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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on GH
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Monday November 23, 1998

AJ went to the cottage to visit Carly and was surprised to learn that Robin had left town. AJ tried to get on Carly's good side and offered to help her any way that he could, but Carly saw through his attempt at friendship. After AJ left, Carly assured Jason that she would never let the Quartermaines get their hands on Michael and gave Jason a friendly hug. Jason then listened as Carly told Michael a fairy tale based on her own life with Jason. AJ returned home and Edward was impressed by his plan to split up Jason and Carly in order to get Michael. Simon cashed in his winnings and exited the casino with V. Jerry arrived and Julia updated him about Jax and V's scheme. Meanwhile, Simon became amorous with V in his hotel room. Jax had a bottle of champagne sent to Simon and followed the bellboy when it was delivered. Unable to stop Simon's advances, V hit him over the head with the champagne bottle. Jax arrived and found V and an unconscious Simon. Jax told V that Simon had been cheating and Jerry then arrived. After V accidentally clobbered Jerry with the champagne bottle, they formed a plan to make Simon think he had slept with V and allowed her to use his funds to gamble. Alexis and Julia played cards and Alexis refused to be bothered by Julia's interest in Ned. Later, Ned and Alexis got romantic. Katherine pulled away from Nikolas' kiss, but was obviously attracted to him. Monica and Bobbie argued about Carly's abilities as a mother. Bobbie defended Carly and told Monica she had better find a way to get along with Carly if she wanted access to Michael.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Lauren Edwards

Jax and V are back at the gambling tables when Simon comes in and takes his chips back that V took from his last night while he was still unconscious. V reproaches him about taking gifts back that he had given. Jax calls him on his honor. Ned and Alexis jump in to razz Simon and his "holdings". V continues to embarrass him. Jax invites Simon to join them at the tables. Tao approaches the group and reminds them that tonight the stakes are going to be high - 1 million-dollar bets. Ned decides not to join the group at the tables; he wants Jax to shine tonight. He and Alexis head off to their suite. Meanwhile, Jax and Simon play, and Simon proclaims that he has won. Jax graciously accepts that, but tells Simon that he wants to deliver his ante personally. He walks over to Simon, shakes his hand, and tells him that he believes that Simon won, but he did so by cheating. Jax pulls an Ace out of Simon's sleeve for everyone to see. Simon tries to apologize to everyone at the tables, but nobody is buying it. Tao asks Simon to leave and Jax requests that he be allowed to stay and to continue playing with him but this time with a new deck and a new shoe. As the dealer is preparing the table, Jax and V have a private conversation in the corner. V is worried about Jax and the stakes he's playing with. Jax tells V that he finally feels alive again and wants to continue playing.

Bobbie and Luke have a little tête-à-tête on the docks when Stefan and Tony show up. Bobbie tells Luke about Jerry's offer to go to the Caribbean but then Jerry backed out. She's worried Tony using her relationship with Jerry against her in a custody battle for Lucas. Bobbie is upset about how Tony seems to be sucking up to everybody trying to convince them that he is a new changed man. Even Monica is considering bringing him back on staff at GH. They start to make fun of Tony. Bobbie can not stand to sit there without fighting with Tony. She gets up to antagonize him. She berates Stefan for befriending Tony. She tells Stefan that he had one redeeming quality left and that was his love for Nikolas. After raising Nikolas, how can he help Tony try to destroy her son Lucas. Stefan tells Bobbie that he doesn't have any desire to become involved in another Spencer dispute. Luke approaches Stefan and throws a couple of barbs at him also until he and Tony leaves.

While Bobbie and Luke are on the dock bench cutting it up, Tony and Stefan stand off to the side in a private conversation. Tony reports to Stefan that he recently had lunch with Stefan's mother. Tony tells him that she's worried about Katherine's health. Apparently part of her speedy recovery included using new drugs that might have caused neurological damage. Stefan tells Tony to stick with it; his expertise may be needed as a neurologist.

Felicia shows up at the station to see Mac and they go round and round again about Felicia's "office" on Courtland St. Felicia reassures Mac that she can cover her own back. As she's leaving, Taggert comes in. Mac jumps his case about keeping his eye on Felicia and this time not getting caught. Taggert tells Mac that he will get on it as soon as he's through speaking with Liz Webber.

Liz and Lucky discuss the reasons why they've been called to the police station. Liz thinks it's good news, like maybe Tom has confessed to raping her. Lucky is not as optimistic. Lucky tries to convince Liz to give it up; not to hope for a confession. Liz continues to hope that it's good news. Maybe Tom slipped up and let out some information or some other girl has come forward admitting to being raped by Tom like Liz was. Taggert comes in and tells them about Emily's picture making it onto the internet. They all commiserate about Emily's misfortunate when Emily waltzes in like a movie star. Emily tells the group that it's ridiculous that the press is supporting the poor little rich girl that is being exploited. Nic tells them that Emily is the hottest thing around right now. Taggert tries to tell Emily that she needs to keep all of this in perspective and stay focused on nailing Tom. The potential jurors need to see Emily as a victim not as a celebrity. He also tells them that he wishes that they could keep Tom off the street for the rest of his life, but that probably won't happen. Liz gets upset at hearing this and demands Taggert to find additional evidence against Tom. She asks to speak to Tom alone. Lucky definitely does not approve of that idea but Liz is insistent. She says that she needs to confront Tom again now that she isn't frazzled. Lucky doesn't want Liz ANYWHERE near this guy; he doesn't even want him on the same planet. Liz agrees, but this is something that she needs to do. He took something away from her when he raped her and she needs to get it back. She needs to take charge. Se wants to stare Tom in the face and tell him what she thinks of him. Lucky finally relents and asks him he can be with her but Liz says she needs to do this alone. Liz tells Taggert that she wants to see him. Taggert goes off to see if Tom agrees to it and comforts them by telling them that although he won't be able to hear what is being said, he will still be in the room with Liz.

Felicia heads back to Courtland Street to meet with Alan and his drug dealer. Alan introduces Felicia as "Fern" but can't introduce the dealer because he doesn't know his name. Felicia reminds Alan that he should be at work. Alan's a little weary about leaving Felicia alone with this guy, but he does. Felicia tells the dealer that she's a party girl and that her husband isn't. She wants to make some new friends to party with and was hoping that he could introduce her around. The dealer ain't buying that. He gets up up to leave, but before doing so, he gives her his pager number. The dealer leaves; goes to the docks where he meets up with Moreno. He tells Moreno about Felicia and that he recognizes her at the police commissioner's wife! Moreno is delighted with this new information.

Liz confronts Tom in jail. They have the glass partition between them and must use the phone to communicate. Tom starts it off by telling her how nice it is to see her and that she looks wonderful. Liz bites into him about what a scumbag he is, and how he terrorized her every waking moment but he can't hurt her again. He has no power over her anymore. Tom tells her that she disappoints him. Liz tells him that she is not going to listen to him. She came to tell him something and that's it. Tom continues to taunt Liz by telling her that he considered her "special". That she likes to be considered special and that's why she wore that pretty red dress. Liz catches on to what is being said and tries to use it as evidence, but Tom quickly back out of it saying that he was using his imagination that he never saw her. He continues to taunt her even saying the phase "not a word" over and over again. Liz flees the room in tears and runs right into Lucky's arms. Lucky holds her and comforts her. They leave the police station and head for the docks. Liz has calmed down but is still adamant on fighting Tom in court.

Back at the docks, Stefan and Tony have left but Bobbie and Luke are left. They start to talk about Luke and Stefan. Bobbie tells Luke not to let Stefan into their marriage. To think of his kids. Keep focused on what really counts, his marriage and his kids.

Ned and Alexis are in their suite spreading "chips" all over the bed. They flirt for a bit and then begin to make love. Jax and Simon continue to gamble. When Jax comes up short in funds, he pulls Brenda's ruby bracelet out of his pocket and adds it to the pile. Everyone recognizes it as being Brenda's. They draw cards. Simon stands but Jax takes a hit. We don't see the cards...

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Liz has a baseball cap pulled over her eyes so that she can't see and Lucky is leading her by the hand. Liz says that she knows he wants their destination to be a surprise and she is sure it is going to be worth it, but if she feels one more spider web the hat is history. Lucky tells her to count to ten slowly and they will be there. Lucky leads her into Luke's club and pulls off the hat as Liz reaches ten. Liz is surprised to discover that the club is empty. Lucky explains that it was closed for inventory, but he reopened it. He tells her that he saved the best table for them and leads her to a table set with candles and a single red rose.

Jerry arrives at Bobbie's doors with flowers and an apologetic look. Bobbie sees him and slams the door in his face.

Jax, V, Ned and Alexis are celebrating on a private flight home. They laugh as they count the stacks of money that Jax has won. Jax says that they can't help but be happy. He is, after all, the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo! He jokingly apologizes for his boorish displays of affluence, but it's been a while since he has been among the nuveau riche. Ned suggest that Jax use the money to purchase Guthrie Technologies. Jax politely declines, but hands Ned some cash for his part in the whole charade. As V, Ned and Alexis talk, Jax stares at Brenda's bracelet and thinks back to how he broke the bank. Using Brenda's bracelet as a wager, he beat Simon Prentiss in one last hand.

Jerry is determined to make it up to Bobbie so he sets up a candlelight picnic outside the door of the Brownstone and tries to persuade her to join him. She is still furious with him for canceling their Caribbean vacation at the last minute with little or no explanation. As he tries to explain, she goes back into the house and slams the door in his face again. He sits on the steps and says that he will wait all night if he has to. He then proceeds to build a small fire in a garbage can lid to keep warm while he waits. Looks like he is settling in for a long night.

Lucky and Liz are at Luke's club where Lucky is serving Liz a drink from a tray from "the private cellar". She thanks him and teasingly tells him that it is a good year for carbonation. He smiles asks her to guess what he has made for dinner. She is surprised that he has cooked for her. She can't imagine what he has made so he tells her to wait while he goes to get it. As he goes to the kitchen, he asks her if this is whole dinner thing is really all right with her since he didn't check with her first. She tells him that there is no place in the entire world that she would rather be, which of course brings a smile to Lucky's face. He tells her that was a damn good answer and leaves to get their dinner.

Lucky carries two plates from the kitchen and sets them on the table. Liz smiles and comments that the ribs and cheese fries look delicious, so professional. He has outdone himself. Still smiling she asks Lucky if he used a recipe. He tells her that he had one, but he likes to just let the meat tell him what to do. When Liz looks skeptical, he confesses that he ordered the ribs from the restaurant down the street, but hey, he made the cheese fries. She asks if he peeled the potatoes and everything so he confesses that he didn't make the fries either, but he did melt the cheese on top. Liz laughs and says that she thinks it looks perfect as she picks up a rib and takes a bite. They reminisce about the first time they ate ribs together. Liz says that she remembers it like it was yesterday, but so many things have happened since then. Lucky asks if she thinks she has changed. Liz says yes, she is more careful, she takes things more seriously, but when she does have fun, she enjoys herself more than ever. She asks Lucky how he has changed. He says that the biggest change for him is when he is around her. Liz asks what the change is and Lucky tells her that he's happy.

Bobbie finally relents and goes outside to talk to Jerry who is looking pretty pathetic with his garbage can fire and his now cold dinner in front of him. She dumps water on his fire and tells him not to bother explaining or making any promises. Just go and take his bribes with him. Jerry asks her to please listen. Jax needed him. He had to go help his brother, to show him he still cares and to maybe, eventually, win him back.

V tells Ned and Alexis how Jax uncovered Simon's cheating by pulling the card from his sleeve. Jax arrives as V finishes her story saying that some people use anything to their advantage. Like some people who would buy a plane from a competitor who has gone bankrupt. Ned realizes Jax is referring to the plane they are in and says that ELQ bought it from an auction. Jax says that the plane was seized from him by the government. They are interrupted by the pilot telling them to take their seats in preparation for landing. As they sit, Jax tells V that when the plane lands, he doesn't want her to get off. They have some business to discuss.

Jax tells V that he wants her to share in his winnings, it's only fair. V tries to decline saying that she helped him out of friendship, she never expected any money. Jax says that she should enjoy the way things turned out. V says that she is declining his generous offer and excuses herself because she has been on this plane long enough.

Jerry continues to plead his case to a still angry Bobbie who says she is actually glad that it turned out this way. Taking Lucas out of the country probably wouldn't have helped her custody battle. Jerry offers to take them on another trip to make up for the one that was cancelled. Bobbie says that he can't win her back with plane tickets. She asks what kind of help Jax needed. Jerry explains that he received a call from Julia Barret telling him about Jax's trip to Monte Carlo. While Jax refused his money, Jerry was able to help in another matter. Jax still hates him, but maybe a little less. He can't tell her that this won't happen again. If Jax needs him, all bets are off. Bobbie comments that they just found something else they have in common.

Ned and Alexis arrive at Alexis' door and are reluctant to say goodbye to each other after their wonderful trip to Monte Carlo. They finally agree to get back to their real lives and give each other one final kiss goodbye. Alexis shuts the door and turns around to discover Luke lying on her sofa. He greets her with a "hello hotlips, killed anyone while I was away?" Alexis demands to know what he is doing there and is angry to discover that he has left her room a mess. Luke asks about her trip, but Alexis says that she doesn't find this amusing. Ned doesn't know about their...reluctant alliance. She hears a knock on the door and thinks it might be Ned pretending to be the bellman. She hides Luke under a blanket and pillows from the couch, holding the one on his head just a little longer than necessary. She opens the door to discover the bellman with her luggage. She tips him and quickly sends him on his way. After he leaves, Luke crawls out from underneath the blankets and asks what he missed, and he already knows about Katherine's "resurrection".

As Lucky and Liz finish their dinner Liz asks if he is sad to be missing Thanksgiving with his Mom and sister. Lucky says that he will a little, but he just didn't want to go to North Carolina. Liz says that she knows it sounds really selfish, but she is glad that he didn't go. She thanks Lucky for the dinner and for helping to take her mind off of things. She hasn't thought about Tom all night, well until now. Lucky reassures her that he will do whatever he can to help her. Liz says she knows he will help her, she always feels protected when he is around. Lucky says he knows it sound strange, but he feels the same way when he is with her. Not that she would beat someone up or anything, although he's seen her mad and he doesn't doubt that she could. It's just that he grew up on the run. He guesses what he is trying to say is that he finally feels safe with her. Liz says that he has no idea how much it means to her to hear him say that. Lucky tells Liz that he has a confession to make. Something has been rolling around in his head for awhile and can't ignore it anymore. It's impossible for him to imagine wanting to be with anyone but her. He was kind of hoping maybe she'd consider being his girl, officially. Liz, who has a huge smile on her face, says that she already is. Lucky asks if that is a yes. Liz says yes! He stands up and offers her his hand. She asks what they are doing and Lucky says dancing. She says that there isn't any music. Lucky asks her if she can't hear it. Listen. He then takes her in his arms and starts to sing My Girl as they dance.

Bobbie tells Jerry that she understands his connection to Jax because she felt the same way with Luke. On some level she has not problem with what he did, but a lot of her feelings are tied to Lucas. Jerry promises to make it up to Lucas. Bobbie says that it isn't that simple. Considering the custody battle, anything Jerry does could reflect on her. Jerry promises that he won't do anything to harm her or Lucas. But he won't walk away from her tonight. He then gives her a gift of a new dress that she agrees to go inside and try on. Lucas is at a sleepover so they have the house to themselves.

As they arrive home V tells Jax that she will return the clothes she didn't wear, but Jax tells her not to bother. And he wishes that she would reconsider his offer to share his winnings. V asks how much he wants to share with her and is stunned when Jax says 1 million dollars. V says that she can't take money from him for something that was pretty much the best time she's ever had would be an insult to her parent's memory. V finally agrees to take the equivalent of what she would have made if she had invested the money she loaned to him. Jax agrees to send her a check for the amount, but tells her to know there is also a blank check waiting for her whenever she needs it. He then says that he has one more gift for her before he goes: the card that beat Simon Prentiss. He thanks "Isabella" as he hands her the four of spades and leaves.

Jax finds Ned on the ELQ jet when he returns to replace a magazine that Ned was looking for. He tells Ned that he is going to buy back the jet now that he has regained his fortune. Ned says that it will cost him and Jax says that he can afford it.

Bobbie and Jerry are sharing a game of strip baccarat and a romantic evening. They kiss passionately as they laugh together about Bobbie being the better card player.

Liz and Lucky are smiling and laughing together as they dance to My Girl playing on the stereo.

Luke tells Alexis that he is pretty sure that Stefan is working overtime trying to figure out who loosened the parapet railing. Eventually he will figure out that it was he and Alexis. Alexis points out that framing Stefan was Luke's idea alone, and it won't be as bad as he thinks anyway. Stefan has been preoccupied with other things. Luke asks if the distraction is his wife. Alexis says she can't deny that Laura and Stefan have gotten friendlier, but it is strictly related to Nikolas. Luke says that anyone who thinks it is strictly because of Nikolas isn't looking close enough. He tells Alexis to strap on her water wings because the current is about to get swift.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to rebroadcast Luke and Laura's wedding. This is part of a promotional campaign for a new book from ABC Daytime about the greatest weddings in ABC Daytime history. You can order the book, among others, through Soap Opera Central's bookstore.

Friday, November 27

Due to the post-Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital will not be shown today. Regular programming will resume on Monday where Wednesday's show left off.

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