town and since it was just after Brenda died, Robin was staying at Mac's for the memorial service. A hurt Monica says it's good that they have somewhere they feel comfortable leaving Michael. Bobbie looks uncomfortable and leaves. Monica offers to take Michael in the future, if it's needed. Jason tells her it would be okay if it were just her, Emily and Lila, but that Michael's not to go anywhere near the rest of the Q's. She assures him that she'd be willing to come to the cottage. Jason is frustrated and gestures at Robin when Monica goes to talk to Michael. She tells Jason that he's done a very good job with Michael. Just then Alan comes in unannounced, carrying a plant with a bow. A shocked Monica asks what he's doing there. Alan tells her that he's there to see his son and grandson in their new home. He waves at Michael. Jason doesn't look pleased. He tells Alan to get out. Alan tells him that he's in recovery now, but Jason calls him a liar and tells him leave. Jason asks Robin to take Michael upstairs, but she doesn't think it will be necessary and also asks Alan to leave. Alan can't understand the hostility and says he just came to see his grandson. Monica tells him to just go. Jason escorts him out to keep him away from Michael. Monica apologizes, but Jason tells her that she's not responsible for Alan. She asks if she can come back. Jason reluctantly agrees and tells her to call before coming over. She apologizes again and Robin tells her that it's not her fault. Monica leaves. Robin tells Jason that Monica's really trying hard. Jason wants her to promise that if Edward, Alan or AJ comes by when he's not home that she won't let them near Michael, they're all liars. Robin wants to know what AJ's done. He tells her that AJ is the one who drove Carly to pretend she was crazy. Jason tells her that he never thought he would miss having bodyguards. Robin admits that she kind of misses having Johnny around, but not enough to go back. She makes him promise that he'll never go back to that life.

Ned asks Alexis if Jax jumped bail. She assures him that his money is still safe. Ned asks about what happened, but Alexis says it would compromise attorney/client privilege. Ned tells her that he likes compromising her. Ned asks if she can get Jax out of trouble. Alexis asks if that isn't what she's being paid for. Ned agrees, but admits that if things went against Jax, that he would profit from Jax's loss. Alexis wonders if Ned is helping Jax only for the ELQ stock, but Ned says he's only doing it for Brenda. Anyways, with all of Jax's holdings seized, that includes the ELQ stock. Someone is bound to profit, why shouldn't it be him? Ned sets about seducing Alexis.

Jax is at the penthouse holding Brenda's bracelet that she won at cards when V comes to the door. She heard that he made the meeting and offers her secretarial help if he needs it. Jax tells her that he doesn't need a secretary, he needs a friend. Jax tells V that the FBI made an offer and he needs to discuss it with someone and she's the only person that he trusts right now. Until he lost Brenda, he led a charmed life, and as a golden boy he never knew how people really felt about him. He tells her that he can never repay her, even if he could get everything back.

Jason and Michael are on the couch in the cottage and Jason is laughing to himself when Robin walks in. He tells her that he's thinking about Brenda and how she would freak out if she knew Jason was living there. He also wonders what will happen to all the white furniture when Michael discovers crayons. Robin tells him that Brenda finally came to like Jason and since she wanted a baby, Brenda would be forgiving of Michael.

Alan downs more pills before Monica comes in and blasts him for his appearance at Jason's. She is angry with him for jeopardizing their fragile relationship that she's been bending over backwards to create with their son. Alan tells her that Jason isn't her son, he's his son. This further infuriates Monica who tells him that she raised him, she loves him and she agonizes over him and that no blood tie could be stronger than what she feels for him. By throwing that in her face, Monica tells Alan that he's exhausted her patience with him and that if he screws up one more time she'll throw him out on the street. AJ comes in and asks what happened this time. Monica tells him and wants to know what Alan could possibly be thinking. AJ asks himself the same question.

Ned feeds chocolate-dipped strawberries to Alexis. They kiss. Ned wants to know her plans for the future. He suggests that she could work at ELQ. Alexis knows wouldn't sit well with Edward - since she got Tony released. Ned suggests that things are running more smoothly now. There are no problems with the Cassadines, and in fact, the ex-fiancée is living with the Qs. Alexis asks how that's working out. Ned tells her they should change the subject. Ned tells her that she should get out from Stefan's shadow. He would like for at least one of them to break free. Alexis undresses as she considers the offer.

Jax fills V in on the deal from the FBI. V doesn't agree with what Jerry and their dad have done, but she does understand why they lied to Jax about it. She understands why he feels betrayed. No one will blame him for taking the deal. On the other hand, she knows how he feels about his family. Jax is sure that part of his life is over. V's phone rings and Taggert tells her she has to go back to work. Jax thanks her for coming by and listening. V offers to help any way she can. She leaves Jax alone staring at the bracelet.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Felicia sits at her laptop and then turns on the TV and radio to help her write. Mac comes bursting through the door and wants to know why she called him out of a meeting at work. She tells him she needs him and kisses him. Mac gets the wrong idea and takes off his jacket, telling her he doesn't have much time but he always has time for her. He kisses her passionately. Although Felicia enjoys the kiss, she pulls away and tells him to watch her carefully and respond without even thinking. She says she is standing on the roof of a sky scraper, in the middle of a thunderstorm. There's rain and wind, she now begins swaying back and forth. She says she is dazed and confused, she steps out and looks over this city, and then there is a bolt of lightning. She tries to regain her balance, what would you do, Mac? She tells him to show her, not tell her. So Mac comes in close behind her, wraps his arms around her waist and says, "Don't be afraid. I won't let you fall." He then turns her face and kisses her. Felicia pulls away, saying that's good. She sits back down at the laptop and writes Mac's reaction.

Lucky, Liz, and Emily run into Nikolas at Kelly's. He tells them he found the name of the person whose face the blackmailer used before. He checked with some agencies to see if anyone recognized her. It took a while but he finally got her name, Maggie Christian. Lucky asks Nikolas several questions about Maggie and is surprised after spending the whole day on the phone all he got was her name and that she was supposedly represented by the Platinum Triangle Agency. According to them, however, she never worked for them. Lucky sits down with the laptop and gets to work.

Dara and the DA are having lunch at the Port Charles Grill. He isn't happy with the way her cases have been going lately. Dara worries he is firing her. He tells her his loyalty to her is but he expects her performance to improve and fast. Justus arrives and joins them.

Jax arrives home and discovers two boxes on the coffee table. With them is a note from Robin telling him she thought he might like to have these things of Brenda's. The fist item he pulls from the box is one of Brenda's night shirts. He remembers her wearing it the morning they talked about her becoming a mother. He had reassured her they would teach the little one to be just like her and it couldn't get any better than that. She had said she loved his dad for being his role model. Jax's mother arrives and tells him she just came from the jail and they need to discuss several issues. When Jax tries to put her off she tells him she is going to have to deal with her, he has been ignoring her for days.

The DA compliments Justus on the Bradley Ward Scholarship Fund for Urban Youth. Justus wasn't aware he was so interested in civic programs. He assures Justus he is but the timing has to be right. Like in time for your upcoming career change, Justus asks. The DA assures Justus he doesn't plan to leave his job. He is definitely seeking another term. He even offers Justus a job helping with his campaign. Maybe Justus can even give his staff, he glances at Dara, a few pointers. Justus says he would be glad to.

Ruby calls Liz back to work and Emily goes inside with her. Emily worries that maybe she shouldn't have asked Nikolas and Lucky to help her. They are already arguing and putting each other down, she just doesn't want to make things worse. Liz thinks maybe working together will help them get along better.

Back outside, Nikolas tells Lucky he can't let the computer do his thinking for him. Lucky says he has been doing his own thinking his whole life. He then sits back and says, "got it!" He got into the Platinum Triangle Agency files.

Felicia is working on her novel when the phone rings. Mac answers the phone. It is Kevin with amazing news. The bodies in the plane were misidentified. Lucy and Scott are alive. Mac tells Felicia the good news. Kevin says he and his father are going to look for them. Mac gives the phone to Felicia and she tells Kevin he will find them and when he does tell Lucy she loves her and she is so happy. They hang up and Felicia is crying tears of joy as she says they have another chance with Lucy. The doorbell rings and Mac opens the door. It's Bobbie. Felicia tells her the great news. Bobbie says that's just like Scott, he scared her to death .

People here are mourning them and they're too busy running around plotting to pick up a phone. Felicia says she thought Bobbie would be happy. Bobbie says she is incredibly happy, when she sees Scott she's going to kiss him, then slap him. Mac wants to know why Bobbie came over. She tells him she went to see Jerry but he can't have visitors any longer. Mac says the Feds are making a deal with them and they probably don't want anyone interfering. He says the case has been taken out of his hands so Bobbie knows as much or as little as he does. Bobbie asks him to try to find out what's going on. Mac says he could do that if he gave a rat's rump about what happens to Jerry. Felicia scolds him telling him this isn't for Jerry, Bobbie is asking him for a favor. He turns back to Bobbie and tells her the biggest favor he can do for her is to get that miserable phony out of her life for good.

Jane tells Jax his father and brother's visitation rights have been revoked. He tells her the Feds have made him a deal in which he would be allowed to keep the family home in Alaska as well as a block of stock in either Merger Shipping, Five Line Electronics, or ELQ in exchange for his testimony that John and Jerry deliberately kept him in the dark about their dealings with organized crime. She says his father fought his way out of poverty so that his sons could have all the opportunities he was denied. Jax says he has heard all the war stories and he doesn't consider them an excuse for a lifetime of lies. She tells Jax to consider the times his father flew across country to watch him play junior league soccer, the times he walked out of business meetings to take Jax's phone calls, the night he stayed home from the banquet honoring his achievements because Jax had a fever of 103 and was crying for his daddy. She reminds Jax that from the moment he was born his father has been a loving, supportive, positive force in his life. Jax says his father gave him a lot but the one thing he didn't give him was the choice of whether or not he wanted to do business with criminals. She says if it is choices he wants, he's got plenty of them now. He can help his brother or he can send Jerry to prison from which he will surely try to escape and suffer the consequences. He can help his father or he can destroy him. Jax says his father is the toughest man he knows, he would survive prison just like he has survived everything else. Jane says prison would kill his father. There is no doubt in her mind and she can no more imagine a life without her husband than he can imagine his without Brenda.

Bobbie tells Mac she can protect herself but Lucas has been completely withdrawn since seeing Jerry taken away in handcuffs. He is even refusing to eat which affects his blood sugar levels and once they go down below a certain point he could go into diabetic shock. She tells Mac Jerry has been supportive, helpful, and in her case he has been extremely well intentioned. Mac says Jerry is a liar and a thief and hearing what a wonderful person Jerry is isn't his idea of a wonderful afternoon. He kisses Felicia and leaves.

Emily feels bad for going on about the photograph when Liz is the one that something really bad happened to. Liz assures Emily that whatever feelings she has are real and what happened to her has nothing to do with it. Emily asks her if she was always strong and confident. Liz says after she was raped she felt completely powerless. Emily asks how she fixed it. Liz says she finally started letting people help her.

Laura sees Nikolas and Lucky working at he laptop. Lucky explains he is using a search engine he installed. Nikolas doesn't know what he means so Lucky explains that most people use the search engines you can install for free but there are some you can buy that are better. Laura watches them and smiles. She walks over and asks if this is a private conversation or can she say hello. Nikolas stands and says, "actually we were..." but Lucky interrupts and says actually they aren't doing anything she should know about. Lucky tells her, "In case you're getting any ideas about the prince and me, it's not a Brady bunch moment." Nikolas says he is sure their mother has no delusions about what is going on between them. He then looks at Laura and tells her to remind him to ask her who the Brady bunch are. Laura smiles and excuses herself. After Laura is gone, Nikolas asks Lucky if hurting his mother is fun for him.

Jax is angry his mother used Brenda's memory to manipulate him. Brenda was taken away because of a senseless, tragic, early death. If his father goes to jail it will be because he repeatedly broke the law. His voice rising, he says the two have nothing in common and he would appreciate it if she doesn't compare them again. She says the point she is making is that his father would be taken away, how or why doesn't matter. Jax asks her if she has any idea what he would give to have Brenda tucked away in a jail cell where he could visit her, hear her voice, still be able to share his life with her in some way. He has lost her fully and for all time, to compare that with his father doing jail time for fattening himself on the profits of killers and thieves, that's an insult to her memory. Jane says she loved Brenda too. She has wept for Brenda and for Jax but sending John and Jerry to jail would only add to the tally of loved ones taken from them and she doesn't believe they can afford that. Jax says he has already lost his father and brother. They have been replaced by a pair of liars to whom he has only been recently introduced. Jane tells him his father and brother would do anything to keep him from harm, that's all she is asking he do for them. Jax says his father always impressed upon him to take care of himself first and that's what he is going to do.

The DA tells Justus he would like him to write his speeches. Justus tells him to give him time to think about it. Taggert arrives and tells the DA he has a hunch on the luxury car thefts. The DA gives him a hard time and says if he wants to plead his case for a warrant, do it to Mr. Ward. He says Justus knows a solid argument when he hears one.

Jax has trouble getting a former business partner on the phone. Katherine arrives and expresses her condolences. She then says she is hoping they could do a little business together.

Bobbie says she still thinks Jerry is a good person. She would like to think he shows her sides of himself he doesn't show others. Felicia tells her to trust her instincts. She can't listen to Mac or anyone else's opinion. Bobbie says she can't afford to make another mistake, not with her son. Felicia understands but does she think Jerry would ever do anything intentionally to hurt Lucas? Bobbie says no and Felicia thinks that is a good start and you can only do so much to protect your children. Bobbie says that is a good point, who knew straight arrow Tony would turn out to be a demon from hell? Felicia says her advise to Bobbie is to take the time to find out who Jerry really is, indictments and all, and after that Bobbie is the only one who can decide if being with him is worth the risk.

Laura walks up to the counter in Kelly's where Liz and Emily are talking.

Emily tells Laura this has nothing to do with her walking in but she really has to go make a phone call. Laura laughs and says she will try not to take it personally. Laura asks Liz if she has seen Nikolas and Lucky working together. She says it seems a little mysterious. Liz tells her they are helping a mutual friend. Laura smiles and says well, they aren't fighting, that's a step in the right direction.

Outside, Nikolas and Lucky get into an argument about Laura. Nikolas tells Lucky he would be a little dangerous if he had a clue about anything. Just then, Emily walks out and asks if they have made any progress. She then says she doesn't think looking for the blackmailer is a good idea. They ask her why she would jeopardize her career when she is just starting out. She says it's because she doesn't want to see them fighting any more. Lucky says she should just let him find this guy because Nikolas is no help on the computer anyway. The two brothers begin trading barbs again but then they notice something on the computer. He has accessed the payroll records of Platinum Triangle Agency for the last three years. Lucky says it could take a day or a week but they will have the blackmailer.

Justus and the DA tell Taggert he doesn't have just cause for a warrant. DA Schultz then excuses himself. Taggert and Justus then argue and Dara agrees with Taggert but he tells her it is too bad she didn't have the guts to do that in front of her boss. Taggert leaves and Dara tells Justus this all could have been avoided if he had just left. Justus asks her out to dinner. She says she wouldn't have dinner with him if it were a nuclear winter and he had the last can of tuna on the planet. The next time he sees her, don't. She leaves and Justus calls Moreno. He tells Moreno the DA is planning on running for re-election. Moreno tells Justus not to worry, once he tells DA Schultz that Justus wants the job, he will conveniently decide to retire. Justus isn't sure if he wants to job. Moreno tells him the offer won't stay on the table for long.

Katherine tells Jax she would like to buy his ELQ stock at twice its value. Jax says most people throw in with the Quartermains because they want an ally. Do you? Katherine asks against whom? Jax says if he were Stefan Cassadine he would be worried. She says she will call again next week and then she leaves. Jax looks at Brenda's things again then walks to the window and remembers her again. He had told her not to get so involved with the record company that she forgets to marry him. She said she has her priorities straight for the first time in there life and he comes first. They laughed and kissed. Jax now walks away from the window and sits down in a chair, completely alone.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Liz is just beginning her shift when Lucky walks to see her. They discuss how Lucky has Nikolas' computer working overtime as they speak to find Emily's blackmailer. Liz seems upset as she tells Lucky that he and Nikolas have got to stop whoever is doing this to Emily. When Lucky asks if she is alright, she explains how she feels like all of her anger over never catching her rapist has crossed over to Emily's blackmailer. Lucky explains that, unlike the rape, the blackmailer left a trail and they will catch him. Liz says if they catch Emily's blackmailer she will feel like there is justice. Lucky says if not, then they will make their own justice. Lucky says that he has to go to work too, his first day at the motorcycle shop. He is staring at Liz as he leaves and runs into a chair and then has trouble opening the door. He and Liz smile at each other and laugh as he goes.

Mike visits Jason at the shop and asks what he is doing there. Jason explains that he retired and that he is working at the motorcycle shop now. Mike asks how and Jason explains that he made a deal with Moreno. Mike asks if that is enough. Jason says Moreno wants the territory and isn't concerned about Jason. Mike says that Jason is free and Robin and Michael are safe. Jason tells Mike that he told Michael that he could be anything he wanted to and if he stayed in the organization, all Michael would have become is a way to get to Jason. Jason apologizes for not telling Mike about his retirement, but he was gone. Mike says that he went to Rio looking for Sonny because he was concerned about how Sonny was going to react to Brenda's death, but, of course, he couldn't find him. As a parent, he had to try. Mike tells Jason that he is one hell of a father for everything he has done for Michael.

Nikolas calls Laura out of the blue and invites her to lunch on the island. He asks her to come alone. Laura asks if there is a reason, and Nikolas asks if there has to be. Laura says no, of course not and that she is on her way. Nikolas tells the maid that his mother is on the way and that he wants everything to be perfect.

Katherine tells Reggie that she will have dinner in her bedroom and proceeds to give Reggie a hard time over the condition of her room. Ned walks in and suggests that Katherine move to the basement if she isn't happy with the living conditions. Ned tells her that she will treat the people who care for his family with dignity and respect or he will drag her down to the basement himself. Ned tells Katherine that he knows she is up to something and that it is only a matter of time until he finds out. Their conversation is interrupted by Reggie announcing that Katherine has a visitor. Stefan enters the room.

Stefan wants to see how Katherine is settling in. AJ and Alan enter the room. Alan, who is completely clueless that Stefan is not there to see him, comments that it is nice of Stefan to visit. He thanks Stefan for being so understanding about his sabbatical. He says that he is ready to resume his responsibilities. Meanwhile, out on the terrace, Ned is angrily telling AJ that he is ignoring ELQ. AJ says that he has cleared his schedule for a few days because he has to take care of a few things. Ned asks what's going on and AJ replies that he intends to find out. He leaves to follow Alan who has finished his conversation with Stefan. Katherine hears Ned yelling at AJ and offers to help. Ned declines and Katherine returns to the living room to talk to Stefan once Alan has gone. Stefan comments that she seems quite at home. Katherine says that she is happy at the Quartermaines. Stefan replies that he is glad because the Quartermaine's is neutral territory. He thinks it might be a good place to put things in perspective after all that has happened. Stefan tells Katherine that no one is happier that she us alive than he. He is hoping for a chance to start over, as friends. Katherine agrees. Stefan points out that it will be impossible with Helena in the equation.

Mike and Jason continue their discussion about Jason's retirement. Mike asks how Robin is taking it, and Jason replies that Robin says it's the first time she can love him without worrying about losing him. Lucky enters apologizing for being late. Jason explains to Mike that he hired Lucky to help. Jason tells Lucky to start by taking inventory. Lucky suggests putting the inventory on the computer. He tells Jason some of his other ideas. Jason asks him to explain slowly from the beginning because he doesn't know anything about computers or websites or anything. He wants to know how it is going to help him fix motorcycles. Lucky starts to explain.

Alan is sneaking into his old office at the hospital when Amy happens along and surprises him. He tells her that he is in the process of reclaiming his position as chief of staff. Alan asks her to bring him minutes from the last few board meetings. After Amy leaves, Alan calls his supplier and arranges to buy more drugs. AJ arrives as Alan is telling the dealer to call him back in 10 minutes.

Laura arrives on the island. Nikolas is concerned that she had a rocky trip out, but Laura assures him that she is fine. Laura walks into the dining room and is stunned by everything Nikolas has done for their lunch. She comments on the beauty of the china and the food that was her favorite. Laura asks how he could have known that she liked it. Nikolas explains that everything he knows about her is a hand me down from someone else. Laura says she feels the same way about his childhood. Nikolas says that its about time they started finding out about each other for themselves. Laura smiles and gives him a hug.

Katherine tells Stefan that one of them lives in Helena's shadow, but it isn't her. Stefan points out that Katherine's actions have given him reason for concern. Katherine says that everything she has done has been to survive. Stefan says that she is surviving in a way that makes her beholden to Helena. Katherine asks if she was supposed to wait for a better offer. Stefan says that Helena would not have opened the doorway back to life for Katherine if she did not expect something in return. Helena may be using Katherine without her knowledge, but her agenda remains the same. To destroy Stefan and get to Nikolas. Stefan says that he will fight anyone, including Katherine who harms his nephew. Katherine replies that Nikolas will face no greater menace than suffocation by Stefan. Katherine says that anyone can see that Stefan is terrified of losing Nikolas, but that he will drive him away in the end with his demons and his hidden obsessions and his terror. Stefan says that there was a time when he could have explained it and a Katherine who would have understood. He mourns the passing of both.

A weepy Laura tells Nikolas how sweet it was of him to arrange such a nice lunch. Nikolas says that it wasn't meant to upset her. Laura says that Nikolas hasn't done anything wrong now or ever, that he is the worst victim of the war between their families. He deserves so much better than a mother and son meeting as strangers, trying to decode other people's memories of her. Nikolas says that Laura made a choice to look at it as a chance to begin building their own memories. He gives her a gift of a photograph that he took when he was small. She comments on how he captured the mediterranean sunlight perfectly. Laura says that Stefan told her that Nikolas was a very serious boy. Nikolas replies that he was lonely and that he had to use his imagination to keep himself company. He would imagine being with her in different places on the island. He used to look at her portrait for hours and then avoid it for months, he was so confused. He tells Laura that he loved her anyway, but sometimes... Laura cries and tells him to say it. Nikolas says that sometimes he hated her more than anyone in the world.

Amy arrives in Alan/Monica's office with the reports Alan requested. As Amy chatters on, the phone rings. Alan rudely dismisses Amy and answers the call. It is his dealer calling to arrange a meeting. AJ overhears Alan arranging the buy and surprises Alan as he leaves the office. Alan asks why AJ is there. AJ replies that he had an AA meeting, and then invites Alan to have a cup of coffee. Alan says that he has a previous engagement to meet with someone from AA who needs help, a fellow doctor, and that he will see AJ at home. After Alan leaves, AJ goes into his office and gets the number of Alan's dealer from the Caller ID display.

Ned is leaving AJ a nasty message for his lack of attention to ELQ. As he leaves the room, Katherine enters and picks up an ELQ file.

Lucky continues to try to convince Jason that he needs a computer. Jason finally agrees to let Lucky go ahead, any way he wants. Lucky says he will check around for the best deal, but that it will take a couple of days, because he is helping Emily with a project and he has to find another place to live. Jason asks if they locked him out of the boxcar, they did the same thing to him. He then offers Lucky one of the rooms above the shop, for free. Lucky says he can afford to pay, but Jason says that he isn't using the space and that it's OK to let people help him. It doesn't mean that they are sorry for you, just that they like you. Jason says he knows how it feels to want to die rather than go back to some place. Jason tells Lucky that his pay will be $10 per hour plus the room and that if he ever feels like Lucky isn't earning it, he will let him know. Robin arrives for a visit with Michael. Lucky comments on how much Michael has grown and reminisces about Lulu at the same age. He then leaves to go work on Emily's problem. After he leaves, Robin comments to Jason that Lucky will never go home if he has someplace else to go. Jason replies that Lucky isn't going to go home no matter what.

Laura and Nikolas discuss how Laura had to choose between Nikolas and her other family. She did the only thing that she could do and hoped for a moment like this where she could look him in the eye and tell him that she loves him, that she always has and that she never wanted to leave him. She never stopped being his mother. As they stand up and hug, Stefan enters the room.

Lucky is back at Ruby's telling Liz about how Jason agreed to his computer idea and how he has a cool place to live. Liz says that it sounds like something to celebrate. Lucky teasingly tells her to stop reading his mind. Lucky asks when Liz gets off. She says not for three hours. Too long says Lucky, he asks when she has a break. Liz says 20 minutes. Lucky says perfect, he will get a pizza and meet her back at Ruby's then. As Lucky gets up to go, Liz stops him and tells him that he is the best. Lucky says that she makes him feel like he is finally living up to his name. They smile at each other as Lucky leaves to get the pizza.

Robin walks into the motorcycle shop and asks where Michael is, to which Jason replies that he is with Mike. Robin teases him that he called Bobbie 26 times when Michael was with her while he was out of the country and now he leaves him in a bar. Robin says that she should leave him with Monica too. Jason says that Alan is still on drugs and that he doesn't want him anywhere near Michael.

Ned catches Katherine reading the ELQ file and threatens to tell Edward. Katherine holds up the file and shows Ned that it is from her company. Ned says that's ok because there will be a next time. After he leaves, Katherine pulls the ELQ file from inside the folder from her company and continues reading.

Stefan clears his throat as he enters the room and apologizes for interrupting. Nikolas invites him to join them, but Stefan politely declines. Nikolas goes to tell the cook that they are ready for the main course leaving Laura alone with Stefan. Stefan comments that it looks like he walked in on quite a moment. Laura thanks Stefan for raising their son so well. Stefan replies that Nikolas became a remarkable young man all on his own. Stefan asks if things were quiet while he was gone. Laura says no, that Katherine paid her two cordial but awful visits. Stefan asks if she said anything about Nikolas. Laura replies that she doesn't think Katherine remembers finding out that Stefan is Nikolas' farther. Laura says that she doesn't trust her and Stefan agrees. Stefan thinks she has a plan and that she is just waiting to put it into motion, if she hasn't already.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Robin, Jason and Michael are in the garage talking to Mike about how Michael will be spending some time there. Mike says that he would like to take them all out to dinner after Robin is out of school. After Mike leaves, Robin tells Jason that she thinks Mike is lonely and that it is nice that they can all spend time together. Robin comments that Jason should also give the Quartermaine's a chance to get to know Michael. Jason says that he will not let the Quartermaine's anywhere near Michael, especially now that Alan is still on drugs. Robin says that they are his family, in their hearts, if not in Jason's. If Alan really is still on drugs, Jason should tell the Q's. He has to do something.

Lila, Edward, Ned, Alan and Monica are in the Q's living room discussing the positive influence Robin has had on Jason. Edward says that now that Jason has gone legitimate, they will never get custody of their great grandson. Lila replies that a baby belongs with his father. Ned says that he is concerned that Jason will not be able to stay out of the organization. Lila notices that Alan is being quiet and asks if he is all right. Alan says he is fine and that he was just reading his pamphlet from NA. Monica asks how Alan feels about Jason's new lifestyle. Alan replies that if he has learned one thing from NA it is that every man has to find his own way in his own time. Ned sarcastically comments that there is a piece of wisdom. Alan says that he learned one more thing ... to ignore smug, self satisfied know-it-alls and then excuses himself to go attend a meeting. As Alan leaves the room, Edward comments that he thinks Alan was more coherent when he was stoned.

Tony and Alexis meet at Ruby's to discuss Bobbie's permanent order of protection against Tony. Tony asks Alexis to find a way for him to see Lucas. Alexis says that while she sympathizes with him, in her experience, the court doesn't issue permanent orders of protection without serious provocation. Tony says that he isn't a child molester or a murderer or anything. Alexis agrees, but points out that kidnapping an infant doesn't rank too far below that in some people's minds. She asks what the basis of the order is. Tony says that he committed the unpardonable sin of luring Lucas out of the house without Bobbie's permission, which was in violation of the previous order and which also resulted in Lucas being in a warehouse which caught fire. Alexis says she is sorry, but all things considered, there isn't a judge in the world that would change the permanent order of protection. Tony asks what if he can prove that Lucas is in more danger with Bobbie than he would be with him?

Bobbie is chastising Lucas for not eating his breakfast. Lucas says that he is not hungry. Bobbie says that he barely touched his dinner last night and that he has to eat something this morning. She reminds Lucas that he is diabetic and about what will happen if he doesn't eat. Lucas agrees to eat at least a bagel. Felicia and Maxi arrive to chat and play respectively. When Bobbie turns around to talk to Felicia, Lucas hides the bagel in the bushes. Meanwhile Bobbie and Felicia are discussing the potential deal the Feds might make with the Jax family. Lucas overhears Felicia telling Bobbie that she may be able to see Jerry any time she wants and asks what about him, he wants to see Jerry too. Bobbie is at a loss as to how to respond.

Jax arrives at the police station and runs into V who asks if he is there to meet with the federal agents. Jax explains that he is there to meet with his father. He is sure that his father just wants to know what kind of deal the feds are offering so he can concoct some scheme to get him and Jerry off. V says she understands that Jax is angry, but he shouldn't make any final decisions too hastily because the wrong decision could have some serious consequences. Jax tells her not to worry, that the likelihood of him helping his father and brother under the circumstances is virtually nil. V looks unsure and Jax asks if she disapproves. If she thinks he should stand up for the family. V says that he may not see them for a long time if he doesn't help. Jax replies that that is fine with him and leaves to visit his father.

As Jax walks into the visitor's room, his father thanks him for coming and comments that he wasn't sure he would. Jax looks at his father and says, "give me one good reason why I shouldn't send you to prison for the rest of your life?" John agrees that Jax has every reason to be angry with him. Jax held him on a pedestal his whole life and now he has learned that he has been deceitful in return. It must have come as quite a shock. Jax says that even in his prison blues he acts like the chairman of the board. John asks about the deal the feds have offered. Jax says that in exchange for his testimony, the feds have offered him complete immunity. Mom gets to keep her house in Alaska, Jax gets to keep his stock in certain companies, assuming they aren't linked to organized crime. John replies that it is a good offer and that he should take it and not to worry about him and Jerry. Jax asks his father what he was thinking, getting into bed with the mob. John says that he and Jerry thought they had things under control, but that people got greedy. Jax says he can't believe that after everything Brenda went through with Sonny Corinthos, that Jerry and John would walk right into the same way of life. John tells Jax to look after himself and take the deal. Forget that he and Jerry ever existed.

Robin and Jason are at the garage where Robin is expressing her concerns about the potential consequences of Alan's drug addictions. Jason says that no one can get another person off drugs, they have to quit on their own. Robin says that the saddest part of all is that Jason has never seen the Alan that she knows. He is the one that told her she was HIV positive. He was wonderful and caring. Jason that was then, but now Alan is a junkie and he can't fix that. He tells Robin that if she wants to try, go ahead. As Jason leaves the room, Robin walks over to the phone.

The Q's are in the living room where Edward is concocting another scheme to get Michael. The phone rings and interrupts his tirade. AJ answers the phone and speaks with Robin who tells him Jason's concerns that Alan is still using drugs. AJ says he will come to the garage right away to discuss it. The Q's watch AJ suspiciously as he hurries from the room.

Alexis and Tony continue their discussion about Tony's troubles regarding Lucas. Tony shows Alexis the headlines regarding Jerry's arrest. Alexis says so what. Tony explains that Jerry being connected with the mob cannot possibly be a good influence on his son. Alexis says that they need to end this conversation because it is a conflict of interest. She is representing Jax. She is sure Tony has valid concerns, but he should concentrate on what he can do to convince a judge that he has changed instead of finding a way to make Bobbie look like an unfit mother.

Bobbie tells Lucas that she promised he could see Jerry when he gets out of jail. She wants to see Jerry just as much as he does, in fact, that is what she and Felicia were discussing. Felicia and Bobbie leave Lucas with Maxi and go to talk to Mac about Jerry. Bobbie tells Lucas to take a bite of his bagel before she goes and he tells her that he already ate the whole thing.

As Maxi and Lucas play in the yard, Tony is spying through the fence. Tony overhears Lucas telling Maxi that Jerry isn't bad, he would never do anything like kidnap a baby.

Robin can't wait for AJ because she is going to be late for class so she asks Jason to talk to him. AJ arrives as Robin leaves and apologizes for not being able to stay. After Robin leaves, AJ tries to make conversation with Jason who will not cooperate. AJ sees Michael in his playpen and starts to walk over. Jason stops him. AJ says that he isn't Dad or Grandfather, what does Jason think he is going to do. Jason says, nothing because he isn't going to get near him. AJ says he doesn't understand Jason. That for months Michael used to live in danger and now Jason is treating him like he is some kind of threat, he would never hurt Michael.

Jax accuses his father of trying to make him feel guilty so that he will help him. John says that nothing could be farther from the truth. He tells Jax that he has no choice, he has to cut Jerry and him loose. He and Jerry knew the risks they were taking. John asks Jax to promise him two things: always look after his mother and never, ever feel guilty for taking the deal. John swears that he is speaking the truth, not trying to con Jax into helping him. He tells Jax that he has the potential for greatness and that he needs to take the deal and give himself the chance. Jax asks, what about Jerry? Is he just written off as expendable. John says that his brother was never made of the same stuff as Jax or they wouldn't be in this situation. He tells Jax for the last time to take the deal.

Jax tells Alexis about his visit with his father. Jax says that he went in thinking he had it all worked in his mind and now he doesn't know what to think. He tells Alexis that his father told him to take the deal and run. Alexis encourages him to listen to his father. Jax asks what Jerry's chances are of coming out of this if he doesn't take the deal. Alexis says that short of divine intervention, he doesn't have a prayer. Alexis tells Jax that the feds will be there any minute and she needs to know what he is going to do.

Jason is at the garage talking to Michael about a vacation they might take. AJ arrives and Jason says he thought he left. AJ says that he just went to call home looking for Alan, who wasn't there. AJ tells Jason that he is good with Michael and that Michael listens to him. He then asks what Jason will do if Michael ever screws up. Jason asks what AJ wants. AJ says that he wants Jason to care that Alan is a junkie. He says that Jason is partially responsible because Alan can't seem to fill the void in his life that Jason created when he left. Jason says that Alan is a junkie because he takes pills and that he will keep taking pills until he decides to quit. AJ says that that is what he tells the rest of the family, but that he knows that another person can help make a difference. AJ says when Emily OD'd it changed his life and he doesn't know who or what is going to change Alan's. He tells Jason that he was hoping he could help. Jason doesn't reply. AJ says that he feels sorry for Michael, because one day he is going to look into Jason's eyes and see how cold and unforgiving he is. Between Jason and Carly, Michael doesn't stand a chance.

Maxi is trying to get Lucas to play, but Lucas is mad at her for saying Jerry is bad. Lucas tells Maxi that Jerry is a hero because he saved him from the fire. Maxi tells Lucas she is going inside. Lucas says he doesn't want to play with her, he doesn't even know her. Maxi says he knows perfectly well who she is and to stop being that way. She goes inside and leaves Lucas on the swing.

Mike arrives at the garage and asks if he saw AJ leaving. Jason says that AJ came to talk about Alan. Jason says that the family thought Alan was better, but that Jason could see at the cottage that Alan was stoned. Jason told Robin and Robin told AJ. Jason tells Mike about all of Alan's strange behavior lately. He says that he guesses he should feel something, but he didn't. Then today, AJ asked what if that happened to Michael. Mike says he doesn't know how it could. Jason says that he can't look at Michael and picture him growing up and taking drugs, but that maybe he should. Part of being a father is knowing what could come next. Mike says that as long as Jason listens to Michael, he will be all right.

The feds arrive and ask if they have a deal. Alexis says that they have a counteroffer. Jax explains that he will forfeit all of his holdings if his father and brother plead guilty and are banned from all future dealings, but do no time. The feds say no way because it would look they were bought off. They say they will consider it if Jax pleads guilty to one count of conspiracy. Alexis says that is out of the question because Jax is completely innocent. The feds say they just want the plea, that Jax won't serve any time. Alexis says no and the feds reply that they will see them in court. As the agent gets up to leave, Jax says that he will take the deal. Alexis asks for time alone with her client.

Robin arrives at the garage after class. She asks how it went with AJ, did they fight. Jason says it doesn't matter, he just doesn't want him around Michael. Robin says that she can't go to dinner with Mike because she has to go out of town to straighten out a problem with some of her college credits not transferring. Jason tells her to have a safe trip. After she leaves, the phone rings. The hospital called to tell Jason that he can visit Carly. Jason tells Michael about the visit and that it means that his mommy is coming home soon.

AJ goes to the Q's and tells everyone to grab their coats and umbrellas and join him for a field trip to Cortland St. The Q's ask why and AJ explains that it looks like Alan is still on drugs and they need to go confront him.

Meanwhile, Alan is in his love nest when Tammy arrives. He tells her to make herself comfortable. Tammy tells Alan that she is a little uncomfortable since he almost had a heart attack last time. Alan says that it was just a mix up in medication. Tammy reluctantly joins him on the bed saying she has a bad feeling about this.

Alexis tries to convince Jax not to plead guilty to conspiracy. Jax says he just wants to get this over with. The bottom line is that if he doesn't do it, his father and brother will go to jail. He has made up his mind. He calls in the agents and Alexis tells them that Jax will plead no contest instead of guilty and everyone agrees.

Maxi comes outside looking for Lucas. She discovers him lying on the ground underneath the swing. She can't wake him up so she calls for help. .

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