General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on GH

Jason found A.J. with Michael. Jax, Ned, and Alexis all helped coach V on how to act like a countess. Lucky and Nikolas discovered Laura at Wyndemere, barefoot and wearing clothes they didn't recognize.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on GH
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Monday October 19, 1998

At the garage, AJ had a hard time taking care of Michael but was finally able to calm the baby. AJ picked Michael up when he started to cry again and Jason walked in and saw them together. Meanwhile, Robin called Felicia and asked if she could drive her to the garage immediately. Felicia arrived at the cottage and Robin told her that she had made a terrible mistake by leaving Michael alone with AJ. Robin told Felicia that Jason would be angry when he learned what she had done. Robin said that Jason would think she betrayed him and Felicia wondered if Robin was afraid of Jason. Laura pulled away from her kiss with Stefan, who was able to convince Laura to return to the house with him instead of staying outside in the storm. Back at Wyndemere, Stefan offered Laura some of her old clothes from the island to change into while he had her wet clothes dried. Later, Stefan was mesmerized when he saw Laura in a dress from days gone by. Stefan warned Laura that Luke might not return, but she insisted that he would. Stefan talked about his love for Laura and said he was confident she would one day return to him and Nikolas. After getting off to a somewhat rocky start, Carly asked Bobbie to admit that she loved her. Bobbie said that she loved Carly and Carly hugged Bobbie. Bobbie then wondered how Carly planned on dealing with the fact Robin and Jason were living together. Bobbie warned Carly not to try to use Michael to hang onto Jason. Carly and Bobbie started to argue again, but then realized the irony of their situation. Before leaving, Bobbie admitted to Carly that Jason would choose Michael over Robin.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Ned arrives home to find candles lit everywhere. He calls out as he starts to undress, "I see you got here before I did. I thought rain would keep you in town." He says that he thinks they can put the isolation to good use. As he gets down to just pants, he says that he's in the mood for a hot bath and if they're lucky the roads will be closed for a couple of days. When he hears someone coming down the stairs he tells them to wait or they'll ruin the surprise. A very embarrassed V hides her face and hands Ned a towel.

Jax stares out the window into the rain and flashes to memories of him and Brenda in the rain. Jax grabs a coat and heads out the door.

Robin tells Felicia that she isn't afraid of Jason, she's afraid of losing him. When they first got together, he had no past and she had no future. They were honest with each other and there were no expectations. Now, the honesty has become an expectation of it's own. Jason has never betrayed her and now she's betrayed him twice. The first time was when she asked Sonny to fire him and now she's left Michael with AJ. The first betrayal broke them up and she's afraid this will too.

Jason demands that AJ hand Michael to him. AJ points out that Jason is soaked, but reluctantly hands Michael over to him. AJ explains that Michael is fine and the whole reason why he's with him in the first place. Jason is stunned that Robin left Michael with AJ. Jason wants AJ to leave, but AJ is afraid that he'd be leaving Robin alone to face an ambush. He tells Jason that a thank you wouldn't be out of order, since Robin had no choice. He tells Jason that he's not leaving without a fight and Jason has no choice but to listen to him. Jason tells him to say what he wants and get out. AJ accuses Jason of being as paranoid as Carly. Jason counters that she has reason to be paranoid and that he promised her that he wouldn't let the Qs near Michael. AJ asks what about Michael, will he forbid him from seeing the Qs? The Qs tried to run Jason's life once and for much better reasons, and look how he feels about them - how long before Michael hates Jason as much as Jason hates the Qs? When Michael starts to cry, AJ goes towards him, but Jason blocks him.

Robin tells Felicia the phone lines are still down and asks if she thinks they'll be able to get to the garage soon. Felicia thinks they should wait so they don't get stuck. Robin's worried about Michael but Felicia assures her he's in good hands with AJ. Felicia thinks she should worry about herself. She's risked a lot to be with Jason, disapproval from Mac, giving up Yale, almost losing her life and now she's worried that she'll lose him over a babysitting arrangement. Robin defends Jason saying that he just has a problem with betrayal. Felicia counters that Jason betrayed her, or Michael never would have been conceived. Robin says she understands what happened. Felicia is sure that Robin made the best choice. Robin says that nobody has the power to hurt Jason the way she does, and now she has.

Alexis enters the cottage and yells out to keep the water running, she's coming up. She starts undressing in front of the fireplace. In her slip and stockings, V walks in and hands her a towel. Ned comes in wearing a robe and apologizing for not letting Alexis know that V works there now.

Justus and Taggert get in an elevator together. Justus asks if Taggert wouldn't rather take the stairs. The elevator comes to a jarring halt and Justus tells Taggert that this is going to be a lot less pleasant without Dara.

Alexis comes back wearing a robe. She tells them that her car broke down and that she had to walk through the rain. She didn't know Ned had company. V explains that she works there. Ned forgot to call and tell her not to come, not thinking she'd come in this weather. V says that she can see that Ned has plans and decides to leave, but Ned tells her that she'll just get caught in the rain. Ned asks V to update Alexis, the new counsel for L&B, on the business. V brings up her idea to get Eddie Maine back on the road. Alexis and V team up against Ned to try to convince him to record again. They pry out of him that he has some material and V hauls out his guitar from the closet. They convince him to sing one of his songs, which turns out to be a love song. A knock at the door turns out to be Jax.

Katherine comes in to the living room where Monica is reading and tries to engage her in conversation. She wants to know if Emily might be interested in doing some print ads for a new teen fragrance. Katherine wants to know what small thank you gift she can get for Lila - and one for Monica too. Monica knows what they would both like, her absence.

Robin shows Felicia the book of fairy tales Jason bought for her birthday. Even though Jason doesn't believe in them, he gave them to her anyway, because he's more than willing to meet her halfway. Robin explains that he's that way about everything but letting Michael near the Quartermaines. Felicia asks if that's something she believes in too or just goes along with to avoid an argument.

Jason wants to know why AJ was at the garage in the first place. AJ explains that he just wants to see Jason, but Jason doesn't trust him. He doesn't think that AJ would try to kidnap Michael, he's smart enough to look for another way to get him. He thinks that the Qs each want Michael for their own reason - a trophy, Edward wants a future CEO and Alan wants a new 'Golden Boy'. When AJ asks what he wants Michael for, Jason guesses that it would be a good way to impress Edward. AJ says that maybe he wants Michael to replace the brother he lost. Jason takes Michael out in to the storm even though AJ tries to talk him out of it.

Robin comes down with a suitcase in case the storm forces them to stay at the PC Hotel. Felicia offers for them to stay at the Scorpio's if they want. Robin thinks that the only thing worse than fighting with Jason would be doing it in front of Mac. She thanks Felicia for her help.

Justus and Taggert make verbal jabs at each other over the murder of Damian Smith and Taggert's promotion. Taggert knows the reputation of Bradley Ward and can't believe he would have approved of Justus letting Laura stand trial for the murder. Taggert says he's not having any trouble living with himself.

Katherine offers to leave if she's bothering Monica. Monica offers to have Reginald pack her bags. Edward comes in and accuses Monica of taking out Alan's condition on Katherine. Katherine offers to leave rather than have the family fight. Edward is adamant that she stays. Katherine gives Monica a smug look.

Jax got through using a 4 wheel drive car from the hotel. Ned says that the staff must not have heard yet that he's no longer a big tipper. Jax is sure he will be again, with V's help. He came to find her because she didn't show up for her card lesson. Alexis is shocked he'd drive through this over cards. Since Alexis is still Jax's lawyer, they confide in her the plan to win big in Monte Carlo. Alexis is sure that Jax has what it takes to pull it off. V realizes that Alexis is used to dealing with the international movers and shakers and latches on to the idea that she can be Jax's femme fatale. Jax tells V if she doesn't want to go, she just has to refuse. V says he can't win without a partner, but she's not going to gain confidence, no matter how many times he lets her win. She caught on, but doesn't think she'll get the same advantage in Monte Carlo. Alexis says she can't go, she has plans. Jax tells V that what he really needs is a friend. They'll be entering a world where the unsure and unprepared are eaten alive. V tells him she'll do her very best. Jax suggests a game of cards, but V wants to work on another area, becoming a femme fatale like Alexis. Alexis is shocked, but offers to give V some pointers. Ned suggests they start by learning to eat canapés and champagne. V and Ned go off to prepare the food and Jax tells Alexis he has a good feeling about this. At the sound of crashing kitchenware, he changes it to a fairly good feeling.

Taggert and Justus are still stuck in the elevator, sniping at each other. Taggert tells Justus that if he'd killed Damian Smith that he would have admitted it. He would have lost everything, but he would have had the integrity. If Justus had admitted to it, he would have received a medal. Taggert tells Justus that eventually he's going to bring him down. The doors to the elevator open and Taggert leaves. Justus says to himself that they all need goals.

Edward tries to talk Katherine out of leaving. She's sure that her presence makes the family uncomfortable. Edward tries to disagree, but Monica tells her she's right. Monica tells her that since she doesn't want Reginald to catch cold, Katherine can wait until the first sign of sun to move to the PC Hotel. Katherine leaves to pack. Edward tries to stop her, but is unsuccessful. He is furious with Monica for pushing her out now that they need to keep and eye on her. Edward points out that he couldn't give the stock to anyone else. When he attacks Alan, Monica attacks him for lavishing attention on a gold-digger when his son could be dead from an overdose. She's surprised if he thinks of Alan at all. A very serious Edward tells her that Alan is all he thinks about. Edward knows that she paid Tammy to look after Alan. Edward also receives reports on Alan's condition. Edward explains that he started a terrible tradition in trying to toughen up sons by belittling them. Now his son is a stranger to him. Monica tells him that Alan's disease isn't Edward's fault. They both miss Alan.

Alexis gives V pointers on drinking champagne. V downs her glass, to the amusement of Ned and Jax. Alexis tells her that she should only sip, and that after each sip, she should lick her lips. Alexis says that men find it very distracting. Ned points out she never does that. Alexis replies that it's frowned upon in open court. Alexis demonstrates and then V does too. After a couple more sips, Ned suggests that she have some food in her stomach and brings out the canapés. Alexis shows her how to only use her teeth to take a small bite, which V compares to being like a horse. V tries and then stuffs the whole thing in her mouth. Jax tells her that the idle rich eat chocolate truffles all day and don't get so excited. V runs through the whole thing again, correctly this time. They all toast to Monte Carlo.

Robin and Felicia enter the empty garage calling out for AJ. Robin panics and is sure that AJ has taken Michael to the Qs. She doesn't know how she'll tell Jason.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Robin and Felicia mistakenly believe that AJ has taken Michael back to the Q's. Robin laments about her decision to leave Michael with AJ. She thought he would be safe. Felicia points out that he is safe, just under the wrong roof. They are discussing how to retrieve him when Jason arrives looking furious. Robin starts to explain that AJ has Michael and the events that lead up to AJ and Michael being alone together. Jason lets her finish and then tells her that Michael is next door with Mike.

Emily, Liz, Lucky and Nikolas arrive at Liz's house. Emily thanks everyone for helping her find the photo (#106) that was used by the blackmailer and for making the connection with her agent's assistant. According to the invoice, Emily's agency received a copy of the photo. Lucky wishes that they were able to make a copy of the contact sheet, at which point Nikolas pulls an envelope out of his coat. It turns out that Nikolas stole the contact sheet with the photo. Lucky is concerned that the photographer will miss the sheet, but Nikolas disagrees saying that the place was a mess and he probably won't even notice. Lucky and Nikolas start to argue over the photo, but Liz stops them saying that they have almost made it through the whole day and both of them are still alive so they should get back to the matter at hand. The teens discuss what to do next. They all agree that they need someone working on the inside, so Liz is going to ask Mr. Murty to arrange an internship at Emily's agency as part of the PC High internship program. Emily is concerned that Mr. Murty will find out why Liz wants the internship, but Lucky and Liz assure her that Mr. Murty will be cool. Lucky and Nikolas decide to go to Wyndmere so that Lucky can use Stefan's more powerful computer to trace the website where he found the similar photo. As they leave, Lucky asks Nikolas what will happen if they get all the way out to "spook island" and his Uncle won't let a Spencer use the computer. Nikolas says not to worry, that he can handle his Uncle.

At Wyndmere, the housekeeper tells Stefan that Laura's clothes are dry, but Stefan correctly guesses that Laura is napping and tells the housekeeper to wait until she wakes up. Upstairs, Laura awakens from her nap and is momentarily disoriented until she remembers where she is and why. She thinks about her earlier conversation with Stefan regarding Luke and what Stefan calls his abandonment of Laura. She recalls Stefan telling her that maybe now is the time for him to fight for her. And she remembers the kiss. And she recalls him telling her that the next move is hers.

Looking as if the memory is making her weary, Laura gets out of the bed and walks over to the dressing table. She discovers a silver brush that belonged to her. The sight of the brush brings back a memory of a shirtless Stefan brushing her hair, which she clearly enjoyed! Laura quickly sets down the brush as if the memory disturbs her.

Monica and Edward are discussing the sale of the ELQ stock to Katherine. Edward agrees that Katherine needs to be watched and that is why he thinks Monica should allow her to continue living with the Q's. He promises to keep Katherine out of Monica's hair. AJ enters and tells Monica and Edward about his afternoon with Michael and being caught by Jason. Monica is furious with AJ. She has spent months trying to gain Jason's trust and now AJ has ruined everything. Edward asks why AJ didn't bring Michael to the mansion. AJ says that the way to get to Michael isn't through force, it's through Robin.

Robin is relieved that Michael is fine. She tells Jason that the phone lines were down, she tried to call. Felicia asks Jason if AJ was at the garage with Michael when he arrived. Jason replies that he was. Felicia is glad and says that Robin made the right decision. She goes on in Robin's defense, but Robin stops her and thanks her for all of her help. As she goes, Felicia comments that apparently the only one in real danger today was Robin. After Felicia leaves, Robin tries again to explain her actions to Jason who remains ominously silent. Robin asks what she was supposed to do and pleads with Jason to say something. Jason asks Robin if she left Michael with AJ on purpose. Robin again tries to explain her actions, but Jason interrupts and tells her to stop lying to him. Robin is surprised that Jason thinks she is lying. Jason replies that he was thinking a lot of things. He thought she must be hurt, because that was the only reason she would leave Michael with AJ. Then he wanted to break AJ's ribs when he told him that Robin went to check on the cottage. Jason says that Robin broke her promise to never let AJ near Michael again. Robin defends herself saying that she was only thinking Michael and that AJ promised not to leave. Jason explodes saying that Robin broke her promise to him and he demands to know why. Robin says because AJ is Michael's father.

Audrey has to work late so Emily calls Reginald to pick her up. As they wait for Emily's ride, Emily and Liz discuss their strategy with Mr. Murty, whom Liz has left a message for. Emily is adamant that Mr. Murty not find out what the internship is really about. She is afraid that he would think about it every time he saw her if he knew or that he would report it. Liz promises to tell Mr. Murty only that she wants the internship for Business Ed. Credit and that she picked Downtown Faces because Emily is her friend and she works there. Liz emphasizes to Emily how important it is to get someone on the inside. Emily agrees but wants to do everything they can to keep the details between the four of them. Emily can't believe that the others are so willing to do anything to help her. Their conversation is interrupted by the doorbell. They think Reginald has arrived, but are surprised to see Mr. Murty who got Liz's message and decided to stop by while out for his jog. Mr. Murty asks for the details of the internship because the school doesn't seem to have anything set up with Downtown Faces. Liz and Emily explain that it is a very reputable modeling agency, which just happens to represent Emily, and Liz really wants to work there. They have an office in Port Charles, but it is a very popular place to work so she thought it might be easier if Liz used the school to get in. Mr. Murty asks about Liz's job at Kelly's. Liz asks if they can just play it by ear until they find out if Downtown Faces is willing. Mr. Murty agrees to make the phone call just as Reginald arrives to take Emily home. Both girls thank Mr. Murty and Emily leaves. After Emily is gone, Mr. Murty asks Liz what this is really all about.

Lucky and Nikolas arrive at Wyndmere and find Stefan at home. Stefan is somewhat surprised to see Lucky, but Nikolas explains that he and Lucky need to use the computer room for a few minutes. As Stefan explains that the phone lines are out, Laura, unaware that Lucky and Nikolas have arrived, comes down the stairs barefoot and dressed in the clothes she changed into while her own were drying. She is clearly uncomfortable to be caught in her present condition. Nikolas and Lucky are shocked to see Laura and look at her questioningly. It is clear to Laura by the looks on the faces of Lucky and Nikolas that they didn't expect to find her there. She explains how she came for her lunch date with Nikolas and was stranded by the storm. Stefan leaves to check on Laura's clothing. Laura continues to explain and Nikolas is listening, but Lucky clearly doesn't buy her story. Laura says that she never received Nikolas' message canceling their lunch date. Lucky abruptly says that he has to go. Nikolas reminds him of their "project" but Lucky says that he will find another way. Laura begs Lucky to just wait while she changes he clothes, but he refuses saying he is in a hurry and walks out. As Stefan returns with Laura's dry clothing, Nikolas apologizes for not calling her himself. Laura, realizing that Stefan purposely delayed giving her the message, tells Nikolas that it is all right and that mix ups happen all the time. The look she gives Stefan as she goes upstairs to change makes it clear that she is on to him and she is not happy.

Robin points out that she promised not to tell AJ that he is Michael's biological father, but she still thinks that AJ deserves a chance to get to know his son. Jason angrily replies that getting drunk and sleeping with Carly doesn't give AJ the right to raise Michael. Robin says he deserves the chance to be a loving presence in Michael's life. To not give it to him would be to cheat him and to lie to him and to take away a part of his life and that's not fair. Jason asks why she panicked when she walked in if she really trusts AJ so much. Robin says that she wasn't worried about AJ's conduct with Michael, but about Jason's reaction. She was scared to death of what Jason might do or think. The only thing she did today was let AJ prove himself. Jason says that he will never leave her alone with Michael again because they don't think the same way about this. She shouldn't have used Michael to show him how she feels. He will never let anyone use Michael again.

AJ tells Edward that they don't have to take Michael from Jason because Robin will convince Jason to let Michael visit. Monica enters at the end of their discussion. She asks why AJ didn't just go to Robin's cottage, if he really wanted to be supportive. His hour of fun has been a major setback in her relationship with Jason. As they argue, Katherine arrives and asks how soon they want her to move out. She explains to Edward and AJ that Monica has asked her to live elsewhere. Edward points out that Monica has clearly changed her mind. When Monica leaves the room without disagreeing, Katherine thanks Edward for convincing Monica to allow her to stay.

Laura prepares to leave Wyndmere and asks Nikolas to check and see if the launch is back. After he leaves, Stefan tells Laura that Nikolas accepted the situation as she described it. Laura angrily replies that Lucky obviously didn't, not for a second. Laura accuses Stefan of purposely not giving her Nikolas' message so that he could get her alone. He slickly denies it and changes the subject as Nikolas returns to report that the launch is back. She says goodnight to Stefan and Nikolas walks her to the dock.

Liz promises Mr. Murty that the internship has nothing to do with her rape. She would never pull Mr. Murty into that again. Mr. Murty accepts that but asks what the number she and Emily were pulling on him was all about. Liz says that the truth is that Emily has heard rumors about some of the models at her agency being treated unfairly. If Liz is there she can keep her eyes and ears open and help Emily out. And helping Emily helps her. Mr. Murty asks if Lucky factors into this at all. Liz looks down and smiles to herself. Mr. Murty says that he will take that smile as his answer. He says that he will call Downtown Faces tomorrow, but Liz has to promise to tell him or the police immediately if she suspects something even remotely illegal or suspicious. Liz promises that she won't take the law into her own hands again. She learned her lesson! As Mr. Murty leaves, Lucky arrives. Liz excitedly tells him that Mr. Murty has agreed to try to arrange the internship. Lucky says good, but seems distracted. She asks if they got on Nikolas's Uncle's computer. Lucky vaguely says that stuff was happening and he didn't want to stick around. Liz asks if it's anything he wants to discuss, but Lucky says no, he's good. Liz tells Lucky how Mr. Murty suspected something was up, but she convinced him that everything was OK and that she realized as she was explaining things to Mr. Murty that helping Emily is helping her, especially if they catch the blackmailer. Lucky listens, but is still clearly thinking of something else.

Emily is back at home and is looking at the photos. She is interrupted by Katherine who is searching for tea. She asks how Emily's day was. Emily says that it was busy and that she saw Nikolas. She asks Katherine if it was fun living with Nikolas. Katherine says that she could tell stories, but she really shouldn't. She will though, if Emily will help her out with something.

Emily comments that Nikolas changed a lot after he started living with Katherine. Katherine agrees and tells a story about Nikolas discovering the wonders of take-out food. She wishes Nikolas could see more of the world, she wishes she could help him. Emily tells Katherine that after her "death", Nikolas seemed very sad. Katherine says that Stefan can fool you, but Nikolas is 100% genuine. Emily agrees with a smile.

Liz hands Lucky a drink and says that she is going to call Nikolas to tell him about the internship. Lucky stops her abruptly saying that Nikolas is busy. Lucky, clearly distracted, tells Liz that Stefan was home when they went to Wyndmere and that his mother was there also. She was barefoot and wearing something that clearly didn't belong to her. At first she froze, then she got red and started going on about how she was supposed to meet Nikolas for lunch and got stranded, her clothes just happened to get wet. It was quite weird. Liz cautiously asks if Lucky thinks something is going on between Stefan and Laura. Lucky says that he would have to be a fool not to think that. Cassadine got off because Laura testified for him. Admitting that she was at the ball, a little tidbit that she kept secret until she needed to save Stefan's neck. But that's not his problem, it's just weird.

Nikolas asks Stefan if today was just a mix-up with Laura. Stefan says that it was, but seeing the look on Nikolas' face, asks if he has something else to say. Nikolas says that it isn't wise to trick or manipulate Laura, he doesn't want to lose her. Stefan says that he didn't force Laura to spend the afternoon at Wyndmere, she is only forced by Luke.

Robin calls a cab to take her to her car. As she prepares to leave, Jason tells her that he loves her, but he is too angry to be with her so he is going to stay with Mike. Robin says that he is right, they both have a lot of thinking to do. Robin walks out with a backward glance at Jason. Jason remains with his back to her, but looks very upset.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

V breezes into Ned's house chattering on about the newest business developments. Ned stops her saying that he didn't call her there to work, but to give her another "Femme Fatale" lesson. A woman who wears a man like Jax on her arm requires a certain sense of style which is not easily acquired. V says that she doesn't even have the right kinds of clothing to practice in. Ned says that he had taken care of that. He points to a chair where several evening gowns are laid out. He says that he knows they are kind of gauche for Monte Carlo, but they will do for practice. V asks where they came from and Ned replies that he got them from an anonymous donor.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine mansion, Katherine comes running down the stairs furious because all of her evening gowns are missing from her closet. She accuses Reginald of taking them. Reggie denies it and suggests she contact the fashion police. Monica comes into the hall to find out what all the fuss is about. Katherine again accuses Reginald who says that he won't even dignify her accusation with a denial. After Reginald leaves, Katherine accuses Monica of being the thief. Monica says she wouldn't be caught dead in Katherine's dresses.

Jax arrives at Robin's cottage for a visit. He wanted to check on Robin after the storm. She assures him that there was only minor flooding in the basement and that there doesn't appear to be any damage. Jax reminisces, more to himself than to Robin, about when Brenda lived at the cottage. He realizes he was lost in thought and apologizes saying he really did come to see Robin. Robin says that he can't help but feel close to Brenda there. Jax replies that some days are easier than others.

Jason is at the garage when Mike arrives and asks if he has called Robin yet. Mike thinks his best bet is going home. Jason disagrees saying that Robin left Michael with AJ. Mike tries to explain Robin's actions to Jason, which apparently everyone but Jason thinks were based on sound judgment and only out of concern for Michael's safety. Mike says that Robin and Jason were both upset and none of this is good for Michael. Jason has a situation that is very close to spinning out of control and he isn't helping. Jason needs to be the problem solver. Robin and Carly are waiting for Jason to make a decision. Jason says that he is going to wait until Carly is home. Mike thinks that Jason needs to act now, before Carly is released. As Mike leaves, Bobbie arrives. Jason asks about her visit with Carly. Bobbie tells him that it was a really good visit, that she and Carly really connected. She asks Jason if he has given any more thought to what will happen when Carly comes home.

Jax continues to talk about Brenda. He reminisces about a particular trip they took. Robin points out that Brenda hasn't been gone that long and Jax has every right to be sad or regretful or angry or whatever. He needs to try to be grateful for his memories. Jax says that he will get there. As Jax is getting ready to leave, he offers to help Robin move the boxes down to the basement. She declines his help saying that she brought them up, she can bring them down. Jax asks why she doesn't just wait for Jason to help. Robin tells Jax that she and Jason had a fight and Jason is staying at Mike's. Jax says he is sorry and tells Robin to call him if she needs anything.

AJ and Edward discuss their strategy regarding Michael. AJ thinks that he should visit Carly to try to get her to doubt Jason's loyalty. As the end their discussion, Katherine enters the room asking for Edward's help. She explains that she was getting ready to go to a reception and she discovered that all of her gowns are missing. Edward and AJ can't help but chuckle over Katherine's plight which only infuriates her more. As AJ leaves, still laughing, Edward manages to collect himself and promises to help Katherine find the thief.

V is at Ned's house trying on Katherine's dresses. She laments that these dresses aren't "her"., and it doesn't help that the owner of the dress has more "personality" (as she points to the chest) than she does. Donning a dress does not a new personality make. Ned says that if she wants to help Jax, she needs to get out of her own way and to start applying the nuances of the game. Her job is to blend in with the idle rich. She has to provide the necessary distraction for Jax. She has to learn how to feel comfortable with the skin of her character. She needs to think about how she wants to present herself to those around her. V agrees and leaves the room to try on another dress. Ned sighs with exasperation as he watches her go.

V enters the room in another of Katherine's dresses. She slinks to a chair, trying to maintain her femme fatale persona. She has trouble and flops down in a chair in disgust. Ned encourages her telling her that she almost had it. She needs to think of this as Halloween, a chance to show a side of her personality she normally keeps hidden because it's too outrageous. V asks if it's like Eddie Main was to Ned. Ned says yes, exactly. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Ned tells her this is her opportunity to try out what she has learned. V opens the door to Jax who looks at her and says that it is all wrong..

Mac and Felicia are at home discussing the damage from the storm. Mac asks if Robin is ok. Felicia tells him that she isn't and tells Mac the events of yesterday, including Robin leaving Michael with AJ and how angry Jason was when he found out. Robin and Jason got in a big fight and spent the night apart. Mac asks Felicia if she thinks something seems weird, Jason and Robin should be able to get past things like this. Felicia agrees and they wonder if there isn't something else they don't know about.

Bobbie and Jason are discussing what is going to happen when Carly comes home. Bobbie thinks that Jason should work it out now before Carly is released. Jason says that there is no point in deciding anything for Carly because she will do what she wants. He just needs to figure out how Michael can be with both of them. He and Carly will probably fight about it and they can't do that while she is locked up. Bobbie says that Carly wants to believe in Jason, but she is locked up and she is scared. Jason needs to make her feel as though he is watching out for her or Carly will come up with a plan of her own and that can only mean trouble. Jason says that he is doing everything he can to make sure Carly doesn't feel left out. Bobbie points out that she had a pretty good marriage before Carly came along. She is Carly's mother and she will defend her, but she also knows how vicious Carly can be. Bobbie thinks that joint custody is the best way to go. Jason needs to work something out before Carly is released or everyone will be paying the price.

Felicia is surprised that Mac isn't angrier about Robin and Jason's fight. Mac explains that he thinks it's time that Jason and Robin deal with their own lives. He has been thinking about everything Jason and Robin have been through the last few years, Robin's illness, Michael. Mac will be there if Robin needs him, but she has a right to live her own life. Felicia teases him asking him if he doesn't want at least one more chance to vent about Jason, but Mac declines. Mac excuses himself to go get some much needed sleep. After he is gone, Robin arrives. She says that she was going to Jason's, but somehow she ended up at Mac and Felicia's instead. Felicia asks if Robin is all right. Robin said that her fight with Jason was worse then she let on. She doesn't know if Jason will ever forgive her. Leaving Michael with AJ has cost her Jason's trust.

AJ arrives at Ferncliff and asks the doctor if he can visit Carly. The doctor says that he isn't cleared as a visitor. If he cares about Carly, he should go away. The only people who can help Carly right now are her mother and the father of her baby.

Jax isn't pleased with Ned's attempt at V's transformation. V is upset, but Jax says her only mistake was listening to Ned. The dress V has on reeks of social climbing, anyone with real class could spot it in a minute. Ned agrees, but defends himself saying he was only trying to help. Jax says he didn't ask for and doesn't want Ned's help. V says that she found Ned's advice extremely helpful. And since they are both so concerned with her performance, maybe she should keep practicing, and they can help her together..

As Emily arrives home, she is greeted by Katherine who is acting suspiciously nice. She asks Emily to tell her about her day. Emily is surprised but proceeds to tell Katherine about school, a pop quiz, etc. Katherine continues to be nice leading up to asking Emily if she "borrowed" something of hers without permission. Emily, not realizing that Katherine is referring to her evening gowns, looks guilty and apologizes. She didn't know when she took them that they were Katherine's. Katherine asks how she could not know they were hers since they were in her closet. A confused Emily replies that they were on the desk. Katherine looks confused as well and asks how her dresses could be on the desk. Emily says she was talking about the pens she took by mistake, she doesn't know anything about the dresses. Katherine is completely exasperated saying that there is a thief in the house and she will find out who! She turns to ask for Emily's help, but Emily has already left the room.

V comes into the room dressed in yet another dress. She walks over to Ned and coyly says that she believes they met in Majorca, on a yacht, but for the life of her, she can't remember whose. Jax compliments her performance saying he is already intrigued. She continues asking when the games are about to begin, because she doesn't think she can wait another minute. Ned asks if they can start the games right now, just the two of them. V laughs and says perhaps another time. Ned asks how he will find her. V tells him to look and walks away with a backward glance and a smile. She laughs and asks how she did. Ned and Jax say that she certainly peeked their interest! Jax gives her a few more pointers, telling her to cultivate an air of mystery, be different. V asks for an example. Jax responds by giving her a detailed and mesmerizing description of a hypothetical summer on the island of Cronos, including a picnic lunch of calimari and mousa.k.a, and how she and her companion held hands and felt that the display of colors in the sunset was just for them. As he finishes his description, Ned walks over and suggests that V go to the library and brush up on exotic locales.

Felicia reminds Robin that everything turned out OK. AJ watched the baby and proved that he could be trusted. Felicia thinks it is unfair and unkind that Jason accused Robin of leaving Michael with AJ so that he could prove himself. Robin says that she broke a promise to Jason and that Jason never would have broken a promise to her. All she can do is go to him and apologize and hope he forgives her.

The Q's are all assembled, minus Ned, in Katherine's bedroom. Katherine explains that she got them all together to find the thief who stole her evening gowns. Lila expresses shock that anyone in the household is capable of such an act. Monica suggests that Katherine made the whole thing up just to get attention. Katherine walks over to her closet and opens the doors to prove her point. She immediately sees that the "missing" gowns have been returned. Emily leaves saying that she has homework. AJ follows offering to help her. Lila suggests that Katherine get some rest, that maybe she isn't as recovered as well as she thought. Monica asks Edward if he has had enough and leaves the room. Edward also leaves telling Katherine that he knows she is just trying to reach out, but to consult him first next time. Katherine is left alone with Reginald who is relishing the turn of events. Katherine says that he sees everything that goes on and asks who returned the dresses. Reginald plays dumb and taunts her saying that it could be just the beginning. Maybe her jewelry or her shoes could be next. If he were her, he might not ever leave the room.

V, Ned and Jax toast a successful afternoon. They also toast Katherine for unknowingly lending them her wardrobe. Jax asks if she wants to play one more hand to make sure she hasn't forgotten any of her lessons. As V tells him to have a little confidence, she awkwardly knocks over her drink. As she cleans up the mess she comments that maybe a little more practice wouldn't hurt.

Robin gets up to leave telling Felicia that she is going to wait to apologize to Jason until she decides what she can agree to. Felicia thinks that Robin has made a wise decision and asks her to stay to dinner. She declines, but Mac enters the room and convinces her to stay.

Jason tells Mike that he is going to come up with a plan before Carly is released. Mike is surprised that Jason listened to him, but is happy that Jason is smart enough to take advice. After Mike leaves to warm up the car, Jason tells Michael that Carly is going to hate whatever he decides, but Michael is going to be OK and that is all that matters.

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